image sunset trail B.C This elusive day and the age, might require that we call a glassy high-rise or polished neighborhood home. But this isn’t where we really live. We reside outside of these steel corridors in mountains being chiseled by water, wind and relentless time. We replace our posh balcony views with serene rent-free mountaintops. We drop our sterile asphalt cul-de-sacs at the back door for twisty- dusty-muddy single track. We are core mountain bikers. Our preference is to roll the knobby side down, the simplicity about the flow of the terrain and the stillness of being. This is Living!




» 29er Mountain Bikes

Welcome, you have entered into a super sweet portal dedicated to the world of 29er mountain bikes. Having everything you can think of to read about and drool over related to the bigger wheeled riding genre, from all-mountain every day go-to rides, to high end carbon race rides. You will find plenty of diversity on the components specific to what makes them rock the house down, as well as the best apparel and accessories to outfit you properly for the terrain you enjoy. So we hope you come across some very helpful but still useful knowledge to enhance your game while ripping down the track on your Yeti 29er, or Intense, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Devinci, Cube, Juliana, Open, Canyon, and a host of other very reputable companies.

Here at 29erCafe’, there is one life long pact to just try new things, the world of technology and the advancements that come from that technology have never let us down. Look at the amazing advancements in the communication industry. Could you imagine still using an old  “rotary-dial-phone” that hung from the wall? Probably not… The world of mtb technology is ever evolving and not slowing down, which only benefits you by increasing your fun factor. Which is what it is all about with bigger two-niner rides, the fun factor literally rocks,” especially down roots and stone terrace drops”! Big wheel twenty niners are a perfect example of evolving technology!

Some of the more detailed up and coming articles and reviews that you will be reading here are, “what carbon frames are Santa Cruz Highball D XC blue 2015 bringing to the playing field in the world of 29ers”, and “the resurgence of the aluminum hard tail, all thanks to the bigger wheel size and it’s composite sibling pushing it to come back out and play”. Whether it be the cross country single track epic on the 29er hardtail or a day at the free-ride park or some blazing fast runs on the local Enduro course on your full-suspension twenty niner. Both composite, and Hydro-formed aluminum mtb frames are an artistic site to behold for the upcoming 2015 model year. As always there’s a ton of fun in store!
The other exciting news at 29erCafe’, is what is the definition of “cafe” exactly, you have access to a” barista portal “! All my friends enjoy a highly caffeinated days, so why not start talking mtb setups on epic single track and espresso beans! They go hand and hand, “would you agree”?

“Thanks For Reading 29erCafe’… Hope You Enjoy!”

Time to Get out there… Summers maybe pushing to a close in the higher alpine regions!

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