Easton Haven 29 Carbon and Aluminum Wheels





By having both unparalleled durability and stiffness, Easton made for certain the Haven mountain bike wheels would joyfully kick some serious butt on the inherently flexy twenty niner mountain bike platform’s past reputation. You will now be able to pick your lines through the rock gardens and enjoy the precision of staying on that single track line you  focused on, no more meandering. You will also be able to use the Haven’s for riding anything you wish to fling yourself into on any one of your big platform bikes of choice.

Stiff, light, and amazingly durable, these Easton puppies will joyfully pull it off.

easton haven carbon 29 wheels


Unleash your twenty niner wrath.

Are heavy wheels holding your twenty niner mtb back? Set the stallion loose on the the single track with the feathery, tubeless ready Haven Carbon setup. With a hub that is quick engaging, perfectly tensioned spokes, and very minimal weight, the Haven composite model is a true complement to any single track owning twenty niner. Install a fast rolling, low resistance UST tire on the composite rim, and you will definitely enjoy the benefits of less chance for a flat but also the ultra low rotational weight will spin up faster and more readily change direction.

  • Easton’s own proprietary, ballistic level composite and resins ensure the durability for all-mountain bike hammering
  • Hand built 29 wheelset that utilizes a proprietary acoustic tension and truing technique for ultra strong, long lasting usage
  • The eyelet system is threaded using nipples with internal and external threads to allow for an airtight  rim that is UST
  • Conventional spokes and truing technique keep maintenance easy

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Tech Specs

Material: [rim] composite, [hub] aluminum
Rim Width: (internal) 21 mm, (external) 26 mm
Front Spoke Count: 24 Sapim
Rear Spoke Count: 24 Sapim
Spoke Material: double-butted steel
Spoke Nipple Material: aluminum
Axle Type: (front) 9 x 100 mm quick-release, (front) 15 x 100 mm 15 QR, (front) 20 x 110 mm through-axle, (rear) 10 x 135 mm quick-release, (rear) 12 x 135/142 mm quick-release
Complete Set Weight: 1590 grams
Recommended Use: all-mountain and XC
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

EASTON HAVEN aluminum – Version ..

easton haven 29



You know the advantage of a quick engaging, flex free, lightweight wheel and so does Easton, the proof being in its Haven 29 alloy mtb model. Which utilizes their aluminum for the UST rim to get things done right with straight-pull, high tension spokes to fight deflection without any extra weight, while the Haven hub spins smoothly on high quality cartridge bearings. If you need another excuse to back your vehicle over that flexy wheelset you have, the next time you’re leaving a trail head, they hand build and measure tension with an ultra accurate acoustic device.. This model delivers what your looking for!

  • Sapim 2.0/1.7/2.0 double-butted, straight-pull spokes for lightweight and better strength
  • Threaded eyelet system uses an external and internal threaded nipple
  • UST compatible rim does not require a rim strip
  • Smooth spinning, long-lasting cartridge bearings for large intervals between maintenance
  • Easton’s Proprietary acoustic truing method for insanely even spoke tension and an ultra-strong product

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Haven Specs


Material: [rim] 100% aluminum
Rim Width: (internal) 21 mm
Front Spoke Count: 24
Front Hub:
Rear Spoke Count: 24
Rear Hub:
Spoke Material: double-butted steel
Spoke Nipple Material: aluminum
Axle Type: (front) 9 x 100 mm, (front) 15 x 100 mm, (rear) 10 x 135 mm, (rear) 12 x 135/142 mm
Disc Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt style
Complete wheelset on the scales:  Is 1785 grams for the pair
Front girth: (15 Quick Release) 879 grams
Rear girth: (standard 10x135mm quick release) 906 grams
Recommended Use Overall: heavier all mountain trail duties will be great, as will cross country riding as well. Have a blast, and thank you for supporting this twenty-niner website, it’s greatly appreciated!