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SRAM XO And X9 Type 2 Rear Derailleurs

by Funner


First Look

Type 2 Derailleur completely eliminates chain slap.

SRAM Type 2 X0 Silver mountain bike rear derailleur

New X9, and XO mtb rear mechanical uses a one way roller clutch to eliminate chain slap suitable for your 29ers
It was only a matter of time. Following the release of the revolutionary shadow plus derailleur technology from the Shimano guys, who first revealed it on their XTR line, we were wondering whether or not SRAM was going to design something similar for their mountain bike derailleurs. Early this spring those questions have been answered, as the company officially unveiled the SRAM Type 2 clutch rear derailleur, which will now be available in several configurations of  XX1, XO and X9 models. And may get trickled into their lower end models the following years to come, the same way Shimano has marketed the technology.

What exactly is it?  The bouncing of the XO, and X9 rear mechanical and chain slap on the under side of a mountain bike frames chain stay is eliminated due to their Roller Bearing Clutch technology, which basically means inside the mechanical is contained a one-way type roller clutch. This prevents the lower pulley and arm from flipping back and forth over rough single track, something which can occasionally lead to the chain coming off your front chain rings, or just a very noisy ride as it punishes the lower side of your chain stays. With a press of a button the system can lock your pulley arm to the forward position, allowing the rear wheel to be easily removed and put back on. The needle bearings in the Type 2 setup are self lubricating to keep the action feeling smooth all the time. As for shifting action itself, it’s described as ‘consistent’, how it differs to a regular shifter remains for the future of it getting everyday use. Shimano’s design results in a noticeably heavier shift at the lever paddle, not a problem in itself, but just some differences in the two companies. These SRAM rear models are available for purchase in the XO, X9 all now on sale while supplies last. While the SRAM XX1 is shown at the bottom of the article.


Key Mechanical specifications:

XO Model Specs

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X9 Model Specs

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type 2 x9
SRAM xx1 type 2 Rear Derailleur

Specs for the XX1 Horizon shown above are:

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