Niner Air 9 Hardtail

Niner air 9 frame 2014 white




It’s been stated out rightfully that if there was any specific mountain bike model out there to truly receive a historical nomenclature in the mtb scene, as is the case with Niner’s tried and true, and time tested AIR 9 hardtail 29er. It has been the huge ever evolving force with converting all those 26er mtb lovers out there across the globe into true die hard 29er fans for life. This has been going on now for the better course of the past seven or so solid years now.. Time flies when your having fun, which is what the exclusive big wheeled designers are all about.
Through the course of that seven year span they have opted to refine it, once a few years back when tapered headtubes became the must have for making the front end on 29ers specifically, a whole lot stiffer. And once again for the upcoming season they are updating it with a stout, hydro formed aluminum tube set.  Which is a huge benefit in positive gains as it now comes to the plate alive and swinging with a whole lot better bump compliance for the rear triangle area, to further aid with reducing unnecessary fatigue on longer ride days. The engineers have also opted to dial the Air 9’s ride characteristics in at the same time as well, adding some extra strength where it was needed along with improving the overall feel with their tube shaping techniques and methods. At the same time they applied all the modern amenities like a tapered head tube that stiffened up the front end, which resulted with an increase of steering precision to carve corners harder on the single track or to rip down a trail descent with aplomb. For the other key items that changed from the prior years Air 9, is a newly updated press fit BB30 bottom bracket, as the team of designers at Niner have opted to do away with their own CVS Bottom Bracket style they were previously using, which is great because it not only provides additional savings with reducing grams but also allows you to use your standard Bottom Bracket tools without having to buy yet another set. Witness the future of aluminum mountain bikes here in the Air 9 format, all hopped up big time. Simply marvelous at a great deal to save your wallet from sticker fright we must say.
niner air 9 frame
Key Materials: It includes a very clever and custom drawn up hydro-formed Scandium alloy tube set, with their very own, world renown, tried and true geometry that is very specific to what works the best on the bigger 29er wheel setup. 
Complete Frame Weight : weighing in at a modest 3.4 lbs. (for the size medium)
Four Total Sizes Available: The Air 9 is now in the female friendly size of Small, all the women out there must rejoice. While their existing past years of sizing in Medium, Large, and the biggest size being X-Large all stay the same.
They have 3 different Color selections to choose from: Those being Tamale/raw with very cool updated graphics, along with White shown here and then Moon dust with licorice anodizing.
The suggested MSRP Retail for the 2014 Air 9 frame alone is a screaming deal at $849.99 USD.
2014 niner air 9 headtube


Niner Price: for sale $749.00

Have fun destroying the field on race( or friends on Sun)day with this one…. Enjoy! – the newest 29r is available here, and is available with free online shipping at Back-country, at the purchase info link below… and Thank You for supporting the 29er-Cafe site!

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