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Pearl Izumi P.R.O. women's softshell jacket

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Elite Softshell Jacket mens- red


Pearl Izumi has been a strong clothing company, standing the test of time, economy and trend, or whatever for the past 20 plus years.
I had been using P.I’s clothing way back, in the past maybe ten to fifteen years ago. Back then I felt like there quality was  not bad, there styles just average or par for what was going on in that mtb era. I kinda fell out of love with the company, because I guess I got board with their styling. I felt like there were a lot of  fashionable products to choose from in the same price ranges, so I kinda lost touch with their getup.
Fast forward five years to 29erCafe 2011.
I was turned on by a friend to a rainjacket. As I put it on, there was a mirror nearby, wow I instantly new they had stepped up their game a bit, a significant bit. So obviously I wanted to know for myself how the new PRO Softshell version performed, not just by the tags hanging from the sleeve.

So I have put it to the PRO to the test all winter. I experimented with layering at certain temperatures and wind conditions, to not layering.
This jacket has been amazingly versatile on my 29er mtb, and cross bike this winter. The winter has not only concluded with, not only going into the winter knowing they had stepped up their game in the style department, but they stepped up their game technically as well.
I have been currently been using the Pearl Izumi PRO, with 29er-Cafe since last October.
This product has been awesome!
This is one those articles of clothing that you just want wear everywhere.
I have had so many people compliment me on my red jacket! 🙂

Pricing for the PRO is retail listed online at $224.00
Thanks for designing some sweet duds.

Thanks For Reading, 29er-Cafe