Intense Hard Eddie Hardtail 29er

Intense Hard Eddie 29er Expert XT Build Complete Bike 2014

Intense Cycles has finally unveiled  its all new Hard Eddie which is the company’s first 29er that’s a hard tail. The new ride is intended to bridge the gap from their extensively cool downhill  and gravity full-suspension mountain bikes. The new twenty niner is designed for the discriminating x-country rider that appreciates high quality without any compromise. The first new Hard Eddie carbon fiber 29er mountain bikes were displayed at eurobike late last summer. During the bike show, the new ride caught a ton of attention because it was the first twenty niner design to come out of Intense. At the same time they launched two other composite models in their 26″ full-suspension range, the carbine, and carbine SL. And now a Carbine 29 X01 for 2014! So they are both built using the same carbon fiber technology. They were designed by the iconic artisan Jeff Steber. They decided to outsource and have the composite hard tail models engineered by SEED Engineering transforming them into amazing composite art.

Jeff Steber’s Press Release,“When they started two and half years ago, they saw what was starting to happen with high end carbon fiber manufacturing and the trend towards stronger mountain bikes and more aggressive trail riding,” Steber said. “We built a huge factory here to keep our alloy production in the U.S., but we saw the trend was moving toward carbon fiber even for the more aggressive mountain rides. Basically, Intense decided they had to jump on the carbon thing and do it the best possible. They are aluminum experts, and immediately realized they needed an expert in composites and found the SEED guys.”

With similarities to the engineering design of their first versions that were built out of carbon the Carbine model, the new Hard Ed also received the same G1 rear drop out system that comes with the option of standard QR, or changeable to a 142×12 rear axle dropout, which is shown in the photos below. There is one difference between the two, for the Hard Ed it also has the option of single speed as well. With a 100-mm fork the Hard Tail MTB stands on a 70° steering angle and 72 ° seat angle. The PF30 bottom bracket and integrated headset both aid to keep the ride stiff and feather light. The claimed weight for the frame is right around 2 lbs 7 oz  or approx. ( 1,100g). The Intense model is also available in two color options: naked and naked red. They have also designed a matching rigid composite fork option that they say lets you build a bike right in there at 18lbs.

It was about time Intense made a fast h…tail in the wonder material.
They have stated their idea was that they had to change with the times, or get stagnant. The Southern California Company has always gone huge with their downhill mountain  bikes and the gravity scene, but now Intense is placing some energy into 29ers to give their dealers more option and their customers more available option as well.

Sticking to the successful formula of the Carbine, the hard tail 29’s ride quality comes from the refined Intense geometry and quality construction.
The Price for the Expert XT Complete Bike is: $4,999.00

The Hard Eddie frame is available for $1,899.00 with free shipping, click on the buy /configure link below..

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Naked / Red color way


MTB shown with XT build kit
hardtail mtb
Naked / Red color
Intense bikes
Shown with rigid fork option
Shown with rigid fork option
twenty niner mountain bikes
Naked composite colorway
rigid hard eddie 29 Bikes
Naked composite colorway
29er mountain bike
Naked composite colorway
Intense Cycles Hard Eddie Frame
Naked / Red color way
Hard Eddie frame
Naked / Red color way
Intense carbon 29er mountain bikes
Naked composite fork colorway
Intense Hard Eddie Carbon 29 Rigid Fork
Carbon 29 Rigid MTB Fork

Naked / Red color way                                                                     G1 qr 142 X 12 drop out system
29e mountain bike rear axle detail