2013 Rocky Mountain Element 29 RSL Bikes

Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL B.C Edition 29in mountain bikes




2013 Element 970 BC Edition 29er Bikes

The Element 29 RSL is a purebred cross-country race machine. But the lines are blurred a bit between what looks like just a fun bike to ride for the 970 BC Edition. The BC edition uses the same carbon front triangle as the 999 RSL mated attached to an aluminum rear triangle. It features a different group though with an adjustable length FOX 32 TALAS 29 120 FIT CTD fork in front, giving more travel and making the geometry more slack, and a RockShox Reverb seat post with a triple Race Face Turbine crank. The complete bike is clearly going to be heavier than the other models in the Element 29 RSL bloodline, but the $5,199 USD 970 BC Edition might be key for riders who like to explore the possibilities of their cross country bikes a bit more.

Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL B.C Edition 2013




Details for 2013 Element 29 RSL 29er Bikes

• C13 Hi Mod Carbon Smoothwall monocoque frame (aluminum stays on BC Edition and 950 RSL)
• Rear wheel travel: 95mm
• Uses Rocky Mountain’s Smoothlink rear suspension design
• ABC (Angular Bushing Concept ) pivots
• Tapered head tube
• E-Thru 12 x 142mm rear axle
• Sealing rubber seat collar sleeve
• Internal cable routing for brake, shifting, and dropper post
• BB-92 bottom bracket shell
• Sizing: S – 2XL
• Frame weight: 4.38lbs (medium 999 RSL, including rear shock and hardware)

The Evolution of the Rocky Mountain Element

The entire evolution of Rocky Mountain’s Element chassis has been putting singletrack under its tires since 1996 – that’s an awesome seventeen years. There has been a ton of progression in design over these years, with everything from materials, geometry and suspension designs being transformed. But if you compare the basic first model to this version and you might see some similar lines. This isn’t to say that the current bikes ride like those dinosaurs from the bygone era, but that the Element has seemed to evolve to meet the demands of the time only as needed. The Element’s simple name is quite suiting given the mountain bikes intentions as a cross-country platform that has been designed to be no more and no less than what is required on the mountain.

Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL prototype mountain bike frame

Element 29 RSL Rapid Prototype 3D printing

Rocky Mountain uses a rapid prototyping 3D printer that allows them to manufacture the life size plastic models of their product. The details that are possible with these 3D machines are impressive. Look at the faux chainstay guard in the above right photo that closely matches the profile of the stainless steel version found on the production bike.  The plastic model also allows them to check tolerances and to be sure that things like cable anchor points, are all in the correct position. All important things to do before giving the go to build an expensive mold for the production carbon MTB frames.

2013 Element 999 RSL 29er Bikes

Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL Mountain bikes


Assembled around their 4.38lbs, C13 Hi Mod Carbon monocoque frame, this is Rocky Mountain’s flagship Element 999 RSL. It has a build kit that states the bike’s podium intentions. These 29er mountain bikes sport a full SRAM XX kit, with matching XX World Cup brakes, and spec’d with 180mm rotors to slow down the 29er wheels. There is more carbon found on the RockShox XX World Cup 29in fork, having a one-piece carbon crown and steerer assembly making it one of the lightest 29in forks on the market. Rocky Mountain claims the weight of the 999 RSL is just 22.4lbs, and that is a figure that we would hope for given the bike’s $7,999 999 USD asking price.

2013 Element 29 970 RSL & Element 950 RSL

Rocky Mountain element 29 970 RSL and 950 RSL



Element 29 950 RSL


The best cost in the Element 29ers, is  the 950 RSL coming in at $4,099 USD. This price gives a mix of Shimano’s SLX and XT components, along with a set of Race Face’s Turbine triple crankset. The 950 RSL comes with an aluminum rear end,  and features an 12 x 142mm axle, all mated to its carbon fiber front triangle. The 2012 Element 950 RSL bikes are still available discounted from ($3134.00) to $2507.00 here>>View Now!

2013 Element 29 970 RSL


The 970 is one step down from the high-end 999 RSL, but it still has the same frame. With Shimano and Race Face as the parts build, with a mostly XT drivetrain and used with some Race Face Turbine cranks. FOX has the suspension department with their new CTD suspension. MSRP $4,999 USD.
The 2012 Element’s are still available discounted from ($ 4089.00) to $3271.00 here>>View Now!


Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL tapered headtube and MTB through axle

12 x 142mm Thru-Axle and Internal Dropper Post Cable Routing
The rear of the Element 29 RSL frame has a 12 x 142mm rear thru axle in an effort to minimize flex from the rear of the bike. Cable entry points after the head tube are designed for both the rear shock lock-out cable and the dropper post line to be routed internal. The lock-out cable exits from the underside of the down tube and near the forward shock mount, making for a clean setup that goes a long way to eliminate mud pockets.


Rocky Mountain Element 29 RSL bottom bracket and tapered head tube

ABC Pivots and Sag Meter

Rocky Mountain has been using their Angular Bushing Concept pivots for several seasons without trouble, proving that bushing-type pivots can be be very durable. This system uses angular contact polymer bushings that rotate on a tapered alloy piece, creating a bigger contact area than standard sealed bearings. Rocky Mountain says, the rear end is 105% stiffer than if the bike was equipped with cartridge bearings. The key to the system’s success is the tight tolerances in the design that allows the pivots to rotate smoothly when tightened to the correct torque. While the pivots improve chassis rigidity, their main objective is by saving about 120 grams when compared to cartridge bearings.

Having the right sag is key to utilizing the most out of any full suspension design, but that fact is especially important when dealing with a shorter travel mountain bike like the Element 29 RSL. Three simple red lines on the bike’s rocker link let the Element rider sit in the saddle and look down to see if their rear shock’s spring rate needs tuning.
BB-92 and Cable Exit Ports

Rocky Mountain element 29 RSL 29er mountain bike scales


On the bottom of the Element 29 RSL frame you’ll find a BB-92 bottom bracket shell that sees the bottom bracket bearings slid directly in. This setup, also used by other manufacturers, allows standard integrated spindle cranks to be used without fuss.
>Being a mechanic you will greatly appreciate the removable cable entry port insert, it is almost hidden from view. This insert can be taken out to make for easy cable changes that don’t require huge patience as you try and feed the cable through a small hole, making easy work of a tough job on some mountain bikes these days.





Focus Raven 29er Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Focus Raven 29er Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bikes



2012 Focus Raven 1.0 29er Carbon Hardtail Mountain Bikes


Focus Bikes has included in their long list of 29er mountain bikes for the upcoming season the Raven carbon hard tail from the reputable German manufacturer. They will have the Raven available in three trim levels, which are 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. The 1.0 weighs in at 10kg while the 3.0 is heavier at 11.34 kg. The 2.0 is not listed, that I could find..

Specifications for the 1.0 mountain bike include a full XTR, Fox Evo 29″ fork, FSA carbon cockpit, and Crank Brothers wheels while the 2.0 features Rock Shox Reba RL 100 mm fork and Shimano XT drive train and shifter. And the 3.0 29er mountain bikes are equipped with FSA cranks, Shimano XT Black, Magura MT2 brakes, and DT Swiss rims.

All the 2012 Focus Bikes, in the model lines of the Raven 29er Carbon Hard Tail Mountain Bikes are designed with impressive specs. Inspired by their new models of road bikes at the German bike manufacture, the full-carbon frame setup for this big-wheeled cross-country mountain bike has a lot of details to pride itself on.


Kinesis Maxlight FF29 Twenty Niner Mountain Bikes

Kinesis Maxlight FF29 Twenty Niner Mountain Bikes



One of the most eagerly awaited UK mountain bikes of 2012 is the Kinesis Maxlight FF29. We have been counting the days until it hit production. That day has come, it is now available.

Kinesis Maxlight FF29 mountain bikes



It seems very clear that this UK based company wanted their first 29er to obtain the same handling their previous 26 in mountain bikes are well known for.
Which means a longer and slacker geometry so it feels right at home when being ripped through fast flowing single track, by inserting a perma grin 🙂 on your face at the same time. The FF29’s geometry is nice at 71.5 degrees for the head angle, and is based around a 100-120 mm fork. They made the chainstays  short at 17.5in and the wheelbase is 42.59in.
The technology called Super-Plastic Formed has been used to mold the 6000 series aluminum tubing. The down tube strays from the traditional Kinesis straight tube aesthetic to a down tube that curves near the head tube and bottom bracket. They utilized a tapered head tube, and a straight top tube – where the cables are routed underneath, and Super taper seat stays to provide enough clearance for 2.2 in MTB tires, these are classy looking twenty niner bikes. Weight of the FF29 frame only is  1.78kg (3.92lb).


Pinarello Dogma XC 9.9 Carbon Twenty Niner

Carbon Pinarello Dogma XC 02 Twenty Niner



The Road Cycling company Pinarello has confirmed they are jumping into the world of mountain bikes with the unveil of their first Twenty Niner, the Dogma XC 9.9.

Carbon Pinarello Dogma XC 9.9 Twenty Niner



Pinarello decided they couldn’t find innovation in the twenty niner hardtail and decided to enter the mountain bike market with what they are calling a “striking example of innovation”.

This innovation is the ONDA Asymmetric Twin Arms, the company’s very unique rear triangle. The seat stays attach to the seat tube at different points above the top tube. This dissipates vibrations across the larger surface area, allowing the frame to be a “comfort without rival in a hardtail twenty niner mountain bike without losing any pedal response.”

Another design they are using is the mounting of the rear disc brake inside the rear triangle. We know of a few other models of twenty niner mountain bikes that are doing this as well.


The all-carbon Dogma XC frame is using 60HM1K by Torayca with Nanoalloy technology. There seems to be more use of nano technology in carbon to make refinements to the setup designs and reduce the grams on the scale more, and  the area they’re focusing on is with the resin. When building a carbon fiber setup, the resin is the bonding agent to stick the carbon fibers together. The resin coats each layer of carbon and there can’t be any gaps to ensure structural integrity. By using a resin enhanced with carbon nanotubes, it allows the resin to have an improved strength-to-weight ratio.

Carbon Hardtail Pinarello Dogma XC 01 MTB


A few other ideas they used on the XC are a four-bolt seat clamp that directly mounts to the seat stays. Fork-Stopper technology keeps the down tube from getting bashed up in crashes, as Pinarello didn’t curve the down tube for fork clearance to keep their geometry correct, so the Fork-stopper then protects this issue. All hitting the scales at 1,050 grams for the size medium version.
Internally routed Cables, and an integrated front derailleur mount allows for two options of cable routing to suit SRAM or Shimano group sets.

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Wilier 101XN Hardtail Bike

Wilier Carbon 29er Hardtail mountain bike toptube decal



Wilier 101XN Frame


  • Wilier are well known for their road bikes, the Italian company has a historic 106-years of making bikes for skinny tires, but they will be introducing their first 29er bikes to the MTB market this year.

    Wilier Carbon 29er Hardtail mountain bike toptube decal



    Wilier has been building mountain bikes for a while but they haven’t been brought to to many market areas outside of Italy. That changes with the Wilier 101 XN bikes, however. When the big wheeled concept came to be Wilier jumped on board taking all the knowledge they experienced with building high-end carbon road frames and started working on this 29er project. The 101 XN is designed around an 80mm fork with an aggressive racing geometry. The carbon frame uses most of the technology found on the high-end carbon Wilier road bikes, with the 101 XN twenty niner bikes using the same 60-ton carbon fiber as the recently release Cento 1 SR.
    Wilier 29er Bikes with DT Swiss Fork
    The carbon frame weight is 1,260 grams for the size Large. It also includes some intuitive design features, one of those being the internal cable routing, which gives the twenty niner a clean modern aesthetic. There is a plate on the downtube that is removable to make it easier to feed the cables, and there’s a sweet cable guide below the bottom bracket. Which is a great solution to help with bike maintenance.

    Carbon fiber mountain bikes



    Also the rear of the mountain bike has a replaceable rear hanger that is compatible with QR & Thru axles. Wilier also applied a plate inside the chainrings which they call Integrated Frame Protection and it operates as a chain device to keep your chain from coming off, to protect the spendy carbon frame. Skinny seatstays give a little bit of forgiveness on your lower back, while they used asymmetric chainstays to handle with the different loads.

    wilier 2014

    These Wilier bikes will be offered in two kits. The first featured in our photos, is built with a  Shimano XTR groupset, RockShox SID fork (which is different to the bike in these photos), Fulcrum Red Power XL wheels with Geax AKA tires, a Ritchey cockpit and seatpost, and a Selle San Marco Concor saddle. That’ll cost you £3,999.


    The second kit is switched with a Shimano XT groupset, FSA Afterburner crankset and RockShox Reba RL fork to bring the cost down to £2,750. It is said there is an aluminum version of the frame, the Wilier 503 that is also in the works.
    Purchase info is located here… Purchase Info Here!arrow right




    Funner, 29erCafe Price: $2600.00, now discounted to $1,999.00

    (“Please note that the sale price is listed when this article was written, but it actually gets updated regularly due to supply, so there’s a great chance the price is reduced even more than what I have listed here. So the best way to see what the current price is, to check out the purchase info link above.”)

    Wilier 101XN 29er



    2014 Niner SIR 9 Tamale Red Mountain Bikes

    Niner SIR9 Bike SS Tamale Red



    Niner SIR 9 for the Singletrack Stars!

    Someone is looking to prove that steel is a rock solid material that isn’t going away anytime soon on the never ending list of high tech modern mountain bikes.
    The argument for ferrous fabrication?

    Niner SIR 9 singlespeed Tamale Red frame


    Look no further than the redesigned Niner SIR 9 Frame. Built around a custom steel tube-set that includes a quite specific Reynolds 853 down-tube, this ride promises to be as unique as some of the 50’s classics since it is indeed steel, it’s classy.
    If you’re not up to speed on the differences between steel and aluminum, the quick and dirty is that aluminum is intently stiffer and lighter weight, so it tends to accelerate quicker, but it can be more fatiguing due to vibration — imagine holding onto a jackhammer all day. Steel, on the other hand, dampens trail chatter and has a natural spring-like nature that results in lively and encouraging handling on single track. In this case, they have utilized proprietary Reynolds 853 tubes with custom S-bend rear seat stays and chain stays. These wall thicknesses, including the down tube and top tube, are all tweaked both externally and internally to produce the best possible ride quality for each size.

    And for sure, steel carries a definitively retro vibe to it, that isn’t without reason. Thanks to trends and historical value the SIR 9 is looking to put steel in the realm of a technological makeover. With welcome updates to their venerable steel hardtail, such as through-axle compatibility and a tapered fork, the new model can now boast the latest and greatest technology for mountain bikes.

    The SIR 9 comes with both dropouts for geared use and single speed, while all setups come with Niner’s Bio-Centric II bottom bracket which offers tons of adjustability for single speed applications.
    Keeping the steel up current standards, they equipped the SIR 9 hard tail with a head-tube that will work with either a 1-1/8″ steerer, or with the new steerer styles that are tapered and the Niner-supplied external cup headset.

    niner sir 9 arctic white


    Some Great SIR 9 Frame Swatch Matching Here! Good look’n white though as well.


    Niner Sir 9 rear mountain bike seatstay


    Investment-cast seat and chain stay bridges allow for increased MTB tire clearance—up to 2.4-inch treads.
    The rear triangle utilizes, custom-bent steel that is shaped in 3-dimensions to allow for finely tuned ride characteristics.

    Niner Sir 9 mountain bike rear brake disc mount


    The Niner Sir 9 29 inch ride also features post style disc brake mounts in addition to having 142×12 through-axle compatibility. And comes equipped with a Maxle through-axle included. The actual weight for the size large is 2,730 grams, while the sizing runs from Small thru X-Large.
    Colors: Available

    • Arctic White w/ Red Graphics
    • And Tamale Red Shown here…

    ” Have fun displaying what steel is all about…. Enjoy!

    – the Reynolds 853 gigs ship free at the link below

    Purchase Info Here..

    Funner, 29erCafe

    Price For Jenson/GX custom bike…$1,690.00

    Video With Geoff Kabush on Maxxis Aspen Tires

    Maxxis aspen cross country mountain bike tires



    Many people know Maxxis as a company that rolls pumps out those tenacious downhill tires. While there’s no denying the appeal of the company’s well known gravity-oriented meats like the Minion and High Roller, Maxxis has always had an expansive line of treads for cross-country mountain bikes as well.

    Maxxis aspen cross country mountain bike tires

    Maxxis has pulled it off again with their latest XC racing tire.  The new Maxxis Aspen pushes the limits of a lightweight XC tire designed to have minimal rolling resistance.  The Aspen is designed with a high-volume casing to smooth out the roughest roots and rocks, while the dual compounds gives optimal traction in the corners.  So if crossing the finish line first is your top priority, then the Aspen was designed for you.


    Here’s a quick video on the design and philosophy behind the Aspen tires, courtesy of B.C. race legend Geoff Kabush and his Scott-3 Rox Racing teammates Derek Zandstra, Amanda Sin and Mikaela Kofman. Enjoy!





    • Race inspired low profile design
    • Aggressive side knobs
    • Lightweight XC race tire
    • Dual Compound


    29 x 2.1 Purchase info here..

    Size (ETRTO) TPI Bead Weight (g) Compound Max Psi Bike Tech
    26X2.10 ( 52-559 ) Black 60 WIRE 610 DUAL 65
    26X2.10 ( 52-559 ) Black 60 FOLDABLE 525 DUAL 65
    26X2.10 ( 52-559 ) Black 120 FOLDABLE 475 DUAL 65 eXC
    26X2.25 ( 54-559 ) Black 60 WIRE 670 DUAL 65
    26X2.25 ( 54-559 ) Black 60 FOLDABLE 590 DUAL 65
    26X2.25 ( 54-559 ) Black 120 FOLDABLE 535 DUAL 65 eXC
    29X2.10 ( 52-622 ) Black 120 FOLDABLE 530 DUAL 65 eXC
    29X2.10 ( 52-622 ) Black 60 FOLDABLE 585 DUAL 65

    Models and sizes may be limited by market,

    Mavic Crossmax ST 29 Wheelset

    Mavic 29er Crossmax ST front and back mtb wheels



    The French company Mavic has released three sets of new 29er mountain bike wheels for 2014. This isn’t the bike company’s first step into the twenty niner market. In 2008 they made the TN 719 rim. Things have evolved a bit since then though, and for the new season they have released a brand-new line of Crossmax 29er wheels. And man do they look great.

    Mavic Crossmax 29er front mountain bike wheels


    The new wheels appear to be similar to the Crossmax 26in wheels released last year, but these 29er wheels are more than simply an increase of the 26in wheel size. Mavic wanted to steer clear from scaling up the smaller mountain bike wheels, and instead did the research to really process the extra stresses the components of a wheel are under on the big wheel sizes. This has given them access to enter the twenty niner market with very capable mountain bike wheels. Mavic placed stiffness at the top of the list when they set about designing these Crossmax twenty niner wheels. They researched that a 26in wheel is 39%  stiffer than similar 29in wheels, and a weight increase of 10%. This has always been the biggest challenge facing the twenty niner wheels, and as mountain bike wheels are a bike component that greatly impact on handling and ride performance, which is why they now they needed to get it right.

    Development of the Crossmax SLR Wheels

    They went to huge lengths designing the new Mavic Crossmax SLR 29, the higher end wheelset. Their first prototype were some up-sized  Crossmax 26in wheels, but quickly figured out it proved unreliable and wasn’t stiff enough, with spokes snapping during test riding. Their next step was to add more spokes, which resolved the issue of  stiffness, but the weight increased to much to be reasonable fun mountain bike wheels. So they tried stronger spokes, which partly solved the problem.

    Mavic crossmax diagram of dimensions

    Another step in the process was to look at the rim itself. So they increased the thickness of the rim, adding 0.6mm of metal. Along with the ISM-3D spoke machining this step cured the problem, without a weight penalty and increasing the stiffness of the wheel. However, this rim design only displaced the stress to a different part of the wheel. They had spokes snapping on the rear wheel of the drive side. So intuitively, they fixed this problem by simply bead blasting the spokes. Now the wheels sailed through their testing procedures. The finished product weighs 1620g.

    Crossmax ST 29 wheels

    They didn’t put as much extensive research into this model, so it’s simply a larger version of the ST 26, but they confidently say exceeded their targets in reliability and performance. Which helped it make the transition to twenty niner. Which would lead us to believe the Crossmax 26in wheels are a bit overbuilt. The Mavic ST falls in the mid-range with regards to  price and  weight. They are the mountain bike wheels directed at the all-mountain rider, built to be stout enough for crushing rock gardens but still light enough for fast XC style riding. A challenge for sure, but one it seems they’ve accomplished. And impressively, it’s only a small weight increase over the racy SLR at 1670g.

    Mavic 29er Crossmax ST front and back mtb wheels


    Mavic used the same hub but the rim is where changes are noticed. The standard ISM treatment is used and they built with round Zircal spokes, with 24 on front and 20 on back. And the last wheelset is the entry-level, a wheel to be set up on mid-level 29ers. Standard spokes and nipples feature alongside a different hub and freehub and a reinforced rim. Weight is 2020g. All the hubs across the range of twenty niner wheels are fully compatible with all the different axle standards being used. Several spacers come with the wheels to easily fit 15mm adapters to all the possible variables of axles sizes you could possible have. The rims are tubeless-ready and valves with removable cores.


    The Wheel range

    Crossmax SLR 29

    • The high-tech twenty niner setup
    • Weight: 1620 grams
    • 29in specific: reinforced rim, Four angles, stronger spokes
    • Key technologies: ISM-3D, ITS-4, UST
    • Compatibility: 1 wheel does it all: Front 9/15, Rear 9/12×135/142
    • configure/ purchase SLR set here >>

    Crossmax ST 29

    • The twenty niner for real all mountain bikes
    • Weight: 1670 grams
    • 29in specific: Four angles
    • Key technologies: ISM, ITS-4, UST
    • Compatibility: 1 wheel does it all: Front 9*/15/20*, Rear 9/12×135/142
    • configure/ purchase info here >>

    Crossride 29 Disc

    • The access to Mavic Mountain Bike performance, now in 29″ version
    • Weight: 1970 grams
    • 29in specific: reinforced rim, stronger rear axle
    • Key technologies: TS-2, H2
    • Compatibility: 1 wheel does it all: Front 9*/15, Rear 9/12×135/142 options
    • configure/ purchase Crossride Disc here >>


    Geax Mezcal II 29in TNT Cross Country Tire

    Geax Mezcal 29 Inch Mountain Tire



    Geax Mezcal II 29er Mountain Bike Tire


    Want to replace your worn-out 29 flab with a dirt-flinging, and speed carrying Geax Mezcal II 29 Mountain Bike Tire. Geax joined the forces on the Mezcal 29in, by combining a semi-slick design with confidence inspiring side blacks to provide for plenty of cornering traction joined with their Armid Racing 3D XC tire tread compound, to provide both speed and reliability on the twenty niner bike.

    • Geax Mezcal 29in has a 120 threads per inch folding casing, with a kevlar bead to reduce pinch flat resistance. The TNT combo is Fast Supple Rolling!
    • Geax Armid Racing 3D rubber compound is longer wearing, and highly durable, with less cross country tire rolling resistance.
    • Tire size is 29 x 2.1 inches
    • Kevlar bead
    • Weight is 540 grams

    These Geax Mezcal II 29 XC tires are now available at the link below.
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    Geax Sale Pricing is – $55.95 $44.16

    free shipping 50 header




    Geax Saguaro Foldable 29er TNT XC Mountain Tires



    Saguaro up with amazing quality..



    Regardless of the desert name that the designers chose for these 29er tires, the Geax Saguaro 29 mountain tires are completely optimum in a wide variety of terrain track conditions. Utilizing it as a 29 inch tire verses- 26, it’s an enduro mountain bike gem, a mountain tire that can handle anything you throw at it but excels extremely well with dry hard-pack riding. Geax designed the Saguaro 29er so the knobs attach to an uninterrupted line down the center tread blocks of the twenty 29er mountain tire, to make it track fast. But then the tread blocks spread out a bit on the shoulders so they will dig hard into the hard-pack terrain or if you find loose material on the corners.

    But the tread is only a part of the mountain tire story. The TNT casing underneath is nearly as important, and the durable Saguaro 29 tire casing uses a supple cloth that has 120tpi. They also reinforced the sidewalls to reduce sidewall cuts and tire folding when using it with lower tire pressures. It’s called the Phase 3.1 mountain bike tire casing.

    The traditional folding Aramid bead holds the tire onto the 29 inch rim. These Saguaro mountain tires are not directional and can be ridden rear/ front, just reverse the tread to get more dig into the terrain. The tire color is black with black sidewalls. The Tube No Tube version has a reinforced sidewall with a UST bead, adding extra weight to it.

    The weight of this Geax Saguaro TNT 29×2.2 inch tire version is 820 grams, and the lower weight folding model is 690 grams. Twenty 29er Fad? Hmmmm, not the case anymore.

    Pricing is $37.79 to $59.95

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    Geax Barro Race 29 XC Mountain Bike Tires

    Geax Barro Race 29er Mountain bike tires



    Barro 29 the Competition apart!


    If you reside with your 29er bike in a dessert region with dry, hard pack style conditions the Geax Barro 29in XC mountain bike tires are calling you out on race day. A set of Barro tires are fast-rolling and competition day tuned all the way through to the rubber compound, its total thread count, and the profile style of the knobs. To cut to the chase…. This 29in mountain bike Competition Tire will put down some super-fast times when the conditions call for it.

    • The Barro’s Tube-no-tube technology utilizes a Talon 29 tire bead that holds onto both UST rims and standard as well, use with latex sealant.
    • Reinforced sidewall and a higher number of tread blocks aid with puncture resistance
    • Cross country casing has a 120tpi casing to give super-low rolling resistance with an amazing ultra-low weight of 450 grams not tubeless compatible, but can be utilized with Stan’s Notubes wheels and rock the house!
    • The Aramid 3D compounds have been modified a bit from the regular 3D compound to reduce the Barro 29 rolling resistance and it’s weight
    • 29er tire weights with the Geax TNT cross country casing are 660 grams, and for the XC casing is 450 grams
    • Tire size is 29in x 2.0 inches
    • Foldable

    Hard-packed, high-speed 29-inch roller.

    The Geax Barro Race 29 tires are now discounted from a regular price of $49.95, so go check them out on the Backcountry link.

    Sale Pricing is $31.95

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    Geax Sturdy 29 All-Mountain Tires

    Geax Sturdy 29in all-mountain Tires



    Keep Secure with STURDY Tires!

    Geax Sturdy 29in all-mountain Tires


    With the general attitudes toward 29ers verses 26ers very slowly, but surely, starting to be accepted by the enduro mountain bike crowd, Geax tires are leading that 29in mountain bike movement with their multi compounding models like the new Geax Sturdy 29in All-Mountain Tires. They have very large, square knobs that are perfectly spaced with a nice soft terrain tacky compound. The Sturdy 29 tires offer sweet mud shedding capabilities with big tenacious traction. If and when you decide you want to 29er-truck it through very technical terrain, however slick it may be.

    • Sturdy 29in tires have a tubeless Talon bead to use with either UST or regular clincher style rims. Latex sealant recommended.
    • Geax TNT All-mountain casings have 60tpi with additional reinforcement at the sidewall to stop snake bites and cuts from rocks.
    • Sticky and Soft compound provides a maximum grip on however slippery the conditions are, like for example wet smooth rocks or grass.
    • Lightweight Butyl rubber offers puncture protection
    • Mountain Bike Tire Size available is 29in x 2.3 inches
    • Foldable Tire Bead is TNT Tubeless Talon
    • Sturdy 29 tire weight is 790 grams
    • Recommended use for any mountain biking

    29in Straight dirt = Big, FUN, knobby, and Sturdy.

    Sale Pricing is $41.16

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    Geax AKA 29 Mountain Bike Tires

    Geax AKA 29in Mountain BikeTires



    GEAX has it going on in the AKA 29er mountain bike tire department..

    Geax AKA 29 Mountain Bike Tires


    Style out your new twenty niner big wheels with a set of some sweet ass tires, also known as AKA 29 inch mountain bike Tires. Geax designers were generous to apply a very aggressive, low profile knob that was developed to not only give cornering grip in a full plethora of terrain conditions, but without giving up any rolling resistance in the process. The AKA 29 tires are available with both the dual compound cross country TNT 120 threads per inch nylon casing, or in the regular  folding style casing.
    Roll that mountain bike out in style — that’s of course (29er) twenty niner style! Available widths are both 29in x 2.0 and 2.2 inch.

    Pricing for the Geax AKA 29 mountain bike tire is $51.95, now listed for sale at $24.00

    free shipping 50 headerBuy Now

    Material: 100% rubber
    Type: clincher Size: 29 inch
    Foldable: yes
    The AKA 29 Weight: (with the TNT XC casing) is 750 grams, the non-TNT 2.2 folding model is 700 grams.
    Recommended Use: all around mountain biking of all trail types.
    29in Straight dirt = Big, FUN, knobby, and AKA.
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    Fox Shox Release Electronic Lockout Forks and Shock

    Fox electronics overview on Scott 29er MTB



    Electronic shifting has taken over the road biking industry in the past few years, and the  Di2 technology from Shimano, that has proved very reliable, has officially been unveiled in the mountain bike world.

    Fox electronic on Scott mountain bike



    Fox Racing Shox has turned out their  latest development which is to utilize the Shimano’s Di2 electronic technology to make their new Intelligent Ride Dynamics (iRD) development program possible. Fox describes the technology being “for electronic products employing non-traditional solutions to help customers improve their ride experience.”


    What they have is a Float iCD using the Shimano Di2 battery and cabling to utilize electronic lockout for the fork and rear shock, simply by pressing a remote button the handlebar. The two settings are described as ‘Climb’ and ‘Descend’, and can be utilized for the fork only or both fork and rear shock together.

    Fox Racing Shox electronic lockout forks and shock bar mount


    Fox says it makes for easier switching between fork and shock settings, with way less effort needed to press the button compared to the classic cable lever. “The front and rear suspension are controlled with a single remote switch and activation requires minimal hand movement from the grip, allowing the rider to quickly adapt to sudden changes in trail conditions. The ease of use and very low remote activation force equals less rider fatigue and encourages increased use over other systems.”

    What do we make of it?

    Fox rear shock withelectronic Shimano Di2 style controller


    So, it’s a glorified fork and shock lockout, then? It does seem a bit like they are going after a small market here. They have spent a lot of hours of development, testing and production have produced a product that so few people will actually be going after, in our opinion. It obviously will work awesome for those who lockout a lot during a ride or race. I personally don’t use my lockout that much.

    The first negatives that come to mind. There’s the higher expense for starters weighing against it. And the weight penalty is an obvious one when you lug around a battery to lock your forks out on average half a dozen times per ride or race? Maybe more or less. There aren’t any mountain bike frames on the market with holes to mount the battery. And there’s the visual appearance of it, the large device strapped to the shock – it’s hardly appealing.

    Fox electronics with shimano Di2 style battery pack



    Looking into the crystal ball

    However, as a little glimpse into the future, it’s an exciting day in electronics, anythings possible to dream up from here on out.
    A claimed weight for a Float iCD fork with a FIT damper will be around 1,555g (3.43lb). The same factory series shock with a Kashima  and air sleeve will be near 1,860g (4.10lb).

    There is a choice of mounting the remote switch on either the right or left side on the handlebars. The system comes with all the hardware of battery with bracket and remote switch with three cables to link the the system together.

    Fox claims the battery life will be good for 2.5 months!

    Availability is slated for September. ridefox.com


    Fox Shox electronics front fork right side cables



    Boardman Elite CXR 9.0 Complete Bike Review



    product-bottom-line ==> 29erCafe yellow highlighterStart racing up to your potential with the amazing Elite CXR 9.0

    Boardman Elite CXR 9.0 Complete Bike 2014 sale


    Superior in multiple ways by being ample light, with stiffness only exactly where it’s needed, while sure footed control and handling are just a few ideas to get you going on Chris Boardman’s cyclocross ride. With plenty of comfort as well to name off just a select few of the attributes designed into the Elite frame and fork. Then top it off with added versatility from items like a Boardman mudguard and rear rack mounts to provide you with a chassis that is equally at home on the International race circuit as it is in the toughest local venue.


    To reach the status as the ultimate CX setup, you will want it to be blessed with all the latest and greatest technology whether it be Shimano’s powerful Di2 11 speed electronic gearing all combined and integrated ergonomically with hydraulic disc brakes.. or maybe your flavor is SRAM, it’s fully compatible and will work with any drivetrain you decide to go for. Complete your Boardman dream-ride by attaching it all to the full carbon CXR setup. You will instantly see your racing, and training skyrocket to the top of the podium because regardless whether it’s on road, or off road this is an excelent model in arguably the best Cyclocross range on the planet.

    2014 Boardman Bikes Elite CXR 9.0 Review



    9.0 Spec highlights include:

    • New superlight full alloy chassis.
    • Mudguard compatible.
    • Customized tube profiles were designed specifically for the forces and performance criteria of offroad riding.
    • The key oversized box section chainstays are there for one purpose – increased power transfer.
    • While the asymmetric chainstays with rear disc brake caliper mounts are also there for increased power in braking performance.
    • Handy internal cable routing is an absolute must for Cyclocross to keep the cables away from all the nastiest and harshest of mother natures elements.
    • Full carbon fork is disc brake specific with a tapered steerer for increased stiffness and steering precision.
    • A simple PF30 bottom bracket to not only reduce weight but increase stiffness as well.
    • Profiled wishbone seatstays for enhanced comfort.

    – Compatible for both Mechanical or Di2 cable routing

    Ultralight Boardman Elite Alloy
    9.57kg or 21.1 lbs
    Front Fork
    Elite full Carbon, tapered steerer
    Head Set
    FSA Integrated – supplied w/ Carbon Spacers
    (in-house brand) Elite alloy
    (in-house brand) Elite alloy
    Front Brake
    Avid BB7R Disc
    Rear Brake
    Avid BB7R Disc
    Brake Levers
    Front Mechanical
    SRAM Force – 2 spd
    Rear Mechanical
    SRAM Force – 11 spd
    Shift Lever System
    SRAM Force
    SRAM Force 11 spd – 11-25 tooth range
    SRAM Force
    Crank Setup
    SRAM Force 11 spd
    Bottom Bracket
    SRAM Force PF30
    Front Rim Band
    Mavic TN-319
    Front Hub
    Rear Rim Band
    Mavic TN-319
    Rear Hub
    Stainless Steel butted
    Front Tire
    Conti X-King 35c
    Rear Tire
    Conti X-King 35c
    Fizik Ardea
    Seat Post
    (Boardman in-house brand) Carbon, 31.6mm
    Seat Clamp
    (in-house brand) Elite Carbon

    This 9.0 chassis is ready and waiting to be built up, available at one of my favorite store’s.. see many more detailed photos along with the updated pricing and specs at the info link below.

    Sale Pricing is $2699.00

    For 2014 Elite Sale Info, and review additional accessories available, go to Our Recommended Online Partnering Site: =>> Backcountry

    Water Tight


    Civilian Bicycle Co. Luddite Singlespeed 29er MTB

    Civilian Bicycle Co. 29er Luddite Singlespeed mountain bike



    Civilian Bicycle Co. Luddite Singlespeed 29er Mountain bike


    Not a lot is needed to have a blast on the dirt, and in most cases less is more. In the category of single-speed, rigid 29er mountain bikes like the Civilian Luddite are brilliant examples of this artistic craft. There are no pesky components, untested technology, or unnecessary luxuries complicating the Luddite 29er mtb. The necessities and a frame designed intelligently, with history to plant you on the trail.

    In the small possibility that you have been paying attention to the annual regional hand-built bicycle shows, or you have paid a few thousand to Civilian’s founder to get a custom, hand-crafted art piece, chances are though that you probably don’t know of this bike brand. Tyson Hart, the founder of Civilian, set out cleanly designing and crafting, progressive bicycle frames in 2005 after attending UBI, a highly regarded frame building school based in Ashland, Oregon. Hart relied on a combination of close work with clients and extensive personal experience. He was crafting all kinds of bicycles from durable mountain, to utilitarian urban, to classic road bicycles.

    Civilian Bicycle Co. 29er Luddite Singlespeed burner orange


    His craft became distinctive rolling sculptures that quickly came with a cult following for their seamless balance of distinctive style and fun-to-ride attitude. Hart’s bicycle passion however leans a bit more toward the dirt, and that’s why Civilian’s headquarters moved out of Portland, OR, to the abundant mountains of Park City, UT. While using the local trails like the Crest and Mid-Mountain, Hart applied his craft skill set to balance and dial the Luddite’s geometry and tube set for stable descending, climbing prowess, and above all the style of smooth ride only capable from 29ers.

    Civilian Bicycle Co. 29er mountain bike Luddite Singlespeed- mojito


    His work was once on reserve for those who didn’t mind being on a waiting list and pay a higher price for the high crafted frames, but now they are able to package them for everyone. The Luddite is built with double-butted 4130 Cro-Moly that offers a ride that will of equal to bike frames that cost twice as much. The Luddite SS gets its distinctive ride quality from shaped chain stays that give back explosive acceleration and the seat stays are kinked to compliment the smooth effect of the 29er wheels and totally dampen the harsh trails. The stays are joined with Tange Design sliding drop outs.

    The drops are constructed with 7075 aluminum sliders, and have two bolts for both sides and tensioners to make it so the chain won’t loosen during the ride. It also has a derailleur hanger if you opt to want a rear derailleur. The SS frame also has all the cable guides needed. The guides are low-profile when not in use, and won’t snag clothing as easily as traditional cable stops. The front end utilizes a Chubby head tube that is tapered to ensure precise steering. Going with that theme they used a tapered carbon fork that is designed to minimize front flex from steering and braking. Negotiating technical switch backs is now a breeze, and ensures this mountain bike will stay directed where you point it.

    Civilian Bicycle Co. 29er Luddite Singlespeed mountain bike


    It has Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes with a 180mm rotor up front and uses a 160mm in the rear keep maintenance simple. With the stopping department covered by Avid, a Truvativ FireX crankset handles the pedal department. It comes with a 32T chainring that turns an 18T cog. And it rolls on WTB Speed Disc rims with Quando hubs and traditional spokes. Thankfully the rear hub is not single-speed specific, so you don’t have to buy a new rear wheel if you want a geared drivetrain. Big floaty 29 x 2.3in Kenda Nevegal tires offer plenty of volume to get a smooth ride. The steering cockpit and seatpost are constructed of 2014 aluminum and will make fine tuning the fit simple. With Velo lock-on grips and the Cutter seat the build is complete for the Luddite bike.

    Lowest Civilian Luddite SS 29er mtb Price, and qualifies for free shipping if you use the link below.

    Regular Price $1,049.00

    Sale Price, now $880.10

    “- the 29-incher ships for free, with all the different sizing info along with many more detail pictures, and with purchase details as well at Backcountry below.”

    Luddite 29 SS MTB/Backcountry..
    Purchase Info Here!
    arrow right

    – Funner, 29erCafe”
    The Civilian Luddite is available in Small, Medium, Large, X-large, and XX-Large sizes, and in two colors: Burner Orange and Mojito.


    Civilian Bicycle Co. Luddite Singlespeed 29er mountain bike rear break


    Santa Cruz Tallboy LT SPX AM 2014



    2014 Tallboy LT Aluminum 29er

    santa cruz tallboy lt r am orange



    For the upcoming mtb season rapidly upon us Santa Cruz engineers adequately equipped the Tallboy Long Travel model with a solid 135mm worth of rear travel and is designed the same as the carbon brother with having 130mm to 150mm front fork options in mind. The head tube angle was slacked out from the first generation Tallboy by 1.5 degrees and the seat tube has been slackened as well by a 1/2 degree from where the original ride’s stand. This will definitely put the Santa Cruz Tallboy models in the All Mountain platform or category of 29er mountain bikes.

    Some classic aluminum 29er mtb features like hydro-formed top and down tubes, tapered head tube, 142 X 12mm rear through axle. Except they have elected to stick with a traditional standard threaded bottom bracket for both Tallboy models of these long travel 29er bikes. Here is what they had to say, “we think this is still the best, most user friendly, widely compatible, globally serviceable way to install a bottom bracket.

    By Santa Cruz changing the lower link making it offset has opened it up for better clearance for bigger twenty niner all-mountain rear tires that become available. The chain stays are just at 17.9 inches in length. They have recessed the grease ports for the lower link to protect them underneath the frame. The pivot axles have collet style hardware and the frames have continuous cable housing mounts for dropper seat posts. The new models of 29er mountain bikes also have ISCG05 tab mounts.
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    Select Models

    Click on the links below for the different range of Complete Bikes that are available..

    Tallboy Long Travel D AM Complete Bike, $2409.00

    Tallboy Long Travel R AM Complete Bike, $3099.00

    Tallboy Long Travel SPX 2×10 Complete, $4450.00

    We have articles as well here at 29er-Cafe on Santa Cruz’s other version, that is well clad in full Carbon Fiber.

    santa cruz tallboy lt spx am 2014




    Specs For the LT SPX Model

    Frame Material: aluminum
    Suspension: Santa Cruz VPP
    Pivots: Santa Cruz lifetime sealed bearings
    Rear Travel: 135 mm
    Rear Shock: Fox Float RP23
    Headset: 1.125 – 1.5 mm Cane Creek 10
    Fork: Rock-Shox Sector Gold
    Front Travel: 140 mm
    Rear Axle: 12 x 142 mm
    Rims: WTB Frequency Team i23 TCS
    Hubs: front: Dt-Swiss 350, rear: DT-Swiss 350
    Spokes: 14/15 gauge DT Swiss
    Front Derailleur: Shimano M781 (XT) 10-speed
    Front Derailleur Mount: 34.9 mm direct-mount
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano M780 SGS (XT) 10-speed
    Shifters: Shimano M660 (XT) 10spd
    Crankset: Shimano M552 (XT)
    Chain Rings: 42 / 32 / 24t
    Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT
    Brake Levers: XT
    Brake Calipers: XT
    Rear Rotor: 160 mm
    Front Rotor: 180 mm
    Handlebar: Easton EC 70 flat 720mm
    Handlebar Width: 680 mm
    Handlebar Rise: low
    Grips: Lizard Skin Charger
    Stem: Truvativ AKA
    Stem Length: 90 mm
    Chain: Shimano HG74
    Cassette: 11 / 36t Shimano XT HG81 (10-speed)
    Tires: Maxxis High Roller
    Tire Size: 29 in x 2.25 in
    Valve Stem: Presta
    Seatpost: Reverb Stealth
    Seatpost Diameter: 30.9 mm
    Seatpost Length: 350 mm
    Seat Collar: 34.9 mm
    Saddle: WTB Volt Race
    Weight: [size Medium] 29.71 lbs
    Recommended Use: cross country, all mountain
    Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on the frame


    2014 Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 Bike – 27.5 Review



    Flipping the high altitude chairlift you ride the bird can have some gratification.

    2014 rocky mountain altitude 750 review



    What exactly is the point of a bike that goes down, without first pedaling up? If you have found yourself pondering this quandary while waiting in line to catch your local gondola ride, then the Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 ride could be a great fit for you. With its very comfortable upright geometry and patented Smooth-Link rear suspension system, the setup is simply as efficient a climber as it proves to be a demon on the descents. Put this All-Mt missile in your garage of spectacular bikes and discover how sweet the payback is to earn that epic descent with the ride up.

    Watch the Rocky Mountain video below on the Altitude’s technology, and what’s behind the Straight-Up geometry which offers a 76-degree seat angle, so you’re positioned more upright to maximize the pedal stroke effectively.

    The key virtues of their Smooth-Link rear suspension also transfers power more effectively because the rear pivot is located directly above the Altitude 750’s rear axle, eliminating any bob and keeping the rear of the 27.5er bike feeling stiff to track any side hill you want.
    To complete the great handling Rocky Mountain setup, they have applied DT Swiss M 520 hoops that are lightweight and nimble on the climb, and bomb-proof everywhere else on the trail.

    Click below to review the 2014 build specs and possibly order the Altitude 750 and get Free Shipping.

    Thank you so much for supporting the 29er-Cafe Site!

    was ($3,299.99) now $0.00



    Frame Material: Altitude FORM Custom aluminum
    Suspension: full suspension
    Pivot Type: RM’s own Smooth-Link Design
    Rear Travel: 150mm
    Rear Shock: Custom Valved Fox Float RP23 XV2
    Headset: tapered 1 1/8 – 1 1/2
    Rear Axle: 135mm
    Fork: Fox 34 Float 27.5 RL 15mm through-axle
    Front Travel: 150mm
    Rims: Wheel-tech Inferno 25 by SUN Ringlé TL Compatible
    Hubs: Shimano SLX Sealed 15mm front through Axle
    Spokes: DT Competition
    Front Derailleur: SRAM X7
    Front Derailleur Mount: direct-mount
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT shadow plus (10-speed)
    Shifters: Shimano SLX (10-speed)
    Crankset: Race Face Evolve 2×10
    Chain Rings: 22 – 36t
    Crank Arm Length: 170 mm, 175 mm
    Bottom Bracket: Race Face Press Fit Team
    Brake Levers: Shimano SLX
    Brake Calipers: Shimano SLX
    Rear Rotor: 180mm Shimano SLX Ice-Tec
    Front Rotor: 180 SLX Ice-Tec
    Handlebar: Race-Face Evolve 9° Sweep
    Handlebar Width: 750 mm
    Handlebar Rise: low-rise
    Grips: RM’s own lock-on version
    Stem: Race Face Evolve
    Stem Length: 60mm, 70mm
    Stem Angle: 6 deg
    Chain: Shimano HG74 10-spd
    Cassette: 11 – 36 t Shimano HG81-10
    Tires: Continental mtn King’s
    Tire Size: 27.5 in x 2.25 inch width
    Valve Stem: presta
    Seat-post: Race Face
    Seat-post Diameter: 30.9mm
    Seat-post Length: 350mm
    Saddle: RM XC light
    Weight: 13.9 kg
    Measured Effective Top-Tube Length: 24.4 in
    Recommended Use: downhill, freeride, trail
    Manufacturer Warranty: (paint and decals) 1 year, (frame, fork, and bushings) 3 years




    2013 YETI ARC BIG TOP Enduro Complete Bike w/ Frame

    Yeti Cycles Big Top 29er Frame - mountain bikes



    Yeti’s first model for the world of bigger mountain bike wheels is called the Big Top 29er. They designed it to seamlessly mend their instinctive Colorado bred handling traits that all Yeti fans live for with the benefits of better wheel flotation, momentum, and traction over their 26″ models. The end result is a highly versatile, go-all-day marathon style mountain bike that butters down rougher trail sections while keeping you strong and fresh for the last sprint back to the car at the trail head.

    yeti arc big top 29 enduro bike 2013


    The front triangle of the Big Top is designed using 7005 butted aluminum tubing to make for an ultra-precise handling bike with great power transmission when standing out of the saddle when climbing. 7005 aluminum is well known for its stiffness and being great for efficiency. But it can be a bit harsh as it transfers most trail washboards or rocky bumps directly to the rider. The bigger air volume from the 29″ wheels will help to quiet this vibration that is fatigue-inducing, but minimally it’s still there, slowly depleting the mountain biker. The engineers have gone the full extra mile and combined a high-modulus carbon fiber rear end to their 7005 front triangle to dampen that aluminum harshness. What you end up with is a smooth ride that is very lively with some weight reduction. This will effectively make it a highly capable marathon mountain bike. Its carbon rear end also has Yeti’s iconic looped chain and seat stays which reflect the successful years of the famous FRO hardtail frame in past years.

    The setup hits the scales at a feathery 4lbs with their Chip system dropouts. This dropout system allows for the standard quick releases, or to be converted to the newer 142 x 12mm thru axle wheels available. The geometry is designed for a 100mm suspension fork. But they don’t limit you to that. You have two other options of a 120mm or a shorter 80mm travel fork, knowing however these change the geometry and handling. The short travel fork will make the head tube a steeper angle for quick handling while a longer fork will make the head tube with slower handling style. It was also built with a tapered head tube for increased 29er steering precision. The drivetrain options are numerous and fit the criteria of just about any mountain bike junky. One example is to utilize the removable ISCG mount and use an e-thirteen chain guide to run a bulletproof one by ten or one by eleven set up for miles of simpler, abuse friendly riding.

    Yeti Cycles Big Top 29er Frame - mountain bikes



    The Yeti Big Top comes in three different sizes from medium to X-Large and one great color for 2013 — of Svelte Black. It takes a direct mount front derailleur, a 30.9mm seat post and a standard 73mm BB. Yeti gives a fantastic five year warranty for any manufacturing defects that might occur. The Enduro complete bike spec is discounted 20% down to $2,230.00 at the configure link below?

    Update, this model is only still available in select sizes, so jump down to the link below.. and get them while they last! Enjoy…

    Click below for the best price with free shipping.

    was ($1,100.00)

    the 29er is discounted now to $980.00

    Yeti Cycles Big Top 29er Frame- mountain bikes