2013 Haro Hardtail 29ers – Carbon & Alluminum



2013 Haro Bikes Launch

2013 Haro FLC Flightline carbon series for 29ers



Haro Bikes have been developing mountain bikes for a bit longer than a lot of Americans give them credit to. The owner Bob Haro rolled his first 26inch Explorer series mountain bikes out of production in the year of 1986. Beyond that era, Haro has had its ups and downs with the mountain biking world. With the last two years seeing a complete disappearance from them for any new developments with mountain bikes.
However times have now changed again for them, Haro Bikes is arriving at the trail head with a fully loaded 29er arsenal. Along with their first ever full carbon mountain bike, several new 29″ wheel bikes, and regaining dedication to their roots with the new dirt jump bikes they have. Something new will be in your favorite Haro dealer in 2013.


Haro FLC 29 Pro Mountain Bikes

Haro FLC series 29ers Flightline tapered headtube




The all new Haro Flightline Carbon models are their first step into the hardtail MTB world with carbon fiber. Haro has latched their wagon to the 29ers by choosing to run them on all of the new Haro carbon mountain bikes. Their FLC29 frame has been designed with T-700 high-modulus carbon tubes. The Haro FLC 29 has a weight of a minimal 2.9 pounds.

This top end model, named the FLC29 Pro is outfitted with the full Shimano XT build kit, suspended by Rock Shox, and sports some ultra lightweight Ritchey WCS carbon components.

Haro FLC 29 Comp Mountain Bikes

Haro FLC29 Comp 29er mountain bikes


Haro’s lower cost version in the Flightline carbon models is coined the FLC 29 Comp. It has the same exact frameset as the upper level FLC 29 Pro, but comes stocked with a parts package a bit more basic to bring the total price down.

FLC29 Comp bottom bracket carbon 29ersFLC29 Comp rear disc on carbon 29er bikes

The Haro Flightline FLC29 CompĀ was developed to give the mountain rider a sweet value without crimping down the components that matter. The 29er bike will utilize the same BB92 bottom bracket, internal cables, and tapered head tube as the buffed out FLC29 Pro, but will retail for far less at $1900. They also give the mountain rider confidence that this mountain bike can be upgrade able for many years ahead because Haro offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of the 2013 carbon frames.

Flagship Aluminum Series

Haro Bikes Flagship Aluminum 29er Series

The Haro Flagship Aluminum 29″ series was developed to create a totally single track worthy 29er at the best possible pricing. At 29erCafe we sometimes are bit leery of 29ers that cost under the $1000 mark, but Haro put in a bit of effort to change that. The FL29 Comp is designed to alleviate many of those 29″ downsides we’ve experienced. These mountain bikes are available with lightweight and low rolling resistance tires, hydraulic brakes, and a fork that’s hydraulically damped.

Haro Bikes flagship alluminum 29er series rear disc

No, this MTB isn’t quite armed for the starting line of at a World Cup, but it’s certainly single track worthy. Somehow, they found a way to chip in a 3×10 drive train on this twenty niner. The retail cost for the FL29 Comp is $900.