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Spot Brand Rocker Steel Single Speed mountain bikes



Your thoughts of a Steel Single Speed mtb hard tail may evoke mental perception of tradition and simplicity. But, if you happen to look closer at the Spot Brand Rocker, it’s utilizing some advanced technology under its belt. But in reality, its belt is what sets this boutique steel 29er hard tail apart from the normals. Instead of using a chain drive, the Rocker transfers your power with a carbon belt drive.

The Gates Carbon Drive system found on the Rocker has some big advantages over a traditional chain. It needs very minimal maintenance for the first item. Where your chain needs to be cleaned and lubed every ride, the belt drive requires nothing. Once you get the tension properly adjusted, it will be good to go — and for a crazy long duration. Two, it is way quieter. Until you actually try it out, you probably haven’t noticed that chain drives are actually very noisy. And last but not least it’s lighter. Your rotational weight includes the chain, so with a lighter belt, you’ll enjoy faster accelerations.

Gates has also redesigned the belts into the new CenterTrac design; they designed a ridge along the center of the pulley so the belt will not be able to become misaligned. It comes stock with a 46T front and a 28T rear pulley to make a ratio somewhere between a 32 x 19T and 32 x 20T, ideal for hilly terrain.

Steel is always going to find a place among hardtail aficionados. Simply because it’s light, reliable, and lively. On the Spot Brand Rocker mtb, you get articulate welds connecting its true Temper OX Platinum tubing. An optimized mixture of vanadium, chromium, and molybdenum give this tubing unprecedented tensile strength, allowing thinly butted tubes for an amazingly fun-to-ride attitude.

Up front on the Rocker setup, you get a Rock Shox Reba RL 29er suspension fork utilizing the stiffer 15 mm through axle; it has 100mm (4 inches) of travel along with a lockout for climbing. WTB Laser TCS Trail wheels take care of rolling goods, with a set of WTB Bronson mtb tires for superb traction with the least amount of  rolling-resistance. You’ll get the Rocker stopped via Avid Elixir 9 hydraulic disc brakes. To finish out the build are TruVativ Stylo T20 components for the handlebar, seatpost, and stem. With the size large frame option the Rocker weighs in at 24.1 lbs.
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The Spot Brand Rocker Steel Single Speed 29er mountain bike comes in the lone color of Pearl White along with size variations of Small through X-Large. Enjoy all the good times ahead out on your local single track! And thanks for visiting 29erCafe!