Purple Ano Chris King Parts on Independent Fabrication’s Limited Deluxe Redux w/ Custom Igleheart Fork



Independent Fab's Deluxe Redux steel rigid 29ers



In the US, the east coast bike company Independent Fabrication has designed a new Limited Special Edition model of their mountain bike they call the Deluxe Redux. Artiss Chris Igleheart has built some segmented 29″ steel forks for them, it is sweet to see that beautiful iconic (Fat Chance Yo-eddy) style come back! And to really bump the Limited Delux Redux over the top, I.F. has also hired out Chris King to produce a one-off special run of purple-passion anodized bottom brackets, the headsets, and purple passion hubs for them. PURPLE –SuperFun!

Do you want one badly? Hence the term Limited, Independent Fab will only be making 36 of the 29ers. They will get divided evenly with twelve of the lavender El Fabuloso versions produced to accompany the Chris King purple-passion ano small parts. They will also produce twelve each of the Limited 29er Deluxe Redux in Bite the Lime  green and Before and After blue, which I.F. says they are paying a tribute to the early Ford Mustang color Boss Blue back in the 60′s.


Limited Deluxe Redux purple rigid steel 29er fork

Chris Igleheart was involved with the Limited Edition 29er project because he was a strong part of the original Fat City cycles being a designer and welder. With a little history that older company Fat City cycles from back in the day is now known as Independent Fabrication of today, which is Igleheart’s connection.

Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux steel 29er bikes purple headtube

Independent Fabrication got the inspiration for the purple 29er bikes from the Hispanic version the Windex window cleaner.

Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux purple anodized Chris King hubs

Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29er bikes with purple bottom brackets

2013 Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux 29er bars and purple headset

The complete 29er bikes will run $5999 USD and have handbuilt wheels, with Stan’s No-tubes 29″ rims, and a unique custom painted Crank Bro’s cockpit. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the personalized purple Chris King hubs, bottom brackets and headsets.

2013 Independent Fabrication Deluxe Redux boss blue 29ers


Independent Fabrication Deluxe 29er bikes bar end plug