2013 Orbea Occam Hydro 29 Alloy Frame



Orbea Occam Hydro 29 Alloy cable highway - 2013


The Orbea Occam 29 Hydro mountain bike represents another enthusiastic step for Orbea in the realm of the trail. Like its very well liked predecessor, the 26″ Occam, the 2013 Occam 29 Hydro mtb provides for a very comfortable ride that molds well with marathon racing. Similar to its brother, the new 2013 Occam 29 Carbon, it has incorporated the smooth-rolling advantages of what the 29er mountain bike is all about. Though it was designed and constructed from hydroformed aluminum, so it has all these trail-slaying features at a cost that won’t kill your budget.

2013 Orbea Occam Hydro 29er Alloy Full-suspension Frames

The Orbea Occam 29 Hydro mountain bike despite the couple of design similarities isn’t just the 26in Occam, modified a little — the 29 Hydro has been developed with a completely new model that uses the Advanced Dynamics technology from Orbea. At the beginning stages of development, they have analyzed the Occam Hydro’s performance values with computer simulation. The dynamic forces placed on the bike by a rider are a key part to how the mountain bike  stops, and tracks and accelerates. And when a prototype Occam 29 Hydro was developed, they replaced the computer simulation with actual mountain bikers to put the 29 Hydro through some exhaustive trail testing.

Orbea Occam Hydro 29er Alloy mountain bike frame rear triangle

It’s to bad that in some mountain bike social circles, the term used as single-pivot has been perceived as being unrefined. But this is not the case at all. The modernized single-pivot designs similar to the one used on Orbea’s new Occam 29 Hydro have total relevancy, and can often be a higher preference, and for logical reasons. If engineered correctly, they will be bombproof, very lively, predictable, and when matched up with the right shock are totally easy to both tune and set up. The design of the 29 Hydro’s main pivot has been placed on the seat tube, just above the BB area. Being in a neutral location strikes a perfect balance of pedal efficiency, and plushness for descending. The Fox Float CTD RP23 rear shock performs extremely well and yields 105 millimeters of smooth suspension travel.  The 29 Hydro’s theme for having sophisticated simplicity, is aided by this shock having the new CTD, wich is short for, climb, trail, descend. It’s simply a rear damper that has made changing your ride tune to be similar to the terrain is as easy as flipping the switch.

2013 Occam Hydro 29 Alloy lower suspension linkage

One negative quality for single pivot full-suspension mountain bikes is rear brake squat, it’s when the rear suspension doesn’t feel as plush and active when the rear brakes are applied hard usually before a corner. The suspension actually firms up. Although a technical note to observe is that almost all highly engineered modern full-suspension platforms have this trait as well, only to a lesser degree. But the single pivot platforms have a reputation for stiffening up more, and to some mountain bikers, this is not a desirable trait to have.

For Orbea to combat these issues, they incorporated a concentric rear-axle pivot. As a result the freedom of movement becomes a  more active suspension while braking, giving ride qualities just like that of the more complicated four-bar suspension design. The end result for the Occam 29, it stutters way less over chatter bumps and has amplified traction when the rear disc is applied.


2013 Occam Hydro Alloy post-mount rear disc - 29er full-suspension bikes

With 29er geometry there are two factors that we examine closely. They are the chainstay length and its head tube angle, and with the Occam 29 Carbon lands in the sweet spot. The chainstay length being 17.5″, is adequately short enough to allow for riding nimble traverses in the tighter switchbacks. We are also under the opinion that the 70 degree head-tube angle with a 100 millimeter fork is gravy, because the stability is there, but also allowing for any minimal steering correction that can sometimes be needed to keep the 29″ wheels on the choice line.

Orbea has developed a very clean cable downtube highway by navigating the rear brake hose and the rear derailleur cable housing down the top of the down-tube, and then secured them with some cnc’d bolt-on guides. They have routed the front derailleur cable internally through the hydro frame. The 2013 Orbea Occam 29 Hydro mtb has an 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ tapered headtube, and you have the option to run a 100 millimeter or 120 front fork. The frames rear dropout will accept either a 142 x 12 millimeter thru-axle or standard quick release. The rear brake tabs have been designed with a post-mount style. The frame pairs with a 31.6 seatpost and a 34.9 high clamp style bottom pull front derailleur. The sizes for the Orbea Occam 29 Hydro frames are  Small through Large. And all the Orbea Hydro mountain bike setups are warrantied for life against any manufacture defects.


Occam Hydro 29er Alloy Full-suspension mountain bike Frames


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The 2013 Orbea Occam 29 Hydro Prices


Shimano Kit


$1999, now Sale priced at $989.00 XTR Race XX1
XTR Trail X01 1×11
Deore XT 780 X0 1×10 XC
X9 2×10

Orbea Occam 29 Hydro Geometry Chart


Seat Tube

Effective Top Tube



Head Tube

Head Tube Angle

Seat Angle



BB Height

100mm Fork S 42.0 57.7 60.8 40.2 11.0 70.0 74.0 44.5 70.4 32.7
M 47.0 61.2 61.8 43.5 12.0 70.0 74.0 44.5 73.0 32.7
L 52.0 63.9 63.2 45.8 13.5 70.0 74.0 44.5 74.6 32.7
120mm Fork S 42.0 57.7 60.8 40.2 11.0 69.0 73.0 44.5 70.4 32.7
M 47.0 61.2 61.8 43.5 12.0 69.0 73.0 44.5 73.0 32.7
L 52.0 63.9 63.2 45.8 13.5 69.0 73.0 44.5 74.6 32.7