THM Carbone Clavicula M3 Carbon MTB Crankset




THM Clavicula M3 mountain bike carbon crankset 2013


The Euro company THM Carbone has pushed their development of high-end lightweight carbon items to the dirt side of things. Their newest Clavicula M3 mtb cranks utilize the same carbon layup and design as the THM Carbone road cranks but have a dirt oriented BCD/spider with four options for sizes. Off topic on the great looking item shown above but there are some pictures below as well of their new tapered steerer carbon fork, that was released at Eurobike as well. This is their first tapered carbon fork. You may have noticed around, any road bike that used their super light fork has always been with a straight steerer. But THM is trying to change things up slowly to modern times,  only an 1/8th inch at a time.  Pictures of their Clavicula M3 mountain bike specific items along with a sweet looking tapered fork are shown below…


2013 THM Clavicula M3 mtb carbon crankset review Eurobike '12
2013 THM Clavicula M3 mountain bike bottom bracket
Eurobike 2012 THM Scapula CT tapered carbon fork

The newest from 2012 Eurobike news, a THM Carbone Scapula CT that utilizes a steerer tube that only tapers from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″,  baby steps are better than no steps… It has been reported CT is stiffer laterally, as to be expected, but the fore and after stiffness is a hare less than the 1″ fork model to give it more comfort.
THM Scapula CT tapered carbon fiber road fork specs