2013 Salsa Cycles El Mariachi SS Limited Edition

2013 Salsa El Mariachi SS limited edition bike


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Salsa turned their prized and most loved bike into the dedicated El Mariachi SS Limited Edition model, a committed single speed mountain bike to say the least.

They first unveiled their steel framed model a solid five years ago, and mountain bikers across the globe have raved about it ever since. Possibly attaining a cult following. Their choice to use Kung Fu ChroMoly tubing for this particular SS frame has provided that ride quality without losing any durability.

Although the original El Mariachi has always had the capabilities to be setup as a single speed drivetrain, the new SS Limited Edition is committed to the tried and true single-speeder. Because they opted to purposefully not include any front or rear derailleur cable stops. Giving the model a clean paint job to revel over!
El Mariachi SS limited edition rear gold hub

They have also utilized their alternator dropout rear triangle that features secure wheel adjustment and a faster chain tensioning process. These dropouts have totally proven themselves competing in some of the toughest rides and races out their. To be exact this version that was equipped with a single speed drivetrain received 2nd place in 2011 racing the notorious long and difficult Tour Divide event.

Possibly you’re thoughts as well are to take on the bike-packing epic Tour Divide race or to simply join your local Saturday /Sunday mtb chain-gang to partake in the all day trail beatdown, whichever you decide on the taller wheeled SS setup will help to keep you lining up for more helpings of that oh so delicious dirt.

The One and only love for dirt.
To read more SS geometry and spec information, along with more photos and if you would like to purchase the Special Edition ride see Competitive-cyclist below..

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2013 Salsa El Mariachi SS limited edition complete mtb