Time Atac XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedal Review


One of several companies in the cycling industry that focus on a key components, as Time is on the shortlist as one of who has accomplished a ton with their upper level ATAC XC12 Titan Carbon Pedals. They have accomplished all this by utilizing advanced material science to get there along with their world cup proven extremely simple design, that gives you both plenty of float with super easy engagement.

This design works as such because when you clip into their (ATAC) which means Auto Tension Adjust Concept, for those who wish to keep themselves tech savvy. This Atac line, employs a frontal style retention system that self cleans and sheds the unwanted dirt and muck out of the system. Thus making it clear that you won’t miss your cleat position before that very loose and steep climb.

Once you get yourself engaged into the XC12, thankfully your ankles and precious knee cartilage are treated to the industry-leading level of Atac float. In fact, the Atac are adjustable, with three resistance options for the +/- five degrees of angular float in order to provide the perfect amount of resistance or freedom that require. Additionally, the Time setup also provides 6mm of lateral float for side-to-side movement on them. So, instead of being locked into one position, your foot is free to find the most comfortable position possible.
Time Attack XC 12 Titan Carbon review
For the notes on Times cleat, it was designed to be reversible, which simply means that you can flip it around to be positioned to release at either 13 or 17 degrees to your liking. For a durable, consistent operation, the Time arches are constructed from stainless steel. Also, the wide body and ti-axles minimize to provide you with a lower rotating mass.

Time Atac XC 12 Titan Carbon spec

  • Rock The Atacc All Day long!


  • Weight: 241 grams
  • Bio Performance
  • The Atac System Design (TIME Sport Group has become the Master of easy cleat engagement with the clipless system)
  • Awesome debris and mud removal (Self cleaning off-road system is the best out there)
  • Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm)
  • Colors Available: Charcoal Grey with red accents

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