Specialized Enduro 29 S-Works and Expert/ Comp w/ 155mm Travel


Specialized Enduro 29 S-works

Well it was only inevitable that the world of bigger wheeled trail bikes would take off with key manufactures like Specialized for instance. Finally one of the big box companies has busted out a 29 incher that is legitimately in the all mountain travel range, which means more travel from the boutique mtb companies as well to push the technology farther and farther beyond the days of sluggish habits and boring ride qualities.

They sent out a press release today regarding, their newest 29er (155mm) 6″ travel ride that has some amazing numbers on the geometry charts to possibly make it a worthy all mountain candidate to hang with or lead out the 26er crowd. Word has it these Enduro bikes will be available in March, 2013.


Enduro 29er chainguide


So first off it had already been stated out that the advent of SRAM XX1 was going to be huge for the 29er frame designers, in that they would have more opportunities with getting frame dimensions to accommodate longer travel, without the front derailleur getting in the way, and causing the rear end to be super long. And here is one the first to capitalize, Specialized have squeezed up the rear length by ditching the front derailleur. And came up with an innovative and removable “taco blade” that allows you to deck it out with a standard 2x or 3x setup, this “blade” part is what you attach your front derailleur to.


Specialized also chose to equip it with an ISCG 05 mount, for those who don’t trust new XX1 drive train on the S-works version, and needing that security blanket.


Enduro 29r-Stays


Their development model for trail/ all mountain bikes is based on the belief that you should get to ride the funnest bikes out there. So they worked hard to uphold the tradition, with a new Enduro 29 that has a very short chain stay length at 16.9 inches.


When compared to the Specialized Enduro 26er model this factors out to only .4″ (11 mm) longer, impressive to say the least.


enduro Command-Post


Two of the models will be equipped with a Command Dropper Post IR that utilizes the past models lever with three options for ride heights, but now has cable routing that is internal.


enduro shock-Lever


Shown above is the S Works model being at the top of the performance and lightest weight levels in all of their bike line models. It’s available with Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Air rear shock, that uses a custom lever shown above to control the low speed compression, to create a platform for pedaling over small hills and rollers in super-d and end events, or dropping the bro’s.


Three Models Available


Specialized S-Works Enduro 29


For the S Works Enduro model, it has been reported to hit the scales at sub-28lbs (27 lb 15 oz with pedals to be exact). Specialized decked it out with their in-house Carbon Roval Traverse SL wheel set, the Air shock shown above, Avid Xo model brakes, and Fox’s Talas 34 with 150/120mm fork, and the complete SRAM XX1 kit we discussed above. The Specialized retail price will be a ridiculous $9,000. And their next level down is the Expert 29 that’s shown below.. for maybe a bit more Expert in price as well..

Specialized Enduro 29 Expert Carbon


For the mid range priced Enduro Expert Carbon, it’s retail will run $6,600 with a mix of high and mid range SRAM gruppo and brakes. Both the Expert and Comp 29 shown below will run Fox’s new CTD shock that utilizes a auto sag feature from Specialized for fast adjustment.


Specialized Enduro 29 Comp


For the lower end of the models, the newest Enduro Comp version will come setup with a mix of SRAM components and a $3,500 price tag. There is no dropper post on this version of mountain bike, but it has the cable routing to accommodate if you choose to go the upgrade route.


Geo Chart