2017 Mondraker Podium Carbon Pro SL 29er w/ Fox 32 SC and XX1 Eagle Testing Review

2017 Mondraker Podium integrated Carbon Stem


Podium Carbon SL


Mondraker just unveiled another year of their most fabulous Podium hardtail bike. With not only groundbreaking images and technology, the venerable 2017 Mondraker Podium 29er is here to feast your eyes and then some!


2017 Mondraker Podium Carbon SL Hardtail Bike

In the past the Podium’s powerful formed lines had certainly not left anyone indifferent, as it was one of those bikes that can visually produce love or hate. But now that’s a thing of the past. As they lessened the aggressive visual imaginary nature of the Podium tubes through new forming of the frame.

The Carbon 29er retains Mondrakers’ identity with their world famous toptube and it’s powerful lines, that generate interest to say the least. But it slims radically. Where before we saw huge sections of carbon now we see fine and harmonious lines. All with two clear objectives: to improve filtering impacts and reduce the weight. Two of the premises of any current rigidity.

2017 Mondraker Podium team rider

Farewell to the extreme rigidity

The past seasons 2016 Podium was very rigid. Extremely rigid. Possibly too rigid. It resulted in instantaneous accelerations but in a tight ride comfort. Today, for any rigid frame that seeks to compete in the elite of this segment, it will not only be rigid, it should be, but also absorbent and comfortable. Able to filter uneven terrain and help in driving.

2017 Mondraker Podium Carbon rear thru-axle

The aim of the new box style FlatStays on Podium were geared toward better compliance. As they have studied how to place the carbon fibers so that they can work in the vertical plane by absorbing vibrations, while the rest of forces that receive remain fully rigid. The formula for ride comfort in the current rigid and a point that, today, makes the difference between companies that can develop their own products and those living in third party products.

2017 Mondraker Podium Carbon MTB

Sleeker and much lighter

Stealth Air Carbon technology with IST (as referred to the integration of the power in the table) gives life to the newest Podium series. Weighing 920 grams for your picture, more than respectable figure. And 8.57kg standard for the top-tier Podium Pro SL XX1 Eagle build. Also is designed for a 100mm fork that employs the latest Fox 32 SC, or comparable Boost axle fork.

2017 Mondraker Podium internal cables


For 2017 it also renews the internal wiring system integrates a spectacular carbon protective sheath transmission.


2017 Mondraker Podium team Fox SC 32 bike


mondraker presentation_2017



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