GoPro Karma Grip Flight Kit / revised drone gets better

Gopro Karma Grip Flight Kit

We first saw the new GoPro Karma drone when it was released in 2016, and again when they had to recall them for power failure issues (oops). Thankfully, GoPro are back in the air and hopefully have those hiccups behind them. Looking to expand their video prowess in the sky, GoPro have announced the new Karma (Grip) Flight Kit. Allowing action cam videographers who’ve already adopted the handheld gimbal-stabilization of GoPro’s Karma Grip to get back into the sky with a quadcopter drone kit that they can plug into for ultra smooth aerial video footage. Click past the break for the full details…

Compatible with their latest HERO4 & HERO5 camera offerings, the Karma Grip is said to all but eliminate camera shake and blur with 3-axis gimbal stabilization. The new $600 Karma Flight Kit includes the drone, controller, propellers, and zippered carrying pack, so you just have to plug in your existing Grip & camera setup. It’s everything you need to get your gimbal flying, without having to buy everything anew for more than a grand.