Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 Women’s Shoe


Louis Garneau Carbon LS-100 Women’s Shoes






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The original LS-100 Shoes provided more bang for your buck then we’re accustomed to seeing. We’re talking L4 BOA closures and a ridiculously low overall weight. In fact, it’s one drawback was that it didn’t have a full carbon fiber sole, but thankfully, they changed that with the new Carbon LS-100 Women’s Shoes. With them, you get a noticeable weight reduction, a stiffer carbon fiber outsole, and an upgraded heel cup. We challenge you to find a better shoe at this price.

Starting at the outsole, Louis Garneau sought to achieve the perfect balance between strength, rigidity, and weight. Not surprisingly, Louis Garneau hit the mark with its new HM Air-Lite carbon fiber outsole. And when coupled with the low, 4.3mm stack height, the HM Air-Lite’s rigidity equates to a direct transfer of power to the pedals. Just like in frame design, the outsole has a stiffness-to-weight ratio that positively promotes an efficient carry of power with limited energy dispersion. So, in simpler terms, these outsoles make your hard efforts count in relation to speed.

And, not only does this transfer to a more efficient usage of your power expenditures, it also amounts to a feathery overall weight. In fact, the Carbon LS-100 tips the scales at a lower weight than many other manufacturer’s top offerings — around 210g per shoe. This is credited, in one part, to the outsole, but in our opinion, more so to the lightweight upper construction. This has been constructed from a synthetic leather with mesh ventilation windows along the side of the shoe and over the entire tongue. This means that durability is guaranteed without the risk of the adaptive long-term deformity that plagues natural leather uppers. More importantly, though, a bulk of the weight reduction is a result of the Carbon’s closure system. At the toe box, you’ll find a single hook-and-loop strap that controls the lower volume of the shoe. Meanwhile, and a first for us at this price, the venerable BOA L4 single rail controls the retention at the top of the tongue. If you hadn’t noticed, BOA is highly selective as to who it chooses to license to, and that this technology is featured in a $200 shoe is, well, nearly unheard of. Essentially, the L4 buckle provides the most even, forgiving, simple-to-use, and precise retention on the market. With a simple quick turn of the dial, your retention is secured and unwavering.

Included with all of the above, to prevent the power-sapping effects of heel slippage, the shoe features a reinforcement panel that cups the heel from the inner and outer points of the outsole, forming a ‘band’ over the heel. As admittedly basic of a design this is, it works very well at maintaining the secure position of the heel.

This Carbon version is available in even sizes from 36.0 to 43.0 and in the colors Black and White. Please note that these shoes are only compatible with three-hole cleat systems, and that they include a pair of both Louis Garneau COOLMAX Ergo Air Cool Stuff Blue and Hot Stuff Red insoles.



Upper Material:
synthetic leather
BOA L4 Carbon, 1 hook-and-loop strap
Adjustable Ergo AirCool stuff, Ergo Air Hot Stuff
HM-air Lite carbon fiber
Cleat Compatibility:
[size 38] 210 g
road cycling, road race