Shimano Ultegra R8000 11 Speed Groupset

Ultegra has evolved. Shimano’s new and updated Ultegra 11-speed Groupset – named R8000 – has landed and it encourages you to ride harder with superior ergonomics.
Shimano have sprinkled the new Ultegra R8000 with trickle down technology from the high pro-level Dura-Ace groups which increases its performance and makes R8000 stiffer and more efficient than the Ultegra 6800 it supercedes.
Ultegra R8000 Groupset 34/50 11/32 Ultegra R8000 Groupset 34/50 11/28
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One of the most distinctive advances is the new, super stiff Hollowtech 4-arm crankset which has been race proven in the Dura-Ace range and now is offered for the marginal gains benefit of Ultegra riders. The crank arms have the attractively beefy yet light design and stealthy black looks of Dura-Ace models and scream increased power output.
The Ultegra shifters have been given a redesign to improve their ergonomics – they are slimmer for better grip and comfort. The rubber hoods are textured and the lever blade has a more pronounced kink at the top for better control just like Dura-Ace.
Ultegra was race tuned and the new R8000 incarnation takes it onto an even higher level and ready for your sportive or race bike.
We’ve got the Groupsets in stock and available to buy immediately, but stock is strictly limited so hurry if you don’t want to miss out!
Ultegra R8000 Groupset
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