Storck Rebel Nine G3 Platinum XTR Di2


Storck Rebel Nine G3 Carbon Platinum!

  • Complete XTR Bike Price: $5,948.00


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REBELlious nature2017

Another fabulous creation for ’17 is the super sweet Rebel Nine (HT), as they have combined quite a few years of frame experience in the field of detailed carbon engineering designed for racing, to bring rides like this, year after year to the top.

For key details on the carbon, itself, they constructed it from their CFR/UD composites, that come with a UD designation, meaning ‘uni-directional.’ The uni-directional fibers tend to stiffen up mountain bikes better, while still improving the vibration dampening characteristics. All while achieving a far lower weight.

A key note for the Rebel, is the way they have become so world famous for, by molding them in a monocoque fashion. This means it’s made of specific modulus fibers throughout the setup, or in other words, it utilizes one-piece style construction. This helped to eliminate any excess weight by using less composite and resin materials near all the tube junctures. The result, is a lightweight setup, hitting the scale at 1,150 grams, which is slightly heavier than their Seven model, at 1,090 grams, (or 1.09 kilos).

The specifics, include a massive, Press Fit style 92mm bottom bracket junction that will most notably transfer a ton of power efficiently through the rear triangle. All the while, the Rebel is actually one of the most thought-out rider-tuned setups you can throw a leg over. This is all due to a proportional tubing design, which works for every frame size to utilize key adapted dimensions, tube wall thicknesses, tube diameters, with additional tapering to reassure the ride quality exactly as it was intended to be regardless of what size it might be. To finish the details out, they constructed the Rebel for an electronic drive train that also has internal cable routing.


For the production setup you can expect a tapered head tube of 1 1/8th to 1 ½ inches, a new CFR bottom bracket shell, over sized chain stays, with compliant seat stays, and a direct mount front mechanical. Which all sums up to an incredible light weight single track steed. Speed and agility flow endlessly making it the ideal XC race bike, and long trail marathon, or whatever fun you choose to have with it. Because you might be forced to step it up here to ride this machine!


With a vast array of understanding and knowledge in the world of high end Road Bike design and construction, the owner Markus Storck put forth a challenging design goal for the crew, they were to engineer a Mountain Bike with a lot of the same high quality characteristics on their road rides. Which is, strong and stiff and where it needs in the headset and bottom bracket areas, Carbon hand lay-up style to develop lateral stiffness with vertical compliance, with a high degree of vibration dampening along with cable routing that is very simple to maintain. Thus, the Rebel Nine was born!

  • Rock The Rebel All Day long!


Detailed SPEC Sheet below

  • G3 Frame Material is built out of Platinum CFR
  • The Rebel Nine utilizes the Trademark Super-size chain stays
  • Integrated Headset is tapered from 1 1/2 “ at the bottom to – 1 1/8 at the top.
  • POSTMOUNT™ Disc Brakes
  • CFR Bottom Bracket Shell, and CFR Headset Bearing Seats
  • Thru Bolt Rear 142 X 12 MM /axle
  • Handy Replacement Rear derailleur hanger
  • Color Matte Black
  • Seat Post Collar is a stout 34.9mm diameter
  • 31.6mm size for the seat post to minimize flex.
  • The Nine frame alone weighs in around 1150 Grams on the scale.




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