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Hi There!

Hi There, TJ here, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting  my site, dedicated to big wheel  mountain biking,  and the never ending search of the eternal single track!

A little more about me, I am forty-three years, a contractor by day, aspiring bike racer by night, and this is my 29erCafe site. I live on single track, and I like beer, (And getting caught in the rain.)  Racing and general fitness activities have been a regular part of my entire life. I have been racing since 1988. I still to this day love and crave those super long alpine climbs on the bike, the only difference is, now I am riding a 29er.

On any given day though, I can be found out recreating on whatever type of bike suits the day. I just enjoy having fun with my friends and wherever adventure takes us…

Thank You For Visiting 29erCafe!