Sram Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur Med or Long/Cage

SRAM Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur med cage


Ditch your front derailleur and make it a thing of the past. Designed to control movement the new SRAM Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur shifts amazing not only smooth, but quick and crisp. All the gears you need will now be at one fingertip with a spooky-silent drivetrain and fast, quiet shifting. It will change where you ride and the way you ride and will open new roads.

SRAM Rival 1 Type 3.0 Rear Derailleur long cage

  • Chain tension is carefully managed with the X-Horizon technology which keeps the chain movement horizontal and thus eliminating ghost shifting and reducing shifting force. Wheel changes are a snap with Cage Lock. Simply push the derailleur forward to create slack in the chain and then lock it into place. Open the road with Rival 1.

Purchase for $99.00 at …


  • A dedicated 1x rear derailleur
  • Medium cage: 11-26 through 11-36 cassettes (269g)
  • Long cage: 10-42 cassette
  • Uses improved Type 3.0 roller clutch design
  • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
  • Sealed cartridge bearings and aluminum cage
  • X-HORIZON™ design reduces shift force while eliminating ghost shifting and chain slap


Shimano XT Di2 M8050 Mountain Bike Groupset Is Here w/ Wireless debut for all Di2!

Shimano XT Di2 groupset

Similar to how Shimano Di2 trickled down on the road, it now brings electronic shifting down to the a more affordable level for your mountain bike. And, just as Ultegra Di2 ushered in the new E-Tube and other technologies that improved upon the original, so too does the new XT Di2 M8050 groupset which brings a host of impressive new tech and features to their battery powered groups.

Shimano’s road product manager Dave Lawrence,  was on hand to describe how the new XT Di2 will improve the entire Di2 family. “We looked at electronic shifting and how that would change the ride experience. What we found was we could offer incredibly precise shifting. And the ergonomics were fantastic, too. Then we moved it into triathlon, but when we started using it in cyclocross is when it really took off. You had this precise shifting in the worst possible conditions.”

From there, it trickled down to Ultegra and a switch to their plug-and-play E-tube connections. That made remote shifters possible and really brought electronic shifting to the masses. Also the Dura Ace version put their electronic shifting below the weight of a mechanical group for the first time. All of these improvements then trickled down again to Ultegra, and then they took Di2 to their Alfine, Nexus and Steps pavement groups.

XT Di2

From there, it all combined to create the first digital mountain bike system, XTR Di2. And why did they do that?

“Di2 leaves behind some of the restrictions imposed by mechanical systems,” added Matt Robertson, Shimano’s mountain bike product manager. “Things like using cables to pull something and how to route the cables to make it work correctly. And it opened up new opportunities to combine shift and suspension functions operating off the same battery. Di2 improves rider momentum and efficiency, and it allows the drivetrain to react at the speed that you are reacting to your surroundings. Rider input leads to instant reaction from the bike. In short, Di2 lets people build a better mountain bike.”

That’s all well and good, but XTR Di2’s price put it outside the realm of most enthusiasts. The new XT Di2 will be more accessible, with a complete group price starting around $1,368 for a 1×11 setup, including brakes. It’ll also have better ergonomics, and it introduces all new wireless setup and data transmission features.

Shimano XT Di2 SW-M8050-R trigger shifter

XT Di2 still gets the independent adjustment of each button’s extension toward the grip. The bottom pad is a little larger than XTR, and the top pad is a little longer, making them easier to hit. XT’s button pads are also flatter, and felt much better. Two cost saving measures were limiting the number of clicks and using steel rather than titanium. XT’s levers have a single-click rather than XTR’s two-click design. They found that it simplified it a bit, and with Multi-Shift, the second click wasn’t as necessary as most riders quickly learned how long they needed to hold a lever down to shift a specific number of cogs.

Shimano XT Di2 RD-M8050 Rear Derailleur

The M8050 rear derailleur is Direct Mount compatible. Materials make up much of the rest of the cost savings. Functionally the units are the same as XTR Di2, and parts are interchangeable between the groups. In fact, while folks have been doing it for a while, Shimano’s finally starting to talk about using road Di2 drop bar shifters with mountain Di2 derailleurs (or vice versa). There were lots of NAHBS bikes doing just that, but until very recently, Shimano hasn’t really endorsed or even discussed such mashups. You’ll still need to use both front and rear mountain or front and rear road derailleurs, you can’t mix one from road and mountain on the same bike.



Shimano XT FC-M8000 1x11 crankset 2016


Non electrical groupset parts (cranks, brakes, cassette, chain, and pedals) all carry over from the recently updated XT 8000. They offer an 11-46 cassette for 1×11 systems, and either 11-40 or 11-42 cassettes for 2×11 systems. The chainrings carry over, too, but a new +/- tooth profile is coming soon, which is basically their version of a narrow wide.


Perhaps the biggest news to come out of the XT Di2 introduction is their new dual-band Bluetooth and ANT communication. Bluetooth compatibility now lets you set up, tune and change the shifting and functions with your smartphone or tablet. Available for iOS and Android, the E-tube app will let you customize and update the system on both smartphone and tablet, and the tablet app adds Error Check and Preset programs. Those last two are aimed more at bike shops than riders, but they’re there for all to use. You can also still do it with their E-tube PC software, too.

That dual transmitter will be built into the XT system information display, and a new dual transmission D-Fly that’ll add wireless updates to both road and mountain bike groups. XTR will soon get a new display, too.

The ANT signal is ANT Private, not ANT+, meaning it’s transmitting a closed protocol that carries gear data directly to an approved third party cycling computer (Garmin, Magellan, Wahoo and Pioneer are partners so far). So, you could choose to have a compatible computer show you that data if you choose not to use the Di2 display (or you’re using it on a road group that has no display).


Shimano XT di2 electronic wireless shifting

The trick to making all of that communication work is that you’ll also need either the new BT-DN110 battery or BM-DN100 battery mount. Both contain the brains that allow those smart functions that make the wireless display work. So if you wanted to add wireless function to an existing XTR group, you’ll need to upgrade to either the new battery or new battery mount. The new battery will replace the original battery, so going forward you should see OEM spec using the new one.

A new battery was necessary because they couldn’t fit any more memory into the original E-tube unit. As electronics continue to shrink, they could fit the necessary transistors and what not into the same size package to add functionality while maintaining the same level of battery power. So, the new battery is the same size as the old one, it just does more.

To recap, all of that new wireless communication will soon be available on all Di2 groups, road and mountain. Now that we’ve covered the new wireless setup, let’s jump back to the shifters. The XT shifters, through the app, can be set to control a Fox iCTD-equipped fork and/or shock.  So, using Shimano’s Synchro-Shift to automatically shift the front derailleur as you move up and down the cassette means you can use the left hand shifter to cycle through Open, Medium and Firm settings on your suspension. Or, what we think would be cool, is you could set the larger, lower thumb paddles to do downshifts on the left and upshifts on the right, then program the smaller top paddles to cycle the suspension settings.

The app will make it all incredibly easy thanks to a graphical interface and check box settings. Very cool, and very user friendly.


xt di2 pricesXT Di2 weight list


Sram X01 Eagle Rear Derailleur

Sram X01 Eagle Rear Derailleur_red


Sram X01 Eagle Rear Derailleur

USD: $220
Euro: €240
Euro MSRP includes VAT

Actual weight: 276g


This new mechanical not only answers the Eagle drivetrain’s need for greater capacity, but it’s also the next evolution of Sram’s proven, 1x-specific X-HORIZON design. The larger, 14-tooth X-SYNC lower pulley allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this relatively compact design, and also adds to X01’s overall smooth-pedaling feel. This new, Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH features a smoother torque curve for a quieter, more consistent operation and feel. CAGE LOCK has been moved back to the rear out of the way, protecting it from trail debris. And a redesigned, robust mounting system further improves the  performance and overall durability.


Sram X01 Eagle Rear Derailleur_black

  • Completely redesigned mechanical incorporating Sram’s proven X-HORIZON™ design and new Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology.
  • Re-engineered derailleur mounting system and repositioned CAGE LOCK™ add robustness
  • New pulley technology provides greater efficiency, crisper shifting and quieter.
  • Aluminum cage and lightweight hardware make it both light and tough.




Purchase at Jensonusa

Derailleur Specs

MATERIAL Forged aluminum
COLORS Red, Black
OUTER CAGE Forged aluminum
COMPATIBILITY Eagle cassette and shifter only
INNER CAGE Forged aluminum
SPRING Titanium
FINISH Anodize and paint
MOUNT OPTIONS Traditional frame mount
PULLEYS Eagle Technology for Eagle chain
B KNUCKLE All new B-Bolt attachment method reduces noise and improves durability.
HARDWARE Stainless steel, Black


SRAM XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur

Sram XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur_gold


XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur

USD: $289
Euro: €304
Euro MSRP includes VAT

Actual weight: 265g


This new derailleur not only answers the Eagle™ drivetrain’s need for greater capacity, but is also the next evolution of SRAM’s proven, 1x-specific X-HORIZON™ design. The larger, 14-tooth X-SYNC™ lower pulley, allows 10- to 50-tooth cassette capacity in this compact design, and also adds to Eagle’s overall smooth-pedaling feel. Also new, is a Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH that features a smoother torque curve for a quieter, more consistent operation and feel. CAGE LOCK™ has been moved back and out of the way, protecting it from trail debris. A redesigned, robust mounting system further improves the Eagle derailleur’s performance and overall durability.

  • Completely redesigned rear derailleur incorporating our proven X-HORIZON™ design and new Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology.
  • Re-engineered mounting system and repositioned CAGE LOCK™ add robustness
  • Eagle pulley technology provides greater efficiency, crisper shifting and quieter operation
  • Carbon cage and lightweight hardware make it light and tough

XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur_black





Specs for SRAM XX1 Eagle Rear Derailleur

MATERIAL Forged aluminum and carbon fiber
COLORS Black, Gold
OUTER CAGE Carbon fiber
COMPATIBILITY Eagle 10-50t only
INNER CAGE Forged aluminum
SPRING Titanium
BEARINGS Stainless
CAGE SIZES custom for the group
MOUNT OPTIONS New improved B-Bolt attachment improves RD durability and consistency.
PULLEYS 12 speed chain compatible
B KNUCKLE All new B-Bolt attachment method reduces noise and improves durability

Shimano XT M8000 GS Rear Derailleur

Shimano XT M8000 GS Rear Derailleur

Shimano XT M8000 GS REAR Derailleur



■■■ Fun times on the trail..




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It’s here, the newest Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain just hit the showroom floors. All the while featuring Shimano’s innovative Shadow RD + technology and a refined geometry, the Deore XT M8000 11-speed rear derailleur is designed to reign authority over today’s aggressive style of trail and all-mountain riding. By maintaining chain tension, the optimized slant angled Shadow system eliminates chain slap and lowers the chances of dropping your chain. The easy-to-adjust chain stabilizer makes it quick and effortless to dial in the perfect amount of stability for varying conditions and terrain.

The XT M8000 rear derailleur employs a new hyper low-friction coating technology and an improved pulley design that greatly lightens up the shift operation, allowing up to 20% less effort.

Don’t know which cage length to choose? Choose a long cage “SGS” derailleur if you have 3 chainrings on your crankset, and a medium cage “GS” if you have 2 or less front chainrings.

Shimano XT RD-M8000 Rear Derailleur Features:

  • They now give you various choices for bike type and riding style
  • New shift cable with new hyper low-friction coating technology
  • Improved shifting and driving Rigidity
  • New shadow design with optimized slant angle for stable gear position


Series – DEORE XT
Shifting Action – SHADOW RD+
Mount Type – Direct attachment (Conventional) / Direct mount compatible (w/o bracket spec available)
Link Pin Bushings – 4
Minimum Sprocket – Low sprocket: 40T Top sprocket: 11t
Total Capacity – 39T
Compatibility – GS – Shimano 2×11 and 1×11 speed drivetrains, SGS – 3×11 drivetrain
Model Number – RD-M8000



Shimano XT SL-M8000-R shifter

XT SL-M8000 Shifter



■■■ Fun single-track times..




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Shimano XT M8000 Pricing For The Groupset Unveiled

2016 Shimano XT M8000 11 speed groupset

Shimano XT M8000 Group



■■■ Fun single-track times..


Announced just prior to Sea Otter, the all-new Shimano XT M8000 group now has official pricing and availability here. Wheels and pedals will share the same price whether you want the Race or Trail version, and the shifters will be sold as a set or as a rear-only for 1x setups.

Pricing table below, with a few holes we’re working to fill in – namely, standalone pricing for the crankset without rings (if available), the single- and triple chainring complete cranksets and European and UK pricing. Updates as we get them…

XT DEORE M8000 USD$ Notes
Rear Derailleur $119.99
Shifters $149.99 pair $74.99 rear only
Front Derailleur $49.99
Crank $279.99 2×11
Bottom Bracket $39.99
Cassette 11-40 $129.99
Cassette 11-42 $139.99
Brakes $159.99 per wheel (lever, hose, caliper)
Wheels $799.99 Race or Trail
Pedals $119.99 Race or Trail
1×11 chainring $74.99 30, 32, 34



SRAM GX 1×11, 2×11, And 2×10 Drivetrain Options For 2016


Sram GX 1x11


What is the ideal mountain bike drivetrain? Well, that depends largely on who you ask, but it also varies greatly depending on what they’re riding. What works for an elite level athlete will likely not be the same system that works for your average weekend warrior. Throughout their most recent product releases, SRAM has invested heavily in the 1×11 concept which continues to gain traction. Lighter weight, no front derailleur, and a consistent chainring placement for bike engineers are all good things.

Realistically, having all the technology in the world won’t help you if your legs can’t push your bike up the next hill. While still banking on the 1×11 concept for a large portion of riders, SRAM is introducing an all new group that will have you ‘riding your way’ with their most affordable 1×11 group, plus an all new 2×11 drivetrain, and new 2×10 options as well…

Sram GX 1x11sp X-horizon rear derailleur -red


Depending on who you ask, the new GX 1×11 group should be one of the highlights of the new product line. Using almost all of the same technology as X1, X01, and XX1, GX(1?) brings 1x drivetrains to a new level of affordability.


Regarding the gearing of 1x drivetrains, SRAM is quick to point out that they still offer the widest gear range in a head to head battle with Shimano. Of course, that wider gear range with the same number of gears will mean wider jumps between each individual cog. Ultimately the rider will have to decide what’s most important – short jumps making it easier to find the right gear for your cadence, or having the widest range of gearing possible.

Sram GX xg-1175 cassette

Admittedly, the star of the new GX 1x group would have to be the cassette. Don’t get us wrong, the SRAM X-Dome cassettes are works of art, but when you’re talking about a wear item, anything over $300 can be hard for a large portion of consumers to swallow. To us, that’s why the new XG-1150 Full Pin Cassette is so exciting. Sure, it’s over 80g heavier than the X1 cassette (394g claimed vs 313g actual) , but it retails for just $144. That’s less than half of the price of an X1 cassette. To get the price of the cassette down to a more affordable level, the XG-1150 10-42 relies on a full steel construction with each cog held in place with 123 total stainless steel pins. The cassette still uses an open design for excellent mud shedding and offers the same gear range as its higher end siblings, just in a price most of us can afford.

Considering a GX 1x group can be retrofitted for just $302 for the shifter, rear derailleur, and wide range cassette, or $573 for the entire group, we expect to see a lot more of SRAM 1x drivetrains at the trail head. For reference, the cassette alone for the X1 group just one model up sells for $313. Other than using a SRAM PC-X1 chain, the GX 1x group includes all of the parts to make up a complete drivetrain including a fixed spider and removable spider crankset.

Inter-compatible with other SRAM 1x groups, the Full Pin cassette still utilizes the SRAM XD cassette body, and the cranksets will have Boost 148 compatible options.


  • Open Core Technology AL (GX-1400 Crankset)
  • 6000 series AL (GX-1000 Crankset)
  • CNC machined 7075, two-tone anodized X-SYNC chainring (30-32-34-36-38)
  • Bottom bracket configurations: PressFit 30, BB30, GXP, and PressFit GXP
  • Chainring guard option
  • Crank lengths: 175, 170
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • 24 and 30mm options
  • Boost 148 compatible
  • Technologies: X-SYNC
  • Weight: 680g (GX-1400, GXP, 175mm, 32t); 720g (GX-1000, GXP, 175mm, 32t)


  • X-HORIZON design reduces shift force, ghost shifting and chain slap
  • 12-tooth X-SYNC pulley wheels
  • Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Aluminum cage
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Weight: 265g


  • SRAM 1x X-ACTUATION for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Multi-position mounting
  • MatchMaker  compatible
  • Aluminum pull lever
  • Discrete clamp
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Technologies: X-ACTUATION, MatchMaker  Integrated
  • Weight: 122g


  • 10-42T range
  • XD driver body compatible
  • Technologies: FULL PIN™, XD™ driver body, JET™
  • Weight: 394g


Sram GX-1000 1x11 crankset 32t red


The other really big news is the introduction of a 2×11 drivetrain that utilizes the SRAM wide range cassette. That cassette part is key – it required a completely revised rear derailleur to be able to handle the chainwrap and capacity, but it also provides some of the widest range mountain bike gearing available. Shimano’s 3×11 XTR drivetrain (22-30-40 x 11-40) is missing from the chart, but you get the picture. If SRAM’s 1x drivetrains don’t offer a wide enough gear range, the new GX 2×11 should have you covered.

In order to make the 2×11 drivetrain work with the current 10-42 cassette, the rear derailleur had to move away from the X-horizon design in favor of a more traditional slant parallelogram. Still using their X-Actuation 11 speed shift indexing, the derailleur uses a new Type 3 Roller Bearing Clutch and continues the use of Cage Lock.


  • X-ACTUATION for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Focused chassis design for all conditions and usage
  • 10-42 wide range cassette compatible
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Weight: 289g (long cage), 286g (medium cage)

Sram GX trigger shifter 11sp red


With the addition of 2×11, comes SRAM’s first left hand 11 speed trigger shifter which is a dedicated 2x system. You may have thought you had seen the last of SRAM front derailleurs (at least for 11 speed), but there it is. An X-Glide, X-Actuation front derailleur. Initially, GX 2×11 cranksets will only be available with a 36-24 gearing but that will probably change in the future.

Sram GX 1000 2x10sp crankset 36-22t black


  • Open Core Technology AL (GX 1400 Crankset)
  • 6000 series AL (GX 1000 Crankset)
  • X-GLIDE 2×11 shifting technology
  • Chainring option: 36-24
  • Bottom bracket configurations: PressFit 30, BB30, GXP, and PressFit GXP
  • Chainring guard option
  • Crank lengths: 175, 170
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • 24 and 30mm options
  • Boost 148 compatible
  • Technologies: X-GLIDE
  • Weight: 727g (GX-1400, GXP, 175mm); 774g (GX-1000, GXP, 175mm)


  • Wide range 2×11 systems with X-GLIDE front shifting technology
  • High Clamp, Low Clamp, High Direct Mount, Mid Direct Mount, Low Direct Mount
  • Dedicated top and bottom pull
  • Technologies: X-ACTUATION, X-GLIDE
  • Weight: 123-153g


  • Dedicated 2-speed and 11-speed trigger shifters
  • X-ACTUATION for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Multi-position mounting
  • Aluminum pull lever
  • MatchMaker  compatible
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Technologies: X-ACTUATION, MatchMaker  Integrated
  • Weight: 242g (per pair)


Whether you choose to run 1×11 or 2×11, both groups will have Grip Shifters as an option. Sold either as a single unit or the set, the shifters use most of the same technology found on other 11 speed Grip Shifts.


  • SRAM 1x™ X-ACTUATION for precise and dependable 11-speed performance
  • Full metal, 11-speed indexing keeps shifting crisp and precise with Grip Shift
  • Three rows of ball bearings provide zero friction or play—reducing the force needed to shift and promoting long-term performance under all weather conditions with Grip Shift
  • Once the Grip Shift shifter and grip interlock securely, forged aluminum clamps on either end reinforce the assembly by locking tightly to handlebar
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Weight: 144g/286 per pair




Finally, there is the new GX 2×10 group. Essentially a replacement of SRAM x7 (assuming GX 2×11 is a replacement for X9), GX 2×10 gets a facelift over the previous generation and a few new tweaks. Relying on the current SRAM PG-1050 and PG-1030 cassettes, the GX 2×10 will not benefit from the wide range of the 11 speed cousins, but this is clearly the most budget friendly option in the group.

Sram GX Crank 1200 2x10sp 38-24t black





  • 6000 series AL (GX 1000 Crankset)
  • X-GLIDE 2×10  shifting technology
  • Bottom bracket configurations: PressFit 30, BB30, GXP, and PressFit GXP
  • Chainring options: 38-24, 36-22
  • Chainring guard option
  • Crank lengths: 175, 170
  • Color: Black
  • 24 and 30mm options
  • Boost 148 compatible
  • Technologies: X-GLIDE
  • Weight:799g (GXP, 175mm, 36/22)


  • 2×10 systems with X-GLIDE front shifting technology
  • High Clamp, Low Clamp, High Direct Mount, Low Direct Mount, Mid Direct Mount
  • Dedicated top and bottom pull
  • Technologies: X-GLIDE, EXACT ACTUATION
  • Weight:134-161g


  • EXACT ACTUATION for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
  • Cage lengths: Short, Medium and Long
  • Color: Black
  • Weight:302g (long cage with ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH)


  • Dedicated 2-speed and 10-speed trigger shifters
  • SRAM’s 2×10 EXACT ACTUATION for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
  • Multi-position mounting
  • MatchMaker compatible
  • Aluminum pull lever
  • Color: Black
  • Technologies: EXACT ACTUATION, MatchMaker Compatible
  • Weight: 246g (per pair)



  • The PG-1050 cassette benefits from SRAM’s long history and expertise in developing cassettes. With its simple and reliable construction, it is the perfect cassette for the SRAM GX rider.
  • Gear Ratios: 11-32, 12-32, 11-36, 12-36
  • Technologies: PowerGlide II
  • Weight: 299g (11-32T)


  • PowerGlide technology provides super-smooth shifting between gears
  • Gear Ratios: 11-32, 11-36
  • Durable nickel chrome finish
  • Technologies: PowerGlide
  • Weight: 395g

Sram GX FD 2x11sp_MDM_TopPull_Side


Just when you thought the front derailleur was going away, GX comes along with a model for just about every standard. Both 2×10 and 2×11 drivetrains will have front derailleur models for High Clamp, Low Clamp, High Direct Mount, Low Direct Mount, and Mid Direct Mount with dedicated top and bottom pull derailleurs as well. Compatible with SRAM’s X-Glide front shifting technology, weights range from 123-153g (11 speed) and 134-161g (10 speed).

Pricing with availability expected in June 2015 for GX 2×10, July for GX 1×11, and August for GX 2×11.





Sram XX1 Stealth Black With Carbon Crank Boots


Sram XX1 Stealth Black 11-speed cranks

Since black is the new black, SRAM has gone stealth with the XX1 Black group. Formerly only available with bright red logos, and a few other colors as OEM options for complete bike makers, the new group color is set to make it look better no matter what color frame or anodized Chris King headset you choose for your ultra high-end ride.

Also incorporating the new X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring, the XX1 stealth group brings the newest of what SRAM has to offer, along with some nice new accessory additions. Take a look inside to see the other components and new small parts…

Sram XX1 Stealth Black trigger shifter

There are no mechanical changes (aside from using a different existing chainring on the crank) to any of the XX1 group’s parts, it is still the industry-leading 1×11 pioneer that has changed so many of our rides for the better.

Sram XX1 Stealth Black 1x11 derailleur

The XX1 group consists of an XX1 Crankset with X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring ($456 for GXP, $488 for BB30), XX1 Rear Derailleur ($326), XX1 Trigger Shifter ($183), XG-1199 X-Dome Cassette  and PC-XX1 Chain. The cassette and the chain are the only items not getting any cosmetic treatment, as their siblings in the X01 family area already blacked out, and the distinctive champagne finish of the cassette is both a performance and visual difference for the higher-end cassette.


SRAM did not release new pricing on the chain and cassette since they are unchanged from the original XX1 group. The cassette retails for $425 and the chain for $63.


1×11 is completely changing the industry, and even allowing some bike manufacturers to be more creative with frame design being only compatible with a single front chainring. However, most manufacturers are still insuring the most choice for their customers, and designing bikes with front derailleurs in mind. If you have one of those frames, this High Direct Mount Front Derailleur Cover ($15) from Sram should hide that mounting point, and match the rest of the group nicely.

SRAM carbon crank-arm cover-boots

Race Face has offered rubber boots as a stock item with their cranks for years, even available in a rainbow of colors, SRAM’s starting out with all black to match the new stealth group. If you haven’t heard of these, they cover the ends of expensive carbon cranks so rock gardens don’t eat your expensive investment for lunchThey are quite simple, but make a huge difference as the boots are torn up, the cranks are still fine. SRAM simply calls them the Carbon Crank Boot, and they are $10.

Shimano XTR RD-M9000 Rear Derailleur


Shimano XTR RD-M9000 Rear Derailleur

Shimano XTR RD-M9000 Rear Derailleur






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Optimum Use
Cage Lengths
medium and long
221g for medium cage

Free 2-Day Shipping

The Crown Of Jewels.

The rear derailleur is the 1rst place most eyes dart when scoping out a new ride. It’s key to what signals to the world the machine’s degree of mechanical supremacy. Which is where Shimano’s tried and true XTR setup comes into the picture. For 2015 the all-new M9000 Rear Derailleur,  makes it obvious as the key ingredient for a serious drivetrain.

Similar to the rest of the new XTR M9000-series parts, they have refined everything from tip-to-tail. The original model already had a low-profile shadow design, but is now even lower-profile by 30mm narrower than the previous design, keeping it that much farther out of harm’s way. The slant angle of the XTR has been fine tuned to improve shifting smoothness and reduce ghost-shifting that results from suspension movements. Both of these areas of performance were also addressed in the moving of the RD’s top pulley wheel further forward, increasing chain wrap around the cassette and reducing chain slap against the chainstay, as well.

The XTR also now has an externally adjustable clutch to alter the degree of chain slack you’ll permit. In its most open setting, the chain is slack and shifting effort is very low, which is fine for smooth terrain, but less so for the rough stuff. When the XTR clutch is in its most stable setting, shifting effort is higher but the chain is far more stable, great for when rough terrain is on the menu, keeping the ride quieter, shifting more precise, and reducing the chances of dropping the chain. To that end, the M9000 rear derailleur’s return spring has been strengthened for quicker shifting action, and refined seals, bearings, and a carbon fiber pulley cage all serve to reduce overall weight and make shifting more precise, since the less weight is being thrown around laterally as you shift, the more easier that weight is for the mechanism to control.

This Shimano Rear Derailleur comes in both Long Cage or Medium Cage versions and is designed specifically for use with the new CS M9000 11-speed cassette and SIL-TEC chain.


[pivot body] alloy, [pulley cage] carbon fiber
Maximum Front Difference:
10 t
40 t
Shimano Warranty:
3 years

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Sram X1 Type 2.1 Rear Derailleur – Updated


SRAM X1 11-Speed Rear Derailleur Type 2.1








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The newest X1 1×11 MTB setup harnesses all the groundbreaking design and technology features of the more expensive XX1 and X01 versions, but renders it without the more expensive materials to keep cost down a bit. While this updated X1 Rear Derailleur takes the original design and makes some tiny improvements to elements like the bearings and the clutch mechanism to ensure better performance and longevity over the first generation model.

As noted, this 11-Speed Rear Derailleur packs in all of SRAM’s top one-by engineering to ensure rear shifts are smooth, accurate, and predictable. Starting with the offset pulleys, the tall square-toothed X-Sync profiles work to positively engage and manage the chain better than traditional pulleys. These pulleys work in conjunction with the X-HORIZON’s straight parallelogram design, which limits all movement to the horizontal axis, thus eliminating ghost shifting and reducing shifting force.

While their proven Roller Bearing Clutch is also present on the Updated Type 2.1, as it delivers maximum drivetrain stability by maintaining consistent tension on the chain — even while riding in the most demanding conditions. Finishing off the rear mechanism are sealed cartridge bearings and their handy Cage Lock design that keeps the derailleur locked out of the way for easy rear wheel installation/removal.

The second generation X1 is available in one color and is only compatible with their 11-speed X01, XX1, or the complete X1 drivetrain versions.

Tech Specs


[body/cage/hardware] aluminum, [bearings] steel



Claimed Weight:

257 grams

Recommended Use:

mountain biking

Manufacturer Warranty:

2 years


Sram X01 Type 2.1 Rear Derailleur – Updated

Sram X01 Type 2.1 black






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Thanks to its “horizontal parallelogram” design, the X01 11 speed rear derailleur (X-Horizon) can keep the chain gap the same across the entire range of 11 gears. Which in turn by taking that same vertical movement out of the equation, allows for this X01 design to not only make shifting faster, but it also reduces the shifter force and eliminates any unwanted ghost shifting.

As noted above the X01 eliminates unwanted chain movement, allowing for faster shifting, it also puts an end to ghost shifting and reduces shift force and chain slap. And for where the Type 2.1 comes into the picture with an updated Cage Lock technology, now allowing for wheel removal and installation out on the trail to be easier than ever.
Sram X01 type 2.1 red

Key Features of the SRAM 11 Speed Derailleur

Large upper pulley offset automatically adjusts chain gap
X-Horizon design reduces shift force and ghost shifting
12-tooth X-Sync pulley wheels
Rolling Bearing Clutch and Cage Lock technology
Carbon cage
Sealed cartridge bearings
Total Gears: 11
Weight: 252g
Compatibility: 1×11
Pulleys: 12 tooth X-Sync pulley wheels
Technology: X-Actuation, X-Horizon, X-Sync, Roller Bearing Clutch, Cage Lock

Cage Lock
With Cage Lock technology in the rear derailleur, wheel removal and installation, as well as chain installation, becomes faster and simpler. Just pushing the cage forward to create slack and lock it into place.

Roller Bearing Clutch Features
Roller Bearing Clutch (RBC) rear derailleurs deliver maximum drivetrain stability—even through the most punishing terrain. With RBC technology, derailleur bounce and chain slap are eliminated without sacrificing precision.

Developed specifically for 1X, X-Actuation keeps shifting sharp and consistent across the entire 10 x 42-tooth cassette.

The X-Horizon rear derailleur’s ‘straight parallelogram’ design limits all movement to the horizontal axis, which makes ghost shifting impossible while also reducing shift force. For quicker, more exact shifting, the large upper pulley offset design maintains a constant chain gap across all gears.

X-Sync 1X chain rings provide the highest level of performance and durability. The X-Sync tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-Sync chain rings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. X-Sync rings are an integral part of the 1X drivetrain.



SRAM XX1 Type 2.1 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur

SRAM XX1 Type 2.1 X-HORIZON Rear Derailleur

Sram XX1 Type 2.1






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Optimum Use

11 Speed System:

The One & Only, SRAM XX1 was developed as a dedicated 1X drivetrain, to not only make it simpler, but significantly lighter and more durable than any other out there. No matter where you ride, no matter what you’re up against, the XX1 is.. Unstoppable!

Driven by a cutting-edge, single-ring carbon crank and seamless component integration, SRAM 1x drivetrain delivers flawless chain management and faster, more precise shifting. But the relationship between XX1 components goes far beyond fitment. From the X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur with TYPE 2.1 technology to the super wide range 11-speed 10-42T cassette, each component is designed to function perfectly with the others, achieving what no other 1x drivetrain has before.

With the XX1’s horizontal parallelogram design and upper pulley offset, they have dubbed it X-Horizon, as it keeps the chain gap constant across all 11 gears, providing fast, precise shifts. By limiting all movement to the horizontal axis, this design is faster, reduces shift force and eliminates ghost shifting.


Also thanks to XX1 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ that features a revised cage pin, the updated XX1 derailleur eliminates more effectively bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision. CAGE LOCK™ technology makes wheel removal and installation easier than ever before. Paired with the XX1 shifter, the X-HORIZON forms the backbone of X-ACTUATION™ technology for unbelievably smooth shifting action.

•  Claimed Sram weight is 220 grams.
•  Material is Carbon.
•  Manufacture Warranty is 2-years.
•  Compatible with full XX1 group.

Shimano XTR Shadow RD-M980 Rear Derailleur – Mountain Bikes

Shimano XTR RD-M980 Rear Derailleurs- mountain bike



Shimano XTR RD-M980 Rear Derailleurs- mountain bike


While the Shimano XTR group has been legendary and known for its worthiness of the top-shelf status it holds with Shimano, the butter sweet feel and action of the XTR rear derailleurs have been a big contributor to this status. The shadow model is now in its second generation with the new XTR Shadow RD-M980 Derailleur. So it has the same qualities that originated from the design of the 970 shadow rear derailleur. The shadow’s low-profile engineering keeps them closer to the dropout and safer from sticks and rocks or whatever else might try to grab your expensive derailleur.

Beyond these benefits, Shimano has applied a few healthy change updates for the newest rear model. They changed out the bearing pulleys and replaced them with sealed bearings. They changed the pulley cages and used a carbon fiber outer plate with the inner plate being aluminum to end up a great finished result of stiffness, strength and being light as well. Shimano techs also worked on the return spring so it functions best while being used with full-length housing. With the newest model of spring, the XTR shadow derailleur clicks to smaller cogs as quickly as you can push the shift levers.

For this model of  XTR rear derailleur you have a choice of  cage lengths in medium (GS) or long cage (SGS). The two different lengths of the cages operate best with the drivetrain you plan to combine it with. The GS model functions most optimum with XTR 2×10 Cranks. And the long cage SGS model works best with an XTR Triple crankset.

The XTR Shadow Derailleur was developed to function in sync with the Shimano Dyna-System 10-speed Rapidfire shifters and the 10-speed cassettes with a max of 36t for the large cog.

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RD-M980 Specs


Cage Length:
GS long cage, medium and short 
Maximum Front Difference:
18 T 
36 T 
Compatible Components:
Dyna-Sys 10-speed 
175 g 
Recommended Use:
mountain biking and racing



SRAM XX1 Eleven Speed Mountain Bike Groupset

SRAM XX1 drivetrain on specialized 29er-olympic mountain bike



SRAM XX1 drivetrain on specialized 29er-olympic mountain bike





Olympic success along with Enduro Success as well for the 2013 SRAM XX1 Groupset


Now that mountain bike cog sets have been growing to bigger and bigger gear ranges than ever thought possible, the concept of single-chainring setups have been recently growing ten-fold in popularity numbers. By the simplicity of employing one single front ring means less shifting hassles, fewer dropped chains, along with better tire clearance and increased opportunities for all the newest innovative suspension designs popping up across the globe.

By knowing the evolution of dedicated drivetrains for mountain bikes, SRAM has pulled out all the stops with its 11-speed specific, single chainring groupset, dubbed the XX1.
SRAM details of new XX1 11-speed mountain bike drivetrain

SRAM XX1 is a full redesign of the whole 10-speed package, and all its components are incompatible with any existing groups.  They began with the update on the cranks with a specially designed single-chainring that does not need a device for chain retention, and they turned to the back with a new clutch-equipped, rear derailleur and a monster 10-42 cog set that requires its own dedicated freehub body.  Availability and cost will be October 2012, at $1449.00. You will also need to purchase a freehub body from DT Swiss to make the X1 cassette compatible with your rear wheel.

SRAM XX1 Carbon Crankset

SRAM XX1 Eleven Speed Carbon 1x 11 Crankset - First Look

Developed for the best possible control of the chain, each tooth is precisely CNC-machined to support the SRAM XX1 chain’s outer and inner links perfectly. They have six chain rings available, 28-30-32-34-36-38 to give you options for your gear range to match your riding area, wheel size and pedaling style. The chain rings fit a single spider—allowing you to change out the rings without having to remove the carbon crank arm.

SRAM XX1 Eleven Speed front chainring options - First Look


XX1 Eleven Speed 10-42 Cassette

X-dome cassettes are machined from a single piece of billet steel, and have an open interior—giving mountain bike riders easier clearance of mud , less weight, cleaner shifting performance and longer cassette life.
SRAM details new XX1 11-speed drivetrain 10-42 cassetteSRAM's new XX1 11-speed comparison old cog with new one


The SRAM XX1 is on the left, pictured next to a standard 12-36t setup on the right.

DT Swiss Freehub

The new XD cassette driver body design makes it possible for the drivetrain and groupset to utilize a small 10 tooth cog. Wheels with this driver body are available from these guys along with DT Swiss as well.


XX1 X-Horizon Rear derailleur/Sale Priced: $221.35

This new 11-speed X-Horizon rear derailleur is designed with a “horizontal parallelogram” and pulley offset, this keeps the chain gap constant across all 11 cogs, giving precise , fast shifts. By limiting all movement to the horizontal axis, this design is faster, reduces shift force and stops any ghost shifting. SRAM’s new roller bearing clutch technology reduces bounce and chain slap, while the derailleur’s Cage Lock system makes wheel removal and installation super easy.

SRAM xx1-Rear Derailleur at 29er Cafe


SRAM XX1 Shifters

To complete the drivetrain Groupset the shifting is done via a dedicated thumb shifter or a Grip shift unit. They updated the Gripshifter to twist on ball bearings for increased durability and smoothness, with a metal indexing system. The thumb shifter is MatchMaker compatible with all the other brakes and accessories they design in house.

SRAM XX1 Eleven Speed grip shift and trigger shifter - First Look





2013 Shimano SLX Groupset Is Paired Better For 29er Mountain Bikes

29er mountain bikes | Shimano SLX Shifters 2013


Shimano SLX Crankset 2013



A quick visual inspection at the Shimano SLX crankset indicates a two-by version on the left using a different spider design than the triple crankset pictured to the right. And the use of Torx chainring bolts indicates that they may be made of aluminum.

Shimano SLX Walk-through for 2013

Shimano has not given any weight figures yet, although the rumor is that the SLX is just a bit heavier than XT, which seems obvious. The great news is that Shimano  has designed these specifically to survive the abuse of aggressive trail riding, this means the groupset will insert into mountain bikes with travel in the five or six-inch range which is where most mountain bike riders are moving towards.
Shimano M670 10 speed Crankset
First up in the groupset is the bold shape of the crankarms is a welcome sight for strength, for getting used on everyday mountain bikes. And even better yet are the  gearing options. It has new school options of 24,32,42 as a (3×10 triple), and three choices for the (double 2×10) chainring – 40 x 28, 38 x 26 and the new, 38 x 24 gearing that’s going to pair better with 29er bikes. The rings have stamped and pinned ramps with the fast shift action that comes from most Shimano cranksets. Similar to XT, the SLX arms are built separate from the aluminum four arm spider.

  • Price: $233.00 (was $259.99)

configure/ buy information – 3X10

configure/ buy information – 2X10

29er Mountain Bike Technology
Shimano has missed the boat on 29er bikes  two times now. The first when they unveiled the recent XTR and a two years ago with the new XT groups. The new SLX group incorporates a low-profile front derailleur making room for 29er mountain bike tires, a smaller 38 x 24-tooth gearing choice for the two-by crankset, and a direct mount rear derailleur that will adapt well to 12-millimeter through-axles that most designers for 29er bikes are using in the rear of these frames to increase stiffness. The Direct Mount will eliminate the Shadow derailleur’s B2 link and the replaceable derailleur hanger with one piece, and can be used with both the standard quick-release or a through-axle.
Shift Lever Goodness
They are reporting the new Shimano SLX M670 shift levers have seen big upgrades having the crisper, more positive action of the XTR and XT brothers. The triggers have been redesigned to make ergonomics better and the front shifter can be changed to be used for two or three chainring cranks using a XTR style switch. SLX shift levers come with handlebar clamp or multi mount version.

  • Price: $98.00 (was $109.99)

configure/ buy information – 2013 M670 Shifters

Shimano SLX M670 Shifters
SLX M675 Hydraulic Brakes Also Get Ice Tech Rotors
All Shimano brakes will come stock with the finned pads and the rotors that can possibly dissipate 20-percent of the heat. Rotors come with the splined Shimano Centerlock and a six-bolt version will be available as well. Diameters being 160, 180 and 203 millimeter. The calipers have similar ceramic pistons and one-way bleeding to the XTR. The brake model shown here has a shorty lever and ServoWave action as well.

  • Price: $125.99 (was $139.99)

configure/ buy information

Shimano SLX Brakes 2013


SLX 675 and 678 Hubs
These hubs are built with angular contact bearings and they are very well sealed and you are able to adjust them easily. The Shimano hubs will come with a 15 millimeter through-axle or the standard quick release for the front and a 12-millimeter through axle for its rear hub. They have increased the engagement points in the freehub so riders will enjoy instant acceleration.

  • Price: front $35.00 (was $39.99)
  • Price: rear $53.00 (was $58.99)

configure/ buy information – front 2013

configure/ buy information – rear 2013

Shimano SLX Hubs

New Wheelsets
There are two new rims, both UST. Shimano builds it wheels by hand, which is quite the sight to see. The MT66 rim is a cross-country profile that is made in the 29er and 26-inch diameters. MT66 wheels have option for a rear quick release and 142/12 through-axle option. And the front hub is made with 15QR through-axle only.  Shimano’s 29er mountain bike wheels use 28 spokes in the rear and 24 in the front to balance the strength requirements of the larger twenty niner rims. The straight-pull hub and wheel style allows for a higher spoke tension and the wheels lasting longer.
Claimed Weight for the MT66 29er bikes wheelset are said to be 945 grams front 15mm and 1080 grams rear with quick release. The dates for release are July for the MT66 wheels. Prices have not been released yet, but Shimano claims the wheels will be in this price range for retail.

Shimano Wheelset 29er Mountain Bikes XC 2013


SRAM XO And X9 Type 2 Rear Derailleurs

SRAM MTB Type2 X0 Silver mountain bike rear derailleur


First Look

Type 2 Derailleur completely eliminates chain slap.

New X9, and XO mtb rear mechanical uses a one way roller clutch to eliminate chain slap suitable for your 29ers SRAM Type 2 X0 Silver mountain bike rear derailleur
It was only a matter of time. Following the release of the revolutionary shadow plus derailleur technology from the Shimano guys, who first revealed it on their XTR line, we were wondering whether or not SRAM was going to design something similar for their mountain bike derailleurs. Early this spring those questions have been answered, as the company officially unveiled the SRAM Type 2 clutch rear derailleur, which will now be available in several configurations of  XX1, XO and X9 models. And may get trickled into their lower end models the following years to come, the same way Shimano has marketed the technology.

What exactly is it?  The bouncing of the XO, and X9 rear mechanical and chain slap on the under side of a mountain bike frames chain stay is eliminated due to their Roller Bearing Clutch technology, which basically means inside the mechanical is contained a one-way type roller clutch. This prevents the lower pulley and arm from flipping back and forth over rough single track, something which can occasionally lead to the chain coming off your front chain rings, or just a very noisy ride as it punishes the lower side of your chain stays. With a press of a button the system can lock your pulley arm to the forward position, allowing the rear wheel to be easily removed and put back on. The needle bearings in the Type 2 setup are self lubricating to keep the action feeling smooth all the time. As for shifting action itself, it’s described as ‘consistent’, how it differs to a regular shifter remains for the future of it getting everyday use. Shimano’s design results in a noticeably heavier shift at the lever paddle, not a problem in itself, but just some differences in the two companies. These SRAM rear models are available for purchase in the XO, X9 all now on sale while supplies last. While the SRAM XX1 is shown at the bottom of the article.

Key Mechanical specifications:

XO Model Specs

  • Exact Actuation for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
  • Focused SRAM XO chassis design for all conditions and usage
  • 235 grams (medium cage) clutch adds 30 grams to a standard RD
  • 36-tooth cassette capable
  • 3 cage lengths are available: short for DH, medium for 2X10 and long for 3X10
  • Three graphic colors available: Silver, Black, or Red
  • The XO Price is $260.00, now on sale for $162.00

Purchase Info for XO is located Here..

X9 Model Specs

  • Exact Actuation for precise and dependable 10-speed performance
  • Focused chassis design for all conditions and usage
  • 250 grams (medium cage) clutch adds 30 grams to the standard style X9 Rear Derailleur
  • 36-tooth cassette capable
  • 3 cage lengths available: short for DH, medium for 2X10 and long for 3X10
  • There are a couple of different graphic colors available in: Grey, and White
  • The X9 is $116.00, now discounted to $84.00

Purchase Info/ X9 Here..

Funner, 29erCafe
type 2 x9


SRAM xx1 type 2 Rear Derailleur
Specs for the XX1 Horizon shown above are:

  • At 243 grams the XX1 is only slightly heavier than the other versions
  • Recommended XX1 use: Mountain biking
  • Bottom pull style
  • The XX1 MSRP: is $305.00, now on sale for$224.00

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Shimano XTR RD-M986 Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur

2012 Shimano XTR Shadow Plus RD-M985 Rear Derailleur



2012 Shimano XTR Shadow Plus RD-M985 Rear Derailleur

A new addition last summer into the mountain bike industry was Shimano’s XTR Shadow Plus rear derailleur.

It was the mountain bikers secret “go-to component” for that summer.
The technology of the “added element” practically eliminates all chain slap because it keeps the chain under tension, it also limits the chance of a chain coming off the front chain rings on your twenty niner, super-d bikes  and most of the other mtb models out there on the trails.
Shimano took its original top-level model and designed a one-way friction style clutch that only engages when the lower cage tries to move forward, which usually happens often when the mountain bike is rolling very rough stutter type terrain, rocks, washboard bumps etc..
The clutch spring they added to the XTR model is made to be adjustable. Under the cover Shimano have tucked a small wrench away that will tighten or loosen the friction band. After several months of testing it on my mountain bikes, I needed to tighten the stress bands a bit, there is a break-in period after which the stress of the friction band will stabilize.
The new Shimano clutch model is so quiet that other noise like pine needles under your twenty niner mountain bike tires, suddenly becomes evident. Not only is chain clatter on the frame reduced, but I have experienced no chain drop after installing it several months back.
All the new parts applicable it, including the mechanical elements are replaceable if you wear them out. The test of time will tell how long these will withstand abuse from mountain bikes, but traditional Shimano models have had a fabulous track record.
A slick looking gold-anodized stabilizer switch turns the clutch off to ease wheel removal & installation. All it takes is riding with that switch turned off on my twenty niner to recognize how effective the new model is on the trail. It literally works amazing. Shimano’s setup is literally a clutch,  which is a one way mechanism that eliminates chain slap and  chain derailment from the front chainrings.
For the setup there are a few trade offs though.
Their past XTR Shadow’s light action feel is not as noticeable. Shifting down the cassette still feels light and easy. The tighter the bolt is on the friction band, the heavier the  shifter lever feels when you shift up through your cogset. I tightened the bolt until the shift felt too heavy and then backed it off a touch. Their torque specification for the adjustment bolt ranges from 3.5 to 5.4 Nm .
The new model from Shimano is also just slightly heavier than the standard model. The regular version weighs 176 grams, and the new version weighs 216 grams. A few top 29er XC racers who were able to run it 2011 believe the small weight penalty is nothing compared to how it works just as well on their 29er hardtail mountain bikes as it does on the 29er full suspensions.
The retail cost is $250.00 , but given the advantages, it is worth it. It is available in the XT and the SLX range as well.
In my view, despite the small weight penalty, the XTR Shadow Plus Clutch Derailleur is the best component product for your ride to come in a while. It’s up there like other innovative products, suspension, clipless pedals and dropper posts, once you try it there’s no going back.

Sale Price: RD-M986 was $269.00 now $159.00

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XTR  RD-M986  / purchase..

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