SwissStop Catalyst Disc Brake Rotors

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SwissStop Catalyst Disc Brake Rotors


Catalyst Disc Brake Rotors

Most times, a catalyst is used to start something. For Swissstop’s latest product, it’s meant to slow you down in a hurry. The new Swissstop Catalyst disc setps combine both the SUS410 stainless steel braking surface with a 7075T6 aluminum spider in a carefully shaped, extensively tested pattern. They say the result is stiff, minimizes vibrations and sheds heat quickly…


Digital Catalyst models were created, tested and simulation verified to prove that what they created in their computers reflected reality, then used that program to optimize their own design. It measured for both heat and stiffness, showing where stresses were placed on the Catalyst during tracking forces. This let them also optimize the shape of the holes in the brake track to minimize pad vibrations, which hopefully means they’ll be very quiet during braking.


The two-piece design proved to be best at controlling heat, tested through CFD before heading to the trails.

SwissStop Catalyst Disc Rotor-brake-force

Click to enlarge. All images, graphs and rotor data from Swissstop.

Lab testing showed the Catalyst required less hand force than a competing model, and they resulted in shorter distances to come to hault. Part of that comes from adding a little extra material to the braking surface, so they’re not the lightest on the market, but they say the performance improvement is worth a few extra grams:

SwissStop Catalyst Disc Rotor force

The 140mm and 203mm Catalyst are 1.85mm thick, the 160 and 180 are 1.80mm thick. All are compatible with sintered and organic pad compounds, but they’re optimized for use with their EXOtherm brake pads.

Pricing and any remaining details to come at Eurobike at the end of August.


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T’red Disc Brake Rotor Shields fix the danger for the pro peleton

T'red-Bicycles prototype Disc Brake Rotor Covers

The new Tred Disc Rotor Sheild will make life safer on your road bike. While those pesky 53-tooth chainrings can still maul you, the problem of disc brakes slicing and burning is now solved.

The engineers and designers at Tred, an Italian brand that introduced their very cool road and cyclocross bikes at NAHBS this year, have applied for a patent on these disc brake covers. Video after the break shows how they’ll install on any bike and wheels and cover the exposed disc sections without affecting performance. The design is patent pending and has three options.

T'red Disc Brake Rotor Sheild Covers

The rear has a mounting bracket that slots onto the hub’s axle end cap, then the shield mounts to it. The front uses the same mounting method on forks with ample clearance between it and fork legs, but also has an external mounting version that clamps between the thru axle and fork leg (shown above, click to enlarge). Video below shows the standard mounting option:


Parts 3, 5 and 6 are shown being installed on the rear in the video. It’s mounted on their Manaia disc road bike.


For the actual attachment to the hub, two solutions are offered. Parts 3a and 11 work would work with most any hub by using a set screw to lock the mount into place and prevent rotation. Part 3b would work with a proprietary substitute hub end cap (5b) and use a slotted design to prevent rotation.

These are 3D printed plastic prototypes, but the final version will be made of carbon fiber, which sheds heat virtually immediately. They say the vents in the product will allow proper air flow, which would be the one immediate concern with covering them.

The product was conceived and designed by Romolo Stanco and tested by Giairo Ermeti and Pietro Saccarini, the latter being a biomedical engineer that provided design input to ensure it offered actual injury protection. Their plan is to introduce the parts soon (as early as one month from this story), ideally in conjunction with a new disc brake bike.

TredBikes Disc Sheild


Sram Level TLM Disc Brake

Sram Level TLM Disc Brake

SRAM’s Level brakes take the Downhill Worlds winning tech from their Guide brake and trims it back into a smaller and lighter design, better suited for XC/ trail riding. Available at five different spec’s from the basic Level all the way up to a Level ultimate, SRAM has trail riding stopping covered from the weekend warrior up to the World Cup warrior. Get a closer look and details below, plus a video as well.



Based on the Guide tech, the new Level brakes use the same timing port closure mechanism that delivers strong and predictable braking action across all spec’s. Each Level also gets the same expandable bladder reservoir and seals for reliable braking in all weather, and even after sustained braking. The new two-piston brakes also uses SRAM’s DirectLink lever design to deliver balanced power and modulation.

SRAM Level TLM Ultimate XC Disc Brakes

Level replaces the working man DB line as well as X0 and XX. Top range Ultimate gets all of the bells and whistles while keeping weight down to replace SRAM XX brakes. The new Level TLM replaces X0, while Level TL, Level T, and Level versions take the place of Avid DB5, DB3, and DB1, respectively.
SRAM Level TLM Ultimate XC Disc lever

The most basic Level brakes will sell for just $65/70€/£55 a set and weigh in at 430g a wheel including a G2 rotor. It builds in the Guide piston, seals, reservoir, and bladder tech with a simple pinch bar clamp. At $85/90€/£70, the Level L steps up to a two-bolt Matchmaker clamp for a bit more flexibility and 20g of weight savings. The TL adds even more adjustability with tooled lever reach adjust, via bolts tucked away from the elements for a protected, clean look, and the even slimmer Matchmaker X mount. Level TL gets a slimmed-down lever body, dropping to 370g with a CL rotor, and will sell for $100/110€/£85 a wheel.

The two highest-end Level brake calipers also get some gravity-inspired tech, including a stainless steel heat shield for the Ultimate and TLM versions, derived from the Guide Ultimates to help isolate the caliper body from the pads and rotors to limit heat transfer. The Level TLM drops another 14g and climbs in price to $190/210€/£160 a wheel with the addition of a new monoblock, one-piece cast caliper body with 21mm diameter pistons.

The Ultimates also swap in a carbon fiber lever rotating on proper bearings. The $300/325€/£250 Level Ultimate setup also adds titanium hardware and alloy backed pads to drop more weight for a claimed system weight (for one wheel) of 318g, including the direct mount caliper, 800mm of hose, a 160mm CLX rotor, and all the ti mounting hardware.

Retail availability on the new Level brakes is slated from as early as this week for some models, and as far out as June 2016 for others. More details for the TLM over at


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SRAM Level Ultimate XC Disc Brakes

SRAM Level TLM Ultimate XC Disc Brake lever

SRAM’s Level brakes take the Downhill Worlds winning tech from their Guide brake and trims it back into a smaller and lighter design, better suited for cross country and trail riding. Available at five different spec’s from the basic Level all the way up to a Level ultimate, SRAM has trail riding stopping covered from the weekend warrior up to the World Cup warrior. Get a closer look and details below, plus a video shot with the SRAM team testing last week.



Based on the Guide tech, the new Level brakes use the same timing port closure mechanism that delivers strong and predictable braking action across all spec’s. Each Level also gets the same expandable bladder reservoir and seals for reliable braking in all weather, and even after sustained braking. The new two-piston brakes also uses SRAM’s DirectLink lever design to deliver balanced power and modulation.

SRAM Level TLM Ultimate XC Disc Brakes

Level replaces the working man DB line as well as X0 and XX. Top range Ultimate gets all of the bells and whistles while keeping weight down to replace SRAM XX brakes. The new Level TLM replaces X0, while Level TL, Level T, and Level versions take the place of Avid DB5, DB3, and DB1, respectively.
SRAM Level TLM Ultimate XC Disc lever

The most basic Level brakes will sell for just $65/70€/£55 a set and weigh in at 430g a wheel including a G2 rotor. It builds in the Guide piston, seals, reservoir, and bladder tech with a simple pinch bar clamp. At $85/90€/£70, the Level L steps up to a two-bolt Matchmaker clamp for a bit more flexibility and 20g of weight savings. The TL adds even more adjustability with tooled lever reach adjust, via bolts tucked away from the elements for a protected, clean look, and the even slimmer Matchmaker X mount. Level TL gets a slimmed-down lever body, dropping to 370g with a CL rotor, and will sell for $100/110€/£85 a wheel.

The two highest-end Level brake calipers also get some gravity-inspired tech, including a stainless steel heat shield for the Ultimate and TLM versions, derived from the upper tier Guide to help isolate the caliper body from the pads and rotors to limit heat transfer. The Level TLM drops another 14g and climbs in price to $190/210€/£160 a wheel with the addition of a new monoblock, one-piece cast caliper body with 21mm diameter pistons.

The Level Ultimates also swap in a carbon fiber lever rotating on proper bearings. The $300/325€/£250 setup also adds titanium hardware and alloy backed pads to drop more weight for a claimed system weight (for one wheel) of 318g, including the direct mount caliper, 800mm of hose, a 160mm CLX rotor, and all the ti mounting hardware.

Retail availability on the new Level brakes is slated from as early as this week for some models, and as far out as June 2016 for others. More details over at


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Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake

Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake

Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake



■■■ Fun single-track times..




For Sale 0% Off of $0.00





It’s here, the newest Shimano XT 11 speed drivetrain just hit the showroom floors. Say hello to the XT M8000 Brakes, and say goodbye to compromise. The integration of Servo-Wave brake-boosting technology into XT brakes delivers gobs of lightweight stopping power.

Where the M8000 steps up from the BR-M785B is through its upgraded, integrated master cylinder which sports a sleeker look, saves weight and frees up valuable handlebar real estate.

With ceramic pistons to increase power, reduce vibrations and shed performance-sapping heat, when coupled with innovative IceTech aluminum-core rotors (sold separately) to even further keep heat buildup at bay, the XT BR-M8000 brakes maintain cool, quiet performance under fire.

Riding comfortably at white-knuckle speeds requires an unconscious, intuitive confidence in your machine. It requires knowing that whatever conditions you come across, your brakes will be ready and able to deliver reliable control in any situation. Question is are you ready?

Shimano XT BR-M8000 Disc Brake Features:

  • Integrated master cylinder is lighter, cleaner and more durable
  • Free stroke and tool-free reach adjust
  • Servo Wave levers offer high power and short stroke
  • Trail rated for power


Piston Material – Ceramic
Brake Pad Types – G02A Resin, J02 A Resin, G04S Metal, J04C Metal
Brake Hose Type – SM-BH90-SBM
Hydraulic Fluid – SHIMANO Mineral
Caliper Mount Type – Hydraulic Disc Brake
Series – Shimano Deore
Model – BR-M8000
Piston Type – 2



Shimano XT M8000 Pricing For The Groupset Unveiled

2016 Shimano XT M8000 11 speed groupset

Shimano XT M8000 Group



■■■ Fun single-track times..


Announced just prior to Sea Otter, the all-new Shimano XT M8000 group now has official pricing and availability here. Wheels and pedals will share the same price whether you want the Race or Trail version, and the shifters will be sold as a set or as a rear-only for 1x setups.

Pricing table below, with a few holes we’re working to fill in – namely, standalone pricing for the crankset without rings (if available), the single- and triple chainring complete cranksets and European and UK pricing. Updates as we get them…

XT DEORE M8000 USD$ Notes
Rear Derailleur $119.99
Shifters $149.99 pair $74.99 rear only
Front Derailleur $49.99
Crank $279.99 2×11
Bottom Bracket $39.99
Cassette 11-40 $129.99
Cassette 11-42 $139.99
Brakes $159.99 per wheel (lever, hose, caliper)
Wheels $799.99 Race or Trail
Pedals $119.99 Race or Trail
1×11 chainring $74.99 30, 32, 34



Magura MT8 And MT6 NEXT Brakes For 2015

Magura Next MT-8Since all the way back in 1893, the innovative company Magura has worked in the field of hydraulic engineering, giving them quite the depth of experience in the late 80s when they first chose to produce the original hydraulic v-brakes for mountain bikes. Now with over twenty five years of experience behind the product, the company is introducing their latest MT NEXT product line, which takes a radically new approach to brake master cylinder technology. These advancements consist of a major rethink of the features and material properties used in the construction of their brake sets.

The latest model generation of Magura MT8 brakes utilize carbon fiber that is oriented directional in the master cylinder body, which is mated to a lever blade that was a mix of short and medium fibers in a thermoplastic resin to produce some seriously light weight brakes. This newest MT line of brakes feature a unique Carbotecture SL and Carbotecture technology to shave even more grams and offer better deceleration performance. This new material is the same found in BMW motorcycle levers.

Each of the different new brakes in the NEXT line up will have a one piece chassis that has been optimized for lightweight. To illustrate this point, consider that the new brake levers are approximately just 20% of the total weight of the system, while the caliper (with disc and hose) account for the remainder, which is to say they have added material where it’s needed and reduced it where it wasn’t needed.

Also new is the magnetiXchange brake pad system, which they claim greatly simplifies brake pad replacement. The final big update this year is that the pivot point is now 20mm closer to the handlebar, which provides better ergonomics and a more linear power delivery.


The MT8 (shown above) is the lightest brake that Magura currently offers. They’ve been able to achieve an impressive sub 300g brake (299gm front brake with 800mm cable, 160mm rotor, and screws) by utilizing a full carbon brake lever and what Magura is calling Carbolay tech. MRSP for the MT8 brakes will be $370 and you can purchase them at the link below.


Magura Next MT6The MT6 Brake is 320 gm and weighs a hair over 30g more than the MT8, but will save you a hundred dollars. At an MSRP of $270, they share many of the same feature sets as the higher end MT8 model, but use an alloy lever to bring down costs.

Magura Next MT-4The MT4 will retail for a modest $160 per brake when it goes on sale later this summer and only weighs about 45g more than the carbon-tastic MT8. It lacks toolless adjustment, but still has the easy to use magnetiXchange brake pad system, and a one piece caliper design like the MT6.


Magura Next MT2At the most affordable end of the spectrum, the entry level MT2 model weighs an impressively light 365g (front brake with 800mm of cable, 160mm rotor, and screw sans adapter). To give you a rough idea of how light that is, an uncut Shimano XT brake (housing and caliper, no hardware) weighs a claimed 300 grams, and you’ll still need to factor in at least another 100g for the rotor,etc…


If the performance is as good as Magura claims, this will be an excellent OE spec for lower priced XC and smaller travel trail bikes.

Magura Next MT-7

Also new from Magura is four pistons brakes. They were initially shown at Sea Otter, but didn’t have many details. These new models borrow heavily from their extensive motorcycle background and could be considered downsized replicas of their super moto caliper. The technology will be incorporated into their MT7 and MT5 brakes, which are designed for the rigors of Enduro and DH.

The MT7 model will weigh 355g and offer the best braking performance in the line up. Retail will be $320 a brake, but the more affordable MT5 will offer a similar feature set for $200. Magura Next MT5The main difference between the two is that the MT5 loses the tool-free lever reach and higher end carbon construction. The Mt5 weight also goes up by 25g over the MT7.




Hope Tech Limited Edition Pink Ano MTB Components


Hope Pink Anodized Brakes-2013

Hope Tech recently announced their unveiling of several notable pink anodized mtb components.


For the anodizing process they will be including several models of their cross-country and free-ride stems, the new Pro 2 Evo hubs, Evo X2 disc brakes, and the F20 platform pedals. As with everything they develop, based out of Barnoldswick, England the parts are 100% CNC machined with the ano process taken care of in the UK as well.


Hope Evo X2 disc brakes


  • Full CNC machine work based in the UK
  • For those with a smaller hands the Tech Evo lever is easily adjustable to bring it closer to the handlebar
  • With Hope Tech you get the option of either a braided style hose or the regular black
  • Both versions of the 6-bolt rotors are available of fixed or the floating with pink alloy ano centers
  • Rotor sizes are from 140, 160, 183, thru 203mm
  • The Claimed weight is 340 grams


Hope Tech Pro 2 Hubset


  • 32 hole hubs, are 6-bolt rotor compatible
  • Claimed weights for the front disc hub is 185 grams in the quick release model
  • Claimed weight for the rear disc hub is 285 grams in the quick release model as well
  • The Axle is compatible for the front hubs of  9 QR, 15mm, and 20mm thru-axle styles
  • Rear hubs have 135mm spacing, with options of either 10mm thru-axle or bolt-in, 12mm thru-axle with XX1 compatibility via 142mm spacing – SRAM XX1 compatibility


F20 platform pedals


  •  Per side there are a total of 20 traction pins that are easily replaced to give you awesome grip
  • The platform is slightly con-caved in shape
  • Run on three cartridge bearings with one Nor-glide bushing to ensure long lasting and super smooth performance
  • Total claimed weight is 390 grams for the total set, (both sides)


Freeride / Cross-country stem


  • CNC machined out of 2014 T6 alloy
  • Over sized handlebar clamp diameter
  • 90 mm length, with 0 degree rise and a 50 mm length, with a 0 degree rise
  • Claimed weight of 144 grams

BrakeForceOne Disc Brakes – 2013 Sale!


brake force one disc brake 2013


Modern Disc Brakes have seen a fare amount of technology advancements over the years. It was only recently, when engineers applied them on mountain bikes, which has basically been receiving trickle down technology for suggestions on materials and the like from the motor-sports industry. Which has allowed benefits, but Brake Force One from Germany, is now forging a fresh path for the disc brake, a mountain bike-specific design that is.

As of late hydraulic disc brakes required the need to utilize a reservoir for the fluid to have some where to expand. But this is where BFO’s design changes path, they figured out how to eliminate the reservoir by utilizing a hydraulic style booster along with a larger-bored hydraulic hose and a radial design for the master cylinder, and voila One lightweight mtb-specific brake was born.

By employing the hydraulic booster inside the aluminum caliper, when activated it quickly engages the pads to the rotor with minimal finger effort. Which made it possible to not make the clearance of the pads quite so tight, thus eliminating noise and drag, along with added heat build up that comes along with that.

BFO constructed the master cylinder body and the lightweight one-finger levers out of carbon resin, which also uses a comfy rubber sleeve on the lever, to secure a confident connection in wet soggy conditions between the lever and your glove. Designers made the master cylinder’s piston two and a half times bigger than the bike industry has ever seen, alongside an innovative clear hose design, that is much bigger internally also never seen before in the cycling industry. This provides more volume to disperse the generated brake heat, along with instant input from the lever.

They have opted to utilize mineral oil for their actuation ingredient, that comes in 7 stylish color options through clear hoses, to set your ride apart from the rest of the crowd. It comes stock w/ the clear fluid option, but the colored fluid along with a bleed kit can be purchased separately.
Specs for the Brake Force One are listed below.

specs on the big top 29 enduro

  • Weight is a svelte 201 grams per wheel
  • Post mount style
  • Ultra-sensitive lever response characteristics with well defined pressure point due in part to the large inner diameter of the transparent hydraulic cables
  • Less applied force needed from the finger when applying the levers due to a lighter spring
  • Innovative cable ends allow for much easier installation when cutting the cables
  • Easy maintenance with the bleed process to due to the oil and whatever air bubble that is trapped is now visible in the clear cables
  • 7 color options for the mineral oil
  • Stylish take on the mountain bike disc brake scene, to really personalize your rig
  • The rotor sizes available are 180/160mm and 203/180mm
  • Manufactured to very High Quality Standards in the country of Germany, if you’re like most of being apprehensive to jump into a new disc brake company, but the actual fact about BFO is they have been building them for Europe for several years now, they are only just now distributing this second generation version to North America as of this year. So lucky for us another alternative beyond Hayes, Shimano and Avid. 🙂
Colors: Available
  • Matte White
  • Red
  • Black

“Have fun ripping up the woodlands or desert this spring with the fun-full-suspension bike…. Enjoy!
– this product ships for free
2013 BFO

– Funner, 29er-Cafe”

Sale Price: was $498.00 now $320.00

Formula RO Disc Brakes 2013


formula ro disc brake-2013

No-screeching too halt.. RO Brakes to the rescue!

It’s reported this is the first time ever, that a brake caliper has utilized oval pistons. Thus giving monster power out of the Formula RO Disc Brake to set mtb stopping power at a high, unmarked level for such a lightweight setup. The design of multiple piston calipers have become the key ingredient when stopping power is the highest goal, but unfortunately what comes along with that is additional weight, very complex manufacturing, and more parts that are moving around which need maintenance. For world cup level dh bikes, they still need to get the overall weight as low as possible but yet keep strength and stopping power, which is where the ovalized pistons on the new RO’s caliper shine brightly.

With the oval piston at the top of technology, the Disc model also benefits greatly from heat dissipation as well. The piston itself is actually concave in shape on the side the fluid pushes on it, and is made out of ultra-stiff composite material to ditch heat, to take it all one step further they also grooved the side of the pad to allow air to flow through. Apart from these advances, they also engineered the brake caliper body as a monobloc design, which means there’s no seam like you have with a two-piece design, which flexes when the levers are applied very hard.

For the lever and master cylinder design, Formula utilized aluminum for the radial master cylinder, that has high-capacity fluid. Their setup provides minimal flexing, with excellent leverage ratios. You can also opt to flip the levers to use the rear on the left hand side, the same way a motorcycle is set up. They also designed an adjustment knob that requires no tools to turn it, to set the ergonomics of the aluminum lever blade exactly how you like it.

To tie everything together between the master cylinder and the RO’s calipers they used lightweight polyester hydraulic hose that will resist any heat expansion or line pressure, making a sweet consistent feel at the lever. To make it all work they also employed DOT 4 fluid.

Hitting a mere 361 grams for the complete front system with  a 160mm one-piece rotor, Formula’s RO Disc Brake has achieved weights that are making most XC  manufacturers uptight. Take note though, there is no harm in maching down multi black diamond runs —they designed it as a DH-oriented unit.

  • Aluminum master cylinder, with one-piece body
  • Aluminum Caliper provides increased modulation, durability, and stopping power
  • Weight for the RO is 361 grams
  • Oval style single-piston provides a greater area for engagement on the disc rotor for additional stopping power
  • Patented caliper ovalized-piston system increases the total fluid capacity to resist fading
  • Includes caliper, 850mm hose, lever, 160mm one-piece disc rotor, and pads
  • Polished

– “qualifies for free online shipping


– Funner, 29erCafe”

Sale Price:  $382.00  $252.00

Formula RX Mountain Bike Disc Brake


formula rx brake-2013-black

Enjoying the benefits of trickle-down tech, Formula opted to give the RX Disc Brakes the same performance and design as the top tier R1 — but in an extremely affordable package. You can expect to get that same smooth application of stopping power and consistent lever feel that you expect from their high-end products, with only a tiny weight penalty.

The new RX model utilizes a radial style master cylinder, similar to the more expensive brother, a forged aluminum body keeps the cost down a bit along with steel hardware instead of alloy torx bolts that are on the more expensive R1. They can be set up to run the rear on the left hand side along with on the right hand side, which ever option you choose.

They both use 22mm diameter pistons with the same stopping pads, but a differentiation with an alloy backed organic pad, verses a steel backed pad model for the RX brake. They have polyester braided hose to prevent expansion when under extreme braking pressure. They also use DOT 4 fluid for the action to happen smoothly.

They made the pistons out of composite material to dissipate extra heat. The caliper is also made out of one-piece aluminum to make it stiffer, when you need to pull the lever harder to stop in a hurry. Great ventilation for both the top and bottom and top also aids with dissipating heat as well as making pad changes simpler and easier.

Colors available for the Formula Disc Brake are either Black or White options. The price includes all the parts, without the rotor that is sold separately in three available sizes listed below. The new model weighs in at a total of 341 grams that includes the 160mm rotor.

  • Forged master cylinder body and caliper provide increased modulation, power, and durability
  • Patented caliper piston system increases fluid capacity to provide fade resistance
  • Includes lever, caliper, 850mm hose, 160mm rotor, and pads
  • rotor sizes available are 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm
  • 314 grams
Colors: Available
  • Black
  • White

“Have fun ripping up the woodlands or desert this spring with the new mtb goods…. Enjoy!
– these are available w/ free online shipping

– Funner, the — Cafe”

Sale Price: was $.00 now $187.00

Formula The One Disc Brakes


formula the one disc brake

Minimum weight. Maximum The One power.

For a perfectly set up pair of brakes, with a liking to what World Cup down hill capabilities are all about, or ideal to keep your speed in check during the next national championship Super D mountain bike race, Formula The One Disc Brakes are extremely versatile that provide a high amount of stopping power out of a super-light package. Their key design ingredients are larger 24mm pistons that are contained with a single-piece caliper body to really stiffen things up when you need to grab a whole lot of lever to slow yourself down in a hurry. They have integrated larger sized pistons that are reported to increase it’s surface area by 19% compared to their R1 model. And to take note here larger power doesn’t necessarily mean heavier. The One’s weight on the scale is only 336 grams—which is quite comparable to what most XC models from other manufactures are coming in at.

This additional power is nice for the aggressive/ bigger mountain bikers out there, but yet combined with their legendary modulation relates to an ultimate setup if your searching for “constant traction and control.” They also utilize a composite material to make The One pistons out of for dissipating heat better than what traditional metal products used. The One caliper provides good ventilation on both the bottom and top for the pistons and pads to vent heat. They also have a convenient top vent to make brake pad changes simpler and easier.

For all the action to happen, The One utilizes DOT4 fluid due to it’s inherent nature to dissipate heat better, and it’s readily available verses mineral oil. To contain all that DOT 4 hydraulic fluid are super light woven polyester hoses, that are resistant to expansion due to excessive heat buildup. Thus allowing for these brakes to continue to feel stiff, even on the biggest of rippin’ descents.

Formula has also integrated their Feeling Control System to make lever adjustments simpler and easier as well to adjust for when it’s pad starts to wear. They dialed it in with their Reach Adjustment knob to make fine-tuning of the position a breeze. It’s master cylinder and lever are both constructed out of aluminum. They do offer an optional aftermarket lever that is constructed with carbon fiber to save 6 or so grams, to take that zen up a notch or two. They also designed the master cylinder to be set up so the levers can be reversed to moto-style (rear lever on the left), or a regular option.

As per spec Formula’s The One Brake comes standard from the factory packaged for a single wheel (either front or back) with it’s pre-bled hose/lever/caliper with pads and all the pieces for mounting with an exception to their rotors (which are sold separately). Calculated total weight for this setup as a complete front wheel configuration combined with a standard one-piece 160mm rotor is 336 grams.

  • Forged Aluminum master cylinder along with one-piece caliper generate increased power, perfect modulation, and durability
  • Composite caliper piston design is Patented, to prevent fading
  • Model shown includes one caliper, lever, 850mm hydraulic hose, standard one-piece 160mm rotor, with pads
  • Total Weight is 336 grams
  • Optional Aftermarket 2-piece aluminum/steel rotor with titanium rotor bolts are available as well.
Colors: Available
  • Black
  • White

– this item is no longer available
The One Brake..

– Funner, 29er — Cafe”

Sale Price: was $361.00 now $248.00

Formula R1 MTB Disc Brake 2013


formula r1 disc brake

Get lighter and get faster at the same time.

Weighing in at 289.7 grams for the full get up with a one-piece 160mm rotor, places Formula’s powerful R1 Disc Brake high on the list of race day cross country contenders for the 29er, but that would be leaving it short, because it’s just as comfortable on that purebred XC race bike as it is ripping up the all-day enduro scene. It’s comparable to the upper level R1 Racing model using the same heat dissipating and no-flex technologies, but where this model differs is with a bit lower cost, along with a few added grams as well.

To point out where they were able to save the cash on the R1, they used the ever common aluminum forging process for the master cylinder. It provides tons of strength with lower weight. They have also increased the fluid capacity for the master cylinder that utilizes tried and true DOT 4 hydraulic fluid for longer intervals between maintenance, and no negative effects from heat.

Formula also equipped the R1 brakes with reach adjustment knobs that require no tool to adjust to quickly fine-tune the lever position to set it up with ideal ergonomics for all the varying hand sizes. They also used polyester braided hydraulic hose that have alloy banjo fittings and crimps to eliminate expansion of the hose when you need to stop in a hurry. The disc caliper is a one-piece design to save any flex from happening as well, which all houses a much larger piston, that’s 22mm in diameter. All while engaging the lightweight alloy backed organic pads, to create their world renown brake modulation that they are so well known for.

The Formula R1 Disc Brakes are a perfect example of what high-performance mountain bikes are becoming and all about. There are also options for either the standard one-piece disc rotor, or a lightweight two-piece model that in our opinion is not only lighter but much sexier.

  • Master cylinder body and caliper are forged aluminum offer increased power, modulation and great durability
  • Oversized caliper piston design uses increased fluid to resist fading
  • Includes 850mm hose, 160mm rotor, lever, caliper  and pads
  • Disc Rotor sizes of either 160mm 0r 180mm
  • The Total Weight for one wheel is a svelte 289.7 grams, making this model one of the lightest around.
Colors: Available
  • Black
  • White

– please note that this online item is not available.


– Funner, 29erCafe”

Sale Price: was $.00 now $330.00

Custom Carbibe Carbon Ceramic Disc Rotors From Kettle Cycles – COOL!

Kettle Cycles SICCC SFL carbon ceramic mountain bike disc brake rotors-front




The technology of Carbon ceramic disc brake rotors has been utilized with the aerospace industry since the ’70s and then in the ’80s with motorsports. Brembo has supplied them for use on the Ferrari Enzo in 2002, and now most recently Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, and others are using them with success at the track and on their production cars.
Funner, 29erCafe

Most notably the key benefits are better heat dissipation with an increase in longevity, not to mention the lower weight.

But now finally, the cycling industry is about to get their hands on some for bikes. The company Kettle Cycles recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to get their SICCC disc brake rotors to become a true reality.

The abbreviation for SICCC is short for Silicon Carbide, Ceramic and Carbon. Hence the Silicon Carbide element will provide a friction to the surface, the Ceramic element dissipates the heat generated and the Carbon element makes the rotor stiff, strong, and lightweight. How light exactly? Their SFL one-piece model in the 140mm size are a svelte 40 grams!

Technology and more pictures located below…Enjoy!
Kettle Cycles SICCC SFL carbon ceramic bike disc brake rotors-2013

In the photo above, Kettle will offer two models. The SFL version is the one-piece rotor model, that is the high-end version due to its requirement for more production time along with more costly materials. SFL stands for Super Feather Light.

The two-piece rotor enabled them to use less of the SICCC material, which costs more than utilizing regular carbon for the spider.

“We started with a two-piece design, thinking the product would be too hard and too expensive to produce as a one-piece,” Gore told us. “It’s more complex to lay up the material using the thin cross sections needed, but during testing we discovered an alternate manufacturing process that let us do it more efficiently and with less wasted material. And, since we could make a lighter version, we thought we really should. It seemed a shame to have the ability to do it and not do it, even if it did cost a bit more.”
Founder, Kettle Cycles

For Kettle’s two-piece rotor models, they have actually come up with a carbon that was developed specific for the brake rotor project. They are keeping the details under wrap and are not willing to divulge just yet, …because it’s a product they are looking to utilize with other new bike components for the near future.

They have set their target weights starting as low as 40 grams for the one-piece SFL rotors in the 140mm size and then 55 grams for the 160mm size. The two-piece rotor weighs 60 grams for the 160mm size and 75 grams for the 180mm. A 200mm rotor is in the planning stages.

The carbon ceramic disc brake rotors will be made in the US, from sourced raw materials.

Kettle Cycles carbon-ceramic disc-brake-rotors-rear mtb


An extremely tough challenge that carbon rotors have faced is to produce brake pads for them and getting the mix of ingredients correct.

Generally speaking the F1 car engineers have learned that Carbon-carbon rotors need to warm up before they will get a proper friction. So Brembo utilizes carbon chunks in their design process, which wouldn’t have the necessary structural integrity needed for bike rotors. But Kettle figured out how to utilizes a specific woven pattern with long fibers, giving them the necessary strength needed to make the rotor super stiff – an important factor for a rotor that is so much thinner compared to a F1 race car rotor.

“It really was the perfect storm of components and chemistry to get this to work for the bicycle,” Stephens said. “That’s our strength, being able to solve problems and find the right partners. Our chemist is super excited about this project and really helped us make it work.”
Stephens, Kettle Cycles

The key benefits to us seem worth all of the effort. The biggest one being heat– when using the carbon-ceramic blend is complete heat management. Over the years a lot of attention has been given to getting the heat away from the pads and braking surface, but with a steel rotor you still have a material that retains heat, essentially becoming the heat source.

But Ceramics, on the other hand, are known to be extremely poor thermal conductors. Sure, they’ll heat up during braking, but then drop all the heat almost instantly. Its possible the ceramic blended rotors will eliminate their share of the heat from the pistons and pads while braking, and immediately release the heat into the air.

It’s been reported that they will also deal with much higher temps compared to steel rotors. As well as longer durability, during extensive testing they have experienced minimal wear on the rotors in all conditions, that have included muddy, even snow and slop,  intense wet, and all around dirty conditions.

“As an example, when the SICCC rotors are ground, they’re ground smooth with a diamond abrasive,” said Gore. “Actually, silicon carbide is generally used to grind other materials like metal, etc. Even on some of our high temperature test sessions, we didn’t see any measurable wear. It’s really quite impressive.”

“They’re going to last a really long time. They’re never going to glow red like in the video, we just wanted to test that, and after we pulled that rotor off, it had no measurable wear. Even so, it shouldn’t wear pads much faster than with steel rotors, but our rotors will definitely win. Oh, and during that test in the video, we used SLX brakes and still had the same stopping power at the highest test temp as we did when they were cool.”
Stephens, Kettle Bikes

The overall feel of your disc brakes can be adjusted with different brake pad selection. They considered and tested specific pad compounds, but in the end they wanted to be compatible like a standard OEM pad, to use them with whatever brake brand you have on your bike.

“Basically, if you’re using good brakes, these rotors are going to make them work better.”
Stephens, Kettle Bikes

It’s also been reported that the modulation is excellent, and they are quiet on the trail. Kettle recommends the same process of bedding them in, as your steel rotor.

Stephens: “We don’t really believe in weight limits and things like that. Either it’s a solution or it’s not.”
Stephens, kettle Cycles

They have designed the rotors to work in every application possible – DH, XC, cyclocross, road, wherever and whatever you can think of to use them on and in.

Kettle Cycles SICCC SFL carbon ceramic mountain bike disc brake rotors-front


These guys are going to be flooded with orders! Ranking up there with heat dissipation and low unsprung weight is the price.. Their one-piece SICCC SFL rotor models will start at $99 for the 140mm size and go up with size, the two-piece rotor models are slated at $79 for the 160mm size and will go up for the 180 size. The pricing hasn’t been 100% set for the bigger sizes yet.

“Gore said just because there’s some amazing tech here doesn’t mean they need to be outlandishly expensive.” We’re liking that philosophy.
Gore, Kettle Cycles

If you have interest in getting a set of the SICC rotors and helping them get their project off and running, go check out their Kickstarter page and the official Kettle Cyles website. Their campaign on Kickstarter is slated to run until December 3, and they will start shipping in January.


An extra vid I dug up for fun, this is How It’s Made segment for Brembo’s carbon ceramic disc brake rotors:





Formula R1 Racing Disc Brake – XC Review 2013

Formula R1 Racing disc brake caliper-2013



Formula R1 Racing disc brake carbon leverR1 Racing brake caliper review



If you’re all set to grab what is most notably the top-tier of what cross-country bikes are bred with, as Formula’s R1 Racing Disc Brake is now upon us as the culmination of nearly twenty some odd years of high-level disc brake technology that have been highly fine tuned and developed first in motor sport industry. Their fantastic ending result makes for a 270 gram disc brake that will supply all the ample modulation, and power while the ergonomics as well to keep all the aggressive mtb riders highly content and focused through the most grueling of events out there.

For the upcoming season upon us this newest Racing version of (the already super light) Formula R1 mountain bike model, although it takes all that high tech goodness and makes several steps farther up the ladder by using a carbon fiber lever blade, lightweight but flex resistant Kevlar hoses and Ti hardware for attachment. By applying these changes they were able to drop the scale down to the lowest weight ever attained, as noted above at 270 grams. Thus making it the ideal selection for any of the fast oriented riders and Enduro rippers alike out there.

Having similarities to the regular version, the new R1 model has a forged style radial master cylinder to make it stiffer than other manufacturing methods, along with an integrated reservoir that has a higher capacity. They also applied a much bigger reservoir along with a completely redesigned diaphragm to provide the R1 version with excellent heat dissipation to allow for this XC / Enduro setup to be able to release all the unwanted heat. And to discuss the lever feel, well to be simple it’s exactly as you would expect from a top-of-the-tier mountain bike stopper – consistent that is, whether it be extreme outdoor temps on long sustained descents. The other sweet tech items to note here, are the compatibility with the ingenious Mixmaster shifter perch (that is available and sold separately) if you the de-clutter side of life, and want to clean up your cockpit area. This version in particular also utilizes their flip-flop master cylinders, which enable you to run them the same as a motocross bike would be without changing any hydraulic lines or bleeding.

For the caliper, they employ a bigger 22mm composite pistons that are cupped to increase the surface area to eliminate heat. This design also has top loading brake pads (the R1 Racing has the alloy backed organic version) making replacement a breeze. While it also utilizes light, yet strong Kevlar braided brake lines to prevent any expansion when you have to stop in a hurry. Along with the use of regular DOT 4 style brake fluid, that is known to be less sensitive to temperature changes than mineral oil is. The net result provides for a high powered, cool running, and confident brake that doesn’t get soft around mid-descent.

They have nicely finished it with a very lustrous polish along with an anodized cap to scream out high performance. The price reflects all the parts, but the rotor is sold separately. The Formula R1 has also included titanium bolts for mounting the caliper and rotor bolts as well.

Employs: Enhanced Caliper Technology for easy brake installation.


one-piece rotor 6 bolt or Center Lock 160mm / 180mm / 203mm
two-piece rotor 6 bolt Red or black – 140mm / 160mm / 180mm / 203mm
two-piece rotor center-lock Red or black – 160mm / 180mm
FCS Control System. Available in silver
MixMaster Custom shifter mounting perch
SpeedLock Hose quick connect – mount to caliper, master cylinder, or inline – silver

The R1 system retails for $415.00, on sale for $$330.00. Available for purchase below with free shipping… Enjoy!

More info… Review Purchase Info Here.

R1 Racing kevlar hoses 2013





Magura Disc Brakes – USA MT8, MT6, MT4 and SL Rotors Here!

Magura MT8 disc brakes-2013



Model USA MT8 Stoppers – 2013

Actual Weight: 195 grams

Magura MT8 disc brakes-2013This years Magura MT8 mountain bike setup are ethereal in regard to their lightness. The MT8 is their lightest mtb disc brake set ever. But, this doesn’t mean they sacrificed any performance in the regard of stopping power. They utilized the key lever design of their proven Marta radial style cylinder design. But for ’13, they made the setup out of a … click below for

Model USA MT6 Mountain Bike Stoppers – 2013

$269.00, now $215.00
Actual Weight: 234 grams

Magura MT6 disc brakes-2013Magura utilized the same CarboTecture technology on the MT6 as on their top-level MT8 setup, the MT6 models equally match the stopping power of the big brothers above but with a small penalty of a bit more weight but falls with a lower price … click below for

Model MT4 Stoppers – ’13

Actual Weight: 330 grams

Magura MT4 disc brakes-2013Magura took full advantage of the ’13 model year to completely revamp their entire stopper lineup, and the great news being the trickle down effect with technology has resulted with numerous new products sharing the exact same advanced design features. So Magura didn’t leave their MT4 Disc Brake model out of the new design action thus receiving some of the trickle, sharing the same design as the top-level model shown above, but did so in a … click below for

Model Storm Six-Bolt Rotor – 2013

Actual Weight: 130 grams

Magura USA storm disc brake rotor-2013They designed and developed the newest 6-bolt Rotor to be lighter weight than the older model Marta SL setup, Magura are also planning to supply the model standard on the Louise model, it will be compatable on the Marta versions as well. They were able to get it a bit lighter because they applied venting holes in the braking surface, also the subtle sawtooth shaping … click below for

Model Storm SL six-Bolt Rotor – ’13

Actual Weight: 101 grams

Magura USA storm SL disc rotor-2013The newest Magura Storm SL six-Bolt setup hits the scales at the lightest they have produced to date. To develop it, they put the regular Storm version on a big diet, shaving away generous grams. The result being the Storm SL model has bigger rectangular styled venting holes rather than the smaller round drilled out holes of … click below for

Model Type 6.2 Endurance Brake Pads – ’13

(was $30.00) now $24.30 ea.

Magura USA Type  endurance brake pads-2013Magura set up their 6.2 Endurance brake pads to be adaptable for all 2009 and newer Marta SL, the Marta SL Mag Ti model, and the 2007+ Louise  and Louise BAT models, along with the 2009 Julie version. They designed the Endurance pad mostly from metallic compounds, which makes them not as edgy, to provide a nice transition from on to off and vise-versa . Another benefit … click below for

Model Type 6.1 Performance Brake Pads – 2013

$21.60 ea.

Magura USA Type 6.1 performance brake pads-2013Their 6.1 Performance pads will fit all ’09 Marta SL, and Marta Mag Ti, 2007+ Louise and Louise BAT models, and 2009 Julie versions. The braking difference being the Performance pad compound has a grabbier feel along with being quieter than the Endurance model. However … click below for

Model Small Bleed/ Service Kit – ’13


magura disc brake service kit-2013The key bleed kit for many uses. It has two hoses, syringes, 2oz of fluid, with all the fittings for any of Magura’s disc brake models, they also stocked it with two spare “compression olives” along with several high-psi inserts to be able to shorten the hydraulic … click below for

2013 Avid Disc Brakes – XX Worldcup, XO, Elixir, And HSX Rotors Here!

Avid XX world cup disc brakes-2013




Actual Weight: 213 grams

Avid XX world cup disc brakes-2013For the new season upon us Avid stripped all the frills and jam-packed the XX WorldCup disc brakes with gram saving materials, they ended up with ridiculously light race ready stopping power. Their new stoppers provide you with a ton of stopping power and all the reliability you could … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: XX Brakes – 2013

Actual Weight: 288 grams

Avid XX mtb disc brakes-2013The designers originally established the XX Disc Brakes as the highmark for a lightweight mtb stopper design. Since then they have put them through a few improvements, and in the the process kept them within one whole gram of the originals, but the higher performance benefits that resulted from the full sweep of changes made the newest XX setup an entirely new … click below for



Avid XO Trail disc brakes-2013Avid set a goal here of pure stopping power, so they focused on the largest surface area possible for undeniable clamping force. They decided to go the rout of larger brake pads, that needed double-piston calipers. They are no stranger to the ultimate in stopping power … click below for


sale $199.00was ($269.00)

Avid Code disc brakes-2013No matter how hard that awkward berm is to carve, you will never blow out of it again. Avid’s new Code Disc Brakeset will make sure of it. They designed it with stopping power being paramount along with adjustment features you need, with no unnecessary b.s. The new Code stoppers will ensure … click below for



Avid XO Silver disc brakes-2013For the season upon us they have nailed the chrome like finish on their X0 Silver mtb stopper models. It’s mirror-like with high-polished aluminum that will take you back to the beginning era of the shifters and components alike. But don’t be fooled, they are packed with modern day amenities. They utilized forged style aluminum for the caliper and lever body, the … click below for



Avid XO disc brakes-2013Avid had ultimately decided to design two distinct X0 mountain bike versions for high performance stoppers. One of them directed at the more aggressive riders, that goes by the justified name of  Trail — which is meant for those who prefer more power and multiple adjustment options over the bottom line weight. The second is their standard X0 disc model that applies lower-weight as a higher … click below for

MODEL: Elixir 9 version – 2013

Actual Weight: 358 grams

Avid Elixir 9 disc brakes-2013Named as the top-level leader for the Elixir model stoppers, the newest 9 version have a big image to live up to. Which means they’re providing high-end materials with serious performance without making you pull out another credit card. Since they’re the leader of this lineup they will ultimately get things done, in a … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Elixir 7 version – ’13


Avid Elixir 7 disc brakes-2013Going along with the luck of being the sibling of the Elixir 9s, the newest 7 disc brakes have received some generous, latest and greatest trickle-down technology, allowing these mtn bike stoppers to confidently handle any rapid slow down duties you might be faced with. They applied the next-generation TaperBore technology for … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Code R MTB Disc Brakes – ’13

$24.00,em>was ($180)

no image available Allow the confidence-inspiring, stopping power of the newest Avid Code R Mountain Bike stoppers to be your ultimate safety parachute, if you should so choose the route of deployment … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Elixir 5 version – 2013


Avid Elixir 5 disc brakes-2013It’s totally possible to receive all the phenomenal power from the newest Elixir version without having to go hungry and skip lunch for a week, because your budget got blown on those other overly expensive mountain bike stoppers. They set the new 5 model up with their exclusive Power Reserve Geometry technology to … click below for



Avid HSX rotors1-2013No matter how high-end your expensive mtb stoppers are, system overheating will cause performance fade and reduce the braking power. But their new HX1 Heat Shedding Rotor will respond to these issues and put an end to them once and for all. Not only will the cross drilled surface of the rotor dissipate the heat quicker, it will eliminate … click below for

FEATURED MODEL:  HS1 Heat Shedding Disc Rotors – ’13


Avid HS1 disc rotor-2013It has become well known that high technology can influence the outcome and fun factor of your ride, so they have stepped in the game with their HS1 Heat Shedding Disc Rotor, so now you get to ride longer than ever before. They applied a heat disapating cross-drilled design, to further … click below for

FEATURED MODEL:  CleanSweep X Rotor w/Titanium bolts – 2010

$51.00 was ($76)

Avid HSX disc rotorsIf you’re searching for ti hardware along with an aluminum rotor spider to shave any unsprung weight as well as the notorious rotational weight from your mountain bike? The new CleanSweep X Rotor will do the trick having Ti Bolts with an alloy … click below for

FEATURED MODEL:  Brake Bleed Kit –  ’13


Avid bleed kit -2013Avid’s new Bleed Kit includes every small thing you might need to professionally bleed any of your mtn bike stoppers, including the Elixir, Code and Juicy brake parts have been tossed in. There are two bleed syringes, two  … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Matchmaker set – ’13


avid matchmaker-2013To keep your attention focused on making it through the dangers on the single track, stop trying to fit all your mismatched gadgetry on the handlebars. And clean things up with your on-board distractions with the Matchmaker set … click below for

FEATURED MODEL:  Matchmaker X – ’13

$30.00 – $60.00

Avid matchmaker X-2013To reduce some of the handlebar clutter, utilize these Avid Matchmaker X Clamps. They are a hinged 6061-T6 alloy clamp that replaces your U-shaped clamps that mount the levers, Matchmaker X are also able to match up the levers with SRAM’s shifters and their Rock Shox XLoc fork … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Elixir Hydraulic Line – ’13


Avid Elixir disc brake lines-2013If you just purchased a new 29er bike and need some longer hydraulic hose, the Hydraulic Line Kit will have all the small replacement parts needed to get you up and running, includes a 2000mm … click below for

FEATURED MODEL:  XX Juicy Hydraulic Lines – ’13


Avid XX juicy disc brake lines-2013MTB stoppers are easy to become personally attached to — maybe it’s a particular braking feel or the lever shape. So if you want to switch out your Juicy or XX version from an older 29r bike to a … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Elixir Pads – ’13


Avid Elixir disc brake pads-2013The new generation of Elixir disc brakes have better stopping power compared to the Juicy 7 model, this is due to a new caliper design that has a larger piston and pad combination. Also, the 2013 version utilizes a top loading style pad system that makes the installation … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Juicy Pad Version – ’13


Avid juicy-bb7 disc brake pads-2013These rectangular brake pad sets are compatible with all Juicy models along with the cable-actuated BB7 model. Because it never sounds good when you ride with metal on metal, it ends up being a safe bet to keep two sets of pads lying around, so you’re not hustling to find … click below for

FEATURED MODEL: Adapter – ’13


Avid brake adapter-2013One of the popular things about Avid brakes is the Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System. They designed a simple bracket for … click below for

Formula T1 25th Anniversary LTD Disc Brakes » 2013 Mountain Bikes

2013 Formula T1 disc brakes




2013 Formula T1 disc brakes


For 2013 all Formula mountain bike disc brakes get the new ECT  program, called (Enhanced Caliper Technology). They also have changed the durometer of the Q-ring piston seals and made the pistons surface rougher for increased friction between the piston and the o-ring. The mountain disc brakes also used to have 0.33 inches of retraction distance from the disc rotor, but they increased that measurement to 0.55″, making disc alignment a lot simpler. It has also been reported this new design from Formula makes the bike ride quieter as well. They also have accounted for plenty of hydraulic fluid movement with using the existing brake levers, for pushing the brake pads that extra little distance.

Formula has also changed up to a new brake fluid that will maintain over a larger temperature range, and better consistency of the fluid viscosity. This will both help for better performance with colder temperatures, but super hot days as well. The new hydraulic oil is high-end Shell Donax Ultra used with the Formula 1 racing industry. It will be quiet a bit more spendy and not as easy to locally source, but it’s thankful mountain bike disc brakes don’t require much. And to finish out their updates for 2013, they have more machine work to save more weight.

It’s not displayed here, but Formula also has a new disc brake feature that is a switch to shut off the electronic motor on E-bikes, when the brakes are applied. It adapts to any of their disc brake models.

Formula updated brake caliper design for 2013

The new Formula T1 Disc Brakes which used to be called The One, have a completely new caliper that changes the positioning of the hydraulic line that enters on the inside closest to the wheel, to clean up the appearance and save a few grams of weight.

Formula R1 25th anniversary brake set for 2013 mountain bikes

They also will have a limited edition T1 brake model to celebrate the Formula 25th anniversary, that utilizes new enviro sound Physical Valor Delosition, it’s an alternative hard glossy outer coating that appears to be dark chrome and will resist disc brake fluid shown and below.

2013 Formula R1 25th anniversary brakeset

The Formula R1,  and R1 Racing Disc brake models have a new semi-metallic brake pad compound that falls somewhere between sintered and organic. The backing plate on the  brake pads is designed bigger with a curved shape to completely cover up the piston, which aids to dissipate the heat. These new pads will retro fit the older Formula disc brakes, except for the Oro models.

It has also been reported with earlier news with Colnago , that Formula’s newest hydraulic-electronic brake levers are holding out till the Shimano  11-speed parts are available so Formula can make changes to the system for the E-tube wiring.




2013 Shimano SLX Groupset Is Paired Better For 29er Mountain Bikes

29er mountain bikes | Shimano SLX Shifters 2013


Shimano SLX Crankset 2013



A quick visual inspection at the Shimano SLX crankset indicates a two-by version on the left using a different spider design than the triple crankset pictured to the right. And the use of Torx chainring bolts indicates that they may be made of aluminum.

Shimano SLX Walk-through for 2013

Shimano has not given any weight figures yet, although the rumor is that the SLX is just a bit heavier than XT, which seems obvious. The great news is that Shimano  has designed these specifically to survive the abuse of aggressive trail riding, this means the groupset will insert into mountain bikes with travel in the five or six-inch range which is where most mountain bike riders are moving towards.
Shimano M670 10 speed Crankset
First up in the groupset is the bold shape of the crankarms is a welcome sight for strength, for getting used on everyday mountain bikes. And even better yet are the  gearing options. It has new school options of 24,32,42 as a (3×10 triple), and three choices for the (double 2×10) chainring – 40 x 28, 38 x 26 and the new, 38 x 24 gearing that’s going to pair better with 29er bikes. The rings have stamped and pinned ramps with the fast shift action that comes from most Shimano cranksets. Similar to XT, the SLX arms are built separate from the aluminum four arm spider.

  • Price: $233.00 (was $259.99)

configure/ buy information – 3X10

configure/ buy information – 2X10

29er Mountain Bike Technology
Shimano has missed the boat on 29er bikes  two times now. The first when they unveiled the recent XTR and a two years ago with the new XT groups. The new SLX group incorporates a low-profile front derailleur making room for 29er mountain bike tires, a smaller 38 x 24-tooth gearing choice for the two-by crankset, and a direct mount rear derailleur that will adapt well to 12-millimeter through-axles that most designers for 29er bikes are using in the rear of these frames to increase stiffness. The Direct Mount will eliminate the Shadow derailleur’s B2 link and the replaceable derailleur hanger with one piece, and can be used with both the standard quick-release or a through-axle.
Shift Lever Goodness
They are reporting the new Shimano SLX M670 shift levers have seen big upgrades having the crisper, more positive action of the XTR and XT brothers. The triggers have been redesigned to make ergonomics better and the front shifter can be changed to be used for two or three chainring cranks using a XTR style switch. SLX shift levers come with handlebar clamp or multi mount version.

  • Price: $98.00 (was $109.99)

configure/ buy information – 2013 M670 Shifters

Shimano SLX M670 Shifters
SLX M675 Hydraulic Brakes Also Get Ice Tech Rotors
All Shimano brakes will come stock with the finned pads and the rotors that can possibly dissipate 20-percent of the heat. Rotors come with the splined Shimano Centerlock and a six-bolt version will be available as well. Diameters being 160, 180 and 203 millimeter. The calipers have similar ceramic pistons and one-way bleeding to the XTR. The brake model shown here has a shorty lever and ServoWave action as well.

  • Price: $125.99 (was $139.99)

configure/ buy information

Shimano SLX Brakes 2013


SLX 675 and 678 Hubs
These hubs are built with angular contact bearings and they are very well sealed and you are able to adjust them easily. The Shimano hubs will come with a 15 millimeter through-axle or the standard quick release for the front and a 12-millimeter through axle for its rear hub. They have increased the engagement points in the freehub so riders will enjoy instant acceleration.

  • Price: front $35.00 (was $39.99)
  • Price: rear $53.00 (was $58.99)

configure/ buy information – front 2013

configure/ buy information – rear 2013

Shimano SLX Hubs

New Wheelsets
There are two new rims, both UST. Shimano builds it wheels by hand, which is quite the sight to see. The MT66 rim is a cross-country profile that is made in the 29er and 26-inch diameters. MT66 wheels have option for a rear quick release and 142/12 through-axle option. And the front hub is made with 15QR through-axle only.  Shimano’s 29er mountain bike wheels use 28 spokes in the rear and 24 in the front to balance the strength requirements of the larger twenty niner rims. The straight-pull hub and wheel style allows for a higher spoke tension and the wheels lasting longer.
Claimed Weight for the MT66 29er bikes wheelset are said to be 945 grams front 15mm and 1080 grams rear with quick release. The dates for release are July for the MT66 wheels. Prices have not been released yet, but Shimano claims the wheels will be in this price range for retail.

Shimano Wheelset 29er Mountain Bikes XC 2013


Shimano Disc Brakes

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes

shimano logo

model: XT BL-M785 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano XT Disc Brakes



These  XT Disc Brakes M785 are a huge improvement over the older XT brakes. The first thing you’ll notice is how they use an in-line master cylinder as opposed to the radial design of past years M-775. This allows a lighter weight system and an easier bleed process. They still use mineral oil as a hydraulic fluid. The great part is that it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. If you spill some when you bleed your brakes, there’s nothing to worry about.

They take their design cues from the new XTR M988 Trail Brakes. And though these might not be as visually refined as the highly polished XTR units, the performance speaks for itself. This is hands down the best XT brake we’ve ever ridden.

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% Off, Regularly $159.95

Sale from $110.96

Shimano Saint Hydraulic Disc Brake BR-M810 – Assembled

Shimano Saint Disc Brakes


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Shimano XTR BR-988 Trail Brake

Shimano XTR trail Disc Brakes


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20% Off, Regularly $249.95

Sale from $199.96

model: XTR BR-985 Race Brakeset

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes



20% Off, Regularly $249.95

Sale from $199.96

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