Crank Brothers Mallet E LS Enduro Pedal w/ long spindle option

Crank Brothers Mallet E LS enduro pedal

Mallet E LS Pedal

The crew at Crank Brothers have come up with a great option for those mountain bikers who prefer a bit wider stance to improve balance and control. For that, the new (Long Spindle) version of the Crank Brothers Mallet E provides an extra 5mm per side while retaining all of the upgraded features of their 2016 lineup.

The standard Mallet E has a 52mm Q-factor, while the new Long Spindle pushes that to 57mm. Step past the break for a visual comparison and a look inside the pedal body…

Crank Brothers Mallet E Long Spindle pedal

Standard features for both Crank Brothers LS versions include a concave platform with six adjustable pins per side and ribs for foot traction, chamfered Mallet E edges to reduce rock strikes (or, at least, their impact forces) and a customizable release angle (by switching cleats from left to right foot, it’s all in the pedal instructions).


Inside, you’ll find a Mallet Enduro cartridge bearing (1), an Igus glide bearing (2) and double seal system (3) to keep the crud out. On the end of the Mallet E spindle is an alloy end cap that threads in, preventing the pedal body from accidentally flying off should anything else come loose (as could happen on some of their first generation eggbeaters).

The spindle is forged chromoly steel, the spring and wing is stainless steel, and the body is 6061-T6 aluminum. Claimed weight is 465g per pair, retail is $/€165 with a five year warranty and this fancy new Mallet E electric blue/black color combo.

Mallet E LS

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Ritchey WCS Trail and XC Mountain Pedal Review

Ritchey WCS Trail and XC Clipless Pedal

Ritchey Logic first displayed a design overhaul of their XC and completely new all-mountain Trail Pedals last fall at Eurobike, but now it looks like the Ritchey’s are ready and making their way out and under the feet of mountain bikers. Both versions build on years and years of smooth running from their previous Paradigm platform.

As most who follow the XC world cup mtb scene have seen the testing progression from Nino Schurter and the Scott Odlo team who feature the entire line of WCS products. As Ritchey seems have a great thing going for sure. The new models do add a bit of weight to deliver improved performance for both the racer and rider, but still come in lighter than industry benchmark XTR offerings.

Ritchey WCS Trail and XC Mountain Pedals

Shown above are two major updates that Nino worked on with the Ritchey redesign process. The first is the addition of a wide machined-in platform to support the rider’s shoe. The previous version rested on two steel bolts that were relatively narrow, so these should offer a big boost in stability. The other update is the use of a fixed front engagement claw, vs. the Ritchey Paradigms which rotated both front and rear. This update is aimed at providing a more consistent engagement of the cleat, something I never really had a problem with.

Ritchey WCS Trail mtb Clipless Pedal


The new Trail version platform is of course also a welcome addition, too. With the revised engagement system also comes a new tension adjuster that gives a visual tension scale indicator, which is always nice for initial setup. Other than that, they use the same Ritchey rebuildable/serviceable internals that should mean years of happy use.

Ritchey WCS XC Mountain clipless pedal

Weight-wise, the new WCS cross-country version adds about 40-50g over the real weight of the WCS Paradigm version, but still come in at just 298g claimed, staying under XTR 990s at 310g. The WCS Trail versions add just a bit for their increased platform cage to come in at a claimed 347g, which again is quite a bit lighter than the 379g of the comparable XTR 995 model. Both of which use forged alloy bodies, stainless engagement, and standard steel spindles.

WCS pedal pricing remains what was reported last fall at $150/162€ for the XC and $170/184€ for the Trail version. They are available now through regular Ritchey retailers.

Ritchey WCS



Shimano XTR PD-M9000 Pedal

Shimano XTR PD-M9000 Pedal




XTR PD-M9000 Pedal



51% off $189.00 msrp


Seriously fast. Confident. Experienced. Shimano is committed to rewarding your every effort and has the XTR pedigree to deliver. Dripping with performance, the XTR M9000 drivetrain will not only transfer every watt of energy from pedal to wheel, it will seamlessly shift between perfectly spaced gears allowing you to maintain critical rhythm and momentum over any terrain. You tell yourself you can race without XTR, but you won’t. Never second guess your first instinct.

Shimano invented SPD, so you wouldn’t expect anything but the best from their latest XTR pedal. The PD-M9000 is lighter than previous generations and features an excellent mud-shedding design, so you can ride gnarly terrain without worrying about clogging up your pedals or losing efficiency. The M9000 is the culmination of expertise in bearings, pedaling dynamics, and the reliability of SPD.


It should come as no suprise that the XTR setup continues to be the industry benchmark. Availability and Shimano XTR PD-M purchase info can be had at .




  • SPD compatible
  • Mud shedding design
  • Adjustable entry and release settings
  • Wide bearing placement for increased rigidity
  • Dual sided binding
  • Cleat retention adjuster
  • SM-SH51 cleats included
  • Chromoly steel axle
  • Aluminum body
  • Claimed weight: 310g (pair)

Mavic Crossride SL Pedals



Mavic Crossride SL Pedals

Crossride SL Pedals



■■■ Trail tech applied here..








The Mavic Crossride employs the same ATAC pedal concept which offers perfect respect of the rider’s biomechanics. This key design on the Crossride allows for you to choose what release angle feels the most comfortable between 13 degrees and 17 degrees.

Pedal Specs:

Body Material – composite.
Best Use – MTB, CX, anything to pedal a bike.
Crossride Color – Black w/ yellow graphic shown above.
Spring – dual arch, single Crossride spring.
SL Axle – steel.
Weight – 310 grams, for complete Crossride Pedal set.
Bearing – sealed cartridge bearing to help the Crossride be maintenance freindly.
Manufacture – Mavic
Model Name – Crossride 2015




3AX Clipless Pedals

3AX Clipless Pedal colors-red black

Pronounced “tri-ax”, the new 3ax clipless pedals introduce sideways tilt to your foot, allowing the pedal to move in a more natural motion as you push down. They claim this makes you more comfortable, more powerful and less likely to endure repetitive clipless use injury.

The secret is the ability for the pedals to roll along their longitudinal (nose to tail) axis, with springs inside to add tension so they don’t merely float and feel unstable. The clipless movement is only 2º in either direction, but they say it’s enough to maintain better overall foot/ankle/shin alignment. The clipless result? Your knees end up with an average 17% less sideways movement, which means less strain on the joint, and overall clipless efficiency gains of up to 5.47%.

Current Clipless prototype weight is 188g per side (376g / pedal pair), but they are working to bring that down before production.

In addition to the 2º of tilt left and right, you’ll have the option of 0º, 4.5º 0r 9º of float thanks to their Look Keo clipless cleat compatibility.

3AX Clipless Road Pedals using roll-tilt

Inside are two metal spring plates that compress a coil spring as the pedal tilts from side to side. The design was tested and refined by lab use, real world riding and computer assistance from TSG Group, a well-known engineering firm in the Netherlands.

3AX Clipless Pedals

The clipless body is alloy with CNC finishing and powder coating, rolling on hardened steel spindles.

The 3ax will come in Ruby Red, Deep Black and Stealth Gray color options. A second Early Bird round has opened up on Kickstarter, offering a pair in any color for $199 with free shipping to the U.S. or E.U. Prices go up from there, with various backer deals and packages available. Shipping starts in December if all goes as planned, and eventual retail is $299 per pair.




Cranktip Racing Pedals

cranktip racing pedal

Cranktip Racing Pedals




Free power and less fatigue is what the Cranktip promises, along with increased power all with a simple change of your pedals. Utilizing a dual swingarm design, the pedal is able to float laterally during rotation. It’s this back and forth movement that Cranktip claims is responsible for a biomechanical advantage capable of reducing a rider’s heart rate by “5-10 beats.”

crank tip pedals

While they may look a little crazy, all that extra hardware simply allows the clipless portion of the Cranktip to float back and forth from the section attached to the crank. Think gliding chair or similar, while the fixed portion threads into your crank like a normal version would. The Cranktip setup also employs the standard 3-bolt road cleat which should make clipping in and out familiar.


The main idea behind the pedals is twofold. First, the swinging action supposedly reduces leg fatigue since the pedal is able to slide back and forth. They claim this movement lessens the feedback which results in a smoother stroke, and therefore less strain on the muscles. The other concept to the design is that when the pedal is approaching the 4 o’clock position, it results in a foot position that is 12mm lower, and 16mm further forward. Their claim is that this effectively increases the length of the crank arm gradually which provides increased leverage and torque at the key position in the stroke.


Even if the pedals work exactly as claimed, there seem to be two major hurdles to contend with – weight and price. With a listed weight of 1.3 kg (1300g!), they are over 1000g heavier than something like a pair of Dura Ace PD-9000 pedals. At $499, they are also almost double the price. However, the pedals do include a money back guarantee with the company stating they will refund all money including shipping cost if you are not fully convinced with their performance.




Hope Tech Limited Edition Pink Ano MTB Components


Hope Pink Anodized Brakes-2013

Hope Tech recently announced their unveiling of several notable pink anodized mtb components.


For the anodizing process they will be including several models of their cross-country and free-ride stems, the new Pro 2 Evo hubs, Evo X2 disc brakes, and the F20 platform pedals. As with everything they develop, based out of Barnoldswick, England the parts are 100% CNC machined with the ano process taken care of in the UK as well.


Hope Evo X2 disc brakes


  • Full CNC machine work based in the UK
  • For those with a smaller hands the Tech Evo lever is easily adjustable to bring it closer to the handlebar
  • With Hope Tech you get the option of either a braided style hose or the regular black
  • Both versions of the 6-bolt rotors are available of fixed or the floating with pink alloy ano centers
  • Rotor sizes are from 140, 160, 183, thru 203mm
  • The Claimed weight is 340 grams


Hope Tech Pro 2 Hubset


  • 32 hole hubs, are 6-bolt rotor compatible
  • Claimed weights for the front disc hub is 185 grams in the quick release model
  • Claimed weight for the rear disc hub is 285 grams in the quick release model as well
  • The Axle is compatible for the front hubs of  9 QR, 15mm, and 20mm thru-axle styles
  • Rear hubs have 135mm spacing, with options of either 10mm thru-axle or bolt-in, 12mm thru-axle with XX1 compatibility via 142mm spacing – SRAM XX1 compatibility


F20 platform pedals


  •  Per side there are a total of 20 traction pins that are easily replaced to give you awesome grip
  • The platform is slightly con-caved in shape
  • Run on three cartridge bearings with one Nor-glide bushing to ensure long lasting and super smooth performance
  • Total claimed weight is 390 grams for the total set, (both sides)


Freeride / Cross-country stem


  • CNC machined out of 2014 T6 alloy
  • Over sized handlebar clamp diameter
  • 90 mm length, with 0 degree rise and a 50 mm length, with a 0 degree rise
  • Claimed weight of 144 grams

Time ATAC XC 6 MTB Pedals



Time atac xc 6 mtb pedals

Time sets a great example with ATAC XC pedal lineup, for most of the bike companies out there in the universe, the key process of keeping the overall weight of a product lower, unfortunately means they generally are also adding compromises to the products overall functional ability and long term durability as well. But thankfully this is not so with the passionate engineering team working for this company here. And for the perfect example is the ATAC pedal that hits the scales at just slightly over 10 ounces, (or 292 grams if you will) with it’s super durable composite body to perform like a thoroughbred should, that will take a beating to come back for more on the trail day in and day out, for many years to come.

In several ways, the ATAC XC may appear to be quite close to what the Crank Brothers’ Egg-beaters are all about. But the engineers have since reported, that they have developed a bigger sized platform for a reason, which will aid in eliminating the process of getting those unnerving hot spots that occur underfoot for a lot riders after long days along with the effort being harder. Their pedal (which stands for Auto Tension Adjust Concept) line are pretty similar in regard to the design of the road version. They are easy to get into with their super simple setup all with plenty of lateral float to make those who have problem knees and the like.

Past history has shown that ATAC pedals were a great alternative to what Shimano’s over engineered and tough to get into clipless setup were all about. And this still holds true today mainly because the more open design are pretty difficult to jam with grime and there is no need to fuss with the cleats, and you won’t have to fuss with any micro tiny spring tension screws either. Although the key adjustment you can make though is with the release angle, which is simple for whether you want them to rotate to 13 or 17 degrees. This is very easily done by reversing the cleats.

The sole color for the Time ATAC XC 6 Composite Pedals come in Bone-Chip-Tan and they are super versatile as they are compatible with any standard crank setup.
One Color: Available

  • Bone Chip Tan
  • The scale measurement for the pair calculates to: 292 grams for the pair
  • Recommended Use: All types of mountain biking
  • Float: The lateral float is 7mm, while the angular is 5 deg
  • Materials Used For Construction:  The main body is built out of composite, while the axle material is durable chrome steel
  • One Interesting Trivial Note: The ATAC actually beat out their road version with it’s lightweight composite-body.

“Have fun ripping up the woodlands or desert this spring with this great pair…. Enjoy!
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Sale Price: was $.00 now $160.00

Time Atac XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedal Review


One of several companies in the cycling industry that focus on a key components, as Time is on the shortlist as one of who has accomplished a ton with their upper level ATAC XC12 Titan Carbon Pedals. They have accomplished all this by utilizing advanced material science to get there along with their world cup proven extremely simple design, that gives you both plenty of float with super easy engagement.

This design works as such because when you clip into their (ATAC) which means Auto Tension Adjust Concept, for those who wish to keep themselves tech savvy. This Atac line, employs a frontal style retention system that self cleans and sheds the unwanted dirt and muck out of the system. Thus making it clear that you won’t miss your cleat position before that very loose and steep climb.

Once you get yourself engaged into the XC12, thankfully your ankles and precious knee cartilage are treated to the industry-leading level of Atac float. In fact, the Atac are adjustable, with three resistance options for the +/- five degrees of angular float in order to provide the perfect amount of resistance or freedom that require. Additionally, the Time setup also provides 6mm of lateral float for side-to-side movement on them. So, instead of being locked into one position, your foot is free to find the most comfortable position possible.
Time Attack XC 12 Titan Carbon review
For the notes on Times cleat, it was designed to be reversible, which simply means that you can flip it around to be positioned to release at either 13 or 17 degrees to your liking. For a durable, consistent operation, the Time arches are constructed from stainless steel. Also, the wide body and ti-axles minimize to provide you with a lower rotating mass.

Time Atac XC 12 Titan Carbon spec

  • Rock The Atacc All Day long!


  • Weight: 241 grams
  • Bio Performance
  • The Atac System Design (TIME Sport Group has become the Master of easy cleat engagement with the clipless system)
  • Awesome debris and mud removal (Self cleaning off-road system is the best out there)
  • Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm)
  • Colors Available: Charcoal Grey with red accents

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Sale Price: was $.00 now $379.00

Time Atac XC 2 Clipless pedal review




  • Claimed Weight : 151 grams for set
  • Bio Performance
  • Time Model: ATAC STAINLESS


  • System Design (Time Sport are the Masters of easy cleat engagement along with releasing out of the clipless setup)
  • Amazing debris and mud removal (Self cleaning off road version)
  • Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm)
  • Stainless axle with composite body


The Concept: It has now become proven technology with the Atac pedals’ dual-arch retention system, to guarantee the easiest and most dependable release and engagement in any possible condition mother nature can throw out. Because of the low spring tension design it naturally causes minimized friction for the Atac with extreme conditions. The other key items to take note of for why the models have become so well known for the best release and engagement in the industry is with their optimized release angle of (13° or 17°), making them feel more natural and consistent on the knees, allowing you to concentrate on other things like mountain biking with full confidence… Enjoy the Time Atac XC2 pedals!

The Atac Pricing: was $99.00, now $90.00
Color: Available

  • Grey


Time purchase review Info Here..
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Review the Time Atac XC4 vs this model shown above for comparison…

Time Atac XC4 Clipless Mountain Pedal Review




  • Atac Weight : 296 grams per pair
  • Bio Mechanical Performance


  • System Design (The Masters of easy cleat engagement along with releasing out of the pedal)
  • Amazing mud and debris removal (All the Atac models are Virtually Self cleaning)
  • Angular freedom (±5°) and lateral (6 mm)
  • Stainless Steel axle and composite body


The Time ATAC XC4 design Concept: It has now become proven technology with the dual-arch retention system, to guarantee the easiest and most dependable release and engagement in any possible condition mother nature can throw out. Because of the low spring tension with the design it naturally causes minimized friction with extreme conditions. The other key items to take note of for why the Atac have become so well known for the best release and engagement in the industry is with their optimized release angle of (13° or 17°), making them feel more natural and consistent on the knees, allowing you to concentrate on other things like mountain biking with full confidence… Enjoy!

MSR Pricing: $110.00

Time Clipless MTB version shown above.

Color: Available

  • Grey w/ Light-Grey inlay details

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Time Atac XC 12 Titan Carbon Review

Time ATAC XC 12 Titan carbon-2013



Time ATAC XC 12 Titan carbon pedals


  • Total Time weight is 246 grams for the complete pair.
  • Lightweight with a super strong Ti axle
  • ATAC stands for (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) – the foot is retained independent of the spring tension.
  • Spring release tension is adjustable.
  • Superb self-cleaning mud shedding design.
  • Purchase the ATAC XC w/more reviews here at/


The ATAC Titan Carbon MTB set utilize a lightweight but bomb-proof carbon body with Ti axles to get these amazing all-day /race-day setup down to the svelte weight of a mere 246 grams for the set. Which is where the term Titan comes from Time’s bomber and lightweight ti axle.

Time’s Auto Tensioning Adjustment Concept (ATAC) design is able to separate the float at the foot from the spring tension. This correlates into getting the same amount of float out of the XC12 set no matter how tight you wish to set your release spring tension.

The ATAC is completely different, in that the float for your cleat on most mtb pedal designs is influenced by its releasing spring force, so if you dial the spring tension tighter to stay clipped in, you will lose some of the comfort because the float gets decreased with the process. The other designs work negatively as well if you prefer minimal spring tension, because you end up with to much movement between the body and the cleat. But not with this ATAC design. If you like a lower release tension but not having that feeling of walking on a skating rink, or maybe you need to crank up the tension to their limit but still feel comfortable at the float of the cleat. The ATAC carbon mtb versions are very simple and quick to get set up because you don’t ave to set the cleat angle, remember – because the float is designed into the ATAC system and always remains the same.

The Time ATAC XC 12 Titan’s will perform awesome for your race bike, or suit plenty bomber to set up for any use you wish to throw at them…enjoy!

LOOK S-Track Mountain Bike And ‘Cross Pedals

Look S-Trak Carbon Ti mtb pedals-2013

Look S-Trak Carbon Ti mtb pedals-2013

   model: NEW RELEASE

The French bike manufacture Look have recently been busy developing some new off-road pedals for the upcoming mountain biking and cyclocross season, they will be replacing their Quartz model with this newest group dubbed the S-Track mtb pedal.

The Look off road designers kept them similar having a two-bar attachment like the Quartz but the new versions have an innovative replaceable (rock and log) deflector – which is what saves the S-Track internals and axle from damage when they bash into rocks and trail debris. Now you can just purchase new deflectors for the front and rear of the newest model that are shown above if they start to get beat up, or broken. There is also another new option as an upgrade to add a platform to the main axle setup to get increased support if needed, which is also shown in the photo above. These additional platforms will have two available options, one being a Polycarbonate S-Track version that will retail for an (additional) $49.00, and a second S-Track version being an alloy model that will retail for an (additional) $99.00, both of these platform upgrades will easily mount to any of the new models listed below.
The new Look S-Track pedal also appears as though it is going to work excellent on the Cyclocross bike as well.

They have also designed three different purchase options for their new mountain bike and ‘cross setup for 2013:

  • complete – weight 142 grams, with polycarbonate body and new replaceable deflectors, and a chromo axle, retails for $109 USD.
  • available for (purchase info here..)
  • S-Track Race – weight 145 grams, with carbon fiber body, alloy replaceable deflectors, and a chromo axle, retails for $209 USD.
  • Same version as above in the Carbon Ti – lightest weight at 122 grams, with both carbon fiber body and replaceable deflectors, and a titanium axle, retails for $369 USD.

These newest S-Track mtb/ cycloross model from the creative French designers should be available sometime late in the 2012 calender year, enjoy the video below…


Crank Brothers Eggbeater Ti

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 11 Mountain Bike Clipless Pedal - Titanium

Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers Eggbeater 11 Clipless Pedal - Titanium



For the record it has now become world renown that Eggbeater Pedals are without question the easiest to use clipless pedal system made. The four sided Crank Brother wings of the Eggbeater make it almost impossible to not get yourself clipped in when the cleat and bottom of your shoe come in contact with the pedals. The wings on the Eggbeaters rotate in a forward or backward direction under applied pressure from your shoe to quickly engage the cleat smoothly.

While not only being super fast and simple, the Crank Brother Pedals are also sought-after for their amazing light weight as well at a mere 174 grams.When the question comes to snow and mud, there is no pedal that even touches the muck performance of the Eggbeater setup. They were specifically designed for sloppy conditions. The more open design naturally allows mud and dirt,  and snow to fall through the Crank Brother pedal as you are engaging your cleats. The new version also have a titanium body, with ti wings, and spindle as well. The spring has changed from the older models to stainless steel to increase durability and create consistent cleat tension. Another huge plus to this pedal is no matter where you mountain ride, they won’t ever corrode.

Complete product detail and specs:

The new 11’s are the top of the line pedals for the bicycle parts gurus. The designers for Crank Brothers have updated them for higher durability, having a stronger tapered spindle, and updated cartridge bearings.

  • Total Weight: 174 grams for the complete pair
  • All-access Eggbeater design for superior mud shedding
  • Four-sided design from these pedals provide a nice “no need to look” entry
  • The Body Material: is made up of 6al/4v Titanium
  • The Wings: are also 6al/4v Titanium
  • While the Spring: is durable 300 series Stainless Steel
  • End Cap: Aluminum, with gold anodizing
  • Premium Brass Race Cleats are included with purchase
  • Shoe Compatibility: 2 hole SPD-style bolt pattern
  • Shims: Are Included
  • Release Angle: 15 degree or 20 degree
  • Max Rider limit: is 200lbs / 90kg (as recommended from CB)
  • The Full Crank Brothers Manufacture Warranty: is set at 5 years for the original purchaser

These newest Eggbeaters are now available at and qualify for free online shipping while the warehouse supplies last if you click on the link below..
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The Model is Now On Sale from $382.49

10% off – regular price = $425.00


Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Mountain Bike Pedals - Stainless

CrankBros logo image 29erCafe


Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Pedal - Stainless red

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 3 Mountain Bike Pedals - Stainless


Specifications for the Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 pedals

These killer set of Eggbeater’s are now redesigned to have better durability utilizing a new stronger tapered style spindle, with new cartridge bearings on both ends of the spindle to replace the old bushing style.

They feature:

  • The claimed Estimated Weight is: 278 grams for the pair
  • Designed for serious mud shedding
  • easy “no look”  cleat entry
  • Pedal Body: Cast Stainless
  • Pedal Wings: Cast Stainless
  • Axle Spindle: Forged SCM435 Chromoly
  • Spring retainer: 300 series Stainless
  • End Cap material: Alloy, anodized
  • High-end Brass Cleats are Included
  • Compatible with any 2 hole SPD style Shoe
  • Shims are Included
  • Cleat release has option of 15 degree or 20 degree angle
  • Recommended Rider Weight: No restriction
  • The Crankbrothers Manufacture Warranty: is 5 years from original purchase



Eggbeater 3 MTB Pedals are available at and qualify for free shipping if you click on the link below.
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Now On Sale from $107.94

10% off – regular price = $119.95

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Crank Brothers Egg Beater 2 Pedals – MTB

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 2 Pedal - Stainless

Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers Egg Beater 2 Pedal - Stainless


Eggbeater 2 key detail info:


Here is a very small but quick little secret? Crankbrothers Eggbeater 2 MTB Pedals are actually several grams lighter than the Eggbeater 3’s … and cheaper to boot. Their key difference is the stamped and plated steel retention wing and they employ two small bushings instead of needle bearings in which the 3 version utilizes. In reality, they are pretty much identical to the older Eggbeater SL version and within six grams of weight, but they land at $20 less from the wallet. A great value to be had for sure.

Eggbeaters are very well known to be some of the easiest to use clipless systems made. Thanks in all to their four-sided wing, it’s nearly impossible to not get clipped in with quickness as soon as the bottom of the mountain bike shoe touches the pedal. It is designed for the wing to rotate either forward or backward under the pressure of your shoe to smoothly engage the brass cleat attached to the bottom of your mountain bike shoe.

This Eggbeater 2 pedal setup have also had a couple of updates to give them better durability. They now utilize a stronger tapered spindle, and updated cartridge style bearings with water tight seals.

They feature:

  • Light Weight: at 272  grams for both pedals
  • All access engineered to shed mud quickly
  • Four sided wings provide “no look” entry
  • Body: Cast Stainless
  • Spindle: Forged SCM435 Chromoly
  • Spring: 300 series Stainless Steel
  • End Caps: Anodized Alloy
  • Brass Race Cleats are Included
  • MTB Shoe Compatible: 2 hole SPD-style
  • Shims: are included
  • Cleat Release Angles: 15 degree or 20 degree
  • Max Weight of Rider: None
  • Their limited manufacture Warranty: is 5 full years

These Crankbrothers Eggbeater 2 Mountain Bike Pedals are available at and also qualify for free online shipping if you click on the link below. Please note they are limited to stock on hand.. Enjoy!
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This Model is Now On Sale from $90.00, to 71.00


Crank Brothers Candy 11 Pedals

Crank Brothers Candy 11 mountain bike pedals


CrankBros logo image 29erCafe

crankbrothers candy 11 gold mountain bike pedal



Candy 11 key details:


If your looking for the lightest weight platform style mountain bike pedals, you have landed on some sweet Crank Brothers Titanium mountain bike pedals here. These are the newest brand of top-end Candy setup to deck your all-mountain/cross-country bike out the lightweight style. This setup was recently redesigned to be improved with greater durability. They have also applied a slightly stouter tapered spindle for the Candy axle, and updated the Candy’s cartridge bearings as well as the water tight seals.

Crank Brothers Candy 11 mountain bike pedals



The 11’s key features:


  • Weight: 226 grams per Candy set
  • They have an all access design for super mud shedding capability
  • provide 6 Degrees of Float
  • Simplified “no look” entry
  • Pedal Body: made with 2 piece machined alloy
  • Retainer Wings: 6al – 4v titanium
  • Spindle axle: 6al – 4v titanium
  • Retainer Spring: 300 series Stainless
  • Adjustable release angle
  • Premium Crank Brothers Brass Cleats
  • Mountain Bike Clipless Shoe Compatibility: 2 hole SPD-style
  • Shims: Included
  • Changeable Release Angle: 15  or 20 degree
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 200 pounds
  • The Crank Brothers warranty: is a full 5 years with original purchase

This fantastic set of Candy Pedals are available at and also qualify for free shipping as well if you click on the link below.
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Crank Brothers Candy 3 Pedals

Candy 3 red pedals at 29erCafe


CrankBros logo image 29erCafe

crankbrothers candy 3 blue pedals


pedal details:

If your looking for a mountain bike pedal with a little extra support for your foot, here you have it. These are the newest model now being cranked out in to the single track nirvana dubbed the Candy. Which is now second generation version. The Crankbrothers Candy 3 have had an update with their design to make for better durability. They applied a stronger tapered spindle,  and updated the bearings and added different air and water-tight seals. The Candy’s also feature some great details listed below:

  • Approximate Candy 3 weight: 304 grams-for the pair
  • The design is all-access for incredible mud shedding qualities compared to any other brand
  • They offer 6 Degree Float
  • Pedals are simple with “no look” entry
  • Updated Body Material: two piece machined alloy
  • Wings: made from Cast Stainless Steel
  • Spindle axle Material: made from forged SCM435 Chromoly
  • Spring: made from 300 series Stainless
  • End Cap Cover: Alloy, anodized
  • Adjustable release angle
  • Brass Cleats Included
  • MTB Shoe Compatibility: 2 hole SPD style
  • Shoe Saver Shims: Are Included
  • Changeable Release Angles: at 15 degree or 20 degree
  • The maximum Rider Weight: Has no restriction
  • The Crankbrothers manufacture Warranty: is a full 5 years

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Crank Brothers Candy 3 Mountain Bike Pedals - blue
Crank Brothers Candy 3 Mountain Bike Pedals -black

Crank Brothers Candy 2 MTB Pedals

Crank Brothers Candy 2 mountain bike pedals-orange


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Total confidence without towing more weight uphill.

crank brothers candy 2 orange anodized pedals


These CrankBrothers Candy 2 MTB Pedals are some serious eye candy. Their new design with a two-piece aluminum body is a gorgeous piece of modern style CNC machined and ano’ed mountain bike art, we like them- can you tell… They improved them to be stronger, more durable, and they are still as light as the older resin body of the Candy pedals. The Candy 2 body simply gives you a lot more purchase to hit than the standard  Eggbeater when you need to get clipped in fast. They also offer more support for your feet.

Similar to the Eggbeater versions, these very intuitive Pedals have 6° of float and are supplied with two-bolt cleats that fit all mountain bike shoes. The have brass cleats that are slightly asymmetrical. So depending on which cleat you use, you’ll get either a 15° or 20° release angle. Another benefit of the use of brass for the cleat is that they are softer than the steel used in the retention parts of the pedals. which will make sure that the inexpensive and easy to replace cleats will wear out before the pedal parts do.

Crankbrothers designed their MTB pedals to be easily serviceable. They’re so simplified, they can be disassembled, re-greased, and put back together in a few minutes. This model comes with a forged chromoly spindle, a stainless steel retention spring,  and stamped and plated steel retention wings. The pedal body spins on their very long industry proven serviceable bushing/cartridge bearing system.

These Candy 2 Mountain Bike Pedals come in Orange and Natural Allow. They’re included with one set of cleats, two shims for protecting the bottom of your MTB shoes, and all the hardware needed for installation. This Crankbrothers version of the Candy 2’s claimed weight hits the scales at a mere 296 grams for the pair.

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Shimano XTR PD-M980 Pedal

Shimano XTR trail pedal


PD-M980 XC Version

Shimano XTR pedals

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XTR Tech Specs

Material:[body] aluminum, cro-moly
Float:6 deg
Cleat Type:2-bolt, SPD
Wrench Type:15 mm
Weight:[pair] 308 g
Recommended Use:xc mtb
Manufacturer Warranty:2 years



PD-M985 Trail Version

Shimano XTR trail pedal


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Tech Specs

Material:[body] aluminum, [spindle] chromoly
Cleat Type:SPD
Spindle Diameter:0.625 in
Wrench Type needed for installation:6 mm allen head
Weight:[for the pair] is 398 grams
Recommended Use:freeride and more



Shimano PD-M647 SPD Dual Platform Pedal

Shimano M647 SPD dual platform pedal

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