3T Orbis II C35 Pro Clincher Wheelset Review






Their linear+ system optimizes build quality, while the blunt profile helps aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind. This 3T version is their entry-level Orbis II C35 clincher wheelset in the range for rim-brakes. While the 25mm wide alloy rims with welded joints support fat, race-weight clincher tires at lower inflation pressures, for more grip and comfort.


The Orbis II C35 Price: was €499.49 €220.00
Product Shown Above

3T Aluminum Pro spec

  • Spin The Orbis II All Day!


  • Material: Aluminum C35
  • Rim Size: ETRTO 622 x 19C, (700c), 25mm wide, 32mm deep
  • Orbis II Spec: Clincher, Al-alloy 6082, welded joint offset double angle drilling, black satin anodized
  • Spokes: Straight pull, stainless steel, black finish, round tripple butted, Pillar TB, 18 front, 24 rear
  • Hubs: Rim brake type, light alloy hub bodies, spindles and freehub body, adjustable bearings
  • Nipples: Light alloy, inverted, spherical washer
  • Weight: 1810g

See 3T Orbis II review info from ChainReactionCycles.

3T Discus C35 Team Stealth Wheels




These 25mm wide carbon rims provide a 20% overall weight saving over their entry level Pro model, that’s also 32mm deep with a blunt profile for stable aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind. From this particular 3T range the Discus C35 falls inline as the mid-range setup.

Centerlock disc-brake hubs with 24 bladed spokes front and rear offer industry-standard fitment for quality disc-brake setups. The 3T linear+ system optimizes build quality and asymmetric rim drilling reduces difference in spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side.

The Discus hubs have a light-alloy oversize spindle with modular end-caps that can be easily swapped from quick-release to thru-axle as needed; rear width can run 135mm or 142mm to fit the latest CX and gravel-grinder thru-axle framesets. While the wide tire bed provides a really firm base to run the latest, race-weight fatter tires at lower pressures.

3T Carbon Team Stealth spec

  • Advanced Discus Technology


  • Wider contact surface
  • Less rolling resistance
  • Reduced incidence of punctures
  • Better handling control
  • Rim size: ETRTO 622 x 18C, (28”/700c), 25mm wide, 32mm deep
  • Spec: Clincher, offset double angle drilling
  • Spokes: Straight pull, stainless black finish, double butted aero, Pillar 1425, 24F/24R
  • Nipples: Light alloy, inverted, spherical washer
  • Rear Hub Compatibility: 10/11s Shimano/SRAM type cassette (Campagnolo/SRAM XD compatible driver sold separate)
  • Quick Release: Alloy lever and nut, steel rod
  • Weight: 1.464 – 1.484kg (+/- 2%)

Linear+ Optimized Build

Linear+ system optimizes all-round build quality. Discus employ straight spokes that run directly from hub to nipple. Spoke ends locate perfectly square in the purpose-designed hubs; and at the nipple end, the holes are angled perfectly in line with the spoke.

Nipples are internal, so holes are no wider than needed to pass the spoke through. This benefits strength, appearance, and aerodynamics. Nipples are screwed on upside-down, bearing on the rim’s internal surface via a cup washer. This distributes the load evenly so spokes can safely be done up tighter.

Compared with traditional wheels built with J–bend spokes, linear+ have;

  • Better load distribution
  • Better spoke alignment
  • Less drag
  • Better durability

Asymmetric Rim

Spoke tensioning is more equal to either side, making a better-performing, more resilient setup with better lateral stiffness. Linear+ ensures that rim drillings are perfectly aligned to meet these demanding mechanical requirements.

Both the 58mm and 32mm rims have an asymmetric structure and double-angled spoke drillings, for a perfectly balanced setup. Additionally, the hubs have double-cross spokes on both sides. Opposite spokes on the same side are perpendicular to each another, so directly opposed. This equalizes spoke load under torque for better power transfer without spoke wind-up, a key benefit when braking is effected at the hub, as well as when accelerating.

Taken together, these measures result in;

  • Reduced dish
  • Reduced L-R spoke-tension difference
  • Greater lateral strength
  • Optimal torque transfer
  • Minimal spoke wind-up when braking and accelerating

discus c35 alloy hubs

Modular Hub Spindles

Discus hubs have a light-alloy, oversize spindle with modular end-caps. The modular end-caps allow you to easily change from quick-release to thru-axle, and back again. You can use your set on several bikes of different configurations:

  • Front: QR 100 mm or TA 15 x 100 mm
  • Rear: QR 135 mm; TA 135 x 12 mm; TA 142 x 12 mm

Advanced Carbon-Fibre Technology

Their mastery of design and manufacture means production of the most advanced rims in the business.

Discus rims are constructed with top-grade fiber, with proprietary resins custom-formulated for each product.

Manufacture involves high-accuracy lamination and high-pressure, low-temperature, long-cycle curing times. Production flow is traced from raw materials to finished product for end-to-end quality assurance.

As a result, C35 rims have;

  • Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Superb impact resistance
  • Extended service life

Buy 3T Discus Team Stealth from Chain Reaction Cycles.

3T Accelero 40 Team Stealth Wheelset Review






This lightweight, strong clincher wheel with outstanding aerodynamic performance was developed and shaped by the same wind-tunnel studies as the mighty Mercurio tubular model. The 3T structure of the Accelero 40 rim is (43mm deep x 23mm wide) and high-performance-carbon, which is bonded to a 6000-series alloy tire bed/brake track extrusion. This means it’s light, and braking is effective using standard brake blocks for alloy rims. The structural carbon-fiber rim is thicker where it mates with the alloy tire bed, conferring great strength where it’s needed to locate the spokes. Standard Sapim CX-Ray spokes with alloy nipples (18 front, 24 rear) effectively sustain the high tension needed for a stiff, high-performance wheel. While the Accelero’s ideal for all-conditions use with the best clincher tires available today, and features their elegant finish in Matte Black. Separate versions for Campagnolo and Shimano/SRAM.


The Accelero 40 Price: was €1245.49 €808.99
Team Stealth Shown Above

3T Carbon Team Stealth Spec

  • Rock The Accelero All Day long!


  • Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray 18F, 24R; 40AL nipples
  • Brake Surface Material: Alloy
  • Inner Material: Carbon
  • Finish: UD°matte
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Hubs: Accelero with ti-skewers
  • Freehub: Campagnolo 10/11-speed; Shimano 10/11-speed/ SRAM
  • Weight: 1800g
  • Color: Shot-peened Black with` white-red kick ass graphic

See 3T Accelero review info from ChainReactionCycles.com.

Hunt Adventure Sport Disc 650b Mason Wheelset

Hunt Wheels Mason X-Hunt 650b Adeventure Sport 275 wheelset road

Part of the development on Mason Cycles’s new aluminum and titanium Bokeh Adventure Sport multi-surface Road Plus bikes was the advent of high quality fat and lightweight wheels and tires. To handle the wheel duties they collaborated once again with their Sussex, England neighbors at Hunt Bike Wheels to develop an affordable performance alloy wheelset. The resulting Mason x Hunt 650b AdventureSport disc wheels were specially designed for the recent breed of quick moving adventure bikes, that can fit around 50mm wide, high volume slicks or some light duty knobbies, and Hunt rates them for road and light trail.

Hunt Mason-X Hunt 650b wheelset rear-hub

The new 650b Adventure Sport Disc wheels feature a gravel road and trail ready 25mm wide external/20mm internal rim to provide support for tires like the new 47mm Horizon slicks or 2.0″ Ranger knobbies recently introduced by WTB. Going in either direction you can build the wheels up to add cushion and float to mostly hard surfaces or more traction for loose dirt road and trail riding.


The wheels are designed for the FarFast concept and stick with the same proven construction and tech as their previous Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheels. That means tubeless ready, with rim tape and tubeless valves pre-installed. They’ll even provide the option to set the wheels up and ship them with one or two tubeless tire options already installed with sealant to eliminate the hassle, which is an excellent service and priced cheaper than you can buy the tires and sealant separately.

Hunt Mason X-Hunt 650b Adeventure Sport 275 road rim

Tech wise the 6061 rims use an asymmetric disc and tubeless specific profile for even spoke tension that is 24mm deep. They are laced up with 28 triple butted round J-bend spokes and brass nipples for durability and serviceability. The wheels use the same alloy Centerlock 4Season Disc hubset set up for 12×100, 12x142mm thru-axles and include 15mm front adapters in the box. QR and 135mm t-a adapters are also available separately as spares to fit pretty much any bike. The hubs use an alloy Shimano cassette body with a steel insert, but a SRAM XD driver is also available, and feature Japanese EZO bearings.

The 650b wheelset weighs in at a claimed 1579g. Wheels get a matte black ano finish and laser etched graphics on both rim and hubs.


Hunt does a good job of paying attention to the details, and the result is a wheelset that will last you a long time and perform through the toughest weather conditions. They even offer a pretty solid 60 day ride & return testing warranty so you can be confident in your purchase and even have a separate crash replacement discount.

Hunt wheels Mason X-Hunt Adeventure-Sport 27.5

The wheels are available now for pre-order with a retail price of £400. To get a set for early October delivery you can to pay a refundable £70 deposit to reserve your wheels.



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2017 Campagnolo Zonda DB Disc Wheelset

Campagnolo Zonda DB Disc Wheelset


Zonda DB Disc Wheelset


Campagnolo has been quietly working on new brakes to keep up with the latest road bike trends, as perfect sign of things to come, the newest 2017 Campagnolo Zonda is here straight from the Campagnolo tech lab.

2017 Campagnolo Zonda DB Disc front Wheel

Campy is calling it the their first branded disc brake product, the wheels will surely stand as the starting point for helping their Disc Brake Project make it from their Tech Lab to the streets. In fact, the Zonda themselves were born from the Disc Brake Project and represent their take on what they should be. That means the proliferation of an asymmetric design, not just on the rear but on the front as well.

Designed from the ground up for use with disc brakes, the Zonda looks to be a great starting point for rotor style braking.

Campagnolo Zonda DB Disc Rear Wheel

While complete Zonda specs aren’t yet available for the DB set, Campy has provided a snapshot of what to expect. Both the front and rear wheel utilize an asymmetric aluminum rim that is laced to their new aluminum disc brake specific hubs. Built specifically to use that style, the rims use an asymmetric profile that makes use of their Rim Dynamic Balance and MoMag technology to create a rim that has no spoke holes and is as light and balanced as possible. Spoke pattern comes in the form of their Mega G3 lacing with 21 spokes front and rear.

Built with the classic cup and cone bearings, the new Zonda hubs will be offered in both 6 bolt and AFS (their version of Centerlock), and will be compatible with both thru axles and quick release dropouts. The front hub will be compatible with 12 x 100 thru axles and standard 100mm quick releases, while the rear will utilize 12 x 142mm thru axle spacing and will apparently use a special 135mm quick release axle for QR frames.

No word yet on Zonda rim width, tubeless compatibility, pricing, or weights, but Campy claims they are 25g lighter than their closes competitor and more “reactive” when compared to the rim brake version of the same wheel. More detail when it’s available.



Enve Limited Edition Wheelset and Riding Kit from Manual for Speed

Enve Limited Edition Manual for Speed wheelset

LE Manual for Speed

This June, ENVE has partnered up with the crew from Manual For Speed to deliver a unique duo of wheels and riding gear that will distinguish you from the rest. This bundle includes a limited edition ENVE SES 5.6 Disc wheelset, along with a custom designed Castelli kit. The design is based on the concept of light speed itself, turning the rider into a metaphorical blue bullet!

Fly below to see what else is included in this unique Enve package.

Enve LE Manual for Speed kit june 2016Images c. Enve/MFS
The elaborate design of the set  is matched with a custom edition Castelli Kit available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large. Rather than using the white and black LE color scheme, the colors of choice for the kit are blue and black which provide additional contrast. Don’t worry about your head missing out because accompanying the jersey and bibs is a limited edition ENVE 5-panel hat.

The LE SES 5.6 Disc is sporting a Chris King R45 Centerlock with ceramic bearings and thru axle end caps. All topped off with carbon tubeless ready rims that offer a wider rim profile, provide an excellent choice both riding roads, and gravel. Laced up, the total weight comes in at 1568 grams. For added protection and longevity, the Limited Edition set is shipped with one of their Double bags, and extra LE wheel decals. Bundled all together, the group is running a total of $3,400.  LE quantities are sold on a first come first served basis, so be sure to check this deal out.

Enve LE wheelset.com



Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher made by Zipp – Review

Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher made by Zipp

Performance Bike is no stranger to collaborations..

price: $1698 save 10% weight: 1575 grams


They partnered with Zipp for a custom, handbuilt carbon clincher wheelset that’s made at Zipp’s Indiana HQ.

The Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 uses a 45mm deep carbon clincher rim made by Zipp using most of their tech, including braking surface, high temp resins and aero rim profiles. It’s very similar in shape to the Firecrest 303, but without the exact Firecrest profile and without the dimpled surface. Those are laced to DT Swiss 350 straight pull hubs using Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes and come with Zipp skewers. Retail is $1,899 (on sale as of this post for $1,399). Pics and more below.

Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher Zipp road wheels

The wheels come with Zipp’s Tangente Pro brake pads, plus rim tape and Zipp valve extenders.

Performance Wheelhouse Carbon 45 Clincher Zipp


Claimed weight is 1,575g. Check ’em out with review here.


2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Disc Clincher Wheelset

2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Disc Clincher Wheelset



The 404 got faster, at braking!


The 2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Carbon is roaring onto the scene to regain its place at the top. Becuase recently, the disc brake advantages swept through the cyclocross ranks and now the skinny tire arena as well.

While Zipp built these to be exceptionally versatile, let’s not forget about the aerodynamics. A 58mm deep rim features their signature Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) dimpling, which uses strategically placed and sized dimples across the rim surface to smooth airflow and reduce drag. This in turn allows the 404 to slice through the air like an arrow zooming towards its target. The big news with ABLC is that it boasts aerodynamic advantages at real-world yaw angles of ten to twenty degrees, compared to many models out there that feature minimum drag numbers at yaw angles of five to ten degrees that rarely occur outside of a wind tunnel. In non-techy talk, that means the 404 outperform the competition in the windy conditions you’ll encounter in the saddle.

The Firecrest set uses their 77 disc hub on the front and Zipp’s 177D hub on the rear for a smooth ride every time you clip in. Featuring a new platform and 404 graphics, these hubs boast increased bearing protection over their predecessors and are ready to roll without any pre-load adjustment. The rear hub is compatible with a separately sold XD driver body, allowing options for a wider cassette range of up to a 10-42 if needed. As an added bonus, driver bodies can be swapped out without having to re–dish the 404 to get back up and running. Each 404 includes an updated quick release skewer with a widened handle that provides better leverage for setting it along with sitting closer to the frame for cleaner lines than previous skewers.

Each wheelset comes with 12 x 100mm and 15 x 100mm end caps for the front, as well as 12 x 135mm and 12 x 142mm end caps for the rear. Each 404 set also includes their Tangente quick release skewers, rim tap, and core valve extensions. The rear is available with either a Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 11-speed compatible freehub body.

Check out the Zipp 404 Disc Clincher wheelset reviews, sizes, pricing and more at Competitivecyclist.com.


Rim Material:
404 carbon
700 c
Tire Type:
Rim Depth:
58 mm clincher
Rim Width:
[external] 26.53 mm, [internal] 16.25 mm
Brake Compatibility:
[front] 77d, [rear] 177d
Zipp Skewers:
Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Nipple:
Sapim Aluminum Secure-Lock
Spoke Count:
24 / 24
Max Rider Weight:
250 lb
Claimed Weight:
[front] 800 g, [rear] 915 g, [complete set] 1715 g
Recommended Use:
cycling, gravel, cx
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years for the 404 complete setup


2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Disc Tubular Wheelset

2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Disc Tubular Wheelset


The 404 got faster, at stopping!

The 2016 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Disc Tubular is roaring onto the scene to regain its place at the top. Becuase recently, the disc brake advantages swept through the cyclocross ranks and now the skinny tire arena as well.

While Zipp built these to be exceptionally versatile, let’s not forget about the Firecrest aerodynamics. A 58mm deep rim features their signature Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) dimpling, which uses strategically placed and sized dimples across the rim surface to smooth airflow and reduce drag. This in turn allows the 404 to slice through the air like an arrow zooming towards its target. The big news with ABLC is that it boasts aerodynamic advantages at real-world yaw angles of ten to twenty degrees, compared to many models out there that feature minimum drag numbers at yaw angles of five to ten degrees that rarely occur outside of a wind tunnel. In non-techy talk, that means the 404 outperform the competition in the windy conditions you’ll encounter in the saddle.

At the center, the set uses its 77 disc hub on the front and its 177 hub on the rear for a smooth ride every time you clip in. Featuring a new platform and 404 graphics, these hubs boast increased bearing protection over their predecessors and are ready to roll without any pre-load adjustment. The rear hub is compatible with a separately sold XD driver body, allowing options for a wider cassette range of up to a 10-42 if needed. As an added bonus, driver bodies can be swapped out without having to re–dish the 404 to get back up and running. Each 404 includes an updated quick release skewer with a widened handle that provides better leverage for setting it along with sitting closer to the frame for cleaner lines than previous skewers.

Each the Zipp 404 Carbon Disc Brake Road Tubular Wheelset comes with 12 x 100mm and 15 x 100mm end caps for the front, as well as 12 x 135mm and 12 x 142mm end caps for the rear. Each 404 set also includes their Tangente quick release skewers, rim tap, and core valve extensions. The rear is available with either a Shimano/SRAM or Campagnolo 11-speed compatible freehub body.

Check out the reviews, sizes, pricing and more at Competitivecyclist.com.


Rim Material:
404 carbon
700 c
Tire Type:
Rim Depth:
58 mm
Rim Width:
[external] 26.53 mm, [internal] 16.25 mm
Brake Compatibility:
[front] 77D, [rear] 177D
Zipp Skewers:
Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Nipple:
Sapim Aluminum Secure-Lock
Spoke Count:
24 / 24
Max Rider Weight:
250 lb
Claimed Weight:
[front] 710 g, [rear] 835 g, [complete set] 1545 g
Recommended Use:
cycling, gravel, cyclocross
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years for the 404 complete setup


Industry Nine UL235 Ultralite Wheelset

Industry Nine UL235 Ultralite Wheelset

UL235 Ultralite

Industry Nine is just releasing their newest hoops right before everyone heads to Sea Otter 2016 this week. They will be featuring a new version of the popular Industry Nine Ultralite and some wider Enduro models as well.

Check out the new Ultralite UL235’s and the Industry Nine EN305 with their completely new rim design, plus the new I9 Centerlock road models.

Industry Nine UL235 Ultralight Wheels

UL235 featured in fabulous blue.. along with the EN305 model featuring purple below! Always so impressive in the color department, and their amazing functionality as well.


I9 UL235 Ultralite

The new UL235 rims build up I9’s 2nd generation Ultralight wheelset. They get a little wider with a 23.5mm internal, up from the current models 21mm. We’re told that the new shorter and revised bead hook will improve tire retention, and by adding more material to the rim wall, the UL235 rims will be more durable as well.

Industry Nine UL235 blue hubs

No word on revised wheel weight yet, but we should hear something soon, and will update it here. They are available now in Ultralite 27.5″ and the 29er will be in about a month.

I9 UL235 tech

With the new wider profile comes an update in recommended tire sizes. I9 now rates these to fit up to a 2.3 inch tire. Depending on axle and bearing configuration, the new Ultralite wheels will retail for around $1,225.


EN305 Enduro

Industry Nine EN305 Enduro

i9 enduro rim width


Once you’ve finished trying to figure out which bike you could put those purple EN305 beauties on, take into consideration that I9 has grown the internal width of the EN305 rims by a whopping 17% to handle bigger tires, lower pressures, and more aggressive riding.

I9 en305 tech rim width

With the wider rim profile, the EN305 model should snuggle up to a 2.6 inch tire just fine. The now 30.5mm internal EN305 rims use the same revised bead design as the Ultralites for improved performance, and will be available by the end of May for $1,255.

Industry Nine Centerlock-Road hubs purple

Centerlock hubs will be available on all of I9’s road offerings by mid May. Depending on rim choice and configuration, you’ll be able to roll with the new hubs on the road from as low as $1,175, up to about $2,500, so start saving up now.



Colnago Artemis 30 Carbon Wheelset

Colnago Artemis 30 Carbon Wheelset


Artemis Carbon Clincher Wheelset

price: $1999.00 save 45%


Colnago is with question a world-renowned brand in high-end racing bikes, while the Colnago crew of engineers also produce high quality components with long-lasting class & progressive thinking, steeped in over 60 years of Italian heritage. Allowing for the Colnago Artemis 30 set to be all things amazing!

Colnago Artemis 30 hub

The Artemis stand on the shoulders of past craftsmanship but continuing to break new boundaries is why they remain worthy of being in any race and/or daily coffee shop ride. Though their Carbon wheelset would be right at home parked out front of your favorite cappuccino hut, it is definitely designed more for the former.

The Artemis 30 sets are as versatile as they are beautiful, able to take on any type of terrain in any weather conditions. The aerodynamic profile allows wind cheating advantages where they are most needed, and thanks to their svelte 1,500 gram weight, they’re also talented with ascending skyward roads with panache and poise. In other words, the Artemis 30 are primed and ready for race day.


  • Carbon rim sheds valuable grams and increases stiffness for an improved power transfer
  • Artemis 30mm rim depth is perfect for all around racing-performance. The perfect middle ground between agressive crit use and featherweight climbers.
  • Straight pull spokes and hubs allow better spoke tension for a stronger, stiffer build
  • Includes: Skewers, brake pads, cassette spacer.
  • Available for purchase at Jensonusa.com
Size 700c
Outer Width 23mm
Inner Width 16mm
Height 30mm
Spoke Drilling 20h – front, 24h – rear
Valve Type Presta
Tire Type Clincher
Brake Compatibility Rim
Front Axle QR
Rear Axle QR
Intended Use Road Sport
Weight Artemis complete set without skewers, 1,500g

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset 2015 Review

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset 2015


Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset


price: $1401 save 46% /weight: 1590g (pair)

The integrated Mavic Wheel-Tire System featured on the Mavic Cosmic Wheelset cheats the wind, saving time and watts in all conditions. It’s time to go Cosmic while the 2015 model lasts!


  • Freehub: Shimano (10 or 11 speed)
  • Size: 700c
  • Material: Cosmic 100% Woven 3K Carbon fiber
  • Hole Count: Front: 16, Cosmic Rear: 20
  • Axle: QR for the 60
  • Bearings: Cosmic djustable sealed cartridge bearings
  • Weight (each): Front: 710g, Rear: 880g
  • Max Weight Supported (including bike): 120kg

Key Technology:

  • CX01 Mavic CX01 Technology delivers an integrated Wheelset-Tire System that smoothes airflow around the tire and improves laminar airflow at every possible angle. It enables CXR wheels to deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag ever measured on a road System.
  • GRIPLINK: A front tire, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the Cosmic’s ability to hold the ground and control the bike. Therefore, GripLink tires are optimised for front use, by offering a superior grip and extra puncture protection.
  • POWERLINK: A rear tire, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the wheelset’s ability to transfer power and generate speed. Therefore, PowerLink tires are optimised for rear use, by minimising the rolling resistance.
  • FTS-L (Force Transfer System Light): Cosmic reinforcement of key transmission components: the contact area between the pawl and the hub body is reinforced by 2 stainless steel inserts, which allows the use of a 100% aluminium hub body.
  • QRM+: Cosmic employs their most demanding level cartridge bearings, that are double sealed with C3 internal clearance, and topped with a micro-adjustability system.

Buy Mavic from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Brake Wheelset

Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Brake Wheelset


Zipp thinks it’s time for the new crop of disc brake equipped bikes to join the growing Aero is Everything trend. While Zipp has had disc brake versions of the 202 & 303 (that mainly came out of cyclocross demand) for quite some time, the expansion to 404s and 808s will cover just about anyone looking to eek out a few watts, especially with the little wind and weight penalties you take switching to discs in the first place.

The 404 is the wheel Zipp introduced the wide Firecrest shape that made the industry really jump on the idea of an aero all-rounder wheel, so it’s adoption on the road with disc brakes will likely be fairly swift. On the other hand the 808 is a dedicated aero wheel, and as we start seeing more aero road bikes show up with disc brake mounts, it will be good to have a proper deep wheel that might handle well in the wind.

Zipp 404 Firecrest Disc Wheelset

Built around Zipp’s 6-bolt 77/177D hubset that they introduced with the 202 & 303 disc brake wheels last spring, the new wheelsets offer the same axle compatibility for all 12 & 15mm standards. The wheelsets ship setup for quick releases, but include the tool-free swappable endcaps. Both wheelsets get built up with 24 Sapim CX-Ray spokes front and rear.

SRAM XD-R drivers for 1x road setups will be available separately as all wheels will come with either Shimano/SRAM or Campy 10/11 speed cassette bodies. Zipp has also added a bit more color customization. All of the Firecrest wheels (except w/ Campy freehubs) now can add decals in either red, green, blue, or pink to add to the standard black or white options, all for no extra cost.

Need a bit more kick to recent wheels? The 77/177 and 77/177D hubs have a new CeramicSpeed upgrade kit available coinciding with these wheels’ release. For a pair of wheels for $255/€280/£215 you get an upgrade to hybrid (ceramic balls/steel races) bearings for 1.5-1.9W of savings.

Zipp 808 Firecrest Disc Wheels

Zipp’s new 404 and 808 Firecrest Disc-brake wheelsets will be available in both full-carbon clincher and tubular versions, now with no more thought needed for trying to boost wet weather carbon braking or to worry about overheating clinchers from sustained braking.

The 404 DB will weigh in at 1715g for clinchers and just 1545g for the tubulars, with rims 58mm deep and a max of 26.5mm wide. The 808 DB wheelsets are of course a bit heavier, tipping the scales at a claimed 1975g for clinchers and 1760g for tubulars, with 82mm deep and max 27.5mm wide rims. No word on internal rim widths for either of the carbon clinchers.

Zipp 808 Firecrest Disc Brake Wheelset

The wheels also use what Zipp was calling their Firecrest Reborn pricing, which was essentially their price drop across the line from back in the fall. That puts the retail cost for the clincher 808 Firecrest DB wheelset at $2700/2800€/£2160 and the tubulars at $2600/2700€/£2080. The deeper wheels come out to be just a bit more expensive, with the clincher 808 Firecrest DB wheelset at $2400/2500€/£1920 and the tubulars at $2300/2400€/£1840.

Availability for all of the new wheels is slated for May 2016 through regular Zipp dealers.

Zipp purchase


Zipp 303 NSW ‘Nest Speed Weaponry’ Carbon Clincher Wheels

Zipp 303 NSW 'Nest Speed Carbon Clincher Wheels


303 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheels


Not yet available as a Zipp disc brake version like the last wheel introduction last week, these premium hoops are sure to keep you rolling quickly. For those that are looking for some aero gains, but need something more crosswind stable and lightweight, Zipp has added their 303 to their Nest Speed Weaponry range. The Zipp 303, like their 404 Nest S-Weaponry & 808 NSW, is the best of tech they have to offer in this mid-depth 45mm profile. If it is the ultimate in speed against the clock that you are aiming for, they has something else up their sleeve with a limited edition version of their Super-9 Disc rear , sure to make you look good while going fast. Check out the full details below.

Zipp 303 NSW Carbon Clincher Wheel

The new 303 Nest shares tech and a similar build from the rest of the Nest series. It uses their Showstopper brake track which promises excellent brake power and modulation even when the 303 get’s saturated in dirty conditions and improved aero benefits with the newest ABLC Sawtooth dimple patterning.

Zipp 303 NSW Nest Carbon Clincher rear


Certainly a premium at $3100 for the 1425g wheelset, the NSW uses an updated Firecrest shape of the full-carbon clincher-only rim to build the 303 light enough for climbing but tough enough for riding the cobbles of the northern Spring Classics. The 303 uses the same straight-pull Cognition hubs that make up the other models, with their low-friction Swiss stainless steel bearings and low-resistance, magnet-driven Axial Clutch freehub.


Zipp purchase


Zipp Limited Edition Canyon//SRAM Racing Super-9 Disc Wheels

Zipp Limited Edition Canyon-SRAM Racing Super-9 Disc Wheels


The Zipp team unleash not only fast but beauteous!

The newset set is the Zipp Canyon//SRAM wheel, for a limited time Zipp will offer their fastest Super-9 Disc in a custom finish in the Women’s WorldTour team colors. The Canyon carbon time trialing setup is made in their Indianapolis factory and uses their ImPress printing tech that printed the Canyon graphics directly on the surface for a light and durable finish that doesn’t affect the aerodynamics.

The wide and lightweight carbon clincher is typically paired with a 404 or 808 clincher front wheel for a premium time trial or triathlon setup. And now you can either support the Canyon//SRAM team, fly those distinct Rapha designed colors.

Zipp Canyon-SRAM Racing Super-9 Disc rear Wheel

The limited edition Canyon//SRAM Super-9 Disc will only be available in a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed version (if you need Campagnolo you’ll have to stick with the plain black version, with no Canyon graphics. Or you can always pair a Shimano or SRAM cassette with an otherwise Campy drivetrain now that everyone plays nicely with 11-speed spacing. The colorful 1155g Canyon will be available to buy in May 2016 for $2500/2200€/£1625 throuh regular distribution channels.



Enve SES 5.6 Disc Wheels

Enve SES 5.6 Disc Wheels


SES 7.8 Disc Wheels

As ENVE staited in their most recent press release, the day is soon coming when some of the world’s most aerodynamic bikes will no longer be equipped with rim brakes. And now the Enve crew are ready, offering completely redesigned disc-ENVE SES rims and complete sets.

ENVE SES 7.8 Disc_Clincher wheel

Using Simon Smart’s know how and on-bike testing at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Wind-tunnel, the new wheels have refined shapes that take advantage of not needing a brake track. They’re optimized around 25mm tires, which can be run tubeless or not.

ENVE SES 7.8 Disc Clincher wheelset

Like before, the SES rims are shaped differently for front and rear, using a deeper rear rim and asymmetric shaping between them – front is wider and shallower, rear is deeper and thinner. Since the original SES rims debuted, they’ve learned a few things, and so the rim profiles are also different front to back. All of that’s done to make them more stable, efficient and responsive, in their words.

“Eliminating the design constraints of a braking surface allowed us to take a liberal approach to what is possible with rim shapes and structure. We tested several dozen shape concepts and found the best improvements we could make were subtle changes to the curvature of the sidewall through the brake track,”

stated VP of R&D, Scott Nielson.

But Enve’s revised aerodynamics are only part of the story.

ENVE 7.8Disc_Clincher

The SES’s other major changes were making them lighter and making them tubeless ready. For the latter, they simply borrowed the bed shaping from their other tubeless ready rims and optimized that around larger volume 25mm tires.


The weight savings, which amounts to a massive 125g per wheelset for the 7.8 compared to the rim brake versions, come from construction and materials changes. They were able to pull out the heavier heat management materials used on rim brake models and refine the layup to save weight, measuring 1711g for the complete set. Also note that Tubular versions are available for both sizes.


Note the rim-only weights, front/rear are 514 / 549g which are on par with shallower carbon rims from some other brands. Combine that with a tubeless set up and you can net impressive rotational weight savings.

SES 5.6

They will retail for $975 per rim hitting the scale at 450 / 470 grams front and rear, or get the SES built with DT Swiss 240 or Chris King with prices ranging from $2,900 to $3,150 (depending on hub, freehub type and bearing type) for clincher and $2,700 to $3,200 for tubular.

ENVE SES 5.6 Disc Clincher

Pricing for the 7.8 series rims and sets are the same as this 5.6 series.

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Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Alloy Road Wheels Updated

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra-C17 wheelset



Shamal clinchers have ruled the pre-built wheel market for for what seems like ions ago, being the first wheels with all components from one manufacturer, and they’d been some of the first to incorporate several unique solutions like different front and ream rim heights, ceramic bearings, oversized aluminium bladed spokes, and more. But while the recent tubular versions had a solid wide rim bed that worked well with wider modern tires, the clincher versions had remained narrow. Now that has changed with the new Campagnolo Shamal Ultra’s that bring the wheels in line with riders wanting a wider tire profile.

The new Shamal Ultra C17 remain unchanged in most ways versus the previous generation. They keep the same radial 16 spoke front, and G3 21 spoke rear, and carry over the same oversized alloy flange & carbon bodied hubs as the Shamal tubulars that we reviewed last year. They also keep the same style of machined rim that trims weight between spokes while reinforcing the spoke connection. The new wheels do get an upgrade in the micro-adjustable bearing preload lockring that trickles down from the Bora wheel line.

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 aluminum tubeless-road wheels

But the big update comes in the move to the C17 standard for a 17mm internal width. Much like the new Mavic carbon clinchers we just saw, Campy thinks that C17 offers the best balance of providing a stable platform for the recent crop of 25-28mm tires. In fact testing them back to back, Campagnolo says that with the same tires the new wheels are even more aero in either tire width than their predecessors.

The new Shamal Ultra C17s will be available this spring as either a clincher-only, or a tubeless compatible 2-Way Fit wheelset. The clincher version has a claimed weight of 1435g for the pair, while 2-Way Fit takes them up to 1515g.




Vittoria Qurano 46 C, 32C, 60C Tubeless Carbon Clincher Wheelsets

Vittoria Qurano Tubeless Carbon Clincher Wheels-46C_detail



Vittoria has debuted the three rim Qurano Carbon Clincher lineup that will cover premium road tubeless needs from everyday riding, up through long race days in the wind. Employing their Graphene+ carbon tech, and paired with their new low resistance tubeless Corsa Speed tires, the deeper wheels in this Qurano set offer some pretty fast rolling claims. See below for a more detailed look at the new Qurano wheels, their projected weights and pricing, and a peek at what may be a new tire as well.

Vittoria Qurano Carbon Clincher wheels were unveiled last week, and also be shown them around at the Strade Bianche race this past weekend where they run neutral support. While Vittoria only has one 23mm wide tubeless tire in their line-up available at this time, and with no anti-puncture protection to boot, racing over the white gravel roads of Tuscany seemed an appropriate place to talk up road tubeless.

Vittoria Qurano Tubeless Carbon Clincher Wheels -60c-rim

The new Qurano setup will add 60mm and 30mm depths to the 46 shown in the fall. That provides a good bit of ride flexibility for all types of terrain. The incorporation of Graphene also claims to add a good bit of strength and stiffness to the layup, so they are able to keep the weight rather low for tubeless clinchers. The 30mm deep Qurano wheelset weighs in at 1460g, with just 50g extra for each step in depth to 1560g for the 60mm wheels.

Vittoria Qurano Tubeless Carbon Clincher Wheels-46C-rim

The big tech innovation of the Qurano carbon is their use of Graphene+ which they incorporate into the resin that holds their carbon fibers together. That addition means that heat can actually be transferred efficiently from one fiber to the next instead of having the resin act as an insulator. That’s a big deal for a set, as the resulting heat dissipation means you don’t get heat buildup at the brake track like with most other carbon clinchers, that can result in blowing a tire off the rim after sustained braking on extended descents.

Vittoria calls the rim’s post-machined, hooked bead Speedlock, and has designed the interface to securely hold a tubeless tire in case of a puncture. Much like riding out a flat tubular, Vittoria’s goal was to create a bead connection that would be safer to ride to a stop even from high speeds without tire separation from the rim.

Vittoria Qurano Tubeless Carbon Clincher Wheels-30C-rim

New Qurano wheels will be available to buy in May 2016. The lightest one is cheapest coming in at 1850€ for the Qurano 30C shown above. The Qurano 46C will set you back 1950€, and the 60C 2100€. All wheels will come with tubeless tape pre-installed, but not with valves. Even though they see tubeless as the way forward, they imagine most buyers will still ride with tubes for a while. But the Qurano’s are a bit future-proof being tubeless ready from the start. And if you plan to set the wheels up tubeless from day one, they will be happy then to sell you a set of tubeless valves to do it.



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Hed Jet 4 Plus Black

Hed Jet 4 Plus Black

Jet 4 Black





For Sale 0% Off of $0.00


■■ What happens when you combine the world’s fastest Hed clincher wheels with unbelievable wet and dry braking?  What if you add a murdered-out all-black appearance that would make Batman jealous?  Two words:

Jet Black

Starting from their revolutionary 25mm-wide Jet Plus aluminum rim, they spent hundreds of hours testing and refining a new braking surface, called Turbine Braking Technology.  With special Hed machining and anodizing, the result a super clean all-black appearance and outstanding brake performance.  How great is the Hed development?  How about 25% shorter stopping distances in dry conditions, or 70% shorter stopping distances in wet conditions?  Additionally, the consistency of stopping distances has improved by nearly a factor of five.  That’s not a typo.

The Jet is an all-around great choice for road racing, or anyone looking to thread the needle of light weight and aerodynamic performance.  This 4 model comes to your door with a 46mm depth (and massive 25mm width), this rim results in lower side force than its deeper cousins, with aerodynamic performance that would make competitors’ 80mm rims jealous.

NOTE: They highly recommend using brand new brake pads when switching to Ardennes and Jet wheels. Old pads may contain metal flakes that can damage the rim finish.


  • RIM DEPTH  46mm
  • RIM WIDTH  25mm
  • BRAKING SURFACE Turbine machined alloy
  • RECOMMENDED BRAKE PAD Standard alloy pad
  • HUB MODEL Hed Sonic black
  • HUB COMPATIBILITY Shimano/Campy 9, 10, 11
  • BUILD AND SPOKES 18/24 std or 20/28 Stallion
  • SPOKE TYPE Sapim CX-Ray black
  • WHEEL SIZE 700c
  • WEIGHT 1,600g for Complete Jet Wheelset.
  • INCLUDES Titanium Skewers,Valve Extenders,and Jet Tubeless Rim Tape.
  • MSRP$2,100





Hed Jet 6 Plus Black Wheelset

Hed Jet 6 Plus Black

Jet 6 Plus Black





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■■ Hed Cycling has given us one more option for turning our bike into a shadow warrior.

With their new Hed Jet Black and Ardennes Black road wheels.

Not only do the Jet’s get a new black anodized alloy outer rim for 2015, but the brake track gets a surface machining called Turbine Braking Technology. The result is a stealthy look with a claimed big improvement in stopping power. By a factor of five, according to their Jet testing. That means 25% shorter stopping distance in good, dry conditions, and a whopping 70% shorter stopping distance in wet weather. All with better consistency, too.

They use Hed’s 25mm wide clincher design that’s road tubeless ready. While Hed designers kept them reliable by sticking with the use of standard alloy rim brake pads.

The new Black series wheels replace their top level FR series. The weights are the same as their Plus series wheels, which should put them at 1492g for the Ardennes Black and 1,734g for the Jet 60 Black with the carbon faring. The groove pattern is directional, so the front wheel will need to be installed in the right direction (and the tire on in the proper direction if necessary). Brake pad wear for the 6 will be a little faster than normal.

They get blacked out versions of the carbon Sonic hubs with Sapim spokes. Prices are $1,500 for the Ardennes and $2,000 for the Jet. That’s about $100 more than the standard versions were.





Rolf Prima Ares420 Green Rim Design


Rolf Prima Ares420 Green Rim


Prima Ares 420


■■ Fortunately you can now deck out your bike with a more earth conscious choice via the Rolf Prima setup, and then drape it with a dreamy list of green components. Time to Prima up..


It’s become well known the introduction of composites to the world of cycling has had a huge impact on the level of performance attainable by modern machines. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly call it a green process. That’s why Rolf is extremely proud to launch their newest initiative which focuses on an all new composite layup process that is as green as they come. Using locally sourced material grown right in Oregon thanks to the passing of Measure 91, the new organic fiber is not only greener but also 22% stronger than Kevlar.

Rolf Prima Ares420 Green

Based on their current rim models, the first wheel to feature the new design is the Ares 420, a 42mm deep rim that will weigh in at 1165g per pair…
EUGENE, Oregon, April 1st, 2015

The most recent Prima for 2015 goes green with new composite style lay-up.

Eugene, OR – This past November, Oregon voters approved measure 91.  Not only making some Oregonians stoked, but also allowing Eugene based wheel manufacturer, Rolf to explore some new technologies in their rim production. “In 2013 Rolf started manufacturing their own alloy rims in-house. Continuing with that commitment, this opportunity allowed Rolf to not only work on a whole new composite, but be involved with it from step one.” Said Product Manager, Robert Underhill.

The new composite lay-up is a locally sourced material that is now legally grown in Oregon, allowing it to be as local as possible and a very sustainable process for the Prima project. The organic, natural fiber has proven to be 22% stronger than industry standard Kevlar. A process is proprietary, but just like all of the Prima models, this new rim has gone through rigorous testing.

They will be introducing this new composite technology on one of their most popular rim profiles. Based on the Ares4, the all new Ares420 will feature a 42mm rim depth and come in at just 1165g a set.  For now they are only releasing this as disc brake specific, due to concern that heating the rim could emit vapors.

Production of the new Prima model is currently underway and shipping from their facility will begin in just a matter of weeks on April 20th.





Mercury M3 Carbon Clinchers

Mercury M3 Carbon Clinchers

Mercury M3 Carbon Clinchers





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Description: The lightness of road biking!


The M3s’ aren’t just a one trick pony, hence they are amazing climbers, but also offer so much more. Mercury sought out an aerodynamic pedigree, low weight, and brute strength for all the ups, downs, and flat-outs of competitive cycling. Allowing for the M3 Clincher to cover the demands of every terrain on every day of your life on the bike.

The M3 construction is informed by the Dual Composite Layer Process, or DLP. They blend high- and mid-moduli carbon fibers to strike the best balance between the lightweight and stiffness of the former and the fatigue-resistance and durability of the latter. DLP also involves the incorporation of basalt fibers in the M3 brake track to reduce heat build-up and increase stopping power. While reduced heat is mostly applicable to a tubular model, the increased stopping power goes a long way toward addressing the poor braking that is one of the most common critiques of carbon wheels.

Mercury M3 Carbon Wheels

The rims are 38 millimeters, a depth that strikes an all-purpose middle ground between straight-on aerodynamics, hiding from crosswinds, and considerations of weight for alpine climbing. The minimal 22 millimeter width also contributes to keeping the weight down, so your rims aren’t fighting you with extra material during each acceleration, when watts are at a real premium.

The wheels are also built with Sapim’s Race spokes, the ever popular double-butted version, that are capable of withstanding a claimed one million load reversals of fatigue testing. They connect up proprietary M3 hubs, which engage with three pawls for a nearly immediate responsiveness that takes advantage of the rims’ low rotational inertia. The M3 front hub has an extra-wide 72 millimeter flange for reduced flex under hard efforts and confident stability at speed. While both M3 hubs feature 15mm axles that taper to accommodate a traditional q.r. along with over-sized bearings.

This Clincher Wheelset also utilizes a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed compatible freehub body, which not only includes skewers, but handy valve extenders, brake pads, along with rim strips. The recommended rider weight limit is 250lbs respectively.

Front Spokes:
Axle Type:
Brake Compatibility:
Front Scale:
actual 710g
Rear Scale:
actual 860g
Complete Set Weight:
actual 1,570g
2 years