3T Arx II Pro Alloy Road Stem






Arx II is an evolution of the well-liked Arx alloy stem, which has found a place on every sort of bicycle since its launch in 2007. Its a subtle refresh of this classic design.

The faceplate is drawn in tighter at top and bottom, for a more ovalized frontal appearance, while retaining the cutout 3T logo. The sides of the extension are slightly flattened for a more sculpted look by comparison with the tubular section of the first-generation Arx. A single M7 bolt clamps the stem to the fork steerer, in place of the twin M5 bolts used previously. Bolts are now the more-secure Torx-type fitment in place of the Allen bolts used previously.

The Arx Pro stem Price: was €65.49 €54.99
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3T Alloy Pro Road stem spec

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  • Handlebar Material: Aluminum A10
  • Steerer: 1-1/8
  • Angle: ±6°, ±17°
  • Bolts: Torx T25
  • Stack: 40mm
  • Finish: Matt
  • Weight: 135g (110mm)
  • Color: Shot-peened Black with` white kick ass graphic

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3T LTD Seatpost & Stem Combo



Treat yourself to an upgrade with this sweet LTD Seatpost & Stem Bundle from 3T. They created a combo for the connoisseur with this pairing of 3T’s Ionic 0 Ltd Carbon Seatpost and the Arx Edition Carbon Road Stem, all you have to do is choose the right sizes.


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3T Team Edition Seatpost and Stem




Treat yourself to an upgrade with our Team Edition Seatpost & Stem Bundle from 3T. We’ve created a sharp looking combo with this pairing of 3T’s Ionic 0 Team Inline Carbon Seatpost and the Arx II Pro Alloy Road Stem, all you have to do is choose the right sizes.


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3T Team Stealth Edition Seatpost & Stem



From €153.88
RRP €225.48 SAVE 32%

Treat yourself to an upgrade with this super stylish Stealth Edition Seatpost & Stem combo from 3T. They have created a sophisticated and robust combo with this pairing of 3T’s Ionic 0 Team Stealth Carbon Seatpost and the Arx II Team Stealth Alloy Road Stem, all you have to do is choose the right sizes.


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THM Carbone Tibia Road Stem

THM Carbone Tibia stem




Tibia is a total re-think of the stem, that humble but critical connection from the steerer to the handlebar.

Tibia sets a new benchmark in carbon fabrication: an ideal choice of fiber, following the natural principle of least tension differences, makes the stem super-stiff yet forgiving to ride, with excellent damping to soak up road buzz.

Extremely lightweight at less than 80 g, and with a streamlined shape inspired by natural forms, Tibia provides an optimal aerodynamic connection between the handlebar and the wheel. New clamping hardware in Ti and aluminum ensures that the carbon fibers run end-to-end without being severed by bolt piercings. Also the faceplate is made of carbon with high sophisticated very small structural elements.

The high quality of the carbon fabrication needs only buffing to a satin polish, a finish that eliminates a clearcoat and saves a few grams.


Weight (100 mm): 78 g
Material Carbon
Clamp diameter 3I.8 mm
Bolts Titanium M4
Stack 40 mm
Steerer diameter 1 – 1/8
Finish Natural Carbon
Length 80-100-110-120 mm
Angle ±6°

Enve Computer Mount

Enve Computer Mount

Computer Mount






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New GPS mount fits directly on Enve stems to provide a forward, clean placement without any additional mounting straps clamped to their bars. The Enve mount is particularly good for their aero road bars, which are lacking enough round space next to the stem to accommodate most styles of tech gadgets. This mount’s also for Garmin computers, even the Garmin 1000. Weight is 26 grams.

Enve Garmin mount


Also Enve’s direct mount stem gets a new paint scheme to match the bars, too.

Enve Riser DH Bar 2016

After seeing Greg Minnaar and Syndicate riders using spacers under their direct mount stems, sometimes up to 50mm of additional stack, Enve’s engineers started thinking. To make things safer and eliminate the use of long bolts that are seeing a lot of shear force, Enve thought a high rise DH bar would be a much better option.

And here it is, at the top of the display. Width is 810mm, rise is 46mm, upsweep 5° and backsweep is 9°. Weight is 267g. $175, same as the DH bar.


Shown above, the SWP (flat) and RSR bars extend from 740mm out to 760mm. They wanted to make them work with trail riders that wanted something wider instead of cutting down their DH bar. The concern with cutting the DH bar was that the laminates on that one were designed to proved a certain feel, and by cutting off 30-40 millimeters, the stiffer laminate lost some of its damping characteristics. The layup of the riser and flat bars isn’t as stiff, so they’ll be more comfortable on normal mountain bike rides.

Weights on the new wider versions are 194g (RSR) and 178g (SWP). Enve graphics get a bit of a refresh, too. Both are $160. All the mounts and 2016 bars will be available here at 29erCafe. After the update.. now available above.



AX Lightness Rigid Stem


AX-Lightness Rigid Stem

Rigid Stem





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Stiffness The AX Lightness way..

If your in search of the best of the best, the AX Lightness Rigid products are at the top of the spectrum. As AX Lightness makes a point of using less and less common carbon woven fabric for wheelsets because, as the German manufacturer puts it, the woven stuff is better suited for handling dynamic load than unidirectional fiber. But with components like the Rigid, which experience static load, unidirectional is preferred. Many of us have approached carbon cockpit components with skepticism, but with the AX Lightness carbon fiber expertise and motorsport pedigree — not to mention the endorsement of ex-pros like Klöden — this Rigid product is something you can abuse with confidence.

The carbon fibers run diagonally across the stem’s length for optimized stiffness with a dearth of material. It has a square cross-section, which also adds to stiffness, but carbon’s ability to swallow road noise means that stiff responsiveness doesn’t come with a vibration tax. The clamping areas are reinforced with 3K carbon cloth layers to further guarantee the rider’s safety on both the road and trail. The bolts for the Rigid are titanium and the clamping hardware is aluminum.

Please note that AX Lightness recommends a rider weight limit of 220lb (100kg).

Tech Specs

[body] uniderectional carbon fiber, [Rigid clamping areas] 3K carbon fiber
Bar Diameter:
31.8 mm
Steer Tube Diameter:
28.6 mm 1 1/8 in
+/- 6 degrees
Actual Weight:
One Rigid Color, 110mm, 6 Degree: 76g
Recommended Use:
cycling, cyclocross, and mountain biking to keep it Rigid.
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year limited