Scott Fuga Plus CPSC Helmet Black

Fuga Plus CPSC

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Rear Detail Pic



The new Fuga Plus is versatile for those who enjoy both the road and the trail with the peace of mind knowing you’ve got the added safety of a thoroughly designed helmet that isn’t short of fetching. As good-looking as it is safe, the Scott Fuga is a perfect go to helmet for cycling buffs who know that taking an occasional tumble is all but an inevitable part of riding. With the added safety of extended coverage, MIPs technology, an enhanced shape, and Scott’s top Halo fit system, you can ride confidently, comfortably, and tastefully.
Strategically placed outer venting connects to extensive inner cooling channels, to ensure each Scott  keeps you cool and comfortable.


  • MIPS brain protection system substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain.
  • Optimized Venting  for the Fuga to keep you from overheating during the hot summer months.
  • HALO Fit System provides ease of adjustability and unparalleled comfort.
  • PC In-Mold Construction With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mold helmets are more comfortable than traditional ones.
  • X-Static  for the Fuga delivers superior antimicrobial and anti-odor performance.

Another fabulous creation for your head…



SHELL MATERIAL Fuga Polycarbonate
WEIGHT 380g approx.
SIZE Small Medium Large
HEAD DIAMETER (IN) 20-21.75 21.75-23.25 23.25-24

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Lazer releases the future with new Bullet Aero Road, Anverz E-Bike helmet

Lazer 2017 helmets eurobike

Lazer is getting the Eurobike party started a bit early with a quick look at the newest helmets in their range. That includes the new Bullet Aero Road helmet above. Built with both aerodynamics and ventilation in mind, the helmet looks to move past the days of the Aeroshell in favor of a more on-demand venting system…

Lazer 2017 helmets eurobike preview

Other than giving the helmet a wild look, that design in the center of the helmet hides the adjustable ventilation slots which should give you airflow on demand. There is apparently an adjuster on the top of the helmet to open the front vent and permanently open back and rear vents to keep things cool.

Lazer 2017 aero helmet eurobike

The Tardiz2 takes similar design cues with the frontal vent, and continues with their Aquavent hydration port on the top of the helmet to dump water on your head when things are sizzling.

Lazer 2017 helmets eurobike 7

Lazer is also taking aero to the track with the new Track-Air which uses a shorter tail and trip wire on the top of the helmet for maximum aerodynamics while still allowing you to look around for that sneaky pass with minimal effect on the aerodynamics.

Lazer 2017 revolution helmets


While the Revolution may finally get its removable chin bar, the helmet looks to have spawned an e-bike sibling with the Anverz. Certified to use with the higher speeds generated by e-bikes, the helmet has removable ear covers, a flip up visor, and the option for an Aeroshell.

Lazer 2017 helmets eurobike-preview-2

If you don’t need the e-bike certification but still want to rock a visor, the Armor Pin may be your answer. Based on the Armor helmet, the front has molded pins that can mount accessories like a removable visor for zipping through the city in adverse conditions.

More from Eurobike.


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Kali Lunati XC MTB Helmet

Kali Lunati XC Helmet

Released at Sea Otter, the Kali Lunati has just started shipping for $80. For that price, you’re getting all of their fit features plus an integrated action cam/accessory mount on the top.

kali lunati xc mountain bike helmet

It uses their Composite Fusion in-molding of a polycarbonate shell with EPS foam body, and comes with antimicrobial pads with integrated bug mesh, breakaway visor and locking buckle and sliders on the strap. Coverage runs deep on the rear, making it suitable for anything from XC to trail, even light enduro action.


Kali Lunati MTB Helmet blue

Twenty five vents help move air over your head, and 286g weight keeps it from straining your neck. Available in two sizes – S/M (52-58cm) and L/XL (59-61cm) – it meets both EN and CPSC safety standards.

Fox Meta Kroma 2016 Helmet Review

Fox Meta Kroma Helmet 2016 Review white

Price $150 Save 10%

Metah Kroma Helmet Review

Fox is no stranger to designing no holds barred helmets for riders who catch their fun fix from the trail, and the Metah Kroma is no exception. For 2016 Fox Metah differentiates itself with new Varizorb lining material that combines multiple densities of cone shaped EPS foam in tactically designed layers for maximum variable impact absorption ad protection.

The Metah also features ten strategically placed intake vents to keep air flowing efficiently throughout and reduce weight, while the sealed liner wicks away uncomfortable moisture. Making it easy to dial in the perfect fit is the new Metah single hand dial actuated retention system and the fixed anchor strap system.

Fox Meta Kroma Helmet Review Red-Black
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  • First All Mountain helmet from them with lower coverage on back of head for added protection
  • 10 Big Bore vents provide improved Kroma airflow and reduced weight
  • Metah Varizorb™ multi-density impact reduction system provides superior protection
  • Fixed anchor Y-Strap system offers simple on and off and improved fit
  • Premium Metah liner with sealed edges for increased comfort and moisture management
  • Single hand dial actuated retention system provides easy adjustment
  • Metah Kroma Weight: 405g

Kask Rex MTB Helmet 2016

Kask Rex MTB Helmet lime


// Kask Rex


■■ Mountain Digs..

First displayed as a prototype in 2014, Kask is finally releasing the new Rex Helmet for sales. Standing in as their most full featured mountain bike lid to date, for a company that doesn’t have a long background in designing off road models, the Rex is looking good. Available now at select retailers through Europe, Asia and America will get their chance with the new 2016 Rex later in January.

Kask Rex
All photos courtesy of Kask.


To celebrate the launch of Rex, they put together an inspiring video that happened to include some mountain bike legends sporting the setup. Rolling through the incredible trails around Asheville, may have a way of making it look even better.

Kask Rex MTB Helmet 2016

The Kask vitals include 20 vents built around the Multi In-Mold Technology shell. Inside is an internal frame for increased protection, with a Kask polycarbonate shell throughout. Like most head protection these days, it offers full coverage with more protection at the rear and your temple.

Goggle integration is provided through a ratcheting visor and removable Rex strap clip at the rear, while camera and light integration is achieved via removable clip at the top. Inside the Rex, you’ll find antibacterial and antimicrobial Sanitized padding along with a Eco leather chin strap which is washable.

Offered in two sizes, the Kask fit is adjustable thanks to their Octo-fit system. This provides multiple adjustments both in circumference and vertical and includes an adjustment dial for one handed operation. Coming in at 290g, it will be sold in four colors for €180 / £150 / $199.95.

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Smith Overtake Helmet


Smith Overtake Helmet - white

Smith Overtake



$249 — $140.00


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Road/ XC MTB Racing/ training
grams – 250 (size medium)
Shell Material
Aerocore technology featuring Koroyd

2015 Smith Cycling Products


The newest Overtake Helmet is here. So that you can Overtake your competition this spring and summer in highly competitive style. Providing maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics and improved protection, the Overtake is the ultimate racing helmet and a must have for any cyclist, in any event. Integrating proprietary Smith technologies with best-in-class protection options, the AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd® and MIPS® optional linings make the Overtake your ticket to ride.


Koroyd is what Smith has dubbed the funny looking layer of honeycomb matter that runs beneath the outer shell and more traditional EPS foam. It’s made of thousands of tiny, extruded co-polymer tubes that absorb impact but have a fenestrated surface that allows for a level of breathability impossible to achieve with solid EPS foam while absorbing a claimed 30% more energy. While the Smith term Aerocore is also utilized to make it slippery in the breeze. It stacks up quite impressive to say the least.


Apparently the Overtake studied was simulated at 25 miles per hour over 40 kilometers, and surrendered a mere 1.06 seconds of advantage to the Specialized Evade and actually gained 4.15 and 26.8 seconds over Giro’s Air Attack and Aeon, respectively. This helmet is available in three sizes ranging from Small to Large, and a multitude of stylish colors of Black, Black Ombre, Frost Mint, Matte Acid Ombre, Matte Black, Matte Mustard, Matte Navy, Matte Neon Orange, Matte Red/white, Neon Pink, White, and White Frost. You can see all the Overtakes’ options here..



Product Features for the Overtake setup.

  • Lightweight AEROCORE In-Mold Construction
  • Ventilated Protection Featuring Patented Koroyd Material
  • Integrated Skeletal Structure and Carbon Fiber Reinforcements
  • VaporFit Adjustable Fit System
  • 21 Optimized Vents Balance Aerodynamic Performance Without Compromising Ventilation
  • NEW X-Static with Reactive Cooling Performance Lining
  • Ultra-Light Single Layer Webbing
  • AirEvac Ventilation making the Overtake ideal for just about any cycling use.
  • Ultimate Sunglass Integration
  • *MIPS system available in select colors




Cool Kranium Cardboard Helmet Slated For 2013 Sales



Kranium cardboard helmets1There are many items in the cycling industry that are made with carbon fiber these days, but for 2013 the hot new material might be one that was patented back in the UK in 1856. Known as corrugated paper, or most commonly known as cardboard.

Earlier in the season there was a $20 cardboard bike unveiled and now a student at the Royal College of Art in based in London has designed a bike helmet that’s made with cardboard.


He has called it the Kranium, and his design promises to absorb a cycling crash and protect the rider.


The cardboard material the artist Anirudha Surabhi is using is actually classified as corrugated fiberboard, which consists of a single fluted corrugated sheet with one or two flat inner pieces. This is widely known to many as cardboard, but there are numerous varieties of paper boards out there.


Kranium cardboard helmetsThe key with his design is that Cardboard crumples — and that’s perfect for impact properties.


The key to his design isn’t actually the paper but the corrugated nature inside the material. The artist actually modeled the helmet design after the woodpecker cartilage that has high impact-absorbing qualities. It’s reported the birds often experience quite severe impacts to the head as it striking the tree over and over, so they have adapted with cartilage to absorb this.

So the artists rendition of this corrugated cartilage acting as a buffer is a helmet that actually mimicked the woodpecker structure and so corrugated fiberboard or cardboard as it’s known seemed like the obvious choice for him.

So Surabhi created his early prototypes using the honeycomb-shaped corrugated paper instead of going the route of polystyrene that is traditionally used for helmets made today. His result is the Kranium Bike Helmet, in which the German helmet and bike lock company named Abus has already licensed with him and plans on releasing them with the clear plastic shell shown above for 2013.


Kranium cardboard helmets2013


While the product might seem lower-tech by nature, but the helmet was actually developed to meet or exceed the Europeon safety standards practice. Its been reported that the corrugated cardboard design will absorb 3-times the impact energy of many of the polystyrene designed helmets, even after being subjected to multiple impacts. The helmet has actually undergone significant testing to back these claims up, with extensive tests that were conducted in the UK, Germany and China.

“Ideally they test five helmets and give you the go-ahead but since this was a unique concept they tested 50-plus helmets as they didn’t believe the results were that good,” the artist Surabhi reported. “They ultimately gave us the certification, saying that it was much better at impact absorption.”

The other question is what about water? There is no worries about a little water hurting the helmet, despite the fact that the minimalist of rain will turn the sturdiest box out there into a soggy paper pile.

His helmet is able to stand up to the elements, because it’s been treated to beat sweat- and rain as well. The artist is also looking into creating one of these Kranium Helmets that passes the motorcycle rated safety standard.

Both Men’s And Women’s POC Trabec And Trabec Race Helmets

Trabec Race helmet white with orange



POC logo image for MTB HelmetsThe POC Trabec Helmet is designed specifically for mountain riders, or those who like having better helmet coverage near the lower backside of their head and over the ear area. POC’s idea is about increasing safety, but not having to sacrifice the performance or comfort.

The Trabec feels somewhat similar to a skateboard lid, the way it wraps more of the head. Its fit is easily custom modified, and since it provides plenty of coverage, it stays tight and doesn’t move when and if the head strikes the ground.

The Trabec Helmet has been designed as a layered system. It uses the outer polycarbonate shell as the 1rst area of defense toward the energy of the impact. It disperses that energy over a bigger area so then the EPS liner can take over and continue to absorb and lessen the energy by the time it reaches your brain. Within the inner foam core the have a aramid net. Which is there to keep the foam stuck together and not chunk into pieces under solid impacts, similar to the way rebar holds concrete together when you try to break it. It’s meant to be a multi impact system. That way the helmet can sustain several landings to the terra firma, and not just one impact like the competitor helmets.

POC has 16 oversized venting holes, so its easy to get all the airflow you can handle on those scorching days. The visor is adjustable also to help with super bright days to protect your vision from challenging glare. Its adjustment system for sizing on the back enables for a nice comfortable snug fit to be wiggle free.

POC Trabec mountain bike helmets purple

POC Trabec mountain biike helmets blackPOC Trabec bike helmets white











POC Trabec mountain helmets blue










POC Trabec mtb bike helmets dark bluePOC Trabec bike helmets yellow













The newest POC Trabec Helmet cool shades of color are displayed above and there are 3 sizes available — Xtra-Small/Small, Med/Large, and X-L/XX-L. The soft pads installed on the inside have a Polygiene treatment. This stops any bacteria from growing, its also eco friendly, and 100% non-toxic with your smooth skin. With no bacteria growth on the pads, they get a chance last longer, requiring way less cleaning, and also smell better for your neighbors on mountain bikes.

  • This Aramid reinforced EPS core has far greater durability than the traditional bike helmets do.
  • More extension of the side and rear helmet coverage, unlike traditional bike helmets.
  • 16 well designed vents guide the air to your skull, and circulate the air within the helmet for superb ventilation
  • The easy adjustment anatomic style fit system retains helmet where you put it enabling long-ride comfort
  • Some polygiene anti-odor wipes are included to keep the helmet smelling fresh
  • Adjustable visor helps to keep sun and mud from inhibiting vision

Just Plain and Simple — Better protection!
free shipping 50 headerPricing for the POC TRABEC helmet is

$139.95 BUY NOW


free shipping 50 headerPricing for the POC TRABEC RACE helmet is

$179.95 BUY NOW

The Trabec Race Model Colors are shown below.

This Trabec Race Helmet has a larger expansion of the Aramid net used on the inside of the molded foam core than the regular Trabec model has. This will give it even more protective aid. Apart from the different colors provided, those are the differnces between the 2 Trabec Models. Otherwise, POC has designed it as well for all diferent kinds of mountain biking.

The POC Trabec Race Helmet colors are Black with white, Orange with white, and White with orange.

POC Trabec Race helmet orange with whiteTrabec Race helmet white with orangePOC Trabec Race helmet black with white