GoPro Karma Grip Flight Kit / revised drone gets better

Gopro Karma Grip Flight Kit

Gopro Karma Grip Flight Kit

We first saw the new GoPro Karma drone when it was released in 2016, and again when they had to recall them for power failure issues (oops). Thankfully, GoPro are back in the air and hopefully have those hiccups behind them. Looking to expand their video prowess in the sky, GoPro have announced the new Karma (Grip) Flight Kit. Allowing action cam videographers who’ve already adopted the handheld gimbal-stabilization of GoPro’s Karma Grip to get back into the sky with a quadcopter drone kit that they can plug into for ultra smooth aerial video footage. Click past the break for the full details…

Compatible with their latest HERO4 & HERO5 camera offerings, the Karma Grip is said to all but eliminate camera shake and blur with 3-axis gimbal stabilization. The new $600 Karma Flight Kit includes the drone, controller, propellers, and zippered carrying pack, so you just have to plug in your existing Grip & camera setup. It’s everything you need to get your gimbal flying, without having to buy everything anew for more than a grand.

GoPro Omni VR Camera and the Rig films Red Bull Joyride 360º video

GoPro Omni VR camera virtual-reality 360degree action-cam

Eschewing a domed lens to capture a full 360º panorama, the upcoming GoPro Omni uses a six camera array to capture a true 360º global view. Video samples below let you scroll up, down and all around to see any angle at all in up to 8K resolution. The kit comes with all six cameras, the case and all of the necessary hardware to combine the footage into a single video file. Retail? How bad do you want it??

GoPro Omni VR Video camera

Aimed at the higher end user, the Omni kit can be preordered for $4,999 with on-sale date of August 18, 2016. If you already own six Hero 4 Black cameras, you can get the Rig and some auxiliary equipment for $1,499 (but not the desktop editing software), then install the Omni synchronization firmware on your cams.

The housing is made of aluminum with an intentionally open air structure to help keep the cameras cool. The All-Inclusive kit includes a 7-USB/6-MicroSD card reader, a “master” camera design that’s synchronized to start and stop all cameras at the same time, wireless smart remote to make it even easier to control, and a Switronix battery to run external power through it to prolong video capture for up to three hours. Included software runs on Mac or PC and simplifies stitching it all together and can even convert the spherical 360º footage into standard ratio videos if you only need one angle for a particular segment or separate video. The finished footage is VR ready as well as user controlled on compatible browsers.

Video above shows the features, the two below show off its capabilities:

Video only works properly in Chrome and Firefox (sorry Safari). So, technically, it’s not virtual reality since it’s not shooting in 3D, but for headsets that use your phone’s screen to create an immersive video, this should be very impressive.

From Red Bull: Shot entirely on the all new GoPro VR unit (shoot past the break for details), slated for release next week, experience a ride on the all new 2016 Red Bull Joyride course like you’ve never seen it before. Captured in a full 4k, 360 degree experience, riders Ryan Howard, Justin Wyper and Dustin Gilding give you a preview of what to expect on August 21 when Red Bull Joyride returns to Whistler.

The 2016 course follows the same flow through the Whistler Bike Park allowing lots of flow and little braking – as the saying goes, ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’. But, you can always make it better. An all new start section and flat-drop puts riders right into the action out of the gate with a total course length ringing in at 650m. The classic Joyride Cabin feature has also received a bit of a facelift, getting some new real-estate on the course along with a ‘whale tail’ built into the roof as opposed to the classic flat-drop from previous years. The show stopping final feature is one of the largest in the history of the event, weighing in at a massive 30ft.

Red Bull Joyride goes down Sunday, August 21st, available live on Red Bull TV on the date starting at 2pm ET.

Revl Arc Stabilized Action Cam eliminates shakey video

Revl Arc Stabilized Action Cam colors

Its designers claim the Revl Arc will be the first action cam to offer fully built-in stabilization. The unique little camera has blown through a crowdfunding campaign, offering a compact design and industry matching video capture that includes onboard electronic pitch and yaw stabilization, plus mechanical roll stabilization.  Pricing looks to be lower than pretty much any camera+stabilizer currently on the market.

The camera captures video in 4k at 30FPS, 1080p @ 120fps, and 720p at 240fps, all with a 1.5 hour battery life (with a swappable battery). In addition to video it will also capture time lapses, 12MP stills, and 12MP photo bursts. The Arc camera will have a 140° field of view, and weighs just 170g, including its on-board stabilization, cutting about 1/3 of the weight of the best GoPro+stabilizer setup.

Revl Arc Action Cam camera-on-board-stabilization

To stabilize footage the Revl Arc uses a Hybrid Stabilization Technology that combines a built-in motor to correct for roll and Electronic Image Stabilization for account for pitch & yaw. The motorized gimbal means that it will always shoot video level with the horizon, no matter how you roll.

With five on-board sensors, the camera captures live motion data, like acceleration, rotation, speed, G-force can store the bulk of that telemetry data in the video file. It also can connect to external sensors like heart rate monitors and GPS computers to share data.


Revl Arc Stabilized Action Cam_deep-dive-housing

The camera’s standard housing is shock proof and waterproof up to 3m/10ft, plus a separate deep dive water case will also be available.

Revl appcam

When linked with Revls’ iOS app, you can also get preview the live video feed on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Also pairing the camera to the phone by Wifi, the Revl app is designed to take your video and auto-edit out the most exciting clips from your recorded video and build a highlights reel to share on social media.


Most of the camera stats are final, but they are still working to get the most video storage possible directly on the camera. But even then, with connectivity direct to the App and then into Revl’s cloud, there’ll be plenty of room as long as you have a data connection. In the meantime, you’ll probably need free space on your phone too.

Revl Arc Stabilized Action Cam helmet-mount

The camera is in development still, with the crowdfund about to finish in just 4 days, so they are just getting tooling underway. With almost 5x their original funding goal, the Revl team is moving ahead. Delivery of the early Indiegogo supporters is slated for December 2016, with retail availability expected in early 2017. Pricing at retail will be $500, but if you get in on Indiegogo this weekend, you can get a full setup for just $400.


Sioeye Iris 4G Action Camera

Broadcast POV footage live on social media with the Sioeye Iris 4G action cam


If the world of editing video is not your game but you have hungry social media followers who need to see the awesome stuff you’re up to, you might want to check out what Seattle, Washington’s Sioeye has created. The cloud-based video streaming company has recently put their expertise into the Iris 4G, an action camera that instantly broadcasts your videos in real time.

The Iris 4G was designed to make posting videos simple, and prevent your POV footage from never getting edited and collecting digital dust somewhere on a hard drive. Watching live action also adds a unique element of excitement for viewers, as they share your adrenalin-spiking moments from afar.

The ‘wearable smart camera’ broadcasts video via the 4G LTE cellular network, and its app instantly notifies your social media followers so they can catch the action. While the Iris 4G’s practicality for riders will definitely be debated, innovations like this always seem to spark a cool application from someone thinking outside the box.


The Iris 4G starts recording and broadcasting with the touch of a single button. When you begin filming, your followers are automatically notified through their smartphones and/or a link which will instantly appear on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. With one click they’re enjoying your current exploits.

The camera’s iOS, Android and web-compatible app notifies followers of your video posts, stores your footage in a cloud account for future viewing, and hosts a forum for interaction with other Sioeye users.

The Iris 4G uses a data (sim) card to stream video, so users can pop their phone’s card into the camera (or a separate card with an active data plan) and start shooting. The camera is unlocked so it can be used with various carriers: T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks are currently being tested in the USA, with others to follow.

You’ll have to consider this an early sneak peek at the Iris 4G, because currently there isn’t a lot of information available. Right now we can’t tell you anything about the lens, battery, video resolution or frame rate options, or what kind of info the camera’s internal barometric, GPS, gyro and magnetic sensors can provide.


There’s no mention of audio capabilities, and no info on the camera’s dimensions or what kind of cases or mounts might be available aside from a few photos. The website does mention that the Iris 4G’s body is weatherproof and waterproof (but it’s also shown in a case that looks waterproof)… A press release is expected to come out early next week though.

There are some unique advantages to the Iris 4G. It allows for simple live broadcasting of POV video with less stuff to carry, only one battery to keep charged and no need to spend time uploading and editing. If your followers miss your broadcast, all your clips are saved in a Cloud account and can be replayed within a few minutes of their initial live stream. Finally, there is an extra bit of excitement viewers get when they can see things happen as they happen, not sometime after the fact.


If all goes well, pre-order of the Iris 4G for $499 USD with shipping expected for March.

MiniWing Camile GPS Digital Video Camera Devices

MiniWing Camile GPS camera available-colors

With a flood of GPS and digital video devices coming to market for cyclists, each new product has to differentiate itself from the rest by delivering better performance or lower pricing, or even both. Upstart Chinese consumer electronics company MiniWing has a solution by combing the digital recording and GPS into the Camile, a single device with a simple design and easy-to-use interface. They are bringing the Camile to Indiegogo to get over that first product manufacturing hump and bring the new tech to market quickly.

Camile’s makers see cycling as becoming more widely used not just for sport, but for transportation as well. They think the Camile can serve both those wishing to log their activities and record their rides, as well as to serve as a day-today safety/security measure by documenting your rides in case of an accident.

The Camile includes both still photo and video capture capabilities, with a 140º wide angle lens to record in 1080pHD at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. It also includes image stabilization and a easy to use “auto-editing” feature. The new sports camera allows users to capture video and movement data, and then either download, view, or stream their footage instantly from any mobile device.

MiniWing Camile GPS Digital Video

It has two modes, either standard video recording or a burst shooting mode that can be set between 3-60 second intervals. After video has been recorded, an included app can manage and transfer the data over wifi or via a USB cable. In addition to its GPS chip, the Camile includes 6-axis motion, plus altimeter sensors to quickly and accurately track the rider’s movement. Once on, the LED screen can display current speed, local time, or ride distance. Three indicator lights also show battery life, video recording, and active wifi/Bluetooth 4.0 pairing to a smartphone.

MiniWing Camile GPS Digital Video-camera_features

Camile comes in 5 colors with a simple handlebar mount for use on the bike, and includes a 1350mAh lithium battery, which delivers 3hr of video recording or up to 16hr of GPS use. It stores data on a micro SD card, and the included 32G card will store 8hr of video. The Indiegogo campaign starts now, with a flex funding goal set for $20,000 (which pretty much means they will get whatever is pledged, and they’ve already set production in motion.) Delivery is planned for Spring 2016 (expected end of March shipping), and the Camile will be available for purchase shortly thereafter for an anticipated retail price of $200.


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Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition Review

Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition



// Hero 4 Black Edition Review Specs


■■ Video Digs..

Latest Concept
weight: 11.1kg
100mm Rear: n-a

// Description




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Price For Sale/ 15% Off of $499




The newest release of Gopro HERO 4 Black takes Emmy® Award-winning performance to the next level with Gopro’s best image quality yet. Gopro also added 2x more power in their processor1 which delivers super slow motion at 240 frames per second. Incredible high-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K60 video combines with 1080p120 and 720p240 slow motion to enable stunning, immersive footage of you and your world. Protune™ settings for both photos and video unlock manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and more. Waterproof to 131’ (40m) with 12MP photos at 30 frames per second and improved audio, HERO is the ultimate life-capture solution for those who demand the best.


This Hero Edition, marks the first of its kind to provide ultra high-resolution, high camera frame rate video this powerful. Once the exclusive domain of large, costly cameras, HERO now delivers truly professional video quality in a tiny package. Stunning clarity. Liquid-smooth slow-motion playback. Cinema-quality capture. HERO now brings it all to life.

Gopro Hero4 Black camera

Gopro will now capture the night sky in a whole new way, with Night Photo and Night Lapse modes to provide customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos. Whether you’re shooting the Milky Way or a campfire hangout, Night Photo and Night Lapse allow you to you capture ultra low-light scenes like never before.

// Black Edition Specs:

  • Resolution/Megapixels:
  • Hero [up to] 4000px/ [up to] 12.

  • Memory card:
  • micro SD class 10 or higher.

  • HERO Camera Format:
  • 16:9, 4.3 SuperView.

  • Video format:
  • 16:9, 4.3 SuperView.

  • Frame Rates:
  • up to 120fps.

  • Battery:
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion.

  • Operating Systems:
  • Mac OSX, Windows Vista 7 or later

  • PC Connection:
  • yes USB

  • Manufacture:
  • Gopro

  • Model Name:
  • Hero 4 Black




Garmin VIRB Elite Sports Action Camera For 2014!


garmin virb elite camera

If you’re one of the few who have been waiting ever so patiently, thankfully there’s no need to uphold your patience anymore — because Garmin has scored with the newest VIRB Elite portable video camera here, to truly tell a better story. Due to what might arguably be the smartest  Elite action-camera software there is on the market, it’s able to capture absolutely stunning 1080 HD video along with 16-megapixel still photography as well, all the while syncing all the action straight to your Garmin edge via ANT+. Yes low and behold the future is here and happening now.

You might of heard all of that correctly, but there’s a lot more between the lines. Sure, by ranking at the top of the list, it most certainly captures jaw-dropping video quality in HD. However, where the VIRB’s even more impressive is by shooting that 1080p quality, all the while allowing for resolution speed adjustments for those dramatic slow-motion that will capture up to 120 frames per second. To be exact, they gave it the following HD video modes: 1080p@30fps, 960p@48fps, 720p@30/60fps, and 848×480@120fps. Impressed yet?

Well, actually there’s more. Everything gets recorded through their new VIRB WideVu lens setup, which lends itself perfectly to expansive shots in either still mode or video frames. Once you switch it to still mode, you will be able to shoot 16 megapixel shots with their CMOS high tech image processor. Or, if you need to conserve room on the card, you can shoot down in either 12 or 8 megapixels as well for either a photo burst, single-shot, or the time lapse intervals.  The Elite has a high-sensitivity GPS, an accelerometer and barometric altimeter. There’s more yet, with high-sensitivity GPS that provides data stamping and GPS “smart” recording profiles, such as a Ski Mode, that will automatically record your runs down the mountain.

Once you’re done with your video or still photos, they have enabled you to immediately watch it through the VIRB Elite’s 1.4-inch Chroma display screen. And to make it simple, this display screen also doubles as the menu board. To further increase the easy functionality, Garmin also applied an instant-record slider on the side of it. Making it so, you always know when it’s on.

They made it pretty evident to put the user first, but high quality recording isn’t exactly an exclusive trait. But, by having ANT+ wireless connectivity it certainly is. Basically, this means that you will be able to sync your Garmin Edge CPU with it. When it comes time to edit your fun, the sync between your Edge and it means that the included EDIT software is able to automatically match your ride metrics to your video. So, sharing your metrics like your speed, cadence, and heart rate is easier than ever.

And for the body, the VIRB employs the key IPX7 construction used on other Garmin devices. Making the Elite body incredibly stout, while still aerodynamic, and most importantly, it’s fully waterproof as well. At the battery, it features a rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion model that’s capable of running for up to three hours in 1080p video record.

The VIRB Elite also comes with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, along with a cradle, a mount-adapter, a short link, a right angle link, the curved surface mount, the flat surface mount,  a removable flange base, threaded collar, along with a USB cable.

Elite Price is $399.00, Enjoy the fun to be had!

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Elite Dimensions:
32 x 53 x 111mm
Resolution #:
1080 Pixels
Different Formats:
1080p HD, 960p HD, 720p HD, WVGA [slow motion]
Frame Rates:
120 frames per second
rechargeable Lithiom-ion
Compatible Operating Systems:
PC Connection:
using a USB 2.0 full-speed port
Attachment Type:
8.31 oz
Recommended for:
capturing the greatest moments in your life







Contour Roam2 Portable Action Video Camera



Contour recently updated their popular portable action video camera, into the newest Roam2 version. The model is priced slightly more than the competition of GoPro but it packs a ton of new unique advancements.mountWhat sets them apart is a  built in GPS receiver that will allow you to overlay your filming with elevation, speed, and total distance info. The Bluetooth is also built in so you can also use your mobile phone of choice to view with. The new version for 2013 also has several pro style setting options so you can adjust the contrast, exposure, metering, white balance, and the sharpness.

Along with the built in features, the +2 also has the ability to now film in super slow motion, making it possible to caption 120 FPS at 480 pixels, which is a remarkably small take in slow-mo, considering the most recent competitor, the Sony POV has the ability to film 120 FPS with 720 Pixels.

We have liked the their compact form factor, but for the past models, they have been more expensive than GoPro, which held us back. But they have brought the price down and out-mastered the GoPro features by a long shot, so we’re now on board.

For Sale purchase info, and additional accessories available, please visit Contour Roam2, here..


contour +2