Polar V800 GoPro GPS Watch integrates w/ Video Stats

Polar V800 GoPro GPS Watch

V800 GoPro GPS Watch

The Polar V800 has paired up to add action cam integration functionality and be available later this year. While the V800 already tracks a wide range of cycling, running and swimming training, plus 24/7 activity and sleep, the new connection will link the Polar device with the growing number of GoPro carmeras’ filming everything from training to races.

The pairing will let V800 users both operate their cameras and overlay their performance and heart rate data into captured video. It also establishes a development partnership that will likely see expanded V800 integration in the future.

For now cyclists and runners will be able to use the watch to operate basic commands on their Gopro camera, presumably to start and stop recording and see current camera status. The current details say that control looks like it will be limited to also seeing when the Gopro’s recording and how much battery remains, but it wouldn’t be able to show live footage.

Polar V800 watch with-GoPro stats

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The V800 is available now for $500, but the Gopro link is still a few months out. Current owners will however be able to update firmware to the latest V800 integration via a free Flow update when it is available later this year.

Soleus PR HRM Watch




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Soleus PR HRM watch -pink



2 oz
Moisture-wicking band

Men’s And Women’s System:

The guys and gals designing for Soleus do a fabulous job by blurring the lines between whats technical outdoor performance and casual everyday wear. As this Soleus PR Watch setup is the perfect example of how they have not only combined high-tech features, but with a great pricing structure. See the PR in action, to make your heart race.. and set some PR’s, –personal records that is!

[ Make Your Heart Race ]is creatively engraved on the Soleus back plate, to help keep you inspired when the training and going gets a bit tough!

For details the PR was designed for underwater down to 50m deep. While the PR has a backlight, along with night mode to adventure out when the moon is out. The designers also decked it out with not only a PR heart rate monitor but it also employs the analog feature, along with total calories burned. To finish it off they gave it six interval timers, along with a 10 run x 30 lap data storage, and five alarms to make sure you wake up for the next PR session you have scheduled..


The Soleus setup is thankfully built with two different colors, pink shown above, and grey below to meet the needs of both men or women.


Soleus PR HRM black watch
This PR wrist-watch favorite is now a heart rate monitor, which is where the title comes from, it gives you an accurate real time reading of your heart rate via the removable chest strap. Which we must mention is nice and comfortable, with no chafing and the like. This watch allows you to set and train within a personalized target heart rate zones, along with set interval timers that can be storing all your wonderful and health data for later review.