Scott Fuga Plus CPSC Helmet Black

Fuga Plus CPSC

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Rear Detail Pic



The new Fuga Plus is versatile for those who enjoy both the road and the trail with the peace of mind knowing you’ve got the added safety of a thoroughly designed helmet that isn’t short of fetching. As good-looking as it is safe, the Scott Fuga is a perfect go to helmet for cycling buffs who know that taking an occasional tumble is all but an inevitable part of riding. With the added safety of extended coverage, MIPs technology, an enhanced shape, and Scott’s top Halo fit system, you can ride confidently, comfortably, and tastefully.
Strategically placed outer venting connects to extensive inner cooling channels, to ensure each Scott  keeps you cool and comfortable.


  • MIPS brain protection system substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain.
  • Optimized Venting  for the Fuga to keep you from overheating during the hot summer months.
  • HALO Fit System provides ease of adjustability and unparalleled comfort.
  • PC In-Mold Construction With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mold helmets are more comfortable than traditional ones.
  • X-Static  for the Fuga delivers superior antimicrobial and anti-odor performance.

Another fabulous creation for your head…



SHELL MATERIAL Fuga Polycarbonate
WEIGHT 380g approx.
SIZE Small Medium Large
HEAD DIAMETER (IN) 20-21.75 21.75-23.25 23.25-24

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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Addix Speedgrip 29X2.25 /2.35


The Schwalbe Nobby Nic is the ideal all-purpose tire and has been a long-time favorite among trail riders with a need for speed. Perfect for aggressive XC courses but also right at home on an Enduro course, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic features a widely-spaced tall knob pattern to provide plenty of grip while maintaining relatively low rolling resistance. Built around the lightweight and flexible Racing Ralph casing, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic features a more aggressive tread pattern for better traction on fast and loose terrain.With the new Addix Speed compound, Schwalbe’s Nobby Nic Tires deliver unprecedented performance in multiple areas.


  • Addix Speed compound features a perfect combination of rolling speed, grip, durability, and damping
  • Snakeskin offers lasting durability and protection
  • Folding bead with tubeless capabilities
  • Widely-spaced tall knob pattern provide plenty of grip and low rolling resistance
SIZES 29” x 2.25”, 29″ x 2.35″
CONDITIONS Hardpack, Loose, Mixed
BEAD Folding
EPI 67
COMPOUND Addix Speed
TYPE Clincher
INTENDED USE Enduro, All Mountain
WEIGHT 29″ x 2.1″ Snakeskin TL Easy: 710g, 26″ Snakeskin TL Easy : 765g


ADDIX SPEED The compound for XC race specialists. It catapults Schwalbe XC tires into a new performance dimension.
ADDIX SPEEDGRIP The universal compound. It definitely has the widest range of use. Perfect for XC, AM and Trail: for the majority of EVO tires there’s a version with ADDIX Speedgrip! It replaces the previous PaceStar compound where a significant, though not the only difference, during extensive use is more mileage and a longer life.
ADDIX SOFT The compound that bridges many disciplines. It’s just as at home in the enduro and downhill world as it is in the demanding discipline of all-mountain and trail riding. It also impresses when used in combination with other ADDIX tires – more speed: Soft on the front, Speedgrip on the back. Or more damping: Ultra Soft on the front, Soft on the back.
ADDIX ULTRA SOFT The compound for hardcore use in enduro and downhill. Sensationally good damping has been further improved over the previous VertStar compound, while at the same time ADDIX Ultrasoft is suitable for all-weather use due to significantly improved low-temperature properties when it comes to grip and damping.


Magic Mary DH
Magic Mary SG
Magic MaryTLE APEX*
Magic Mary TLE
Dirty Dan DH
Dirty Dan SG
Hans Dampf SG
Hans Dampf TLE
Rock Razor SG
Rock Razor TLE Apex*
Rock Razor TLE
Fat Albert Front TLE
Fat Albert Rear TLE
Nobby Nic TLE Apex*
Nobby Nic TLE
Rocket Ron TLE
Rocket Ron LS
Racing Ralph TLE
Racing Ralph LS
Thunder Burt TLE
Thunder Burt SL
Furious Fred LS
Dirty Dan CX
Jumbo Jim

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3T Ergonova Team Stealth Carbon Handlebar




This gives riders a color option to match the popular monochrome grey look. Finish is 3T Matte Black, with the logo and Ergonova Team stripe in Gloss Black. While the bar sets a standard of riding comfort appreciated by amateurs and pros alike. The top of the bar is egg-shaped in section the longer radius provides a wider top surface for the hands. The egg shape rolls through 180° at the bend into the forward extension, placing the palms naturally onto the brake hoods and ergonomic drops. The drops flare by 6°, so the width at the brake hoods is 16mm narrower than the bar size. Ergonova Team has constant-thickness carbon-fiber walls and fits most clip-ons.


The Ergonova Steath bar Price: was €249.49 €179.99
Stealth Shown Here

3T Carbon Stealth handlebar spec

  • Rock The Ergonova All Day!


  • Weight: 198g (42cm)
  • Clamp: 31.8mm ∅
  • Material: Carbon-fiber
  • Drop: 123mm
  • Reach: 77mm
  • Finish: UD Team Matte Black
  • Certification: CEN
  • Color: Shot-peened Black with` white kick ass graphic

See 3T Ergonova review info from ChainReactionCycles.

3T Orbis II C35 Pro Clincher Wheelset Review






Their linear+ system optimizes build quality, while the blunt profile helps aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind. This 3T version is their entry-level Orbis II C35 clincher wheelset in the range for rim-brakes. While the 25mm wide alloy rims with welded joints support fat, race-weight clincher tires at lower inflation pressures, for more grip and comfort.


The Orbis II C35 Price: was €499.49 €220.00
Product Shown Above

3T Aluminum Pro spec

  • Spin The Orbis II All Day!


  • Material: Aluminum C35
  • Rim Size: ETRTO 622 x 19C, (700c), 25mm wide, 32mm deep
  • Orbis II Spec: Clincher, Al-alloy 6082, welded joint offset double angle drilling, black satin anodized
  • Spokes: Straight pull, stainless steel, black finish, round tripple butted, Pillar TB, 18 front, 24 rear
  • Hubs: Rim brake type, light alloy hub bodies, spindles and freehub body, adjustable bearings
  • Nipples: Light alloy, inverted, spherical washer
  • Weight: 1810g

See 3T Orbis II review info from ChainReactionCycles.

3T Discus C35 Team Stealth Wheels




These 25mm wide carbon rims provide a 20% overall weight saving over their entry level Pro model, that’s also 32mm deep with a blunt profile for stable aerodynamic performance at typical angles to the wind. From this particular 3T range the Discus C35 falls inline as the mid-range setup.

Centerlock disc-brake hubs with 24 bladed spokes front and rear offer industry-standard fitment for quality disc-brake setups. The 3T linear+ system optimizes build quality and asymmetric rim drilling reduces difference in spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side.

The Discus hubs have a light-alloy oversize spindle with modular end-caps that can be easily swapped from quick-release to thru-axle as needed; rear width can run 135mm or 142mm to fit the latest CX and gravel-grinder thru-axle framesets. While the wide tire bed provides a really firm base to run the latest, race-weight fatter tires at lower pressures.

3T Carbon Team Stealth spec

  • Advanced Discus Technology


  • Wider contact surface
  • Less rolling resistance
  • Reduced incidence of punctures
  • Better handling control
  • Rim size: ETRTO 622 x 18C, (28”/700c), 25mm wide, 32mm deep
  • Spec: Clincher, offset double angle drilling
  • Spokes: Straight pull, stainless black finish, double butted aero, Pillar 1425, 24F/24R
  • Nipples: Light alloy, inverted, spherical washer
  • Rear Hub Compatibility: 10/11s Shimano/SRAM type cassette (Campagnolo/SRAM XD compatible driver sold separate)
  • Quick Release: Alloy lever and nut, steel rod
  • Weight: 1.464 – 1.484kg (+/- 2%)

Linear+ Optimized Build

Linear+ system optimizes all-round build quality. Discus employ straight spokes that run directly from hub to nipple. Spoke ends locate perfectly square in the purpose-designed hubs; and at the nipple end, the holes are angled perfectly in line with the spoke.

Nipples are internal, so holes are no wider than needed to pass the spoke through. This benefits strength, appearance, and aerodynamics. Nipples are screwed on upside-down, bearing on the rim’s internal surface via a cup washer. This distributes the load evenly so spokes can safely be done up tighter.

Compared with traditional wheels built with J–bend spokes, linear+ have;

  • Better load distribution
  • Better spoke alignment
  • Less drag
  • Better durability

Asymmetric Rim

Spoke tensioning is more equal to either side, making a better-performing, more resilient setup with better lateral stiffness. Linear+ ensures that rim drillings are perfectly aligned to meet these demanding mechanical requirements.

Both the 58mm and 32mm rims have an asymmetric structure and double-angled spoke drillings, for a perfectly balanced setup. Additionally, the hubs have double-cross spokes on both sides. Opposite spokes on the same side are perpendicular to each another, so directly opposed. This equalizes spoke load under torque for better power transfer without spoke wind-up, a key benefit when braking is effected at the hub, as well as when accelerating.

Taken together, these measures result in;

  • Reduced dish
  • Reduced L-R spoke-tension difference
  • Greater lateral strength
  • Optimal torque transfer
  • Minimal spoke wind-up when braking and accelerating

discus c35 alloy hubs

Modular Hub Spindles

Discus hubs have a light-alloy, oversize spindle with modular end-caps. The modular end-caps allow you to easily change from quick-release to thru-axle, and back again. You can use your set on several bikes of different configurations:

  • Front: QR 100 mm or TA 15 x 100 mm
  • Rear: QR 135 mm; TA 135 x 12 mm; TA 142 x 12 mm

Advanced Carbon-Fibre Technology

Their mastery of design and manufacture means production of the most advanced rims in the business.

Discus rims are constructed with top-grade fiber, with proprietary resins custom-formulated for each product.

Manufacture involves high-accuracy lamination and high-pressure, low-temperature, long-cycle curing times. Production flow is traced from raw materials to finished product for end-to-end quality assurance.

As a result, C35 rims have;

  • Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Superb impact resistance
  • Extended service life

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3T LTD Seatpost & Stem Combo



Treat yourself to an upgrade with this sweet LTD Seatpost & Stem Bundle from 3T. They created a combo for the connoisseur with this pairing of 3T’s Ionic 0 Ltd Carbon Seatpost and the Arx Edition Carbon Road Stem, all you have to do is choose the right sizes.


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3T Ionic 25 Team Stealth Comfort Seatpost




This new innovative design features key details like the sophisticated and robust, exclusive DiffLock saddle clamp. It’s all here due to the placement the seat clamp assembly in line with the seatpost for zero setback. Thankfully the creative bike-parts design crew with 3T thought this through and developed the new Ionic 25 to be a more compact style design. Thus solving those bike fit issues that corollate to not only your seatpost, but your stem handlebar as well.

If your like many athletes seeking outright speed favor this more forward position on the bike. The Ionic 25 is ideal as some frame designers are also specifying a slacker seat tube so riders can set their bike up with an inline post, which is lighter than a setback post. The splined alloy DiffLock coupling is a highly-accurate method of setting saddle angle needing only lightweight clamping by side-mounted bolts. It is especially useful for fine adjustment of saddle setback, which can be done without impacting saddle angle.

They have also fabricated the post out of carbon fiber with a shot-peened, black-anodized finish along with a kick ass graphic design to keep it lighter weight, with the super cool modern looking stripe.

Also for the diameter size options, they provide the two most popular sizes of 27.2mm which I feel is ideal because it helps with a little extra compliance for super bumpy areas out there. While the more versatile Ionic 0 gets a second diameter of 31.6mm as well, with the three lengths of, 280, 350, 420mm.


The Iconic Team Stealth Price: was €169.99 €165.99
Product Shown Above
3T Comfort Team Stealth post spec review

  • Advanced Ionic Technology

  • Material Carbon
  • Straight Setback is 25mm
  • Total Back Sweep 0°
  • Length (350mm)
  • Diameter Options are (27.2)
  • Total Weight is 265g (27.2mm x 350mm)
Color ShotPeened Black with` kick ass stealth graphics

“Have fun riding with friends railing new trails on Sundays…. Enjoy!”

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Funner, ..erCafe


3T Ionic 0 Pro Aluminum Seatpost Review


3T Ionic 0 Pro Aluminum Seatpost Review


This new innovative design features key details like the sophisticated and robust, exclusive DiffLock saddle clamp. It’s all here due to the placement the seat clamp assembly in line with the seatpost for zero setback. Thankfully the creative bike-parts design crew with 3T thought this through and developed the new Ionic 0 Inline Post to be a more compact style design. Thus solving those bike fit issues that corollate to not only your seatpost, but your stem handlebar as well.

So if your like many athletes seeking outright speed that favors this more forward position on the bike. The Ionic 0 with it’s splined alloy DiffLock coupling is a highly-accurate method of setting saddle angle needing only lightweight clamping by side-mounted bolts. It is especially useful for fine adjustment of saddle setback, which can be done without impacting saddle angle.

They have also fabricated the alloy with a shot-peened, black-anodized finish along with a kick ass white graphic design to keep it lighter weight, with the super cool modern looking white stripe.

Also for the Ionic diameter size options, they provide the two most popular sizes of 27.2mm which I feel is ideal because it helps with a little extra compliance for super bumpy areas out there. While the other diameter for the Ionic is 31.6mm, while both diameters come with three options for the lengths of, 280, 350, 420mm.


The Iconic Pro Price: was €94.99 €57.99
Product Shown Above

  • Advanced Technology

“Have fun riding with friends railing new trails on Sundays…. Enjoy!”

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Funner, ..erCafe

  • Rock The Ionic All Day long!

3T Aluminum Pro spec review

  • Material Aluminum
  • Straight no setback
  • Ionic Lengths (280, 350, 420mm)
  • Diameter Options are (27.2, 31.6mm)
  • Total Weight is 230g (31.6mm x 280mm)
3T Ionic Color ShotPeened Black with` white kick ass graphics


3T Team Stealth Edition Seatpost & Stem



From €153.88
RRP €225.48 SAVE 32%

Treat yourself to an upgrade with this super stylish Stealth Edition Seatpost & Stem combo from 3T. They have created a sophisticated and robust combo with this pairing of 3T’s Ionic 0 Team Stealth Carbon Seatpost and the Arx II Team Stealth Alloy Road Stem, all you have to do is choose the right sizes.


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Crank Brothers Cobalt 11 Carbon 27.5″ MTB Wheelset

crankbrothers cobalt 11 carbon wheelset

Get above it all with the assistance of a carbon wheelset.

crankbrothers cobalt 11 carbon wheelset



Are you possibly thinking about blasting your local trail network loop, or want a solid hammer fest up your most favored summertime logging roads? Well then don’t leave the Crankbrothers Cobalt 11 behind. The newest Cobalt allows for all of your choice upper level fitness you’ve worked super hard to build up, for when you bust up past the tree line into the alpine.

  • The Cobalt mtb wheels include their 6061 alloy hub w/ stainless spokes.

Customer Reviews

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Sale from £739

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crankbrothers cobalt 11_whlset


Here’s a great view of the Cobalt’s side profile to display the highly functional hubs and more.


faster to accelerate
low rotational inertia – unique design distributes mass closer to the hub for faster acceleration and deceleration.
tubeless ready – hole-less rims: stronger and no tape required for tubeless setup.

stronger and stiffer
twinpair spoke technology – designed using the strongest shape in construction, the triangle, to maximize strength and stiffness.
beautifully simple – single spoke length: easy to true and replaceable without removing tire.

Carbon Fiber
UD Carbon fiber, matte finish
rim width
spoke material
stainless steel
spoke pins
hollow 7075-t6 aluminum
front hub material
crankbrothers cobalt, 6061-t6
front hub end caps
boost: 15mm only | non-boost: 15mm (installed), 9mm (available separately)
rear hub material
rear hub end caps
boost: 12x148mm only | non-boost: 12x142mm (installed), 10x135mm (sold seperately)
3-pawl, 21T, alloy
xd driver
xd driver compatible, available separately
skewers not included, available separately
weight : 29″
weight : 27.5″
2 years

Race Face Aeffect 29in SL Wheelset

Race Face Aeffect 29in SL Wheelset


AEFFECT FOR SALE PRICE $490.00 – 10% off


Race Face Aeffect 29in SL Wheelset



Aeffect SL 29in For Sale/CompetitiveCYCLIST



Wagon wheels have had their detractors from the beginning. “Too flexi,” “wander on climbs,” “don’t track right”—we’ve heard it all. But in the end, they’re just faster than their stunted counterparts, and when it comes to XC speed, fast is fun. Race Face’s Aeffect SL set embodies the speed-first ethos of twenty-niners in a hoop whose design balances width against weight, going a tad wider than traditional XC models without falling victim to the rim-width arms race currently gripping the enduro world.

That’s not to say the Affect rims are tiny, at 24mm, their internal width eclipses the standard external width of cross-country race model from just a few years ago. This Race Face setup will better accommodate slightly larger tires, allowing for higher air volume, lower PSI, increased traction, and an additional layer of cushion for sopping up trail chatter. Since they’re branded Aeffect, you can rest assured that they’re also tough as hell.

The 29in rims are laced to their own Trace hubs. The Trace model doesn’t quite have the lightning-strike engagement of the brand’s new Vault freehub, but that’s just indicative of their different recommended uses. Since it’s featured on an XC model, the Trace hub’s three pawls and 9.2-degree engagement are more than equal to the needs of endurance events and long periods spent at speed. The Vault’s faster engagement is nice if you’re muscling big-travel enduro sleds over stop-and-start rocky cruxes, but the Aeffect SL’s Trace hubs do the trick when low weight and high speed are the order of the day.

Aeffect front



  • A cross-country set for the modern era
  • Rim sits wider than traditional XC hoops for increased tire volume
  • Straight pull spokes eliminate the J-bend weak spot
  • Includes additional five spare rear spokes



Material: aluminum
Tire Type: tubeless ready, clincher
Width: [internal] 24mm
Brake Compatibility: 6-bolt disc
Hubs: Race Face Trace
Front Axle: 15mm quick-release
Rear Axle: 12 x 142mm
Spokes: double-butted straight pull
Spoke Nipple: silver brass
Claimed Weight: [complete] 1,790g
Recommended Race Face Use: cross-country
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year after Aeffect purchase date.

Race Face Aeffect purchase review here…


7IDP Flex Knee Guard Pads

7idp flex knee pads black




Men’s Flex Knee Pads

Price $49.00

Purchase 7IDP here…

Discount 25% Off of $65.00





These Flex products are ideal because taking big risks calls for more protection, but with 7IDP that doesn’t mean added bulk and inconvenience. The 7IDP have adjustable straps to provide a custom fit that prevents slipping.

7idp flex knee guard cyan-blue

Constructed with Nylon Spandex, the 7iDP pads feature polygon perforated custom foam with a plastic cap. This lightweight and flexible setup also provide low-profile protection that’s accommodating the range of motion of your pedal stroke.

See the men’s Flex reviews, purchase info at


Specs for “7IDP Flex Knee Gaurd”


  • Flex employs a hard-wearing, durable Nylon Spandex material
  • Double layer polygon perforated custom foam to increase air-flow and reduce weight
  • Upper calf muscle adjustable strap
  • Center adjustment strap provides even tension above calf music and around top of the pad
  • One piece foam section covers front and sides of with a plastic cap
  • Custom polygon neoprene




7Idp Transition Elbow/Forearm Guard
SAVE 20%
MSRP $64.99

iXS Assault Knee/Shin Guards
iXS Assault Knee/Shin Guards

iXS Assault Knee/Shin Guards The iXS Assault series …


Alpinestars Paragon Knee Guards
Alpinestars Paragon Knee Guards

Alpinestars Paragon Knee Guard As knees are particularly …


iXS Cleaver Knee/Shin Guards
iXS Cleaver Knee/Shin Guards

iXS Cleaver Knee/Shin Guards The iXS Cleaver series …


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7IDP Tactic Glove – For Sale w/ Mens Review

7idp glove 2016 tactic blue



Men’s Tactic Glove

Price $19.00

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Discount 46% Off of $37.00





Make no Tactic mistakes, as 7IDP are 100% confident in their protective wear, but that doesn’t mean they want you to constantly wreck. In fact for 7IDP to help keep you in control and traveling upright, 7IDP designed their new setup which is lightweight and resilient to keep your grip keen when the trail begs otherwise.

7idp tactic glove for-sale mens review

The 7IDP setup employs pre-curved chassis for comfort, and strategically placed silicone print on the fingertips for optimal tactility. While the Tactic microsuede thumb wipe panel is not only comfortable but extremely handy on cool weather days.

See the men’s Tactic reviews, purchase info at


Specs for “7IDP Tactic Glove”

  • Tactic perforated palm with debased logos and silicone grip on index finger and thumb.
  • Pre-curved chassis for perfect fit.
  • Perforated palm with debossed logos and silicone grip on index finger and thumb
  • Pull on design with neoprene fitted cuff and ulna cutout for improved comfort
  • Reinforced thumb joint panel
  • Articulated knuckles for improved dexterity


SIZE Extra Small Small Medium Large X Large
INCH 7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 11″ 12″
CM 18 20 23 25 28 30.5

7idp tactic glove yellow
Enjoy them…


Castelli Senza 2 Cycling Jacket – Men’s

Castelli Senza 2 Cycling Jacket Mirage


Castelli Senza 2 Cycling Jacket Review

Senza is all due to you’re loathe to abandon your Perfetto jersey as fall winds down. Similar to the Perfetto’s clean silhouette and incredible ability to shield you from inclement weather while preserving the same freedom of movement as your favorite warm-weather jerseys is enough to make us yearn for cool weather just so we can wear it again. We can’t stop winter’s imminent arrival, but we can deliver the news they created a winter cycling jacket modeled after the Perfetto to see you through the colder months. Sharing the same streamlined silhouette and weather resistance as the Senza, and the Men’s 2 Jacket comes with equipped with a warmer construction to take you comfortably through the cooler winter months.


The 2 main differences between the Senza and the Perfetto, as we mentioned, is in fabric construction. Gore Windstopper X-Fast fabric anchors the jacket, providing resistance to wind, snow, and rain while you’re out on the roads, as well as jacket-level warmth when the temperature drops.



We’d compare the Senza to a softshell, but that would suggest less freedom of movement than it actually has. Breathable Thermoflex panels at the sides give the Senza its stretchy, adaptable shape, ready to follow you as you change positions in the saddle.


Shown above the Senza will easily keep both wheel and road spray at bay by the longer Senza extended back hem, while reflective accents throughout the jacket help you stand out to motorists on dim winter days.

  • Trade your Perfetto for the Senza in time for winter
  • Water- and wind-resistant fabric ideal for cold weather
  • Form-fitting silhouette closely contours the body
  • Extended rear hem protects against wheel spray
  • Three rear pockets provide space for ride fuel
  • Reflective accents enhance visibility to motorists
  • Item #Senz00D9


For Sale $228.96

Castelli purchase with Castelli review at


Castelli Espresso 4 Cycling Jacket Men’s

Castelli Espresso 4 Cycling Jacket Black


Castelli Espresso 4 Cycling Jacket Review

Espresso is key, as winter always arrives, thwarting our autumnal bliss with heavy grey clouds and temperatures that dip far too low for thermal jerseys alone. Around the office, this is the cue for most of us to take out the trainer and resign ourselves to a few months in the basement, but if you’re looking to gain a competitive Espresso edge for your spring season, while the Men’s 4 Jacket will help you do it, as now you can be braver than we are and stay outside.

castelli espresso 4 cycling jacket_mirage

4 stretch panels integrated throughout the body of the jacket keep it moving with you as you shift positions in the saddle, and zippered ventilation openings allow you to add airflow on interval days. Also cut in a jacket silhouette that’s kind for a season of rich holiday meals and hearty food, it was crafted for miles that won’t always feel pleasant. They focused on equipping you to handle frigid temps and mixed precipitation, constructing the jacket with Gore’s venerable Windstopper X-Fast fabric to provide wind and water resistance for hours at a time.

castelli espresso 4_ruby_red

A host of other innovative touches on the Espresso serve to enhance comfort on the bike, especially during a season filled with long, low-intensity base mile efforts. Their CrossWrap wrist closures keep the Espresso  arm cuffs lying flat as you grip the bars, while a double-layered collar seals out especially aggressive gusts. The Espresso zippered vents not only help you stay cool, but serve as extra space to stash ride fuel or cash for the coffee shop, and they work with the three rear and zippered chest pocket to provide you with ample storage space. Finally for the Espresso, is reflective piping along the jacket’s waist enhances your visibility to motorists during winter’s limited daylight hours.


  • Build endurance through the winter cycling outside
  • Slim fit more relaxed than their race kit for comfort
  • Softshell construction blocks wind and rain for warmth
  • Breathable fabric and vents prevent overheating
  • Wealth of pockets allow for ample storage
  • Item #ESPRESSO

Tech Specs

Gore Windstopper X-Fast
zippered front vents
3 rear
Recommended Use
road cycling
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

For Sale $239.96

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Giordana Sosta Men’s Winter Cycling Protection

giordana sosta grey plaid


Giordana Sosta Shell Winter Jacket Review


Sale Price $311.96 $389.95 20% Off




Sosta designers took inspiration from the Italian word for “pause” when creating its Men’s Sosta Winter Shell, thinking about the times we choose to ride for the sake of riding, rather than for strict splits and goal paces. That type of riding often happens more in the off-season, which is when we’re finished with training schedules and weekend races.


So the Giordana crew know all to well, the rain and wind that accompany the off-season, while exactly the conditions they developed the Sosta to handle. The Sosta’s three-layer polyester/spandex shell comes coated in a water-repellent DWR coating, which blocks rain and strong gusts. Although still allowing the Sosta to remain ample breathable as you warm up.

giordana sosta mens-black


Underneath its efficient shell, the Sosta comes with a merino wool lining, responsible for both insulating and using its natural ability to regulate temperature to keep you dry throughout your ride. Whether you pair the Sosta with a baselayer or thermal jersey, it will consistently ferry moisture to its surface to evaporate so you don’t end up cold and clammy after a tough climb to a gusty summit. Reflective accents help you stand out on dim, late fall roads, and three rear pockets are complemented by a zippered individual pocket to hang onto ride snacks and a view-capturing smartphone. As this is a more relaxed shell, they tailored the Sosta to be an easy layering piece, without giving it a hint of sloppiness. Its slim fit matches an equally clean style we’re unsurprised, but still thrilled to see from the Italian firm.

giordana sosta men's black jacket



Product Details: Sosta

  • Enjoy the relaxed pace of the cycling off-season
  • Slim Sosta fit easily accommodates layering
  • 3-layer shell blocks wind and rain
  • Merino wool lining insulates and regulates body temperature
  • Reflective accents keep you visible on dim roads
  • Assorted pockets safely store ride fuel and essentials
  • Item #GIO005M


Giordana purchase with jacket review at


Tech Specs

[shell] polyester/spandex blend, DWR treatment, [lining] merino wool
men’s slim
1 zippered rear, 3 rear cargo
Recommended Use
Giordana Warranty
1 year

Canari Razor Convertible Bike Jacket – Men’s

canari razor convertible jacket blue rear zip pocket

Canari winter cycling review



Becomes a vest




Bike XC/ Trail or Road
Durable WindShear fabric



This Canari Razor Convertible Jacket is perfect when you can’t decide what to wear on a chilly day, as all you need. With zip off Razor sleeves, this bike setup has the ability adapts to a convertible vest and presto , as the Razor sleeves easily stow away in your rear pocket.

canari razor convertible bike jacket yellow

They allow for you to keep on bike riding into the sunset, as this Convertible comfort is at a Razor premium. Thankfully though when riding during the fall season and those chilly mornings turn into afternoon sun, just remove the Razor’s sleeves, stow them in the back pocket.

canari razor convertible green jacket

The jacket’s super handy two-way front zipper makes it easier to throw the Razor on and take off. While the Razor is also thankfully made with durable Razor WindShear fabric, so that you will be safely tucked away from the tougher elements like wind and water.

Canari made it so now you don’t have any excuses, it’s time to get out on your bike more, regardless what cycling season it is, or how cold the weather might feel…


Canari Razor Convertible Jacket purchase info and for sale review at

Key Features

  • Canari fleece lined inner collar
  • WindShear wind and water resistant fabric
  • While on your bike you get zip off  sleeves, now the jacket’s a vest that’s much more breathable
  • Razor 2-way front zipper
  • Razor rear zip 9-inch back pocket

SAVE 50% Price is $34.00


Birzman E-Version 20 Function Mini Multi-Tool

Birzman E-Version 20 Function Mini Multi-Tool


Birzman E-Version Bicycle Mini Multi-Tool


Birzman was only after the key essentials here with 20 primary tools. The Chrome Vanadium Birzman bits are forged and CNC machined for strength, toughness and a long E-Version life span. These E-Version setups are assembled and smartly arranged in a lightweight aluminum body.
This version has a sweet black color, with a simple phillips/ flathead screwdrivers, which completes the Birzman design.

E-Version review, pricing, purchase info at


One torx T25.
Allen hex sizes consist of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm to keep it complete.
Chain Rivet Extractor.
3.2mm, 4.3mm, and 4.4mm Mavic spoke wrenches
Disc Adjuster.
Tire Lever.
Knife, Can-Opener.
Birzman Forged and CNC-machined Chrome-Vanadium bits for longevity.


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Sun Ringle Inferno 27 29er Wheelset Review

Sun Ringle Inferno 27 29er Review Intense Rim

50% off $400.00 msrp

Inferno 27 29er


The Sun Intense 29er wheelset brings no shortage of killer performance with modern thru-axles and wide internal rim width at a price-conscious price point. The Sun Inferno rim is an affordable trail/all-mountain rim with a wider 22.3mm inner width. The Inferno 27 rim is built to be durable enough for relentless trails, yet light enough to prevent it from anchoring you down. The Sun Rims are paired with a sturdy, reliable Intense branded hubset. They are 6 bolt disc compatible and the 12×142 rear axle and 15mm front thru axle ensure that you’re up to date with the latest in mountain bike technology.

Sun Ringle Inferno 27 29er Wheelset Review



  • Inferno Rims
  • Inferno w/Intense Hubset
  • Rim Width External/Internal: 27mm /22.3mm
  • 6 Bolt Disc Rotor Compatible
  • 10-Speed Shimano Freehub
  • Rear Hub Axle: 12x142mm Thru Axle
  • Front Hub Axle: 15mm Thru Axle
  • Spokes: 32h
  • Inferno Sold As Wheelset

Sun Ringle Inferno purchase info, review and more..


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Sidi Epic Mountain Bike Adventure Shoe Testing Review

Sidi Epic Mountain Bike Shoe Testing Review black-white


Epic Shoes for adventure…

Price $174 discounted 43% to $99


The Sidi setup, as always comes with their incredibly durable materials, a mesh top, and perfectly balanced Sidi sole stiffness make for a no brainer choice when looking for a new set of mountain kicks. The Sidi Epic carries on one of the reputations they have been known for and has that certain “like a glove” fit along with their tradition of quality.

The Epic’s reinforced heel cups ensure your feet stay in the optimal pedaling position for churning the cranks while the stretch resistant material ensures a long lasting fit for miles to come. Good ol’ fashioned shoelace and velcro closures are dependable and make the Epic setup truly bullet proof.


  • Epic Politex suede effect upper material is rip, laceration, stretch, and fade resistant, and totally “green”.
  • Epic lace and velcro straps closure are both secure and adjustable for a customizable Sidi fit.
  • Sidi outdoor rubber high performance sole is perfect for variable trail conditions.
  • Pull-tab on the heel for fast transitions.
  • Reinforced heel cup keeps the foot in the optimal position.
  • Purchase the Sidi Epic Mountain Bike Shoes at, with product review and more…


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Funkier MTB Camba Rider Baggy Shorts with Liner SS16 Review

Funkier MTB Camba Baggy Shorts with Liner SS16



MTB Camba


€47.49 save 22%


The Funkier MTB Camba Rider Baggy Shorts with Liner SS16 are well suited to trail riding, water resistant fabric, multiple pockets with Velcro/zipped and protective flaps. The MTB shorts have also been strengthened with reinforced stitching to stand up to the rigours of mountain bike riding in baggies.


  • Water resistant MTB fabric
  • Elastic back waist & lacing for adjustment
  • Camba multiple size and shaped pockets
  • Velcro, zip & Camba protective flap pockets
  • Air openings (mesh)
  • Velcro strap to adjust leg fitting
  • Elastic rib panel on the back for comfort
  • MTB Camba Reinforced stitches

Buy Funky Clothing from Chain Reaction


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Funkier Force Short Sleeve Jersey SS16 Review – Men’s

Funkier Force Short Sleeve Jersey SS16 mens-green



Force Short Sleeve

€33.99 sale 11%


The men’s Funkier Force Short Sleeve Jersey SS16 for summer is treated with QUICK DRY Active Protection offering maximum wear comfort for all activities. Through the special Force fabric structure of the material, body generated moisture and vapor from inside the garment is allowed to quickly escape outward.

Funkier Force Short Sleeve Jersey SS16 black

Force garments with this protection, provide the highest Jersey level of wear comfort for all types of activities.


  • 100% polyester mesh
  • Shorter Quick Dry active protection
  • UPF 50 provides protection from UVR
  • 3 rear pockets (including 1 water resistant short pocket for your smartphone/media player)
  • Sublimation print
  • Full length reflective zipper
  • Force raglan shorter style to keep you cooler
  • 5 net fabric panels for full ventilation

Buy Funky Clothing w/ additional colors and review from ChainReactionCycles. Enjoy!


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Funkier 17 Panel Active Bib Shorts SS16

Funkier 17 Panel Active Bibshorts SS16


Funkier 17 Panel Active Bib Shorts

Anatomic shape for maximum comfort.


  • Lycra fabric technology
  • 8 sublimation print panels
  • 2 net panels
  • Antibacterial double layer
  • Moisture transference
  • Anatomic shape
  • High density foam
  • Materials: 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex
  • Weight: 240g

Buy Funkier Clothing from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


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Funkier Force 10 Panel Active Shorts AW16

Funkier Force 10 Panel Active Shorts SS16



Force 10



Offering activity riders support and comfort while wicking away perspiration, the Funkier Force 10 Panel Active Shorts AW16 have an antibacterial fabric chamois to warn off saddle sores and the soft silicon grippers stop the legs from riding up. While the Force not only has Cycling Clothing specific lycra fabric, but with ten total panels it’s not only easy to move in but extremely comfortable to wear.

Beyond the Force, if you happen to prefer bibs to traditional cycling shorts, check out this top ten list here or find a great value cycling jersey to go with your setup here at Jensonusa.


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De Marchi Divisionism Mens Jersey

De Marchi Divisionism Mens Jersey pink

Divisionism Jersey gets it done…


De Marchi sure as hell knows how to craft a garment that mixes classic Italian style with the kind of substantial construction that will see us through countless training rides. While we can’t hope to ever look quite as urbane as Coppi in his mid-century heyday, sans helmet and sipping an espresso in the saddle, De Marchi’s Divisionism gives us hope that we can come close to that division.

De Marchi Divisionism Mens Jersey red

Elegant polka dots and well-placed stripes in classic cycling hues anchor the Divisionism on the platform of stretchy, soft polyester. De Marchi frequently chooses one sumptuous fabric to use throughout a piece rather than crafting each panel out of a different proprietary material, and it trusts this proven construction with the Divisionism. The summer-weight polyester adeptly draws moisture away from your skin as you sweat on sunny days, and a full-length zipper gives you the option to shed extra heat on tough climbs. Clean, subtle cuffs hold the Divisionism sleeve hems in place, while three rear pockets at the back give you space to subtly stash a few CO2 tubes and cash for a Coppi-inspired espresso at the end of your favorite loop.

De Marchi Divisionism Jersey white pockets

Sale 25% — $74.00  regular price $99.99

De Marchi review, purchase info, sizing and more..

  • Divisionism makes summer-weight training in a streamlined silhouette
  • Stretchy, soft polyester wicks moisture quickly and efficiently
  • Full-length zipper for heat dumps on hot days


100% polyester
3 rear
Recommended Use:
road cycling
Divisionism Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years




Fizik M5 Uomo Boa MTB Shoes

Fizik M5 Uomo Boa MTB Shoes



msrp: $185 – For Sale Priced $166 at 10% off

M5 Uomo Boa Review

The Fizik M5 carries over the same high performance professional level as its Fizik M3 Boa older brother, except it strategically applies the best materials in all the right places for a fraction of the M3 cost. For instance the M5 upper is equipped with a combination of their Microtex Nylon Mesh material and anti-scratch leather, for high comfort and durability. Comfort is further optimized by the Cycling Insole which also reduces weight. The Nylon Carbon reinforced outsole also keeps weight minimal while providing a stiff platform for superior power transfer and acceleration. The M5, features their BIP1 closure system which employs a durable lace and a retention dial. The dial system offers more points of engagement that allow an overall more precise retention and fit. Need we mention the M5 is handmade in Italy?

Fizik M5 Uomo Boa MTB Shoes black



Fizik Men’s Shoes, reviews, sizing, purchase and more, check’m out here..


  • Materials: : Microtex/Nylon Mesh/Anti-Scratch Leather
  • Outsole: Carbon Reinforced Nylon
  • Insole: Cycling Insole
  • Closure style Boa
  • Available Size: 40-47 and 48
  • M5 Weight: 360 g. ( size 43)

Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher made by Zipp – Review

Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher made by Zipp

Performance Bike is no stranger to collaborations..

price: $1698 save 10% weight: 1575 grams


They partnered with Zipp for a custom, handbuilt carbon clincher wheelset that’s made at Zipp’s Indiana HQ.

The Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 uses a 45mm deep carbon clincher rim made by Zipp using most of their tech, including braking surface, high temp resins and aero rim profiles. It’s very similar in shape to the Firecrest 303, but without the exact Firecrest profile and without the dimpled surface. Those are laced to DT Swiss 350 straight pull hubs using Sapim CX-Ray bladed spokes and come with Zipp skewers. Retail is $1,899 (on sale as of this post for $1,399). Pics and more below.

Performance Bike Wheelhouse 45 Carbon Clincher Zipp road wheels

The wheels come with Zipp’s Tangente Pro brake pads, plus rim tape and Zipp valve extenders.

Performance Wheelhouse Carbon 45 Clincher Zipp


Claimed weight is 1,575g. Check ’em out with review here.


Diadora X Trivex Plus MTB Shoes 2015 Review

Diadora X Trivex Plus MTB Shoes 2015

Diadora put a Plus on the trail..

SRP $150 –  sale 58% off $64

The crew built the 2015 X Trivex MTB to get down and dirty on the trails, it also boasts a wealth of features that will keep you going either on or off your ride. The X Trivex also features a Suprell-Tech upper as seen on many Diadora road shoes, which gives the X Trivex a supple and moulded feel around the foot.

The X Trivex is held in place by a 4-point closure system while the anti stretch fabric keeps it feeling fresh and comfortable ride after ride. While the reinforced sole produces fantastic power transfer and the X Trivex rubber lugs give added traction when dismounting in tougher muddy conditions.


  • Upper: Diadora Trivex Suprell-Tech, with Morpho Cage MTB
  • Sole: Sport MTB CR composite reinforced sole
  • Heel Cup: X Trivex Inside Ergonomic Heel Support
  • Arch support: EVA, anti stretch fabric
  • Closure: X Trivex 4 Point Closure, Dual Ring Closure, FIT Adjust


  • Morpho AM Cage: The new Diadora construction of Morpho AM Cage upper, made from anti stretch Air Mesh and Supreltech microfibre ensures perfect closure and increases foot stability during thrust. Air Mesh fabric improves transpiration and comfort, guaranteeing top performance
  • V-Fit Adjust: The V-Fit Adjust Closure allows you to adjust the X Trivex fit of your feet. The position can be regulated by moving the Velcro strap
  • Four Point Plus Closure: A functional and precise closure system: the X Trivex buckle has an aluminium chassis and a large release button. 4 different adjustment positions offer outstanding performance and comfort for all kinds of feet. Both the Diadora ratchet and the buckle can be replaced.

Buy Diadora X Trivex Plus shoes, and review from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Store.



2016 Fox 32 Float 120 Factory 29 Fork

2016 Fox 32 Float 120 Factory 29 Fork

The Float – No Mountain Too High.

$850 –  Sale 21% $670

The 2016 Fox 32 Float 120 Factory 29 series is witin Fox’s lightest fork offering and is designed for those who want to dominate the XC circuit. 2014 World Champions Julien Absalom and Catherine Pendrel continue to choose these Fox forks for their racing endeavors. The Float’s low weight and lockout allow for very efficient climbing and the new Fit4 Factory damper handles and adapts to the floating trail conditions. Settings give the Float user the options of an Open, Medium, or Firm platform along with 22 clicks of low speed compression adjustment. The Float Air spring has been updated to be lighter and given the ability to react with more sensitivity, giving the rider a superior ride and outstanding control. Just like the Float rear shocks, this fork has a positive and negative spring that equalize automatically and can be fine-tuned with volume spacers for that ultimate, dialed-in feel.

See more info on the Fox 32 Float 120 Factory reviews, pricing, for sale info and more at


TRAVEL 120 mm
STEERER /Leg Diameter 1.5 TAPER, 32 mm
RAKE 44.0 MM
INTENDED USE XC to be Float fast.
WEIGHT 4.0 LBS / 1814G (Float complete w/AXLE)


De Marchi Men’s Corsa Evolution Jersey

De Marchi Corsa Evolution Jersey grey men's




price: $111.00 save 20%


Known for classy Italian style and impeccable quality, the Men’s De Marchi Corsa continues that tradition with muted yet modern flair. Made from a soft multifilament fabric chosen for its airy composition and low weight, the Corsa breathes more efficiently than most nylon/Lycra blends and rapidly transfers moisture away from your skin. In addition to its lightweight and thermo-regulating properties, the Corsa fabric also stretches to wrap and support your upper body and arm muscles while in the cycling position.

De Marchi Corsa Evo Jersey black

The Corsa’s anatomical fit was made possible using their Contour Corsa Fit design as a means to stabilize it while in the cycling position. This is accomplished using pre-shaped fabric panels that closely follow the body while in motion.

De Marchi Corsa Evolution Jersey mens blue


The Corsa is finished with a full-length front zipper for extra ventilation control, three rear-panel pockets to tote along ride necessities, and reflective elements to increase visibility to other road users in low-light conditions.

De Marchi Corsa Evo Jersey pricing reviews, and more..


De Marchi Men’s Sportwool Ibrida Jersey

De Marchi Men's Sportwool Ibrida Jersey




price: $119 save 20%


Brisk early morning rides often call for a bit more fabric, as the De Marchi Men’s Sportwool Jersey is that ideal weight. Made from a soft, comfortable blend of Sportwool, Merino, and nylon microfiber, this top cuts a classic profile as a standalone or layered under a vest or jacket on chillier days.

The Sportwool sits on the more accommodating end of their Contour Fit design spectrum, so it accommodates heavier base layers and body types that don’t adhere to the emaciated climber standard. This is accomplished using pre-shaped Sportwool fabric panels that closely follow the body while in motion without fitting like a painted-on race top. To put the fit in brand-specific perspective, the Sportwool tends to fit about one size larger than their slimmer Leggera line.

The Sportwool is finished with a full-length front zipper for extra ventilation control, three open rear-panel pockets, an additional zippered pocket, and reflective elements to increase visibility to other road users in low-light conditions.

De Marchi Sportwool Jersey pricing reviews, and more..


De Marchi Men’s 1972 Holland Jersey

De Marchi Men's 1972 Holland Jersey


De Marchi Classic Men’s Style

price: $132 save 25%


In 1972, the Dutchman Kuiper shocked the world by winning the gold medal in the Munich summer games. Always one to embrace tradition, created the De Marchi 1972 Men’s Cycling Jersey to honor Kuiper’s win and bring a little bit of vintage style back with typical Italian class.

Fittingly, the 1972 embraced wool and its former place as the de facto fabric of cycling for the construction, using a blend of fine-gauge merino wool and synthetic fibers rather than the purely synthetic fabrics we depend upon now. Allowing the 1972 to be lightweight and efficient at managing body temperature, merino easily demonstrates that it still holds ample value today, even in the face of newer, cheaper replacements. Merino is also naturally resistant to odors on the 1972, so you’ll smell fresh as a Dutch tulip — or at least not offensive — when you stop for a jenever and a stroopwafel post-ride.

The 1972, as their known to do, also adds thoughtful touches to set it apart from the rest of the retro pack. These include three slim rear pockets and the flag-inspired pattern at the sleeves, collar, and torso to let everyone know that your cycling affections lie with the land of windmills and Gouda.

See more De Marchi 1972 reviews, pricing and purchase info at..


Reynolds Enduro 29 Wheelset For Sale

Reynolds Enduro 29 set



2016 Reynolds Carbon Wheelset

The Reynolds Enduro 29 offering is for aggressive riders who prefer bigger wheels. Built with their Enduro asymmetric carbon rim, these wheels even out spoke tension for a more durable and predictable ride. The 28 mm wide, hookless Enduro rim channel provides excellent tire fit and provides additional air volume for superior ride quality and traction. Add the new Enduro center lock premium hub with 3-degree engagement to make these the first choice in big wheel, big mountain performance.

Reynolds Enduro 29 wheelset carbon

Reynolds Enduro 29 reviews, and more..


Tubeless Set: 1585g
External: 34.00 mm , Internal: 28.00 mm
28 front / 28 rear
Enduro Hub by Industry Nine
Center Lock Rotor

MSRP:$2500, now for sale $1999.00

*excludes Enduro sales tax


Reynolds 27.5 Plus Enduro Wheelset

Reynolds 27.5 Plus Front wheel

Price $2340 Save 10%

Reynolds Blacklabel Wheelset

The new Reynolds Enduro 27.5 Plus carbon mountain bike wheels have already set the bar for this emerging category. At only 1625 grams, the 27.5 are as light as many focused models while offering up a 40 mm hookless channel to ensure great fit for 2.8+ sized tires.

reynolds carbon 27.5 plus wheels

Their new 27.5 center lock hubs come with ‘Boost’ spacing to match bike specs and allow better spoke angles for unbeatable durability, while the 3-degree engagement provides 27.5 category-leading quickness.

Reviews and Reynolds Enduro 27.5 Plus purchase info

Weight: Tubeless Set: 1625g
MSRP: $2600
*excludes sales tax


Weight: 27.5 Tubeless Set: 1625g
Width: External: 45.00 mm , Internal: 40.00 mm
Rim Depth: 24.00 mm
Spokes: 28 front / 28 rear
Compatibility: Center Lock Rotor
Hub: Hub by Industry Nine
Diameter Size: 27.5 inch

Novara Tangletown Anorak Men’s Bike Jacket

Novara Tangletown Anorak Bike Jacket Novara Tangletown Anorak Men's Bike Jacket

Tangletown Anorak


$48  save 58%


This stylish Novara Tangletown pullover provides weather-resistant protection for rainy bike commutes, that keeps you covered and comfortable from start to finish.

  • Tangltown water-resistant polyester sheds light precipitation
  • Pullover style with hood delivers full coverage; partial zip opening allows Tangletown ventilation
  • Hood and hem can be tightened with internal adjustable drawcords
  • Tangletown reflective elements enhance visibility
  • 1 zip chest pocket; 1 zip rear pocket
  • bluesign®-certified fabric


* Intermediate Novara markdowns may have been taken.

Best use Bike commuting, Urban cycling, & touring
Fabric Polyester
Lining fabric Polyester laminate
Reflectivity Yes
Hood Yes
Average weight n-a
Gender Men’s Tangletown


Colnago Artemis 30 Carbon Wheelset

Colnago Artemis 30 Carbon Wheelset


Artemis Carbon Clincher Wheelset

price: $1999.00 save 45%


Colnago is with question a world-renowned brand in high-end racing bikes, while the Colnago crew of engineers also produce high quality components with long-lasting class & progressive thinking, steeped in over 60 years of Italian heritage. Allowing for the Colnago Artemis 30 set to be all things amazing!

Colnago Artemis 30 hub

The Artemis stand on the shoulders of past craftsmanship but continuing to break new boundaries is why they remain worthy of being in any race and/or daily coffee shop ride. Though their Carbon wheelset would be right at home parked out front of your favorite cappuccino hut, it is definitely designed more for the former.

The Artemis 30 sets are as versatile as they are beautiful, able to take on any type of terrain in any weather conditions. The aerodynamic profile allows wind cheating advantages where they are most needed, and thanks to their svelte 1,500 gram weight, they’re also talented with ascending skyward roads with panache and poise. In other words, the Artemis 30 are primed and ready for race day.


  • Carbon rim sheds valuable grams and increases stiffness for an improved power transfer
  • Artemis 30mm rim depth is perfect for all around racing-performance. The perfect middle ground between agressive crit use and featherweight climbers.
  • Straight pull spokes and hubs allow better spoke tension for a stronger, stiffer build
  • Includes: Skewers, brake pads, cassette spacer.
  • Available for purchase at
Size 700c
Outer Width 23mm
Inner Width 16mm
Height 30mm
Spoke Drilling 20h – front, 24h – rear
Valve Type Presta
Tire Type Clincher
Brake Compatibility Rim
Front Axle QR
Rear Axle QR
Intended Use Road Sport
Weight Artemis complete set without skewers, 1,500g

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset 2015 Review

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset 2015


Cosmic CXR 60 Tubular Wheelset


price: $1401 save 46% /weight: 1590g (pair)

The integrated Mavic Wheel-Tire System featured on the Mavic Cosmic Wheelset cheats the wind, saving time and watts in all conditions. It’s time to go Cosmic while the 2015 model lasts!


  • Freehub: Shimano (10 or 11 speed)
  • Size: 700c
  • Material: Cosmic 100% Woven 3K Carbon fiber
  • Hole Count: Front: 16, Cosmic Rear: 20
  • Axle: QR for the 60
  • Bearings: Cosmic djustable sealed cartridge bearings
  • Weight (each): Front: 710g, Rear: 880g
  • Max Weight Supported (including bike): 120kg

Key Technology:

  • CX01 Mavic CX01 Technology delivers an integrated Wheelset-Tire System that smoothes airflow around the tire and improves laminar airflow at every possible angle. It enables CXR wheels to deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag ever measured on a road System.
  • GRIPLINK: A front tire, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the Cosmic’s ability to hold the ground and control the bike. Therefore, GripLink tires are optimised for front use, by offering a superior grip and extra puncture protection.
  • POWERLINK: A rear tire, whether a clincher or a tubular, must fully liberate the wheelset’s ability to transfer power and generate speed. Therefore, PowerLink tires are optimised for rear use, by minimising the rolling resistance.
  • FTS-L (Force Transfer System Light): Cosmic reinforcement of key transmission components: the contact area between the pawl and the hub body is reinforced by 2 stainless steel inserts, which allows the use of a 100% aluminium hub body.
  • QRM+: Cosmic employs their most demanding level cartridge bearings, that are double sealed with C3 internal clearance, and topped with a micro-adjustability system.

Buy Mavic from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.


2015 Mavic Ksyrium Elite Road Shoes

Mavic Ksyrium Elite Road Shoes 2015 black


Ksyrium Elite Road Shoes


price: $60/ £19.82 sale 80%   -/-  weight 280g



The Mavic Ksyrium is their best-selling model for the simple reason that it combines all day comfort with incredible power transfer, and that Ksyrium versatility will keep 90% of riders happy on 90% of their rides. The Ksyrium Endofit™ tongue, which is a unique feature of this 2015 range, surrounds your foot and holds the tongue in place, giving you what they call The Glove Effect. And the soles of your feet are perfectly supported by Ksyrium’s  Ergo Fit 3D Ortholite inner soles.

Outside, the Ksyrium Ergo ratchet system locks the foot in place allowing you Elite style with 2mm adjustment increments, so you can get the fit just right. While the carbon composite Ksyrium Shoes outersole gives you great power through the pedals.

2015 Mavic Ksyrium Elite Road Shoes white



  • Upper material: Ksyrium synthetic leather with mesh material for ventilation
    Sole: Energy Carbon Comp Elite: extra light, stiff and thin outsole (6.0mm) made of glass fibre/nylon composite for increased stiffness
  • Low construction height (7.5mm) provides pedal proximity
  • Anti-slip Ksyrium trim on front and back
  • Compatible with LOOK-, SPD-SL-, Speedplay-, Keo- and Time Impact road pedals
  • Closure: 2 comfort Velcro straps + 2 position Ergo Lite ratchet for a precise adjustment

Buy Mavic Clothing  from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store!


DVO Diamond 29 Suspension Fork Review

DVO Diamond 29 -Green Fork


Diamond 29 Fork


price: $593 save 40%   -/-  weight 2100g ()

DVO Diamond 29 Suspension Fork black or green

The super fun DVO packs all the high punch of a DH model, but giving you a reasonable 130-160mm travel for trail bike manners. The team of Diamond engineers also upted the ante with bigger 35mm stanchion tubes. The DVO Diamond also features the Industries First Compresssion Bladder Cartridge, along with DYNAMIC TUNABILITY. Also featured is a TOP ADJUSTABLE NEGATIVE SPRING, to make the Diamond the ULTIMATE TRAIL setup out there.

diamond adjustmentsdvo air port dvo compression-bb dvo fender


EXPERIENCE THE DIAMOND AND FOREVER ELEVATE YOUR EXPECATIONS OF WHAT A TRAIL BIKE IS CAPABLE OF. To see more Diamond Review info and more, check out the website, for purchase info as well!


130-160mm DVO adjustable travel via internal fork spacers. Video and Text instructions available


Diamond Forged CNC Hollow: 27.5 = 44mm Offset / 29″ = 51mm”
160=572mm / 150mm=562mm / 140mm=552mm
160mm=555mm / 150mm=545mm / 140mm=535mm


35mm Tapered Alloy

Wheel Size:

27.5” and 29” options available


15mm Quick Release

Steer Options:

Tapered Alloy


Magnesium, Diamond Disc Only

Rotor Size:


Color Options:

Diamond Black, or Green


2016 Rockshox Pike RCT3 29+ Boost Fork

2016 Rockshox Pike RCT3 29+ Boost Fork_sa160


Pike RCT3 29+ Boost 160 Fork


Before now RockShox’s flagship enduro model topped out at either 27.5″+ or regular wagon wheels. But now Rockshox have added another 2016 option for those looking for even bigger rubber. The new Rockshox Pike will be available in the top of the line model shown here, and also in the Pike RC and even their more affordable Yari RC. That means all three Pike models levels come in both 27+ and the combined 29-plus versions. Check out details and availability below.

Rockshox Pike RCT3 29+ Boost Fork

While the Pike’s have been available with standard 100mm spacing for 26″ & 27.5″ wheels, these new versions are now Boost only with 110mm spacing, all with 15mm Maxle thru-axles. The new bigger 29+ gets bigger flexibility than the smaller wheeled forks and can be set for 120/130/140/150/160mm travel.

The Yari offers the look, 35mm uppers, and proven tech of the Pike, just with less adjustability and standard alloy lowers to keep the price down. And now it adds the same Boost option for fat tire trail riders.

Availability for the Pike & Yari is essentially said to be within the next month, as they are making their way now through distribution channels. Pricing for the premier RCT3 should be $1110/1160€, with no more details yet on the Yari at the moment.

SRAM/27.5+ model/ now sale priced $850.00


Santini CoolZero Jersey – Men’s Short-Sleeve

Santini CoolZero Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's red

CoolZero Jersey


price: $115 men’s CoolZero model save 20%


Santini’s making an effort to protect the environment, as few sports bring us as close to the ecological environment as cycling. Every ride, every pedal stroke, every climb, descent, and rolling road feature the natural world as a backdrop. For many of us, the chance to experience our ecological community from the saddle is why we ride. With Santini’s Zero Impact manufacturing philosophy behind its Men’s CoolZero, Santini’s making an effort to protect what we enjoy so passionately while ensuring that your passage through it is as fast and comfortable as possible, and cool as well.

Santini CoolZero Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's green

The Santini synthetic materials on the Jersey incorporate recycled polymers that are harvested and repurposed with an low-energy production process. While they claim that 80% of the polyester used is recycled, though we can’t necessarily verify the chemical composition, we can testify in support of the CoolZero’s race-worthy fit.

Santini CoolZero Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's black

The CoolZero long sleeves and extended rear hem maintain clean lines from your elbows to your waist, and the elastic hem and non-slip cuffs lie flat while maintaining that unbroken plane. The back of the CoolZero features a lightweight, perforated mesh that allows for cool breathability and a high degree of body-hugging stretch.

To see more CoolZero Review info and more, check out the website, for purchase info as well!

New DZR Shift Flat Pedal Shoes Paired w/ Sockguy Custom Socks

DZR The Shift Flat-pedal Shoes

The Shift Flat Pedal Shoes w/ Sockguy

DZR has great style that goes unnoticed, with great DZR durability as well. Now that spring is here it’s time to update your foot wear. Especially those tapped out Vans you should have shifted to the garbage last spring. Check out DZR’s Shift setup as well as a limited road shoe from Suplest.

Shift’s have the flat look with a simple style and a lot of fine details. They stiffened the Shift midsole up for better power transfer while pedaling and have a sole that is designed with a lower Shift mid section for better pedal placement. Using a 12oz canvas, the $79 Shift are durable and sport a chain-link eyelet and a reflective heel cup.

And beyond DZR, what are new shoes without some fresh socks to complement them? Sockguy has several new conservative and wacky styles in the collection to match your needs.


DZR Shift shoes-RED-



Suplest announced they are releasing a very limited number of Seabase edition. With the assistance of sponsored rider and brand ambassador, Patrick Seabase, Suplest is offering only 100 of these clean & simple high performing treads in white to a lucky few. Keep an eye on their site for updates on when these become available.

sock guy sgx black


Sockguy never disappoints with fresh and fun styles each year. Whether you love hotdogs, Evil Knievel, or just the good ol’ US of A, Sockguy has several new styles available in several lengths, materials and styles.

Sockguy Etch Socks

CHCB VC II Performance Shorts


VC II Shorts

CHCB set out to see if it’s possible to combine high-end cycling performance and everyday stylish design into great looking clothing? At 29erCafe, we think so. Which is why we like the CHCB setup. They are formerly known as the folks at Performance, who have created this line of CHCB bike clothing. So back to the design of the CHCB VC, which gets a polyester material that’s designed to meet the demands of a new generation of cyclists.


Which for this super fun VC that has a flattering semi-form fit and looks fabulous on or off your bike. Perfect for getting together with your friends, heading out for all day touring, to just commuting across town, or on your mountain bike the VC will help you ride, feel, and look your best.


With a slimmer cut (but still plenty relaxed), the VC helps optimize your performance on the trail by minimizing wind drag, while still giving you the style and functionality to blaze to your favorite coffee stop. The polyester/spandex stretch fabric is built up tough for lasting performance, helps wick away moisture and dries superfast. They feature soft Lycra gussets for easy movement, a side zippered pocket for easy access, 2 front hand pockets, and a rear pocket with a reflective flap to help you stay visible and keep your wallet in place.

For those really long days, the VC II’s are designed to fit over your favorite padded Lycra pair, so you can get the benefits of a chamois pad for comfort, with the style and versatility of a regular baggy setup.

40% Off $59.00


One color shown above, VC carbon-matt (+).




  • The II is updated with new colors for a fresh and stylish look.
  • Soft Lycra fabric on gusset and side of waist for increased comfort, mobility and a better fit.
  • Polyester/spandex stretch woven shell is durable, flexible and quick-drying.
  • Secure zip fly and button closure.
  • Flat waist design with belt loops for a custom fit.
  • CHCB rubberized logo placed on front.
  • Reflective flap on back pocket adds visibility
  • 2 hand pockets, make the shorts handy for everyday use.
  • Back pocket with reflective flap.
  • Zippered side pocket.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket – Men’s

Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket men's


Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket


This stretchy, lightweight Men’s soft shell breathes just enough to avoid overheating on cool-to-cold-weather runs or bike rides. Patagonia details: DWR (durable water repellent) finish, three secure zipper pockets, Hook-and-loop adjustment at cuffs.


Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket blue


Over hardpack trails and serrated ridgelines, springtime’s ever changing moods can’t keep you from grinning. The new Dirt Craft setup deflects those fussy, seasonal squalls while remaining light, tough, stretchy and breathable. The jacket’s 95% nylon/5% spandex ripstop soft shell fabric also provides wind resistance and sheds light moisture with its DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Zippers close the two hand pockets and the concealed chest pocket, while Hook-and-loop tabs adjust the cuffs. With a single-pull hem and a drop tail for added coverage when cycling.

Patagonia Dirt Craft Jacket forge


$129, now $74.00

Purchase at Patagonia


  • Lightweight and stretchy nylon/spandex ripstop breathes to regulate temperature and has a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to resist light weather.
  • Vision zippers with cord pulls
  • Secure zippered chest pocket hidden underneath.
  • Secure zippered hand pockets
  • Velcro® tabs for cuff adjustment
  • Single-pull hem adjustment
  • Drop tail for protection on bike
  • 4.2-oz 95% nylon (60% recycled)/5% spandex stretch ripstop soft shell with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. Fabric is bluesign® approved.
  • 257 g (9.1 oz)



CHCB James Woven Button Up Short Sleeve Jersey

CHCB James Woven Button Up Short Sleeve Jersey

James Woven Button Up Short Sleeve Jersey

CHCB set out to see if it’s possible to combine high-end cycling performance and everyday stylish design into great looking clothing? At 29erCafe, we think so. Which is why we like the CHCB setup. They are formerly known as the folks at Performance, who have created this line of CHCB bike clothing. So back to the design of the CHCB James, which gets a polyester/spandex stretch material that’s designed to meet the demands of a new generation of road riders.


Which for this super fun James garment, they are those who want all the technical advantages of traditional road setup, but with a design and fit that allows you to get off the bike and look and feel good. From all day road rides, to touring, to just commuting across town, the James will help you ride, feel, and look your best.

CHCB James Woven Button Up Jersey back


With a slimmer cut than a technical T (but still plenty relaxed), the James helps optimize your performance on the road by minimizing wind drag, while still giving you the style and functionality of a regular shirt. The polyester/spandex stretch fabric is built up tough for lasting performance, helps wick away moisture and dries superfast. The also features a back pocket with reflective tab, for easy storage for essentials like phone, wallet or tools, and the reflective tab can be untucked from the pocket for enhanced visibility at night, and easily stowed away when not in use.






One color shown above, CHCB black-matt (white+).


  • James polyester/spandex stretch woven fabric is durable, flexible and quick-drying
  • Mesh side panels for breathability and venting
  • Semi-form fit minimizes wind drag while remaining comfortable
  • Full-length button closure for a casual look
  • Wide, relaxed hemline for style
  • Jersey chest pocket
  • Reflective tab on back pocket (can be tucked away when not in use)
  • Button back pocket with flap

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 Alloy Road Wheels Updated

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra-C17 wheelset



Shamal clinchers have ruled the pre-built wheel market for for what seems like ions ago, being the first wheels with all components from one manufacturer, and they’d been some of the first to incorporate several unique solutions like different front and ream rim heights, ceramic bearings, oversized aluminium bladed spokes, and more. But while the recent tubular versions had a solid wide rim bed that worked well with wider modern tires, the clincher versions had remained narrow. Now that has changed with the new Campagnolo Shamal Ultra’s that bring the wheels in line with riders wanting a wider tire profile.

The new Shamal Ultra C17 remain unchanged in most ways versus the previous generation. They keep the same radial 16 spoke front, and G3 21 spoke rear, and carry over the same oversized alloy flange & carbon bodied hubs as the Shamal tubulars that we reviewed last year. They also keep the same style of machined rim that trims weight between spokes while reinforcing the spoke connection. The new wheels do get an upgrade in the micro-adjustable bearing preload lockring that trickles down from the Bora wheel line.

Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 aluminum tubeless-road wheels

But the big update comes in the move to the C17 standard for a 17mm internal width. Much like the new Mavic carbon clinchers we just saw, Campy thinks that C17 offers the best balance of providing a stable platform for the recent crop of 25-28mm tires. In fact testing them back to back, Campagnolo says that with the same tires the new wheels are even more aero in either tire width than their predecessors.

The new Shamal Ultra C17s will be available this spring as either a clincher-only, or a tubeless compatible 2-Way Fit wheelset. The clincher version has a claimed weight of 1435g for the pair, while 2-Way Fit takes them up to 1515g.


Merrell All Out Charge Trail Running Shoes

Merrell All Out Charge Trail Running Shoe racer blue



Merrell All Out Charge Trail Running Shoes

was $119.00 now $58.00

From key reviews there’s nothing really gimmicky about the All Out Charge – it’s not MAX cushion, or a barefoot shoe, it just shows up ready to work. This Merrell model is perfect for everyday training that can tackle most jobs you can throw it’s way. One could be comfortable wearing this shoe up to about 50K, though possibly longer as well.


Merrell All Out Charge Trail Running Shoe spicy orange

With 5mm lugs and a varying “Select-Grip” tread pattern, the All Out Charge provided impressive traction in most running conditions. Given the season, I was able to run the shoe in snow and mud – in addition to the usual rocky trails – and they performed very well. We even spent a few miles on the the treadmill and the ride was smooth and firm there as well.

The Toe Box on the All Out Charge is well rounded and fairly generous. It’s not the widest out there, but the piggys were comfortable and didn’t want for space up front. It locks the heel in solid, giving a comfortable, snug fit everywhere else, also preventing your foot from sliding around inside the shoe.

Also here’s the Purchase Info for the Men’s setup at setup.



  • Merrill HyperWrap 360 Degrees Fit System
  • Mesh upper
  • All Out Charge closure is lacing.
  • M-Select Fresh odor control
  • Removable footbed
  • UniFly midsole
  • M-Select Grip shoe sole

Patagonia Stretch Terre Planing Shorts

Patagonia Stretch Terre Planing Shorts_gloss blue



Patagonia Stretch Terre Planing Shorts


was $79.00 now $50.00


Designed by Patagonia to look like something a grownup would wear, but built for getting wet. The new hybrid Stretch Terre blend walk-short styling with boardshort performance. They are made from light, durable and fast-drying 100% recycled polyester, they feature 50+ UPF sun protection, a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and 2-way mechanical stretch that offers unrestricted freedom of movement.

Patagonia Stretch Terre Planing Shorts stripe

The Stretch Terre also employ belt loops and classic flat-front chino styling to make them more street legal than traditional surf trunks, as the flat-lying rubber button fly and closure provide comfort in any situation. The two front slash pockets and two rear pockets have self-draining mesh pocket bags, while the right rear pocket is buttoned, having an internal key loop and is Surf Dry Bag-compatible. The outseam is 19″.  Also here’s the Purchase Info for the Men’s Patagonia setup.

  • Made from a durable, Patagonia quick-drying recycled polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch and 50+ UPF sun protectionb.
  • Classic Planing flat-front, is chino styling with flat-lying rubber button fly and closure, and belt loops.
  • Front slash pockets with mesh pocket bags; back drop-in pockets with mesh pocket bags; buttoned pocket on right rear with internal key loop; compatible with the Surf Dry Bag
  • 19″ outseam.
  • Patagonia 2.8-oz 100% recycled polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch, a DWR (durable water repellent) finish and 50+ UPF sun protection.
  • Patagonia claimed weight is 141 g (5 oz).
  • Shorts Made in Vietnam.


Patagonia Men’s Utility Duck Pants

Patagonia Men's Utility Duck Pants forge grey


Patagonia Men’s Utility Duck Pants


was $89.00 now $62.00

In the category of workwear, products need to be not only burly, but also comfy, as the Utility Duck’s employ 100% organic cotton garment-washed canvas that has a broken-in feel. They have a Patagonia regular fit that provides excellent freedom of movement and are cut to sit on the waist with a regular rise.

Patagonia Men's Utility Duck Pants_BRBN

The Utillity Duck also features full seat and thigh accommodate athletic bodies and larger frames. Built-in front and back knee articulation and a gusseted crotch provide full range of motion. A curved waistband follows the natural shape of your hips and provides a contoured fit to keep them hitched where you want them when you’re moving about. To keep you organized in the Utility Duck there are two front handwarmer pockets, two rear pockets, a front coin pocket, a phone/utility pocket, and a tool loop on the left thigh.

Also here’s the Purchase Info for the Men’s Patagonia garment.


// Utillity Duck Technology


  • Comfortable, multifunctional workwear-inspired pants made of durable midweight 100% organic cotton garment washed canvas.
  • Curved waistband follows the natural shape of the hips and provides a contoured fit to help keep pants in place during movement; metal button closure with zip fly.
  • Two front handwarmer pockets; two rear rounded pockets; right-front coin pocket; right-front on-seam cell phone/utility drop-in pocket; utility tool loop on left thigh.
  • Front and back knee articulation and gusseted crotch allow for full range of motion.
  • Available in three inseam lengths: 30″, 32″ and 34″
  • 8-oz 100% organic cotton garment-washed canvas.
  • 502 g (17.7 oz)
  • Made in Sri Lanka.


WTB Bronson 29×2.2 Race Tire

wtb bronson 29x2.2 race tire



WTB Bronson 29×2.2 Race Tire

$58.00 10%off $64.00

The Bronson features widely spaced tread to take charge in a broad range of conditions from dry hardpack to mud. The WTB’s ramped center knobs roll effortlessly while square-edged side blocks dig in loose conditions.


While the Bronson is finished with an open tread design to make quick work of muck as low rotational weights keep you rolling faster.

Conquer all the seasons ahead and conditions, the WTB tire purchase info can be had at

Bronson Technology

USAGE: XC/ Racing / Trail
CONDITIONS: Dry to Wet / Hardpack to Loam

Wheel Size Level Bronson Weight Compound Casing Bead
2.2 TCS Light (fast rolling) 786g Dual DNA Lightweight TCS
29×2.2 Race 804g DNA Lightweight Aramid
Comp 935g Dual DNA Durable Wire