Women’s Oakley Radarlock Edge Performance Sunglasses



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model:  OAKLEY – WOMEN’S

The newest Oakley Radarlock Edge Sunglasses to come out of the Oakley design department are so darn feather-light and comfy it’s hard to even notice you have them on, except for the fact that your eyes are no longer watering after that descent! For 2014 this new Edge cycling version utilizes a polycarbonate O Matter frame along with Oakley’s three-point fit system. Another clear indicator that reminds you that you have them on, are the Edge impact-resistant lenses are reassuringly protecting your eyeballs with Plutonite sun-resistance, no matter how harsh or what the current conditions might be. It’s really a matter of seconds to change these Oakley lenses, just quickly change up those lower-light lenses you have in for when the sunshine bursts out on the panorama, or switch out the glare-cutters for your subtle Radarlock shades.

Beauty to behold for your eyes….Enjoy!
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  • Radarlock Frame Material — polycarbonate O Matter material is super light, durable, and stress-resistant for you to rock those shades for years to come.
  • Spare Edge lens included  — Switch-lock technology provides  fast interchangeability of lenses, for any possible activity and or condition.
  • No Fog — Well designed surge ports channel a cooling airflow to stop any fogging
  • Sun Protection — The Oakley Plutonite lenses UV protection filters out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and edge out any harmful blue light up to 400nm.
  • Technology — Key Dual-lens polaricellipsoid geometry cut the lenses from a single toric shield; to simplify that crazy scientific word terminology you will reap the cutting edge benefits of its consistent, clear-sighted high quality.
  • Impact-Resistance meets the ANSI Z87.1 optical and impact standards
  • Their three point Oakley fit design keeps the lenses in perfect optical alignment for the best possible performance.
  • Unobtainium ear-socks and nose pieces increase grip while being very comfy.
  • The Oakley O Metal icon accents add a nice style touch.
  • Several interchangeable Unobtainium nose pieces provide options for customizing to get that perfect comfy secure fit.
  • They are supplied with a handy protective Soft Vault case with a slot for an extra Oakley lens.

Women’s Oakley Twentysix.2 Sunglasses – (brown sugar!)



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model: TWENTYSIX.2

The Overview:

If you are someone who’s days jump around from dog walks, to coffee shop, to workout, or cycling and nordic ski days, you probably prefer to have gear products that can address this daily randomness? Oakley’s new women’s Twentysix.2 sunglasses are just that. They have the cool look factor going on, but yet they are still functional for any outdoor activity, this is made possible due to the ear and nose grips that fit extremely well.


These Twentysix.2 sunglasses have been reported to work very well on mountain bike outings. The coverage they provide around your eyes, is great for peripheral vision and depth perception on the singletrack. It is also very well known that Oakley sunglasses are second to none in regards to sun protection, and the Twentysix.2 holds true to this. They made the lenses Polarized, a standard feature of all of their glasses as well. These provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC sun-ray protection. There will be no squinting going on, with a crisp and clear view.
They not only styled the frames out but they are lightweight and comfy as well, the Twentysix.2 uses a stress-resistant O Matter material. The other notes to take in regards to on the bike, they integrate awesome with your bike helmet and don’t slide down  thanks to Oakley’s Three-Point Fit technology they use on all of their active sunglasses. The other advantages are the ear pieces are designed straight, instead of the curved style most regular sunglasses.

“Absolute Beauty to Behold for Your Eyes….Enjoy!”
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  • Colors: The new available colors for Twentysix.2 are — Brown Sugar/Dark Brown Gradient;  Dark Plum/G40 Black Gradient;  Polished Black/Grey;  and Polished White/Black Grey Gradient
  • Design: Great attention to detail and style from The designers make these glasses not only look amazing on nearly anyone, but will fit comfy on most any face or head shape. +1
  • Style: The guys will be jealous of your 70’s throwback frame style. +1
  • Performance: The best possible sun protection available, along with enhanced vision with the Polarized lens, and no fogging of the lenses in hot and humid conditions.+1
  • Durability: Both the frame and lens are impact resistant. +1
  • Comfort:  Nose and ear grips to ensure the frame stays very comfortable. +1

Smith Optics Pivlock V2 Sunglasses

Smith Optics V2 mountain bike sunglasses
Smith Pivlock V2 mountain bike sunglasses


Acid Yellow/Yellow Mirror, Ignitor, Clear


The first Smith generation, is now updated to the new Pivlock V2 Sunglasses for 2014, and it appears the first thing that’s obvious is the absence of the split arms. The new model features a bit bigger arms, but still very lightweight adding only a gram or two from the original feather weight Smith V90 Max version. They also designed the Smith Pivlock arms to have slightly better leverage for changing the lenses.
Pivlock V2 graphite super platinum
A bit closer look reveals several other design changes giving the new version a clear increase in technology advancement over its first model the Smith Optics V90. One of the biggest is the adjustable nose piece. Rather than it simply being flexible, the Pivlock’s nose piece has three set widths that are distinct, allowing you to change the pad positions to be open or closed depending on how low or high you prefer for the frame to sit. Smith also chose for the arms to have a new slide on Megol temple tip that terminates several millimeters from the end of each arm to keep the tips gripping only the sides of your head, without hanging up on the sides of your ear. Another nice detail, that is a comfort enhancing improvement. Also the new Pivlock version boasts a significantly different lens. The old lens’ soft lines are now designed more aggressive and angular giving a better fit with the helmet, and an even wider peripheral range. Plus, it’s hard to deny how this Pivlock lens simply looks awesome.

The specific lenses in the Pivlock series are what they dub Carbonic TLT. Standing for Tapered Lens Technology, which means that the lens tapers in thickness from the optical center to the edges. This thinning allows for less distortion for the light waves that pass through the lens. To stop any additional distortion in the lens while being worn, the arms of the frame are extra flexible to prevent the lens from flexing outward and changing the view quality. The Carbonic TLT lenses have a deep 8-base curve to stay with your face and protect it from impact from all the many variables that get projected while riding the bike. Their 3 key specifications include being able protect your eyes from 100% of the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

The sunglasses are three separate pieces that easily snap on to the lens. The arms are quickly affixed via aligning the slots on the top of the lens, and vertically pivoting into specialized slots on the lens where the it inserts and pivots into a locked position. It allows for swift lens changing without risking fingerprinted or scratched lenses.

Colors for the Pivlock are available in Blue, Black, White, and Orange. Each frame comes with the standard Platinum lens for maximum glare reduction on really sunny rides. And you get two extra lenses with the Ignitor lens which increases the definition and your depth perception on those overcast days or in low light, and a Clear lens used for night riding. If you want to ride with larger lens they are available separately, and they are all compatible with each other, with the only difference between the two is the lens size, not their attachment points.

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$158.00, on sale for $110.00

Pivlock V2 blue platinum glasses
Smith Pivlock -acid yellow with yellow mirror
Smith Optics -black

Smith glasses
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