HydraPak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle Review

HydraPak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle Sequoia Green
HydraPak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle Sequoia Green 


Collapse And Stash It Away!





The HydraPak Stash Water Bottle is ready to make your life simpler in both the hiking world or on your bike, however you might choose to roll out in the world of nature. Check out all the Stash colors available, and its detailed spec list purchase info below…

Malibu Blue Stash (Color Malibu Blue) 


Sun is streaming through the trees, and your pack is full of all the water you’ll need to get to your next hydration source. Traditional bottles continue to take up space, even after you’ve chugged their contents, but this innovation now flattens when empty for more room inside.

Mohave Orange Stash (Color Mohave Orange) 

The Stash is ready for that steaming hot cocoa when you wake to frost or can be frozen for those hot summer days. It’s made from a durable TPU that holds up to use and abuse on the trail and is significantly lighter than traditional hard bottles. When empty, the design collapses down to a lightweight disc that you can attach to your harness or chuck inside until you’re ready for a refill.

Mammoth Grey Stash (Color Mammoth Grey) 

Check out the Stash Bottle review, sizes, pricing and more at Competitivecyclist.com.


HydraPak is very innovative with durable construction that’s BPA- and PVC-free.
Screw cap for easy access.
Backcountry water filter compatible, and has a flexible carry handle.
Volume: 32fl oz, 25fl oz
Claimed Weight: [32 fl oz] 3.3oz, [25 fl oz] 2.5oz
Stash can be frozen or filled with hot stuff to keep you warm.

HydraPak Stash collapsed 

GoPro Omni VR Camera and the Rig films Red Bull Joyride 360º video

GoPro Omni VR camera virtual-reality 360degree action-cam

Eschewing a domed lens to capture a full 360º panorama, the upcoming GoPro Omni uses a six camera array to capture a true 360º global view. Video samples below let you scroll up, down and all around to see any angle at all in up to 8K resolution. The kit comes with all six cameras, the case and all of the necessary hardware to combine the footage into a single video file. Retail? How bad do you want it??

GoPro Omni VR Video camera

Aimed at the higher end user, the Omni kit can be preordered for $4,999 with on-sale date of August 18, 2016. If you already own six Hero 4 Black cameras, you can get the Rig and some auxiliary equipment for $1,499 (but not the desktop editing software), then install the Omni synchronization firmware on your cams.

The housing is made of aluminum with an intentionally open air structure to help keep the cameras cool. The All-Inclusive kit includes a 7-USB/6-MicroSD card reader, a “master” camera design that’s synchronized to start and stop all cameras at the same time, wireless smart remote to make it even easier to control, and a Switronix battery to run external power through it to prolong video capture for up to three hours. Included software runs on Mac or PC and simplifies stitching it all together and can even convert the spherical 360º footage into standard ratio videos if you only need one angle for a particular segment or separate video. The finished footage is VR ready as well as user controlled on compatible browsers.

Video above shows the features, the two below show off its capabilities:

Video only works properly in Chrome and Firefox (sorry Safari). So, technically, it’s not virtual reality since it’s not shooting in 3D, but for headsets that use your phone’s screen to create an immersive video, this should be very impressive.

From Red Bull: Shot entirely on the all new GoPro VR unit (shoot past the break for details), slated for release next week, experience a ride on the all new 2016 Red Bull Joyride course like you’ve never seen it before. Captured in a full 4k, 360 degree experience, riders Ryan Howard, Justin Wyper and Dustin Gilding give you a preview of what to expect on August 21 when Red Bull Joyride returns to Whistler.

The 2016 course follows the same flow through the Whistler Bike Park allowing lots of flow and little braking – as the saying goes, ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’. But, you can always make it better. An all new start section and flat-drop puts riders right into the action out of the gate with a total course length ringing in at 650m. The classic Joyride Cabin feature has also received a bit of a facelift, getting some new real-estate on the course along with a ‘whale tail’ built into the roof as opposed to the classic flat-drop from previous years. The show stopping final feature is one of the largest in the history of the event, weighing in at a massive 30ft.

Red Bull Joyride goes down Sunday, August 21st, available live on Red Bull TV on the date starting at 2pm ET.

Birzman E-Version 15 Function Multi-Tool

Birzman E-Version 15 Function Mini Multi-Tool


Birzman E-Version Bicycle Mini Multi-Tool

$24 — 11% off of $27

Birzman was only after the key essentials here with 15 primary tools. The Chrome Vanadium Birzman bits are forged and CNC machined for strength, toughness and a long E-Version life span. These E-Version setups are assembled and wisely arranged in a lightweight aluminum body.
This version has a sweet black color, with a simple phillips/ flathead screwdrivers, which completes the Birzman design.

E-Version review, pricing, purchase info at Jensonusa.com…


One torx T25.
Allen hex sizes consist of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm to keep it complete.
Chain Rivet Extractor.
3.2mm, 4.3mm, and 4.4mm Mavic spoke wrenches
Disc Adjuster.
Tire Lever, Knife, Can-Opener while the 20 models do.
Birzman Forged and CNC-machined Chrome-Vanadium bits for longevity.


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Birzman E-Version 20 Function Mini Multi-Tool

Birzman E-Version 20 Function Mini Multi-Tool


Birzman E-Version Bicycle Mini Multi-Tool


Birzman was only after the key essentials here with 20 primary tools. The Chrome Vanadium Birzman bits are forged and CNC machined for strength, toughness and a long E-Version life span. These E-Version setups are assembled and smartly arranged in a lightweight aluminum body.
This version has a sweet black color, with a simple phillips/ flathead screwdrivers, which completes the Birzman design.

E-Version review, pricing, purchase info at Jensonusa.com


One torx T25.
Allen hex sizes consist of 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm to keep it complete.
Chain Rivet Extractor.
3.2mm, 4.3mm, and 4.4mm Mavic spoke wrenches
Disc Adjuster.
Tire Lever.
Knife, Can-Opener.
Birzman Forged and CNC-machined Chrome-Vanadium bits for longevity.


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Birzman E-Version 5 Function Mini Tool

Birzman E-Version 5 Function Mini Tool


Birzman E-Version 5 Function Bicycle Mini Tool


Birzman was only after the key essentials here with what’s truly needed…as they started producing their E-version series to not take up much room in your jersey pocket or pack. This Birzman setup with it’s Chrome Vanadium Birzman bits are forged and CNC machined for strength, toughness and a long E-Version life span. While these E-Version setups are assembled and smartly arranged in a lightweight aluminum body.

A Birzman simple phillips head screwdriver, and sweet black color completes the 5 design.

E-Version minitool review, pricing, purchase info at Jensonusa.com


E-version comes with one torx T25.
E-version Allen hex sizes consist of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm to keep the mini lighter and simpler.
E-Version Forged and CNC machined Chrome-Vanadium bits for higher quality, along with true E-version longevity.


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Thule Chasm Small S-40L / Medium M-70L Duffel Bags with new straps / colors

Chasm Large l-90l Duffel Bag blue
Chasm L-90l Duffel Bag – New Navy Blue Color

The Thule Chasm has been a favorite all-purpose gear bag over recent years. It’s been put through it all from the slop of cyclocross season, to snow and slush of mountain biking during winter, and has been hauled on the airplane as a carry-on bag. Thule has reported they have improved the bag though, with not only construction details but colors as well.

Thule Chasm Large l-90l Duffel Bag

The new Chasm look includes a basic all black with some gray strap detailing, a two-tone teal with orange contrast details called Bluegrass, a two-tone red/orange combo called Roarange (not shown), and a simple black/navy blue that looks more similar to the current Chasm versions called Poseidon.

Chasm Large 130L
Chasm XL-130 L

For improvements, the new Chasm recieved updated strap management, which includes a simplified snap closure to the duffel carrying strap instead of the slightly harder to align velcro, but more importantly a revised hook to secure the removable shoulder straps. Now it can’t detach at inopportune moments when fully loaded.



Chasm 70L Black Grey
Chasm M-70L Black Grey

Other than that, the rest of the Thule Bags’ features carry over. They still use a waterproof tarpaulin fabric throughout to keep your gear dry, and a padded and 1000D nylon base fabric to protect the bag against wear or puncture. The rubberized tarp fabric does get a slightly thinner coating that is still waterproof, but was changed to make the bags a bit less stiff so easier to load.

The Chasm is still available in the small 40L, medium M-70L (that was tested), large 90L, and extra-large 130L. The extra-small at just 27L does not carry over with this year’s update. Chasm pricing is to remain the same, so ranging from 100-140€/$120-160 depending on size. The updated bags should be available through authorized retailers now.



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2016 Osprey Viper 3 Hydration Pack Review – Wasabi Green

Osprey Viper 3 Hydration Pack Review - Wasabi Green


Viper 3 Hydration Backpack – Wasabi Green


Price $80


I’ve personally tested Osprey products since back in their inception into cycling specific products from their hiking only product days, and no longer use Camelback due to the amazing comfort along with the Viper detailed features shown here. The Osprey Pack is a perfect size for quick rides,  is built for lightweight comfort at manageable price. Gear in the Osprey Viper can be kept safe in a zippered front panel, and two other pockets can store small items and valuables.


Viper 3 Blaze Orange
Viper 3 Blaze Orange

Viper 3 Black
Viper 3 Black


LidLock system 3 offers a secure place on the Osprey to stow your helmet before and after rides. While suspension straps and BioStretchTM material ensure comfort and prevent slippage. A well ventilated mesh back panel keeps you cool and dry.

Viper Pack customer review, purchase info and more..



  • Backpack features LidLockTM helmet attachment system and a Viper specific 2.5L reservoir
  • Viper volume: Total 183 IN3 / 3 L
  • Viper Weight: 0.93lbs


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Evoc Stage Technical 3L Bike Daypack with 2L Hydration Bladder

Evoc Stage 3L hydration pack review



Stage Tech 3L Bike Daypack Review w/ 2L Bladder


Evoc are quite handy for bringing a streamlined, race-ready hydration to any day you might have in the saddle. The Evoc Stage also comes with a two-liter bladder and features a convenient helmet-attachment that will not only carry your XC model but has the Stage capacity for a full-face helmet as well.

Evoc Stage Technical 3L daypack

Also the Stage’s innovative Brace Link can adjust to the width of your shoulders via the shoulder straps for a truly custom fit without any unwanted pressure points. The Airflow Contact System combats sweat build-up along your back, thanks to its vented channels and perforated EVA padding. Other key Stage features include myriad pockets for storing essentials and a protective gear holder for securing knee and shin pads.

Price $130

Evoc review, purchase info and more..

  • Evoc streamlined hydration with a removable hip belt
  • Includes Ecoc’s 2L hydration bladder
  • Brace Link shoulder straps adjust to your frame
  • Keep cool with the Airflow Contact System


Nylon 210/D Ripstop PU coated, P600/D PU coated, 3D Air Mesh, Air Mesh, Airo Flex
cell phone, map, sunglasses
zip closure
21 x 44 x 4 cm
Claimed Weight:
670 g
Recommended Use:
mountain bike
Stage Warranty:


Syncros XR 2.0 Women’s Saddle Review

Syncros XR 2.0 Women's Saddle



Syncros XR


Nothing dowses a good race buzz like an irate bottom, which is why Syncros has dressed up their XR 2.0 Women’s saddle to ensure your sit bones are happy, without skimping on race-worthy performance. By swathing a healthy layer of PU foam in a softhand Microfabric cover, the XR provides just the right amount of padding to take the pressure off the contact points, but not so much to the point of bunching or restricted movement. Additionally, the slight XR channel down the center is strategically placed to keep pressure off the perineal region, ensuring proper blood flow down below, while the 7x7mm hollow CrMo rails and fiberglass-reinforced nylon shell offer a stiff, yet sturdy XR platform for powering up climbs and rocketing down descents. Whether you’re racing XC short course or dirty marathons, the XR saddle has been put through its share of strides and has come out a proven race throne.

Syncros XR 2.0 Women's Saddle Review




The XR is specifically designed to better accommodate women’s anatomy, and due to the CrMo rails and fiberglass shell, the 2.0 weighs about 20 grams more than the XR 1.5 saddle.


  • Syncros Size Options: narrow or wide
  • Range of use: High Performance Road and MTB
  • Base: Glassfiber-reinforced nylon
  • Rails: 7x7mm Hollow CrMo
  • Foam: PU
  • Cover: Syncros Microfabric
  • Shape: Central Channel
  • Model: XR
  • XR Dimensions: narrow – 265x140mm, wide – 265x150mm
  • Weight: narrow – 245g, wide – 255g

See more Syncros XR 2.0 Saddle reviews, pricing and puchase info..


Shimano Unzen Enduro Racepack

Shimano Unzen Enduro Racepack


Shimano Unzen Enduro Racepack Review




■■ MTB Digs..

Latest Concept
Weight: Black/Slate blue, [4L] 605 grams
Volume: 244 cu in.




Unzen is about being prepared for a day of rallying over Enduro berms. It doesn’t have to mean you’re the one weighed down with a huge backpack, as the Unzen Racepack was designed for all-mountain riding, and they gave it a place to hold everything you could posssibly need. The Unzen’s got your back when you’re out on the trails for hours so you can focus on steering your Unzen sled through sloppy terrain.

We’re pretty sure Shimano designers had unpleasant Enduro memories of wearing big, disorganized backpacks, because when they designed the Unzen, they made sure to designate a place for just about everything. A tool compartment, a dedicated space for an optional hydration bladder, and a fleece-lined accessory pocket made to protect the screens on electronics and your glasses lenses fill the inside of the pack, while on the Unzen exterior, you have a range of buckles to carry other loot. An external full-face helmet carrier makes Unzen packing easier for longer trips, while a lightweight strap in the front holds body armor or a jacket, and if you’re more of a traditionalist, you can store a water bottle in the Unzen’s dedicated front sleeve. The Unzen’s breathable back section and straps, as well as well-planned details like large zipper pulls and a removable waist strap keep your stuff accessible without limiting your ability to ride hard on big days.

All the sizing, availability and Shimano purchase info and review at Backcountry.com . Enjoy all the bike riding to be had this summer.


// Build Specs: Unzen


Racepack Material:
1 internal Racepack tool organizer, 1 fleece-lined accessory, 1 front water bottle sleeve
Recommended Use:
mountain bike
Shimano Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year from purchase date


Dakine Seeker 15L Backpack Review

Dakine Seeker 15L Backpack

Dakine 15L Seeker Backpack black

Based near Mt. Hood amongst some of the best mountain bike riding in the Northwest, the Seeker comes ideal for producing awesome gear. As they keep growing the trail offerings each year, for 2016 they’ve added new ways to stay protected and haul all the gear you’ll need on the trail. The new Dakine Seeker is one of the three new hydration packs with a built-in spine protector to get you down the mountain safely. If a lighter pack than what the 15L provides is in order, they also are offering a lighter backpack that also comes in a women-specific fit, and a smaller lumbar pack for shorter rides.

Dakine 15L Seeker Backpack

The Dakine Seeker pack is built for the aggressive trail rider. The roll-top and side-zip layout uses a heavy-duty coated 200D ripstop nylon for both durability and weather resistance. The Dakine Seeker also includes a ventilated, CE-certified DK Impact spine protector made of flexible foam to protect against hard hits with its thin profile.


The $225 Dakine Seeker has been reviewed and is designed for the included 2-liter hydration reservoir situated low in the pack, but can accommodate a larger 3l bladder for longer adventures in the saddle. The back also includes standard features like a pad and helmet carry system, a padded phone pocket, and fleece-lined glasses pocket. Purchase at Backcountry.com.



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Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition Review

Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition



// Hero 4 Black Edition Review Specs


■■ Video Digs..

Latest Concept
weight: 11.1kg
100mm Rear: n-a

// Description




Order Camera Here

Price For Sale/ 15% Off of $499




The newest release of Gopro HERO 4 Black takes Emmy® Award-winning performance to the next level with Gopro’s best image quality yet. Gopro also added 2x more power in their processor1 which delivers super slow motion at 240 frames per second. Incredible high-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K60 video combines with 1080p120 and 720p240 slow motion to enable stunning, immersive footage of you and your world. Protune™ settings for both photos and video unlock manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and more. Waterproof to 131’ (40m) with 12MP photos at 30 frames per second and improved audio, HERO is the ultimate life-capture solution for those who demand the best.


This Hero Edition, marks the first of its kind to provide ultra high-resolution, high camera frame rate video this powerful. Once the exclusive domain of large, costly cameras, HERO now delivers truly professional video quality in a tiny package. Stunning clarity. Liquid-smooth slow-motion playback. Cinema-quality capture. HERO now brings it all to life.

Gopro Hero4 Black camera

Gopro will now capture the night sky in a whole new way, with Night Photo and Night Lapse modes to provide customizable exposure settings of up to 30 seconds for single and Time Lapse photos. Whether you’re shooting the Milky Way or a campfire hangout, Night Photo and Night Lapse allow you to you capture ultra low-light scenes like never before.

// Black Edition Specs:

  • Resolution/Megapixels:
  • Hero [up to] 4000px/ [up to] 12.

  • Memory card:
  • micro SD class 10 or higher.

  • HERO Camera Format:
  • 16:9, 4.3 SuperView.

  • Video format:
  • 16:9, 4.3 SuperView.

  • Frame Rates:
  • up to 120fps.

  • Battery:
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion.

  • Operating Systems:
  • Mac OSX, Windows Vista 7 or later

  • PC Connection:
  • yes USB

  • Manufacture:
  • Gopro

  • Model Name:
  • Hero 4 Black




Dynafit React 600 Hydration Belt

Dynafit React 600 Hydration Belt carbon

React 600



■■■ Constant refinement..




For Sale 0% Off of $.00


Whip your water bottle out of Dynafit’s React 600 Hydration Belt and run past the umpteenth mile marker. Anatomically designed, the Reach uses four-way stretch mesh to move with you, and the honeycomb backing feels soft on your skin. Dynafit also equipped the React with a convenient magnetic closure, a zippered pocket for energy gels or a layer, and a drawcord at the sleeve to secure your water bottle.

Four-way stretch mesh
Soft honeycomb backing
Magnetic clip closure
Zippered pocket
Water bottle sleeve

Dynafit Enduro 12 Hydration Pack

Dynafit Enduro 12 carbon

Dynafit Enduro 12



■■■ Constant refinement..




For Sale 0% Off of $.00


Dynafit designed the Enduro 12 Hydration Pack for long-distance runs on roads or alpine trails. Breathable four-way stretch mesh covers the back panel and vest-like shoulder straps for breathability and full mobility. PU-coated honeycomb helps the rest of this ultralight pack resist light rainfall and splashing. Hydration compatibility lets you pair the Enduro with your own reservoir, and there are two water bottle sleeves with secure drawcords. The Enduro also features trekking pole attachments, zippered pockets at each side, and a zippered front pocket for easy-to-access to your jacket.

  • Vest-like shoulder straps with side pockets.
  • Ideal use, long distance running.
  • Four-way stretch mesh backing
  • Hydration compatible
  • Zippered top closure
  • PU-coated superlight honeycomb
  • Water bottle sleeves with drawcords
  • Zippered front pocket
  • Trekking pole attachments

Dynafit Enduro 12 Hydration Pack space blue

Enjoy all the fun trails this summer, and thanks for supporting the-Cafe!

Garmin Fenix 2 Special Edition


Fenix 2 Special Edition

color shown, Fenix-2 Brick-red.

Fenix 2 Special Edition Time!

The newest cool electronic gadget out of the folks at Garmin will be great with a ton of versatility for all the endurance sports out there. They have updated  last years Garmin Fenix to provide all of the features of the standard edition, but with one key change. This edition utilizes a screen that is the reverse of the standard Garmin version, by displaying dark information on a white field.

I am featuring this latest release of the Sp Edition because the light mode is now more user-friendly than the standard dark mode. While the new screen color only adds to the Fenix 2’s great balance of function and price. All the specs for all the different sports on the Fenix 2 are listed below..

Fenix 2 Special Edition RED

The Fenix 2 Purchasing details are located here..

Physical dimensions 1.9” x 1.9” x 0.7” (4.9 x 4.9 x 1.7 cm)

Display resolution, WxH70 x 70 pixels; transflective, monochrome LCD (positive mode-white).
Battery Rechargeable 500 mAh lithium-ion.
Battery life, Up to 50 hours in GPS mode (depends on settings); 5 weeks in standard Fenix 2 watch mode.
High-sensitivity receiver.
Electronic compass along with Garmin Vibration alert.


Display size, WxH 1.2” (3.1 cm) diameter
Fenix 2 Weight 3.19 oz (90.6 grams)
Water rating 50 Meters
Barometric altimeter
Smart notifications (displays email, text and other alerts when paired with your compatible phone)

Garmin Connect®:

Built-in memory

20 MB.
Routes 50

Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)

Maps & Memory:

Waypoints/favorites/locations 1,000
Track log 10,000 points; 100 saved tracks

Recovery advisor

Running dynamics

Running Features:

V02 max estimate
Race predictor
Accelerometer (calculates distance for indoor workouts, without need for a foot pod)

Compatible with Vector™Yes

Bicycling Features:

Bike speed/cadence sensor

Heart rate monitor

(optional)Auto Pause® (pauses and resumes timer based on speed).
Advanced workouts (create custom, goal-oriented workouts).
Interval training (set up exercise and rest intervals)

Running & Cycling Features:

Virtual Partner® (train against a digital person)
Multi-sport (changes sport mode with a press of a button)
Pace alert (triggers alarm if you vary from preset pace)
Heart rate-based calorie computation Calculates calories burned
Training Effect (Edition measures impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness)

Swimming Features:

Stroke recognition
Open-water swim distance

Additional Features:

Sun and moon information
Area calculation



Alchemy Goods Dravus Recycled Messenger Bag


Alchemy Goods Dravus Recycled Rubber Messenger Bag

Dravus Upcycle Time!

The highly creative crew working for the cycling company Alchemy Goods seem to have quite a few very sweet tricks up their sleeve, one of those being the repurposed bicycle inner tubes, used to build some killer messenger bags. And another of those being the Dravus messenger setup that was purpose built with the urban cyclist, student or commuter in mind. With a durable exterior not only made from recycled bicycle tubes, but the Alchemy crew were able to incorporate heavy-duty nylon as well. The newest Alchemy Dravus is quite stylish to say the least, but yet extremely durable along with a handy, high-carrying capacity.

While employing a padded laptop sleeve for your laptop, along with zippered organizer pockets and a roomy interior, this spacious Alchemy bag is able fit a laptop, school supplies and gym clothes all in one fail swoop. With interior and exterior zippered pockets, a stripe of reflective material for visibility, and a padded shoulder strap for those heavier loads, this Alchemy Goods setup makes for a perfect full-day of work, play…and working out!

Alchemy Goods Dravus Recycled Messenger Bag mandarin

We feel the strongest feature on the Dravus is its capacity, which makes it one the most accommodating cycling bags out there. It boasts enough space to run to work and to the gym gauntlet without making stops to change cargo between appointments. The Dravus has the drive to also lay in a week’s worth of groceries in one trip. The whole package is rounded off with a stripe of reflective tape on the flap to help keep you extra visible in lower-light conditions.

Alchemy Goods Dravus Recycled Messenger Bag navy

Recycled Specs:
  • The bags are highly durable, due too a water-resistant exterior constructed from recycled bicycle inner tubes and nylon.
  • Spacious carrying capacity with padded laptop sleeve (15″), organizational pockets, and zippered interior pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap with bicycle light loop and reflective strip for night-time riding.
  • The claimed weight is 2.88lbs
  • Grab-handle and zippered pocket on exterior.
  • The Dravus capacity is: 20″ (Long) x 14″ (Wide) x 6″ (High)
  • They built it with three color options of, Mandarin shown above, Navy below that, and a Dravus turquoise model not shown, enjoy.
  • And finally pricing is listed at $177.00, with a full lifetime warranty!

The Dravus is available for purchase, here..



Evoc FR Enduro Blackline Protector Pack



Evoc FR Enduro Blackline Hydration Pack
If it’s not enough to set the pack and bike-transport world ablaze with their revolutionary German-engineered, spine-saving Protector series of hydration packs, they had to go and up the ante with the FR Enduro BLACKLINE Protector Hydration Pack.Denoted for its distinct and sleek styling, the Evoc BLACKLINE is hardly just a styling statement — it’s built to last. Like many of their setups, this one is made primarily of an ultra-tough and water-resistant blend of PU-coated ballistic ripstop nylons, tarpaulin, and neoprene. The result is an amazingly light but bombproof pack, yet that’s only the beginning.

For breathability, the FR model uses 3D Air Mesh along its paneled backing, and even the elastic waistband is micro-permeated to not be too insulating. That same waistband also hosts a hip belt pouch to keep smaller items easily accessible. For everything else, there are non-zip Lycra side pockets, and a swing-open tool compartment, along with the large main storage area and multiple external straps to carry your helmet, pads, or other gear. The pack doesn’t include a hydration bladder, but because it’s all about keeping you going for long days on the trail, it’s ready to accept one up to three liters in size.

No description of a Protector would be complete without highlighting the technology that gives it its namesake. All Protector packs are CE-certified with their Liteshield Back Protector, a system featuring a super-light plate of temperature-insensitive materials — like an EPS core and foam damping layers — that reduce shock to the spine by up to 95% in the event of an accident. Completely replaceable in the event of being damaged, the ISP (Integrated Spine Protection) plate and its associated materials only add approximately 150 grams to each pack into which the system is integrated, making the decision just that much easier for riders who ride hard and push their limits.

Purchase info for the Evoc FR Enduro Protector Pack , that is available in black with sizes from Small/medium, Large, and X-Large.

FR Team Model

Evoc FR Enduro Team Hydration Pack green

The Team protector model shown above is also sleek with all the similar features as the first Blackline model at the top of the page, but has a few differences shown in the specs at the purchase link below..
The purchasing info for the Evoc Team Protector Hydration Pack, that is available in sizes Small/medium, Large, and X-Large and should be chosen based on your height and torso length. It comes in two Team color selections of Green/lime and Blue/white.


Evoc CC 3L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack


Evoc CC 3L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration black


For endurance style racing like the TransAlp or even your local 24-hour event, you’ll have a crew to keep you hydrated and fed. To that end, all you need to carry are a few tools and enough drink to get you from feed zone to feed zone. Which is where the Evoc CC comes into play that is light for speed, along with enough volume to keep you well hydrated.

The extremely handy 2015 CC 3L pack is essentially the smaller sibling of the CC 6L backpack that is shown below. In fact, it holds exactly half the amount of gear in a single side zip pocket located on the front of the pack. If you need to stash a light layer, adjustable elastic straps secure it to the outside of the CC pack for easy access.


Evoc CC 3L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack Sky blue


The pack also comes with a 2-liter bladder. If you tend to drink more, or the feed zones are a bit farther apart, the versatile setup also expands to hold the bigger three liter bladder. Each bladder is designed with a full-slide top for fast and easy filling.

Here is the purchase info for the Evoc 3L Hydration Pack that’s available in one size and comes in the colors Black and Sky.


main body: 210 D PU-coated ripstop nylon, straps: AirMesh, back padding: Atilon PE foam
153 cu in
Shoulder Straps:
Waist Belt:
yes, removable
front panel
1 side zippered
370 grams
Recommended Use:

Minimal Evoc Effort For Max Endurance.

Evoc CC 6L + 2L petrol

In order to prevent the pack from swaying from side to side when you ride, they fashioned the CC with a slightly shorter length and Atilon PE foam where the back and pack interface. The foam conforms to your back and provides a layer of comfort, and adjustable, breathable Air Mesh shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and waist belt hold the pack securely against your frame.

Evoc CC 6L + 2L black

Evoc CC 6L + 2L ruby


Purchase info for the bigger  Evoc 6L + 2l Bladder hydration pack that comes in the colors of Petrol, Team Ruby, and Black.


Main body: 210 D PU-coated ripstop nylon, P600D , straps: Air Mesh, back padding: Atilon PE foam
366 cu in
Shoulder Straps:
adjustable Air Mesh
Waist Belt:
1 main compartment, 2 small front
7 x 18 x three
500 grams
Recommended Use:

Osprey Rev Pack Series


Osprey Rev 6 flash green


The first good look at what the new Rev Series of packs from Osprey is all about, was last fall at the annual Interbike convention, and holding to their word the lightweight packs are here now for sale as this is written up. The Rev was actually designed originally as more of a runner style pack, but was then later discovered that mountain bikers were digging the lighter weight construction and closer fit, so they implemented several design changes to make the setup more universal in application. And voila’ here’s the newest pack series to keep your heartrate at the Rev limiter..!


Osprey Rev 1.6 blue

One of the main changes that had to be made was to switch out from their standard Hydraulic reservoir that utilized a stiffer back panel. This was in order to make the bags more form fitting across the back.  Thankfully the newest LT reservoir still comes fully equipped with a large fill cap and a quick disconnect hose, but the bladder employs internal baffles to keep it from buckling like a sausage on your back. Additionally, they have moved the quick disconnect to the top of the bladder which should make installation a bit simpler.

These Osprey hydraulic LT Bladders are also available separately in both the 1.5L at $27.00 and the  2.5L size for $32.00.

osprey solo


In addition to the additional bottle sleeve that collapses on the right shoulder strap, the setups also feature a handy cell phone or map pocket. When not in use it snaps to the strap to keep it out of the way, and then can be unsnapped to grab a quick glance at the map or your phone. For size comparisons, that is an iPhone 4s in a Mophie battery case which was a tight fit, but it worked. The removable DigiFlip pocket is very easy to use, and one of those things we’re surprised we haven’t seen before.

The line of packs for 2014 are offered in quite a few options, the smallest and super simple Osprey Solo fanny pack at $39, and the REV 1.5 at $69, the Osprey 6 at $99, 12 at $109, 18 at $119, and 24 at $129.00, as high-speed packs that are all available now. For more specs, and detailed photos for each individual version use the links below.. and enjoy all the immense fun to be had!

Link here to purchase the REV SOLO..
Available here is the Osprey 1.5..
The REV 6..
The REV 12..
The bigger REV 18.. model.
And finally the biggest 24.. version.




Osprey Raven 10 Women’s Hydration Pack – 610cu in

osprey raven 10 Green

Nearly up there as being important as your MTB.. Raven’s are Beautiful!

If your in search of a Hydration Pack with unrivaled fit and comfort, Osprey has done an excellent job, thus making there no need to look beyond the Osprey Raven 10 Women’s Hydration model. Whether your drill is simply throwing down downhill runs at your local resort or for that quiver of awesome cross country loops you utilize to wet your appetite for luscious single track, it will keep your thirst quenched and then some. The designers shaped the 3-liter Hydraulic Reservoir to perfectly contour your natural back profile with the vented mesh panel. All of this adds up to no sloshing of liquid to help improve your overall balance and eliminate annoyance as well, they also employed their magnetic bite valve, that works better than any brand on the market, to keep the hose super convenient, with no annoying drips, and no-whipping around as you mach down steep sections. The size of the Raven is perfect for a mid ride snack and that inevitable extra layer for precarious weather that might be looming out on the horizon.

  • The Raven’s feature a full hip-belt to transfers the weight you have on your back down to your hips and keeps it tucked comfortably in place.
  • The creative designers have ergonomically developed this backpack to compliment the women’s body perfectly.
  • With it’s very own reservoir space located in it’s own sleeve makes it super easy to remove.
  • Hydration Bladder is constructed with a PVC- and BPA-free material called metallocene PE that is also tasteless.
  • Quick helmet attachment with the Lid-Lock clip.
  • Two waist-belt pockets are constructed with mesh to breath well and keep food essentials easy to get to.
  • The Raven is also supplied with a removable tool pouch that rolls up small to be placed in the bottom to distribute added weight to your hips better.
  • Specific internal sleeve to insert your mini inflation pump into.
  • For the actual weight, that has been measured without water in the reservoir is 1 lb 5 oz.
  • While the total volume for this setup is calculated at 610 cu. in.


$120.00 – Sale Discount 25% $88.00

“- available online with free shipping to your door, along with all the different sizing info and more pictures of different color options, as well as purchase details at REI below.”
Osprey Raven 10 Pack
– Funner, 29er-Cafe”
“Please note that the Raven sale price get’s listed when the article was originally written, but if your here and it’s now the off season, there is a good chance I haven’t been able to get back here to the article to update to the new (discounted sale price). Thus making it highly worth while to go through the purchase info link above, because the sale pricing gets updated regularly due to supply, so there’s a great chance the price is discounted even more than what I have listed here. So the best of luck finding a screaming deal, check out the purchase info link above. Thank You for Supporting 29erCafe!”

Osprey Mira 18 Women’s Hydration Pack (sale)


Osprey Mira 18 serene green
Osprey built the perfect size hydration packs for Adventure Racing and once Spring and Summer hit, those long days out in the alpine back country, with their MIRA 18 model that allows not only great stability, with it’s compression straps and waist belt with stash pockets, but anatomical comfort for all day jaunts anywhere you choose to take it. The highly creative designers working for Osprey also gave it ample water capacity with a full 100 oz hydra-form internal bladder, that is also easily replaceable for aftermarket purchase, should something go wrong down the road and get’s lost for example. This newest MIRA also highly excels above others in the the water delivery department as well, with a super convenient magnetized button on the sternum strap, no water leaking, and quick access to stay hydrated for the next days stage of the race. To eliminate sloshing and barreling, the sleek MIRA backpack utilizes their HydraLock System Technology to allow the reservoir to become compressed as you empty it out.
This great looking MIRA mountain backpack is also now discounted on sale, and available in three colors of Serene Green shown above, and Espresso Brown shown below, while supplies last.

Sale Price: was $138.00 now $n/a 

“Please note that the MIRA sale price is listed when this article was written, but it actually gets updated regularly due to supply, so there’s a great chance the price is discounted even more than what I have listed here. So the best way to see what the current MIRA price is, to check out the purchase info link below.”

“- the mountain bike specific version is also available with free shipping, along with all the different Osprey sizing info and more pictures of the colors, as well as purchase details at Backcountry below.”
Osprey Mira 18 ..

– Funner, 29er-Cafe”

Osprey Mira 18 espresso brown

Osprey Verve 13 MTB Hydration Pack (sale)


Osprey verve 13 hydration pack

Bust out the women’s-specific Verve 13 pack for everything you might need for a day on the mtb.

If your optioning for some longer mountain bike rides with the friends into the desert this spring, or long rides into the alpine zone once the snow clears, set yourself up with Osprey’s super comfy Verve, it will easily haul all the extra gear to take care of any what-ifs along with the inevitable minor hiccups. The Verve model will handle enough food, water, along with mishap tools to get you back home or to the car at the trail head safely. The other great detail with all of Osprey’s packs, is the small magnetized button that is conveniently placed on the sternum strap for the nozzle to be handy so you can pipe in plenty of water to stay fueled and hydrated for the day-long mountain bike hiatus.

  • Female-specific design perfectly contours with your body’s natural curves.
  • Verve Cargo capacity size – 800 cu inches.
  • Reservoir Volume – 3 L
  • A breathable mesh panel is padded along with the shoulder straps keep you cooler when it rests comfortably on your back.
  • Weight for the Verve without any water — 1lb 15oz.
  • Four Compression Straps located on the sides to provide awesome stability and support.
  • Panel-loading main compartment is easy to load/unload and features a pump sleeve, tool pouch, and ‘shove-it’ pocket for your essential bike gear.
  • Front LidLock uses a leashed bungee to secure your vented helmet on the drive back to civilization.
  • Removable Waist Belt.
  • Front loop attachment fits a blinker for urban riding after sunset.
  • Safety Reflective details provide additional security while night riding.
  • Recommended Use for Mountain Biking, Urban cycling, or day hiking.
  • Osprey Lifetime Warranty


Discounted Price: was $99.00 now $69.00

– the women’s mtb version is available with free shipping, along with all the different sizing info and more pictures of the Lava color, as well as purchase details at Backcountry below.”

Osprey Verve 13

– Funner, 29er-Cafe”

Cool Kranium Cardboard Helmet Slated For 2013 Sales



Kranium cardboard helmets1There are many items in the cycling industry that are made with carbon fiber these days, but for 2013 the hot new material might be one that was patented back in the UK in 1856. Known as corrugated paper, or most commonly known as cardboard.

Earlier in the season there was a $20 cardboard bike unveiled and now a student at the Royal College of Art in based in London has designed a bike helmet that’s made with cardboard.


He has called it the Kranium, and his design promises to absorb a cycling crash and protect the rider.


The cardboard material the artist Anirudha Surabhi is using is actually classified as corrugated fiberboard, which consists of a single fluted corrugated sheet with one or two flat inner pieces. This is widely known to many as cardboard, but there are numerous varieties of paper boards out there.


Kranium cardboard helmetsThe key with his design is that Cardboard crumples — and that’s perfect for impact properties.


The key to his design isn’t actually the paper but the corrugated nature inside the material. The artist actually modeled the helmet design after the woodpecker cartilage that has high impact-absorbing qualities. It’s reported the birds often experience quite severe impacts to the head as it striking the tree over and over, so they have adapted with cartilage to absorb this.

So the artists rendition of this corrugated cartilage acting as a buffer is a helmet that actually mimicked the woodpecker structure and so corrugated fiberboard or cardboard as it’s known seemed like the obvious choice for him.

So Surabhi created his early prototypes using the honeycomb-shaped corrugated paper instead of going the route of polystyrene that is traditionally used for helmets made today. His result is the Kranium Bike Helmet, in which the German helmet and bike lock company named Abus has already licensed with him and plans on releasing them with the clear plastic shell shown above for 2013.


Kranium cardboard helmets2013


While the product might seem lower-tech by nature, but the helmet was actually developed to meet or exceed the Europeon safety standards practice. Its been reported that the corrugated cardboard design will absorb 3-times the impact energy of many of the polystyrene designed helmets, even after being subjected to multiple impacts. The helmet has actually undergone significant testing to back these claims up, with extensive tests that were conducted in the UK, Germany and China.

“Ideally they test five helmets and give you the go-ahead but since this was a unique concept they tested 50-plus helmets as they didn’t believe the results were that good,” the artist Surabhi reported. “They ultimately gave us the certification, saying that it was much better at impact absorption.”

The other question is what about water? There is no worries about a little water hurting the helmet, despite the fact that the minimalist of rain will turn the sturdiest box out there into a soggy paper pile.

His helmet is able to stand up to the elements, because it’s been treated to beat sweat- and rain as well. The artist is also looking into creating one of these Kranium Helmets that passes the motorcycle rated safety standard.

Crank Brothers Gutter Messenger Pack – (now 50% off!)

Crankbrothers Gutter messenger backpack -2012



Crankbrothers Gutter messenger backpack -2012Head to the office building or to the classroom if you will along with all your handy belongings and gear that are organized and safe. The Crank Brothers Gutter Pack takes care of all your items to keep them clean and dry, and makes you look cool no matter what-t-shirt Friday, your faced with.

CrankBros logo image 29erCafe
key features single-handed adjustable,
aluminum buckle
external/internal 17″ laptop entry
water resistant
reflective tape
material TPU coated nylon, polyester
volume 26 liters
warranty 5 years
Price: sale $89.00 — originally priced at $179.00

The Gutter model is available in the color grey with turquoise to choose from,  – messenger style:



Oakley SNOWmad 30 Backpack – Backcountry Goods Contained Here!

Oakley Snowmad 30 backcountry pack (black)



Oakley Snowmad 30 backcountry pack (black)


We are all out there for pushing limits, but when the pros head into the out of bounds territory, they do it with preparation and planning, along with everything they could possibly need to face the unknown. O designed and engineered the SNOWMAD 30 backcountry pack to carry all that gear they need for day tours. This model is very light-weight but yet extremely rugged design for absolute efficiency. There is no stone that has been left unturned here, they have applied a soft-lined pocket that is perfect for your goggles, along with second one for your camera or phone or maybe a radio is conveniently placed on the waist strap so you can get it with an easy reach. The hydration bladder has its own dedicated slot with the hose routed internally to keep it from freezing up and makes the tube very handy just beneath the zip on the shoulder strap. For the main chamber area, there is a dedicated panel specific to any safety gear along with some mesh pockets that have zips to keep things nice and tidy. When the back country is calling you out, don’t answer the call until you have everything you need to make the most of it, along with making it back. Load up the SNOWMAD 30, attach your skis or board to the back, and go make tomorrow’s memories… play safe — Enjoy!

  • Back country ski or snowboard version for bigger day touring.
  • Interior slot for a hydration bladder (the reservoir is not included)
  •  Tube routing is internal to prevent freezing.
  • Specific safety panel for any possible emergency gear needed.
  • Handy pocket on the waist strap to hold a radio, camera,  or phone.
  • Soft-lined pocket specific for goggles
  • Hanging accessory pocket
  • Additional safety whistle located on the sternum strap.
  • Outer straps are for attaching a snowboard or skis.
  • The padded waist strap has a rescue loop.
  • Outer holder specific for a shovel handle or a pole.
  • The padded mesh back panel has ample air flow channels.
  • Size: 18.5″ H x 12″ W x 5″ D; 24L capacity

more info >>


Colors: Available
  • JetBlack
  • SheetMetal

Carry it all with you on your skis or split board….Enjoy!
– these Snowmad backpacks are available with free shipping at O.com!
Funner, 29erCafe

Price: $130.00

Usually ships next business day


Oakley Snowmad 30 backcountry pack (sheet metal)





Oakley Echo Charlie 2.0 Do-it-All Backpack

Oakley Echo Charlie Pack 2.0



Oakley Echo Charlie 2.0 pack

Oakley designs a lot of great, stylish products. The optics industry is their main game but with their newest Echo Charlie 2.0, they are giving the backpack makers out there an honest run for their coin. The designers have given it 3 separate compartments, the pack will fit a 15” Macbook, and many other transportable items to get you where you need to be.

Take into consideration that the Echo Charlie wasn’t designed for backcountry snow travel but we are sure you can fit a shovel in it if you were in a bind.

This version was designed for long weekends, and over nights in mind. It will make an excellent daily rider because it has been constructed light and durable. The sunglasses compartment will fit the biggest pair you own, they must have tested all the options out there. It’s possible that these items might not ever become their main focus, but the 2.0 and their newest Snomad 30 packs are making for some kickass models that are nice and spacious, with well thought out compartments… Enjoy!

Carry it all with you on your bike….Enjoy!
– this 2.0 model is also available with free shipping at O.com!
Funner, 29erCafe

Price: $90.00 Usually ships next business day

  • A specific padded panel inside to easily handle your widescreen laptop (measuring up to 17 inches)
  • Breathable mesh back panel makes ventilation on the back excellent.
  • Nicely designed inside organizer panel
  • A specific easy-cleanable pocket for your food stash.
  • A divider pocket to house your H2o bottle.
  • Specific pocket for a media player with an eyelet to pass-through your ear bud cables.
  • Nice soft-brushed pocket for any glasses you might have, to keep them from getting scratched when things start to bounce around on that bumpy forest service road.
  • Addition holster on the shoulder strap for eye wear as well.
  • Additional shoulder strap holster to hold your phone safely.
  • Daisy chain webbing for attaching miscellaneous accessories.
  • Size: 19″ H x 14″ W x 7″ D; 25 Liter capacity


Contour Roam2 Portable Action Video Camera



Contour recently updated their popular portable action video camera, into the newest Roam2 version. The model is priced slightly more than the competition of GoPro but it packs a ton of new unique advancements.mountWhat sets them apart is a  built in GPS receiver that will allow you to overlay your filming with elevation, speed, and total distance info. The Bluetooth is also built in so you can also use your mobile phone of choice to view with. The new version for 2013 also has several pro style setting options so you can adjust the contrast, exposure, metering, white balance, and the sharpness.

Along with the built in features, the +2 also has the ability to now film in super slow motion, making it possible to caption 120 FPS at 480 pixels, which is a remarkably small take in slow-mo, considering the most recent competitor, the Sony POV has the ability to film 120 FPS with 720 Pixels.

We have liked the their compact form factor, but for the past models, they have been more expensive than GoPro, which held us back. But they have brought the price down and out-mastered the GoPro features by a long shot, so we’re now on board.

For Sale purchase info, and additional accessories available, please visit Contour Roam2, here..


contour +2


Women’s DAKINE Session MTB Hydration Pack – 8l



DAKINE Women's Session Hydration Pack

Back up your mountain bike session in the forest with the Dakine Session.

Living with simply having the wind in your hair and putting any obligations you might have behind you, unfortunately requires more than just you and your mountain bike. Fortunate for you though, the DAKINE  Session Hydration Packs feature a women’s-specific design to have a contoured and very comfy harness, a 70 ounce water reservoir, along with a padding-protected pocket for your favorite music player or smartphone to tap into any musical inspiration you personally might have. With it being unfortunately inevitable on the mountain bike, and should the ride take a turn for the worse with a flat tire or broken chain, the Dakine Session pack has an internal organizer pocket that makes for perfect holding space for extra tubes and multi chain tools. The Dakine Session pack also has been designed with a low profile style having a removable waist belt to give you a more casual feel.
The Dakine Session mtb packs are available in the colors of CHARCOAL shown at the top of the page, while the SHEBA color along with RIVER ROCK, and the super fun SKYLER plaid design are no longer available.

Tech Specs

Material: polyester 600D
Volume: 400 cu in (8L)
Reservoir Volume: 2 L
Pockets: external pocket 1= top fleece-lined sunglasses, 1 front organizer, internal pocket 1= padded for media, multiple organizers
Waist-Belt: yes, removable
Recommended Use: mountain biking, hiking
Manufacturer Warranty:
Thank you very much for supporting 29er–CAFE !

20% Off, Regularly $64.95

Sale from $43.96

Purchase Info/ Free Shipping here..

CamelBak Luxe Hydration Pack Women’s 488cu In

Women's CamelBak L.U.X.E. mtb Hydration Pack - in diva blue



camelbak luxe hydration pack women's 2014 blue

Keep yourself prepared and stay hydrated at the same time.

The Camelbak Luxe NV hydration pack is built for ladies who get after it on their mountain bikes, these packs feature a women’s specific design and fit with tons of air ventilation. They also designed the women’s L.U.X.E at a great in-between size from those gigantic packs that feel like you have your toddler on your back, to the micro small ones that you can barely fit a teaspoon in after the water consumes the entire compartment. The Luxe is perfect in design to have enough liquid at 3 total liters and plenty of cargo storage space to keep you occupied on the singletrack and forest service roads for hours on end.

The newest Luxe NV qualifies for Camelbak’s hot weather champ, by having special cushioned pods that hold the pack well away from your back. They have also equipped the NV with a female-specific waist harness and a back panel design as well. This means more comfort in an ergonomically correct fit, essential when you’re on your bike for a couple hours or more. The NV back panel uses articulating pods that hold the pack away from your back to allow air to flow freely between it and your skin. A removable rain cover keeps the contents safe in case of a sudden unexpected squall. Stretch overflow storage, a media pocket, a bike tool-specific pocket, and convenient waist belt pockets make for easy organization and put your things right where you need them so you can get to them in a hurry.

The Camelbak LUXE NV is available in the colors of Peacoat/Diva Blue shown above, the Diva Blue shown below was last years version.

  • Female specific Four-point compression system to attain the adequate ergonomic fit that is necessary when your planning on longer sustained trips.
  • Also with a Handy Mountain Bike tool organizer pocket to make any trail side repair quicker than ever before.
  • All about the fun and good times to be had.
  • Interior volume is, 488 cu inches.


Reservoir Volume: 3L
Waist-Belt: yes
Compression Straps: yes
Locking Bite Valve: yes
Weight: 1 lb 9.6 oz
Recommended Use: trail riding

Thank you for supporting theCafe!

LUXE ships Free visit/Competitivecyclist..

Regular  $137.95

For Sale marked-down-to $87.95

Women's CamelBak Luxe mtb Hydration Pack - in diva blue





Osprey Verve 5 Hydration Pack – Women’s MTB Gear


osprey verve 5 passion Purple

osprey verve 5 Grey

To do a few snappy loops on your closest mountain bike trail will  recalculate and rejuvenate your overworked brain on your lunch break, while the Osprey Verve 5 Women’s Hydration Pack will reassure that you are not dehydrated similar to a raisin before your 2:30 p.m. conference call. The new Verve 5 setup utilizes a two liter bladder that will store enough water for medium or short bike rides. And the most ideal and user friendly item with the new Osprey Packs is their bite valve system that attaches to a very simple magnetized sternum strap button. To allow for you to let your knobby wheels, and the exciting single track suppress any unnecessary thoughts.

specifications on the verve 5 backpack

image green corner small
image bullet pinpointer purple Having a 305 cubic in. compartment the Verve 5 will hold a few snacks, a tire tube, and your MTB multi tool for repairs.
image bullet pinpointer purple Extra room for a packable shell for mountain rides or day hikes on fickle summer weather days.
image bullet pinpointer purple Waist belt adds lateral security keeping the pack from shifting around.
image bullet pinpointer purple The shoulder straps and back panel are padded mesh to allow for excellent ventilation.
image bullet pinpointer purple LidLock attachment keeps your bike helmet locked on once you head up the elevator and return to the office.
image bullet pinpointer purple No-leak bite valve, has a shut off.
image bullet pinpointer purple The graphics are Reflective to be visible to drivers while you commute after 5.
image bullet pinpointer purple Osprey lifetime warranty
image bullet pinpointer purple Weight: (no water) 15 oz


Bottom Dollar: This small but highly functional pack built to help quench bike riders, and trail runners as well.

“- the mtb hydration packs are available with free shipping, along with all the different sizing info and more pictures of different color options, as well as purchase details at Backcountry below.”

Verve 3 Pack Purchase Info Here!

– Funner, 29erCafe”
If your interested in a discount, last years 2013 Verve 9 pack — 549cu inch model that also comes in the same colors shown above, is now discounted from $69.00 to $54.00
“The purchase details are located below.”

Verve 9 Purchase Info Here!


(“Please note that the Verve sale price get’s listed when the article was originally written, but if your here and it’s now the off season, there is a good chance I haven’t been able to get back here to the article to update to the new (discounted sale price). Thus making it highly worth while to go through the purchase info link above, because the sale pricing gets updated regularly due to supply, so there’s a great chance the price is discounted even more than what I have listed here. So the best of luck finding a screaming deal, check out the purchase info link above. Thank You for your Support!”)

Osprey Zealot 10 Mountain Bike Hydration Pack

Opsrey Packs with the Zealot in Pitch Black color


All Mountain and XC Performance oriented Zealot MTB packs

For 2014 Osprey built the new Zealot mountain bike hydration pack to ultimately be the AM/ XC mountain bikers dream come true. Mainly due to the Osprey’s narrow super comfortable profile, but yet it still has ample storage capacity to get you there with everything you need. The extra storage capacity enables for a removable roll-out tool pouch and ability to carry body armor along with either cross country style or full face helmets.
The Key Features include,
* 3-Liter Osprey Hydra-Form™ Reservoir is included, and replaceable if you happen to lose it or the dog chews it up.
* Total weight does not include the reservoir.

Colors available for the Zealot 10 are: Pitch Black, Octane BlueZealot in Pitch Black color

Zealot 10 Blue

NEW! Features


  • Air-Scape™ Suspension:

    Osprey also employed what they call Air-Scape™ Suspension, which utilizes a ridge molded foam system to create a supportive yet lightweight and ventilated back panel.

  • AirScape Suspension Backpanel
  • Back Panel Zip:

    The back panel offers a wide zipper access to the main compartment without having to remove gear that is attached to the front.

  • Back Panel Zip
  • Bio-Stretch™ Harness:

    EVA foam has been perforated with large holes to create enhanced breath ability and comfortable stretch. Breathable spacer mesh wraps up over edges of foam to create soft, non irritation surface of contact. A zippered MP3/Media/Phone pouch is within easy reach on one shoulder strap while the other contains a stretch mesh gel pocket.
    bio-stretch harness

  • Blinker Light Attachment:

    They provided an additional attachment point on the Zealot for blinker lights.
    Blinker Light

  • Front Compression Pocket:

    A padded front compression pocket combines with stretch mesh side pockets for hauling your safety body armor and or other bulky items you might need to have with you.

  • Full Face Helmet Attachment:

    Padded front compression pocket combines with stretch mesh side pockets is also used  for carrying your full face helmet or your body armor.
    Full-face Helmet Attachment Straps

  • Hydration Sleeve:

    It has a sleeve that is built-in for the reservoir with an elastic compression cord to keep the water stabilized on your back.

  • Lid-Lock™ 1:

    Lid-LockTM provides a simple and convenient place to carry your helmet when your not wearing it. It quickly secures a vented helmet to your Osprey series pack easily with the Lid-Lock™ helmet attachment.
    lid-lock to be able to carry your helmet

  • Media Pocket:

    It is now possible to keep your phone or MP3/i-pod media player protected and quickly accessible in the zippered pouch on both shoulder harnesses.

  • No-Scratch™Top Slash Pocket:

    A quick access top zippered pocket is lined with a soft, easy to clean heat embossed fabric near the top of the Zealot.


  • Tool Pouch 1:

    It has a roll-out tool pouch that can quickly be removed and be used without unpacking other items.

  • Tool Pouch :

    Elastic bungees keep tool-pouch contents secure and organized whether they are in or out.

  • Tool Pouch 2 :

    The Zealot also has a removable, roll-out tool pouch that is located in the zippered compartment low on the pack for easy access and a lower center of gravity.
    Zealot main tool pouch

  • Hip belt :

    The model uses a 20mm webbing waist strap to keep it stable while the Zealot 16 adds padded spacer mesh hip wings with zippered pockets on a 40mm Straight Ergo Pull™ hip belt.


Volumes and Weights

Size cu. in. liter lbs/oz kg.
S/M 549 10 1/11 0.76
M/L 610 same as above 1/12 0.80


The Dimensions are shown as length (height) x width x depth
51 x 26 x 24 cm
20 1/16 x9 1/4 x 9 7/16 in


The Zealot is available at Backcountry.

Check the link below for the availability on both the Pitch Black and Octane Blue Versions, and the possible discounted sale price! Enjoy and thank you for supporting 29er-Cafe! Happy single-track-times..

Price $128.95


Blackburn Airstik 2 Stage Pump



Update: please note as this item includes the bottle cage boss or side mount bracket.

Purchase Info,  at 29erCafe

blackburn airstick




In regards to Blackburn’s awesome bicycle inflation, we generally find ourselves in that ever internal debate between the  Airstik 2 and their other SL version — which equates to either faster pumping or a smaller more manageable size, for fitting in the back jersey pocket. If you need it on your bike for a race, do you want to save 26 grams or have almost twice the air volume per stroke? We go back and forth, but the greater air volume does seem worth the trade-off. The Double Stage can deliver 3.5 cubic inches of air per stroke, which exceeds most other pumps that offer two different volumes per stroke. If you’re not familiar with these, you should be. There is a switch on the Blackburn pump, in this case on the bottom of the handle, which allows you to choose “high volume” or “high pressure.” The latter is a polite way to say “low volume” — something you will want as the pressure in the tire gets to a certain point as it makes the inflation easier. While this Blackburn Airstick model shown here is bigger than the SL, it’s still pretty small. It is 172 mm long when closed and has a 98 mm long stroke. The barrel and shaft are aluminum. We wonder if one of the things we like about this version is that Blackburn hired a suspension fork engineer to work on their pump line. The result is mini-pumps that use the shaft space as an air chamber, which makes the pump action more stable and delivers more air per stroke. This model also comes with a mount that fits under a bottle cage. The head is designed for Presta valves only. Maximum pressure possible with the pump is 160 psi. While this may not be important to you, Blackburn has made the pump so it can be rebuilt rather than tossed when a part breaks. There is a lifetime warranty on the double Stage Pump. It also comes in the one solo color of White. While the claimed weight is also listed at 84 grams..

  • Totally rebuild-able so you can keep it clean and working smoothly for life
  • Cage mount included so you can use it out of the box

Blackburn’s Airstick 2 is the fattest version in the mini series is all aluminum to mate great on your 29er mountain bike with bigger volume tires, to get you up to pressure fast. This elegant little mini pump features a full aluminum body, head and handle that are designed with an increased barrel diameter to push more air per stroke. The setup also has an extendable hose with Smart Head, Thread Lock fills only Presta valves with ease and helps take stress off the valve stem when filling the tire. Its efficient and smooth action inflates tires to 90 psi / 6 bar. Compact in size it easily fits in a jersey pocket or saddle bag so that the Blackburn will never become a burden to carry while riding your twenty niner mountain bike into the backwoods.

Head Innovative Blackburn Smart Head Thread Lock that comes with a handy Integrated Dust Cap
Barrel Full CNC machined Aluminum
Handle Material Aluminum
Air Capacity Total is 160 psi
Added Features Side Mount Bracket
Size (L ) 172mm when fully closed
Total Weight 84 grams which includes the integrated dust cap
Price   $29.00

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