Enve XC 29 Tubeless Carbon Wheels With DT 240 Hubs

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Though the forum battles between the twenty six versus the 29er proponents have slowed, the debate between the two can still be a fun topic with your mountain biker friends. A long traditional history is definitely leaning to the side of 26inch wheels, but then again a big part of the mtb history has evolved from tearing down the traditions and blazing new ways to get there. The newest Enve XC 29 Tubeless Carbon MTB Wheels give you a feather light steering feel and the rapid accelerations similar to 26inch mtb wheels, but only having the additional fast and smooth-rolling characteristic of the twenty niner platform.

The Enve XC twenty niner mountain bike wheels are the lightest weight model in their mountain bike wheels, but they sustain being feather light without being flex monsters. The twenty niner XC Carbon Clinchers can handle the extremest demands a mountain bike can dish out.

At Enve they have developed a patented bladder style system that gives them increased pressure from higher heat during the process of molding the carbon fiber. That packs the layers in tighter and more compact. This improves the surface area of the rim band and adds structural balance, and strength as well. This also makes it so that Enve can be much more exacting with the total amounts of material and resin they apply to avoid any unneeded excess weight on the rim.

For the first generation’s of carbon mountain bike wheels there were some pretty serious reliability issues. Where the insertion of the spokes go into the carbon rim band is where most of the failure problems occurred, with spokes were getting pulled through constantly.

Enve researched these issues extensively and designed new methods to disable it from ever happening to their carbon rim bands. They combined two steps into one during the molding process, both their spoke and valve stem holes get molded in place.

Their biggest gain to this labor intensive work is the finalized structure has intact continuous carbon. The longer layup fibers can distribute their stress to the entire length of fiber. Which translates into the longer the fiber runs are, the bigger distribution of stress and a stronger finished twenty niner wheel.

This is the key benefit to their carbon wheelsets and is why Enve is able to exceed any other carbon wheel manufactures spoke tension capabilities. In reality, the higher the spoke tension the better it is for the spokes, so if the rim band can sustain the high-tension loads, it’s going to be a stout mountain bike wheel.Enve XC 29er Tubeless Carbon Wheelset - Mountain bike

Enve XC 29 Tubeless Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels usually get paired with the extremely durable and long lasting 32h DT hubs, and laced into a perfect circle with nicest spokes made, the Sapim CX Ray stainless.

These tubeless mountain bike wheels have been designed to be compatible with tubeless ready tires along with the standard tubeless as well.

The Enve inner rim band dimension meets and exceeds the UST standard to reassure their will be painless mtb tire installation. These wheels are supplied with 2 UST style stems and extra tape to seal up both rims on the inside. The dimension of the rim band measures at 32 millimeters deep and 24 millimeters for the total width. Yes- the price can seem a bit out there, but if they were to carry you through many years of racing and riding, then the total expenditure could be factored out. With the history and longevity of  DT hubs, this simply becomes more of a long term investment for your love and passion for mountain biking.

Pricing for the Enve XC 29er wheelset is

$ 2550.00 now $1,745.00

They are available at Backcountry.com w/free shipping 50 header


Material: carbon 
Rim Depth: 32mm 
Rim Width: 24mm 
Spoke Count: 32  Sapim CX Ray 
Front Hub: DT Swiss  240
Rear Hub: DT Swiss  240
Disc Compatibility: 6 bolt disc 
Recommended Use: cross country racing, enduro, and all-mountain 
Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years