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Riding it like a hardtail twenty niner– Or like a full suspension 29er ?

Riding the hardtail 29er lately, have you been questioning yourself on whether a hard tail 29er serves up to the list of terrain you ride everyday. Or is a full-suspension 29er going to suit where you ride better. Or is it varied. Do you waver back & forth on what is optimum. In case you do here are some questions to ask yourself, & answer them in an unbiased way.

As far efficiency goes with a full- suspension bicycle, are you an average rider who would notice any downside to riding a top quality full suspension bicycle like a VPP linkage or a few others out there? Quality, meaning a bicycle in the general league of full suspension bikes most major manufacturers list for over a couple grand.

There is must have correlation to this statement.

It is only applicable to the average rider, not those who are racers.

First, the shock on the full suspension bicycle has to be set up correctly. The shocks pre-load/ sag pressure must be correct, the return rate/ rebound must be set correct as well.

Second, it is only applicable to the average rider, who has acclaimed “weekend warrior status” .

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Third, are you a power type rider or high output type, meaning the power rider muscles there way through obstacles etc. The power rider is going suit a full- suspension bicycle better do to the ” diesel type effect”, the suspension bicycle has more weight , which the power rider can keep it rolling simpler.

Fourth, is in case you live where there is the categories of long hourĀ  climbs, & smooth climbs where you alternate between pedaling seated, & out out of the saddle.

Sometimes slogging up a hill for an hour straight, you can get resentful to even the thought of any energy being wasted in the suspension pivots, due to pedaling.

But in point of fact, it is not like climbing for an hour straight is fun, no matter what you are riding!

Riding a hard tail 29er. Compared to riding a full suspension bicycle, riding a 29er hard tail is a way more active experience, you stand to absorb impacts, you pick your line carefully to keep the bicycle tracking in the line you are focused on, you un-weight through roots & rock gardens more. You are much more in contact with every nuance of the trail.

Riding the full suspension twenty ninerĀ , you definitely do those same things, but to a lesser degree. You can relax a bit, & are more likely to pick a line & let the suspension do its thing while you stay seated, which saves abuse on the lower back & body. This ability to point & shoot, rail corners, fly through rock gardens, going fast with full suspension 29er definitely adds to the thrilling fun factor on the downhill parts of your route of single track.

A way to look at it, since the level of engagement necessary on the hard tail is greater, spending time on a hard tail probably makes you a sharper rider, &, therefore, a better rider. Alternately, riding smoother on a fully, & feeling less beat up means you will ride longer & more, which makes you a better rider. So I guess, to ride it like a hard tail, there is no cut & dried answer. There is to lots of personal factors at play, what type terrain are you riding, & what is most important to you.