Enve Riser Carbon All-Mountain XC MTB Handlebar



Enve Riser Carbon mountain bike handlebar
model: Riser 700mm WIDTH

TWO PRIORITIES 1. Fun. 2.Race.

In today’s cycling world, most of the more serious cross country racers and riders utilize carbon for their steering department. Composite materials not only yield a product that is light but super tough as well. But the key ingredient that sets the composites apart, is the incredible ability to absorb all the small vibrations that cause hand and finger fatigue and numbness. Enve designers set a new standard for carbon materials as we know it a couple of years back. And their Riser Bar is the best example of how they have changed the way mountain bikers view composites. The new handlebar model is light weight enough for XC racing but yet still burly enough for big hits and huge drops, making the model another higher level for amazing trail performance.

Mountain bikers have been responsible for the Riser design and details which shows the ideal balance between strength and weight. The wider 700mm bar stance makes it easy to be comfortable on the trail, along with its 9° sweep allows your wrists to stay nice and relaxed… Enjoy!


“Have fun riding with friends railing new trails on Sundays…. Enjoy!”
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Funner, the–Cafe

  • Rock The Riser All Day long!

Enve Riser Carbon handlebar specs

  • Material Carbon
  • 23mm rise
  • Back Sweep 9°
  • Bar Width 27.5 inches
  • 31.8mm clamp diameter
  • Weight: 180 grams
Color UNI Matte with cool white graphics