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2013 Formula T1 disc brakes




2013 Formula T1 disc brakes


For 2013 all Formula mountain bike disc brakes get the new ECT  program, called (Enhanced Caliper Technology). They also have changed the durometer of the Q-ring piston seals and made the pistons surface rougher for increased friction between the piston and the o-ring. The mountain disc brakes also used to have 0.33 inches of retraction distance from the disc rotor, but they increased that measurement to 0.55″, making disc alignment a lot simpler. It has also been reported this new design from Formula makes the bike ride quieter as well. They also have accounted for plenty of hydraulic fluid movement with using the existing brake levers, for pushing the brake pads that extra little distance.

Formula has also changed up to a new brake fluid that will maintain over a larger temperature range, and better consistency of the fluid viscosity. This will both help for better performance with colder temperatures, but super hot days as well. The new hydraulic oil is high-end Shell Donax Ultra used with the Formula 1 racing industry. It will be quiet a bit more spendy and not as easy to locally source, but it’s thankful mountain bike disc brakes don’t require much. And to finish out their updates for 2013, they have more machine work to save more weight.

It’s not displayed here, but Formula also has a new disc brake feature that is a switch to shut off the electronic motor on E-bikes, when the brakes are applied. It adapts to any of their disc brake models.

Formula updated brake caliper design for 2013

The new Formula T1 Disc Brakes which used to be called The One, have a completely new caliper that changes the positioning of the hydraulic line that enters on the inside closest to the wheel, to clean up the appearance and save a few grams of weight.

Formula R1 25th anniversary brake set for 2013 mountain bikes

They also will have a limited edition T1 brake model to celebrate the Formula 25th anniversary, that utilizes new enviro sound Physical Valor Delosition, it’s an alternative hard glossy outer coating that appears to be dark chrome and will resist disc brake fluid shown and below.

2013 Formula R1 25th anniversary brakeset

The Formula R1,  and R1 Racing Disc brake models have a new semi-metallic brake pad compound that falls somewhere between sintered and organic. The backing plate on the  brake pads is designed bigger with a curved shape to completely cover up the piston, which aids to dissipate the heat. These new pads will retro fit the older Formula disc brakes, except for the Oro models.

It has also been reported with earlier news with Colnago , that Formula’s newest hydraulic-electronic brake levers are holding out till the Shimano  11-speed parts are available so Formula can make changes to the system for the E-tube wiring.




Shimano Disc Brakes

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes

shimano logo

model: XT BL-M785 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano XT Disc Brakes



These  XT Disc Brakes M785 are a huge improvement over the older XT brakes. The first thing you’ll notice is how they use an in-line master cylinder as opposed to the radial design of past years M-775. This allows a lighter weight system and an easier bleed process. They still use mineral oil as a hydraulic fluid. The great part is that it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. If you spill some when you bleed your brakes, there’s nothing to worry about.

They take their design cues from the new XTR M988 Trail Brakes. And though these might not be as visually refined as the highly polished XTR units, the performance speaks for itself. This is hands down the best XT brake we’ve ever ridden.

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Shimano Saint Hydraulic Disc Brake BR-M810 – Assembled

Shimano Saint Disc Brakes


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Shimano XTR BR-988 Trail Brake

Shimano XTR trail Disc Brakes


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model: XTR BR-985 Race Brakeset

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes



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