Niner One 9 RDO Single Speed – 2015



One 9 RDO

As the mtb industry is ever evolving, creative companies continue to lead the charge with kick-ass designed bikes like the latest Niner single speed. The One 9 was meant to fill the roll in their lightweight racer ready rigs, that is perfect for epic cross country days with the gals or bros, or fully equipped to take on race days with ease. The Niner bike will literally land you back in those teenage stardom days of being One with the mountain bike with not a worry in the world.

It’s known that Niner has a habit of revisiting some of their classic models and occasionally injecting them with a huge dose of FUN. For the case in hand of the newest model, they developed a completely new ride – that melds all of the single-minded thought the legendary One 9 brings to the trail, but merge in the element of the award-winning Air 9 getup. The end result being super quick, super strong like a gorilla but sexy as they possibly get. So case in point, the newest ride will make you forget all about your other rides…

Niner One 9 RDO 2015 blaze yellow

As of last season Niner engineers have worked hard to come up with a plan to fix all the past issues of the SS One 9 model, with annoying creaking sounds from the B.B., thankfully their BIO-CENTRIC II BOTTOM BRACKET SETUP is now here to save the single speed planet!  The key design change with the Bio-Centric system is new cups, they now lock to the shell’s flange. Once you get the EBB positioned exactly where you need it, there is only One bolt that handles tightening both of the eccentric pieces to the flanges, which then provides a full 360 degrees of purchase to the flange, thus eliminating those past annoying creaks, and even completely sealing it off so that no dust or debris get in to contaminate the inner surface. Ultimately making it the true Zen-machine you’re longing for. The Bio-Centric II is now the cleanest possible solution for SS mountain bikes, it allows you to make easier adjustment to a wider range of gearing choices thus eliminating any need for old school adjustable dropouts. There is also no longer the need for chain tension, or bolt on hubs to clutter up your ride, along with not having to readjust the rear brake caliper when you opt for different gear combos.

The latest generation brings the EBB bottom bracket shell, but with a 12×142 rear axle with no front derailleur mount.

The initial design called for a pure single speed race machine, but they figured out it would be killer as a One 9 X01 or XX1 1×11 geared bike, too. So, you can swap in their derailleur hanger dropout and CYA BB inserts that allow you to run any standard by simply pressing it in.

The weight for the One 9 frame is 1235 grams, which is due to the additional alloy shells needed for the bottom bracket and threads.

ONE 9 RDO frame

The complete 2-star bike is priced at $3499 for the single speed bike with Niner’s Biocentric II EBB, while the complete 3-star bike at $4,599 will set you up nicely with 11 gears employing the X01 build, that is shown a couple photos above in the Blaze Yellow color.

Thru-axle technology for both front and rear. The torsional stiffness on the new setup is improved by an astounding 26% all thanks to the changes shown, they have reported the rigidity mainly comes from the addition of the Maxle in addition to the increase of the bottom bracket shell size. They also kept the same head badge, which means you can use the open port, generally for the front derailleur, as your internal routing for a stealth dropper post.


ONE9 RDO toptube