2013 Shimano SLX Groupset Is Paired Better For 29er Mountain Bikes

29er mountain bikes | Shimano SLX Shifters 2013


Shimano SLX Crankset 2013



A quick visual inspection at the Shimano SLX crankset indicates a two-by version on the left using a different spider design than the triple crankset pictured to the right. And the use of Torx chainring bolts indicates that they may be made of aluminum.

Shimano SLX Walk-through for 2013

Shimano has not given any weight figures yet, although the rumor is that the SLX is just a bit heavier than XT, which seems obvious. The great news is that Shimano  has designed these specifically to survive the abuse of aggressive trail riding, this means the groupset will insert into mountain bikes with travel in the five or six-inch range which is where most mountain bike riders are moving towards.
Shimano M670 10 speed Crankset
First up in the groupset is the bold shape of the crankarms is a welcome sight for strength, for getting used on everyday mountain bikes. And even better yet are the  gearing options. It has new school options of 24,32,42 as a (3×10 triple), and three choices for the (double 2×10) chainring – 40 x 28, 38 x 26 and the new, 38 x 24 gearing that’s going to pair better with 29er bikes. The rings have stamped and pinned ramps with the fast shift action that comes from most Shimano cranksets. Similar to XT, the SLX arms are built separate from the aluminum four arm spider.

  • Price: $233.00 (was $259.99)

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29er Mountain Bike Technology
Shimano has missed the boat on 29er bikes  two times now. The first when they unveiled the recent XTR and a two years ago with the new XT groups. The new SLX group incorporates a low-profile front derailleur making room for 29er mountain bike tires, a smaller 38 x 24-tooth gearing choice for the two-by crankset, and a direct mount rear derailleur that will adapt well to 12-millimeter through-axles that most designers for 29er bikes are using in the rear of these frames to increase stiffness. The Direct Mount will eliminate the Shadow derailleur’s B2 link and the replaceable derailleur hanger with one piece, and can be used with both the standard quick-release or a through-axle.
Shift Lever Goodness
They are reporting the new Shimano SLX M670 shift levers have seen big upgrades having the crisper, more positive action of the XTR and XT brothers. The triggers have been redesigned to make ergonomics better and the front shifter can be changed to be used for two or three chainring cranks using a XTR style switch. SLX shift levers come with handlebar clamp or multi mount version.

  • Price: $98.00 (was $109.99)

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Shimano SLX M670 Shifters
SLX M675 Hydraulic Brakes Also Get Ice Tech Rotors
All Shimano brakes will come stock with the finned pads and the rotors that can possibly dissipate 20-percent of the heat. Rotors come with the splined Shimano Centerlock and a six-bolt version will be available as well. Diameters being 160, 180 and 203 millimeter. The calipers have similar ceramic pistons and one-way bleeding to the XTR. The brake model shown here has a shorty lever and ServoWave action as well.

  • Price: $125.99 (was $139.99)

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Shimano SLX Brakes 2013


SLX 675 and 678 Hubs
These hubs are built with angular contact bearings and they are very well sealed and you are able to adjust them easily. The Shimano hubs will come with a 15 millimeter through-axle or the standard quick release for the front and a 12-millimeter through axle for its rear hub. They have increased the engagement points in the freehub so riders will enjoy instant acceleration.

  • Price: front $35.00 (was $39.99)
  • Price: rear $53.00 (was $58.99)

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Shimano SLX Hubs

New Wheelsets
There are two new rims, both UST. Shimano builds it wheels by hand, which is quite the sight to see. The MT66 rim is a cross-country profile that is made in the 29er and 26-inch diameters. MT66 wheels have option for a rear quick release and 142/12 through-axle option. And the front hub is made with 15QR through-axle only.  Shimano’s 29er mountain bike wheels use 28 spokes in the rear and 24 in the front to balance the strength requirements of the larger twenty niner rims. The straight-pull hub and wheel style allows for a higher spoke tension and the wheels lasting longer.
Claimed Weight for the MT66 29er bikes wheelset are said to be 945 grams front 15mm and 1080 grams rear with quick release. The dates for release are July for the MT66 wheels. Prices have not been released yet, but Shimano claims the wheels will be in this price range for retail.

Shimano Wheelset 29er Mountain Bikes XC 2013


Shimano Disc Brakes

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes

shimano logo

model: XT BL-M785 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano XT Disc Brakes



These  XT Disc Brakes M785 are a huge improvement over the older XT brakes. The first thing you’ll notice is how they use an in-line master cylinder as opposed to the radial design of past years M-775. This allows a lighter weight system and an easier bleed process. They still use mineral oil as a hydraulic fluid. The great part is that it’s non-toxic and non-corrosive. If you spill some when you bleed your brakes, there’s nothing to worry about.

They take their design cues from the new XTR M988 Trail Brakes. And though these might not be as visually refined as the highly polished XTR units, the performance speaks for itself. This is hands down the best XT brake we’ve ever ridden.

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Shimano Saint Hydraulic Disc Brake BR-M810 – Assembled

Shimano Saint Disc Brakes


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Shimano XTR BR-988 Trail Brake

Shimano XTR trail Disc Brakes


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model: XTR BR-985 Race Brakeset

Shimano XTR BR-985 race Disc Brakes



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Shimano XTR PD-M980 Pedal

Shimano XTR trail pedal


PD-M980 XC Version

Shimano XTR pedals

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XTR Tech Specs

Material: [body] aluminum, cro-moly
Float: 6 deg
Cleat Type: 2-bolt, SPD
Wrench Type: 15 mm
Weight: [pair] 308 g
Recommended Use: xc mtb
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years



PD-M985 Trail Version

Shimano XTR trail pedal


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Tech Specs

Material: [body] aluminum, [spindle] chromoly
Cleat Type: SPD
Spindle Diameter: 0.625 in
Wrench Type needed for installation: 6 mm allen head
Weight: [for the pair] is 398 grams
Recommended Use: freeride and more



Shimano PD-M647 SPD Dual Platform Pedal

Shimano M647 SPD dual platform pedal

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